All Questions

All All Questions for Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Are there cheats for this game?? 7
Are there timetraveling problems?? 8
Help please.... I need help with friends and questions? 5
Lots of money?? 10
Please help..? 2
Want A Golden Shovel? 3
What do neighbors do in your birthday?? 10
Where is Nook?? 4
Who wants to be my friend on Animal Crossing? 19
Who wants to be my friend? 4
~Big UGLY patches of NOT grass?!?!~ 4
00 does opening your gate allow others to Destroy your town? 00 7
00 Foreign Fruit?00 1
00My Foreign Fruit Tree DIED!!!!Can I Bring It Back To Life?00 4
:( How do I Know Me Friend's Gate is open? 5
A flower question this time ppl...? 1
Animal Crossing Friend Codes Here! Add? 17
Animal Crossing Friend Codes? Add yours! 24
Anyone have a Ray, or a shark???????? 5
Anyone know how to work a shopping card???????? 1
Anyone wanna be friends?????????? 14
Anyone!!! plz! help!!!!!! Help with genie lamp!?????? 5
Anyone? 2
Anyone? I need help!!!!!!!!!!! 3
anyone???? I need help with bugs...again... 5
Anyone???? im confused... 3
Anyone???? Its a bug problem. stupid turantula... 1
Anyone?????? 1
Anyone??????? 2
Best Strategies to get gold axe from serena? 3
Birthday Parties? 6
Can anybody that visit my town destroy it?? 6
Can I ceatch bees? 6
Can I own 2 houses with 1 human player in my town?? 1
Can I stop the dung beetles from building my snowmen? 4
Copying your charachter? 4
Do you have to shake the tree to get a bagworm? 1
Friend codes?? 5
Friend help!!!? 3
Geting rid of neighbor help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? 1
Great friends here? 7
Help!!! Reseti Threated Me!!! WHAT DO I DO??? 1
How can I make that the neighbors that leaved the town to come back?? 4
How do I avoid resseti? 8
How do I beat (Tarantulas and Scorpions)? 3
how do I catch a bagworm? 3
How do i get karma? 11
How do I get more fruit?? 2
How do I make Rizzo nicer? 2
I can't beat this game? 6
I dont like one of the charecters in the game (pate) how do i get rid of him? 6
I NeeD HeLp?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
I want friends!? 5
I've lost my golden slingshot! Can I get it back? 4
Im NEW HERE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? 1
Is jingle fooled by flowers? 1
Is there any way to change the time without rotting turnips? 2
Jingle patterns? 1
Katrina Help? 3
Nobody seems to know this!? PLEEEEASSEEE help!? 5
Nookingtons - then back to Nook-and-go?? 1
Phinias as mayor? 6
Quick money?? 2
Shoe Help? 8
What is the best day,month,and hour to meet wisp? 2
What will make the lost kitten(Katie) go away? 1
Where and when can you find Gulliver? 1
Will Serena ever give me another gold/silver axe? (yes, I consider her an enemy) 2
Will you encounter scorpions/tarantulas in multiplayer wifi? 3
Wisp? 1
Zipper T Bunny?!!!!! 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Anyone has Good Town Tunes? 5
Are there any other places? 3
Are we on a time limit for katie and Kaitlyn? 1
Help,please?? 4
How many people can you have in your town? 4
What do I do with my empty lamp now? 1
What happens if I deliver the forks/knives to the animals? 3
What happens if I miss Pelly the day after donating 200,000? 1
What happens if I open deliveries meant for other neighbours? 1
WHY THE HELL did nookingtons downgrade to nookway?! 2
"Classic" Items...? 1
0k I need some help...PLEASE!? 1
ACCF: Is there anyway i can celebrate ALL of the holidays? 1
Acres? 1
Animal asked me to tell another human something, how do I do it? 1
Anybody want a friend? 2
Are there more than one of each fossil available in the game? 1
