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Asked: 5 years ago

What items are considered storage items?

I recently bought an exotic chest only to find out I couldn't put anything in it. What kind of chest is that? Anyway my question is, what type of item/s should I be looking for to store items in?

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From: Shadelin2008 5 years ago

Here is the list I found...
Storage Devices
Exotic Bureau Cabin Wardrobe Pave Chest Sweets Closet
Exotic Wardrobe Modern Dresser Pave Closet Gorgeous Chest
Ranch Dresser Modern Wardrobe Egg Dresser Gorgeous Closet
Ranch Wardrobe Kiddie Dresser Egg Wardobe Office Locker
Classic Vanity Kiddie Wardrobe Spooky Dresser Paulownia Closet
Classic Wardrobe Kiddie Bureau Spooky Wardrobe Stair Dresser
Regal Dresser Lovely Dresser Harvest Dresser Pear Wardrobe
Regal Armoire Lovely Armoire Harvest Bureau Pear Dresser
Blue Bureau Robo-Dresser Jingle Dresser Mummy's Casket
Blue Wardrobe Robo-Closet Jingle Wardrobe Cooler
Blue Cabinet Snowman Dresser Princess Chest Refrigerator
Cabana Dresser Snowman Wardrobe Princess Closet Retro Fridge
Cabana Wardrobe Snowman Fridge Gracie Chest Safe
Green Dresser Mushroom Dresser Gracie Wardrobe Storage Case
Green Wardrobe Mushroom Closet Sweets Dresser Clothes Closet
Cabin Dresser

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Bureau, some shelves (not bookshelves) and dressers.

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Cabinets, dressers, lockeers, bureaus, wardrobes, chests, and cases
(certain shelves)

There's probably more but this is all I could think of.

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You can also store items at the auction house in town. It contains the same items that you have stored in the furniture at your house.

You can also store items in letters and save them at the post office.

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Cooler is also a storage

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Cabinets, dressers, lockeers, bureaus, wardrobes, chests, cases
(certain shelves) and refridgerators such as retro fridge.

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The items are:

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