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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I attach gifts to letters?

I'm trying to send a neighbor a gift but I'm not sure how to attach to a letter. Can someone help me?

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From: neko_dono 6 years ago

Write the neighbor a letter. After you finish it, bring up the screen that shows all the mail on you. Grab the item that you want to send and put it on the letter. You can't send fish or bugs though.

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Once the letter is written and in one of your letter slots, go into your pockets and, from there, click on the letter icon in the upper right hand corner of your pocket screen. Your letters will show, but you'll still see your pocket inventory, as well.

Pick up the item you want to send to the neighbor and drop it on the letter. When the item is attached, you will see a small present icon on the letter. If you have chosen an item that cannot be mailed (fish, bugs, etc) you will be told that you cannot put that item into a letter.

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Write ur letter than get the item u want, drag it to the letter then it will look like a present then go to the town hall and mail it.

U can't mail fish or bugs ( If u could it will be funny) cause they will die ( not bugs) :)

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