Auction house? 1
Aurora sky?? 1
Balloon with gift? 8
Blue marlin help? 1
Bug-off? 6
Can I get a lighthouse and a windmill? 7
Can I receive foreign fruit if I never have visitors? 4
can someone help me with Poncho? 3
Can you still cross-breed flowers in winter, or do you have to wait till spring? 1
City and wii speak questions? 5
Cross-breeding flowers? 4
Do constellations effect shooting stars? 2
Do my villagers leave town to go to the city? 4
Do snowballs re-appear? 2
Do townies buy Gyroids on Flea Market day? 3
Does anybody still get on this site any more??? 2
Does anything significant happen on Christmas Day? 1
DOES the light house have an effect on fish rarity? 3
Donating, do u donate 300k after 200k or a full 500k after the 200k? 3
Easy Bells on holidays? 1
Festival? 2
Foreign Holidays? 1
Fountain Help? 4
Frillard? 3
Getting all items for museum with two they still get gold items? 2
Golden Stag? 3
Gulliver? 1
Help with Tom Nook and doing my work? 2
Help?? 1
How and when do i find Wisp? 3
How can I get my villagers to mail back foreign fruit ? 2
How come the shoe cleaning skunk is never on his steps? 3
How do I ...? 6
How do I build the snowmen?? 3
How do I catch a Giant Petaltail? 1
How do I get an Empty Genie Lamp? 6
How do I get into Ressetti's? 1
How do I get my grass to grow green? 2
How do I get the mii mask? 5
How do I help sick villagers? 2
How do I know your friend code? 4
How do I make the river form the pond? 1
How do I reach VIP Status? 1
How do I solve Goldie's outfit quest? 3
How do I unlock a villager's house? 7
HOW do i wish on a shooting star? 2
How Do I Wish On The Stars? 4
How do you find your neighbours missing key and do you get a reward for it? 3
How do you get residents to give you jobs? 7
How do you get to ressettis thing? 4
How do you know if you get a brige fountin or lighthouse?? 2
How do you upgrade Tom Nook's first store? 12
How does pascal give you a item? 2
How does the Flea Market Work? 5
How late does Resetti's stay open? 3
How many snowman can you make in a day? 4
How many times can I hit a magic rock with a shovel? 8
How many times to I have to talk to the Brewster? 4
How much do i have to donate to build something in town? 1
How much do I need to donate? 3
How,Where,and When do I find the lost Kitten? 9
How/When Can I Catch a MANTIS??? 1
Hybrid Flowers? 1
I donated 200,000 bells to town fund, never got my bridge...? 1
I hear a strange sound... what is it? 8
If an neighbor asks me to get something for them...? 1
If you have two animal crossing porfiles...? 2
Is there a room above the marquee?? 6
Island? 3
Jingle where are my presents? 1
Lost kitten ? 4
Lost kitten need WiFi? 2
Magic Tunnel? 2
My watermelon chair farts! WHY? 3
Odd flea market occurrence? 4
Redd invite question!? 4
Ressetti's place? 4
Rooms? 1
The 7 Mysteries of my town?WHAT!?!?!?!!?!?!?! 2
The empty genie lamp is infinity or i just have one wish? 1
Town donations? 3
What are all the bad & good effects of TTing( Time Traveling)? 5
What color flowers create other crossbreed colors? 3
What days of the week can you see Frillard's show in the city??? 1
What do i do on the meteor shower? 4
What does nook give you as jobs to do? 2
What does the Windmill/ lighthouse do? 15
What happens if you try to upload the full sized mansion from wild world via DS suitcase? 4
What is going on when Sable, Mable, Pelly, Gracie, and Labelle all sigh when you talk to them? 3
What's at the end of the item delivery chain? 1
What's up with the otter guy? 1
Whats the difference? 5
when does K.K. Slider come? 9
Where can i get the Archaeopteryx(i think) fossil? 4
