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Asked: 6 years ago

Balloon with gift?

How do I get the balloon with the gift down out of the sky?

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From: MetaKnight39 6 years ago

Get a slingshot at the Nooks store for 500 bells then equip it to you then when you see it press c then when it's the perfect timing you got it inside the presents are only furiture or the golden slingshot you'll notice it because it will be holding three balloons some also have mario items which are cool

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You have to buy the slingshot from nook for 500 bells and equip it from your pockets or by using the control pad. Press C or A to fire it at a balloon when its overhead and get the present. Sometimes it Mario stuff (or the amazing golden slingshot which can shoot 3 rocks) but usually its just furniture, which you can use or sell. Occasionally the balloons will fall into the river, but that's only if the present bounces. The slingshot is kind of rare though, and i didn't see one until i got nook 'n go. just keep lookin and buyin stuff from him

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Nook will only sell a slingshot if you have Nook'n'Go or above.

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Get a slingshot from nook's and go to the south of the gift and keep pressing a until you pop the ballon

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Get a slingshot from nook's and go to the south of the gift and keep pressing a until you pop the ballon

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You can buy a slingshot from Nook's store, but they only show up if you have a Nook'n'Go or higher. Once you equip it you need to stand directly under the shadow of the present and press the A button. If the balloon is yellow you will get a piece of the Mario Furniture Set. If it is any other color you will get a different random piece of furniture. Once you have shot down eight balloons, the ninth package will be held up by three balloons. Once you have shot the package down you will find in it the Golden Slingshot. This version of the slingshot can shoot three stones at once!

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Shoot it down with a sling shot that you buy from Nook's you have to be standing right under the shadow.

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Buy a slingshot from Nook, then when you see a balloon present. Go to the north cliff/wall of your town, and shoot, with A, when you are directly beneath it.

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Why don't you just accept an answer?

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