Question from HakuPSO

Asked: 5 years ago

What if you miss the Golden Slingshot?

First off, I am not that lame (I didn't actually MISS it). What happened was: as the animation of walking into Nook's was going on I saw the Golden Slingshot come onto the screen. I walked back out, but alas...

I wanted to know if anyone else had missed it and then if it happened to show up again later?

Accepted Answer

From: Comando17 5 years ago

If you miss the golden slingshot you have to wait untill another baloon comes bye. after that one the next will be another golden slingshot

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Yes it will come again after 1 balloon.

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If u missed it... bad luck, its not gonna come back......... Just Kidding!!! Yes it will come back..

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