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Why can't I eat fish?

Why? Chip and Wendell can eat fish! If they let thim be able to they should make me be able to too! I guess you can't eat raw fish (unless your an animal) but there are stove/kitchen items, why can't you cook on those? You could cook the fish and eat up but unfortunently they don't allow you to cook on this game!

prsflnt provided additional details:

Oh ok. But I wish you could eat that egg (on the Deluxe Range) but oh well, just wasn't meant to be. Thank you ^-^

Accepted Answer

WolfyVictoria answered:

Well,The reason is,that Nintendo made it to where you can only cook an egg on the deluxe range.
The reason why Wendell and Chip can eat fish is because walruses eat fish and whatever animal Chip is problably eat fish too.The other animals arent supposed to eat the fish.
Another reason why they eat fish is because Chip gets hungry and he only eats your fish,not the animals fish,and Wendell eats fish and gives you cool patterns! ^-^
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