Question from Raymondwireful

Animal crossing city folk friend code 2013?


I added you


Amandak21343 answered:

Add me please!!! But please no harder language or stealing or stupid hole digging! That would be graciously appreciated!
Name: Samantha
Code: 2796-1760-0152
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Caboosesmh answered:

My friend code is 3910 7079 3037 town Hickvill name sean
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Anabelluvsu answered:

Add me :) friend code 3696-0623-0034
Town is Laguna !!
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Caboosesmh answered:


I will
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J-ChanSan answered:

Name: Lyraesel
Town: Racoon
Code: 1078-2177-6143
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Caboosesmh answered:

What is your characters name
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AngryDerpy answered:

Please add me

Town: Vinetown

name: Vine

Friend code: 5115-5368-0070
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