Question from SMASHbrono21

Asked: 6 years ago

What does the Golden Watering Can do?

I know that it can make regular, withered flowers into Gold Flowers, but can it revive withered Red Turnips like the Silver Watering Can can?

Please do not respond to this question if you have not attempted this or had past experience in this area. thanx in advance.

Accepted Answer

From: greywolf676 6 years ago

With the golden watering can you can revive turnips and flowers, and make pretty lookin gold flowers, which you can stare at all day goin "ooh shiny" or you can just walk around and brag because it looks cool. I think if you water dead roses you get gold roses that sit and look pretty cool in front of your house

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Submitted Answers


If you water dead black roses with it you get golden roses, I beleave.

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It does work,uh, the golden if u water black flowers(special flowers not withered) they turn gold,I dont know what the purpose of the gold flowers but they look cool.Well yes its more upgraded so it will still revive turnips too.

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