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Asked: 5 years ago

Foreign Fruit and Letters?

What should you write in a letter to get other fruit (except for coconuts)?? And what should you attach to the letter?

Accepted Answer

From: MetaKnight39 5 years ago

Well any writing, because animals don't understand english and attach your town's normal fruit and there will be 40% that you will get a foreign fruit. Just put any letter on the letter and thats it. :) :}

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You should attach one of your normal fruits, and write whatever, it really doesn't matter.

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I'm not sure if it matters what you write in the letter, but i would just attach fruit to the letter. I know they send furniture and other things back if you send them some some of those.

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"How are you?"
Attach a local fruit as a present.

I sent this letter to all animal neighbors. They all sent letters back with shirts or fruit as presents.

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