Question from AprilRose1

What is that beeping sound?

It is a repeating beeping noise around my town it starts and stops randomly. It is not fleas, I know what fleas sound like and it is not a mole cricket.


SimMaster6 answered:

Have you ever thought of the sund beeing a insect near by?There is one insect that lives on a tree that makes a very loud type of beeping.I forget the name but it probabily is a bug or the one I forgot.
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soulcrusher24 answered:

That is the sound of a robust cicara........ enjoy ^_^
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prsflnt answered:

I've heard that in my town when I first got ACCF and I didn't know what it was--i knew it was a bug but no more. I know that the Dung Beetle makes that noise! ^.^
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