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Asked: 5 years ago

What is with the spaceship?

In the middle of the night I see a ufo flying around my town. I hit it with my slingshot and still flies away while being damaged and then I find this spaceship part. Has that happened in your towns and what do u do?

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I looked around at 9 p.m but I saw no alien can I do this on any day or on that specific day?

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What does he look like?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I tried everything, I even time traveled back to 9 p.m. I couldn't find him. I think I missed my chance.

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From: Eragon0405 5 years ago

The spaceship usually appears on the next day.
You need to pick up the part and give it to him.

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Ooh thats extremely rare! When you shoot it, pick up the part then run around town later around 9 pm. There will be an alien there and he asks for his part, give it to him and he gives you an extremely rare item, the rarest of which is an arc de triumph. P.S. in case this didn't work, sometimes you have to shoot it multiple times

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He looks exactly as you would think he looks, small and green (or gray) and with a big head. and 1st of all yes you have to look on that specific day, and I can't remember or not but you might just have to follow it shooting it multiple times till you see it fall, then you retrieve the pieces and give them to him.....yes thats it, and his spaceship usually shows up around 9 pm, i had my info backwards sorry.

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