Question from stallben

Why does everyone want to move from my town?

Is it because they dont like my town anymore?

Accepted Answer

TTF answered:

If you don't talk to them enough, send them gifts, plant enough flowers and trees, pull weeds, or if you leave trash (tires/boots/cans) laying around, it will negatively affect how the villagers look at the town, and eventually one will decide to leave if you don't stop them. (Send gifts and talk to them a LOT to get them to stay). Or if one villager has been around for a long time, they might still decide to move on, and let another character move in. (If your town already has the max number of villagers)
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MetaKnight39 answered:

If you don't chat with them for a while they get bored and leave and if you don't have a perfect town they think this town sucks and move or they just move because they want to travel to new places
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