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Asked: 6 years ago

Cant catch this fish???

Has anyone come across a large fish in the ocean, that you can not catch, it will bite bring bobber under but swim away when I bring him in. Its a large fish, like a salmon, Its really bugging me because its the only fish I cant catch.

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From: XXedyl1000xx 6 years ago

its probably a rare fish, im pretty sure rare fish are really hard to catch because its like.. a split second after they bite the bobber that they flee away. You have to have presice timing and when it bites you have to do it almost exatly when it bites

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There are a few things it might be in the winter
It could be a ray, a lobster, a ceolocanth, a tuna, or a blue marlin (I think )
cross check it with your fishing log to make sure

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Keep at it. It seems like you're just having a string of bad luck with it. I've been fishing for years on the old Animal Crossing (on GCN) and for months since ACCF came out. I consider myself an expert fisherman on these games, and still occasionally there'll be the "one that got away."

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somtimes sitin rite in front of the Tv works cozy u can c the bobber bettr. i did this 4 tuna and coelcanth

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Well it could be a shark or hammerhead shark or ocean sunfish and all the other big fish,this happened to me before sometimes it wont work because they are so big and u have to pull it fast enough to get it.

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Pretty much you have to hit the button or pull right when you think its going to happen. Quickness and alertness are key.

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Your timing was just a bit off. Sometimes just listening for the noise helps, as eyesight can be deceiving. Just keep fishing, and good luck.

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If it's during the winter, its a tuna
just keep trying

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I'm not sure what type of fish it is, but if it is in the winter, it is probably a Tuna.
They usually pull down the bait the first time they touch it, so keep trying on the first time and if it swims away, it is probably a Sea Bass.

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It is a tuna in the winter. Had the same problem. I could only get it when it takes all 5 bites.You have to hit it at exactly the same time as the bait is taken. Split second timing.
Keep at it.

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Ive had this happen a few times and I always get paranoid that it was one I havent caught yet. (though i already caught all the ones for that month) Just keep at it and you'll get it eventually. Like others said its most likely a rare one. I heard getting better rods and a lighthouse will help but im not too sure about that.

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If it has a fin it is a shark otherwise it cant be a shark -.-

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It is probably a Caolecanth, the rarest fish in-game. They only appear doing WInter snowfalls... And people, why are you saying it's a shark? It's fricken Winter.

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