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What rewards are there for doing the bug-off?

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What is Flower Fest?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Kocoh answered:

Other than the trophy, I would assume the other rewards, similar to the fishing tourney, are common items of no particular value.
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DrainHeart101 answered:

If you win first place, you'll receive a commemorable bug-off trophy.
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MetaKnight39 answered:

Well if u give tortimer the bug and its longer than the animals u get furniture that aren't rare but okay and if u win it for the entire day u get a gold trophy which u normally can't get it at nooks or anywhere else and well tats it same as fish tourney and flower fest
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MetaKnight39 answered:

It's a day in spring where u compete for the most flowers around your house
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MetaKnight39 answered:

I think it's in animal crossing city folk.i know it's in the nintendo one
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SuperKarter answered:

Okay so the Bug off go to Nat and then catch the best bug around at that time, then you can win a Bug Trophy. Mostly a gold trophy like the fish one. The flower fest is when you try to have the most flowers in front of your house.
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