Question from Krisipoke

When is the first day when I can catch a Jellyfish?

The 15th or the 16th of August?

Krisipoke provided additional details:

What if you read my question and actually answered to it?

Accepted Answer

Krisipoke answered:

Eh.... whatever. Let's say it's the 16th of August. Looks like people here know everything about jellyfish, excest this thing.
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satangangsta answered:

Jellyfish start to appear in the second half of august so yes about 15th-16th.
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JJFalcon90 answered:

Jellyfish ONLY come out on the second half of August.
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anmlcrssngluvr answered:

i caught mine the SECOND half of august. their shadow is just bigger than a clownfish, and about the size of a sugoen fish.
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