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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best pattern for hybrids?

I'm trying to breed some black roses and i need to know what the best pattern is. Thanks ^.^

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Here are several threads already answered on your same question.
There isn't really a "best" pattern for hybrids, but the general thought is that diagonal works best.

Also, if you are trying specifically for black roses, and you are willing to do a lot of work, remove all of the flowers from your town that are not red roses. You will improve your chances of getting black roses greatly.

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someting like this

X is a flower
O is nothing

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You should plant the flowers diagonally.

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Yeah. Try putting them diagonally and that should work. I haven't tryed it but I've seen other people do it and get hybrids. Or you could put them in X's like the person on my qeustion said my qeustion: How close together should I put my cross breeds? *new* something like that... Uh, I need some more answers so mabye you could answer it! prsflnt \(^-^)/.

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