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How do I beat (Tarantulas and Scorpions)?

I need help because my town has alot of trees, so I never see Tarantula's and Scorpions. So, I was wondering if tarantula/scorpion comes when your gates are open because I reaallly wanna come to your town if it is treeless.

So please answer the qeustions.

ac7777777 asked for clarification:

So do you want me to visit your town or you visit my town...
Do you want info on scorpions...
I am confused please clarify...
I will post on this message and hope it helps....

prsflnt provided additional details:

@gummyber- thank you, i'm sure this will work! BTW I didn't mean to thumb down your answer, it was my comp's fault.

Accepted Answer

Gummyber answered:

When you find the Tarantulas, and/or Scorpion, if the sneak approach fails, lead them to a cliff where they will just be running straight at the wall. After doing so, go to the near bottom of the ramp, when you swing your net at them you should be able to reach them.
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ac7777777 answered:

In order to beat tarantulas and scorpions u need to kinda sneak up on them. U cant run up to them with your net. They normally come out late at night or early like 3 a.m. I will post my friend info also....
Name Sarah
Town Name Redmond
FC 0646-0178-1134
I would luv a personal response i am ac7777777 u can send me a message via gamefaqs plz leaving ur info and a time we can meet and a date and wat not if u r interested. :)
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ElTripleThreat answered:

You have to be good with a net, and not run at them like your a kamikaze.
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