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Asked: 5 years ago

I hear a strange sound... what is it?

In certain parts of my town on certain days, I'll hear a beeping sound (a short, repetative beep). this sound seems to move around town, and I dont see anything in the sky or anything around me when this happens... does anyone know what this is?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Interesting... it does start and stop, but its not like the cricket noises... it's just a short single beep... and if i stand still and listen, it fades away until i move somewhere else

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From: twiztidniceguy 5 years ago

I was puzzled by this noise for days on end, following this freaking noise, going insane trying to find its source. Finally I found it. Next time you hear it find the closest villager and look closely at him or her. You should see a flea hopping all over him. Equip your net and swing the wiimote. Voila. Flea

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Dose it happen just randomly walking around town and stop suddenly? Or is it more of a constant beeping?

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If it is more start and stop while you are walking around it's a Mole Cricket

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Wheres my answer?

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The only things I can think of are a UFO or a Meteor Shower, both which make noise. But you say it's not in the sky, so, I don't know other than those.

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I hear it also. It sounds like the reminder beep on a cell phone when you miss a call?

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It's probably a Mole Cricket. Just dig around the sound and you will dig one up.

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Its not a mole cricket. It is a flea ona villager I'm serious

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