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Asked: 6 years ago

Perfect Town?

I have looked through the official walkthrough and the unofficial one and need some proper answers.

I have been told that you need to section your town and add 10-12 trees per 'acre.' I don't have that many trees in some areas but when I talk to Pelly she just says I need more greenery. If I add lots and lots of flowers will I get a perfect town or should I section the town and add trees and flowers?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Yes I weed daily...not many weeds but I pull them up. I also water flowers daily. I know adding more trees help but in the DS version I just filled the place with a lot of flowers and it worked. Will the same tactic work in the WII version?

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Have you also done the weeding? Apparently i read somewhere that you need to weed daily too in order to get this score but sorry i can't be more help because i am confused by this whole Percect Town thingy too.

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Trees and flowers,because it helps

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You need about 27 trees or flowers per acre, no weeds, nothing buried underground and no items on the ground.

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Im pretty sure that when pelly says you eed more greenery she is talking about grass. you can plant trees to restore the grass.

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WAit. SHe means that you need to plant more trees. you need 12-15 trees in each acre idk about the flowers

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When she means more greenery I think she's saying plant more flowers or trees. If your town is perfect a Jacobs Ladder flower will grow, If it's been neglected for to long a Rafleesia plant will grow (the one in the museum where the centipede flea and fly are). You also need to weed often. For more information here's a good site, town.

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