Question from 99mystery

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i get music for my radio?

Well the animals have music so how do i get one for me?

Accepted Answer

From: Amber_2010TWO 6 years ago

On Saturday nights (usually after 8pm) a dog named K.K. Slider shows up at the bottom left room in the museum (I think it's called the Roost, or something...). Anyway, ask him to play a song & the first one he plays will be put in your pocket. Go home, add it to your stereo, and collect a new one every Saturday night!

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Every Saturday night, K.K Slider comes at the Roost. Talk to him and he will play a song. Sit down on one of the chairs at the bottom of the roost, and listen/wait. he will give you the song he plays. then, go to your radion and put it in.

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