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Where can I find the silver shovel?

I know you get it from resetti's, but I've been checking for nearly 3 weeks and he hasn't been open.

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MetaKnight39 answered:

On a random day at 8pm to 12 ,the cones will be knocked over then go inside his house and chit chat with him then he will give u one for free.
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Sigma_Gal answered:

You got to go after 8 PM every week to see if Resetti's cones are pushed aside. Then you have to talk to him.

Another way is to buy it online or VIA trade.
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RaWr_hawgs answered:

Go to the city everyday if you really want it. Make sure its after 8:00pm and as soon as you get off the bus go to the right all the way. If the cones arent in your way and the light in the tunnel is on then go through. You will see resseti and maybe even his brother. If you talk to him he will bribe you not to tell anyone with the silver shovel. This happens on a random day.
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CopBlock answered:

8 PM through 12 PM, go to the ctiy, then go all the way to the right, if the cones are open, make sure you have a slot open, go in, and talk to whoever is there, they will give you the silver shovel in return. The silver shovel has 10% chance of doubling the ammount of money from a money rock for one hit. It makes a sound effect and silver sparks.
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