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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you get orange,coconut and apple trees?

I have no internet and is posting at school.

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From: cyber_cadet_muu 6 years ago

Coconut: Wash up on the beach.
Apples, Oranges: Over Wi-Fi or in letters that your neighbours/mom sends to you. To receive letters from your neighbours, send them one with something attached to it.
Then, once you get the fruit, plant it.
Apples/oranges: regular ground = anywhere except the beach
Coconuts: On the ground just above the sand on the beach.

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There are four total ways to get fruit without wifi (the fourth way can only be done if you already have the fruit):
1. get fruit from your mom (unless it has changed from WW)
2. send letters to your neighbors with your islands natve fruit and nothing other than your native fruit
3. ocassionaly coconuts will wash up on the shore
4. if you already have the fruit you can plant more by digging a hole and burrying the fruit

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Write a letter to the animal neighbors.

"How are you?" with a local fruit attached as a present.

This has worked for me to get fruit or shirts as presents from the return letter of the animal neighbor.

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I have Peaches... yummy.
I sent out 3 to local neighbor. Two days later I got responses from those three neighbors and recieved back a Pair, an outfit and a wallpaper.
The next day I sent out 8 letters to my neighbors, 6 fruit and 2 shells. 2 Days later I recived cherries, some furniture 9space station), and 2 letters just saying thanks.
Keep your neighbors happy and mail them fruit seems to be the trick to get an assortment of fruit.

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