Where do I find the wisp and what does it look like? 2
Where do I get an invitation for Redd's shop? 7
Where is the Key? 1
Why can't I build snowmen? 6
Why did this happen? 2
Why won't my neighbor take my Fossil? 1
Why wont they show? 3
Wifi visitors can destroy my town? 1
Will a wisp be on the beach every night, even if I picked up the empty lamp a while ago? 6
Wisp help plz? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Modern furniture set ? 0
Anyone selling a golden axe? 2
Can i copy an item? 7
Carpet/Wallpaper Matches? 2
Could somebody gives me al the hybrids? 4
Faulty Modern Lamp? 3
Flowers? 4
Golden furniture? 2
Help making pattern murals? 4
How can I get the red turnips?? 3
How do i find the lamp??? 1
I got rid of the lamp for wisp on accident what can i do? 3
It's my money and I need it now? 9
Kiddie Furnishing with Feng Shuei? 5
Looking for friend codes? 14
Lots of points? 1
Mailing wardrobe/dressers? 1
Need someone with a full or close to full catalouge? 1
Need two gold items does any one wish to sell or donated them?? 2
Nookingtons store changed?! 1
Should i put crossbreeds into storage?? 9
Tuuurrnnuuppss? 8
Two Lamps? 3
Undelivered present? 2
What are all the DLCs released so far for every country? 2
What are the benefits of the golden items? 5
What is the best gyroid/music combination? 1
What would be good? 1
What's special about the Silver & Gold Axes? 5
Where can I find a silver watering can? 3
Where can I find boombox? 1
Where can I find Joan? 11
Where can I find Lightsaber sword? 4
Where can I find the fishing net? 8
Whish fossil is the....? 5
Why cant i get a crayon, katana etc. ? 3
Why cant i get my new years shirt? 7
Why won't serena (foutain goddess) give me a gold axe? 13
5 Points day? 10
A Green Zap outfit.. Special? yes/no. 3
A villager lost her suitcase, how do I find it? 6
A windmill or a lighthouse? 6
ACCF: Do animals have birthday parties????? 4
After nooks update can I get the fishing rod and/or net? If so, how? 6
Animal Pictures? 1
Any benefits from the Bridge? 3
any variation of Gyroids? 2
Anyone got a flame shirt? 1
Anyone have all bunny balloons? 3
Anyone know how to sell the lightsaber? 3
Apart from the king tut mask what other stuff is cursed? 5
Aqua Items? 9
Aquariums (caught fish) can they be placed on a table to add luck? 1
Are foreign fruit obtainable offline via mailing villagers? 1
Are the foreign fruits obtainable via mailing villagers OFFLINE? 2
Are the gyroids the same as they were in AC:WW? 4
Are there still blue roses in this game? 2
At what times do presests in the sky appear? 7
Balloon Guy? 8
Balloon man? 2
Baloon Guy? 8
Bannanna? 6
Bell Bags? 4
Blue dresser not for storage? 1
Box of tissues - how can I use? 1
Buying golden/silver axe for more than 400K, anyone up? 5
Can a hybrid flower randomly occur? 3
Can anyone answer these 2 questions about hybrids? 7
Can anyone sell me some hybrids? 7
Can I buy a throne from the catologue? 1
Can I do this? 2
Can I get a Lighthouse before bridge or fountain? 1
Can I get another golden fishing rod? 1
Can I get another silver shovel? 1
Can i get the entire harvest series? 1
Can I get the fountain or do I need the bridge first? 3
Can I get TWO silver watering cans? and TWO golden slingshots? 1
Can I give my items to a new player? 3
Can I kill anyone with the axe? 4
Can I personally deliver presents ? 3
Can multiple people donate to town fund? 1
Can other players affect my red turnips in any way? 2
Can someone catalog ____ for me? 4
Can someone help me with Feng Shui? 1
Can wifi visitors throw items into my fountain? 1
Can you change the flag outside your house? 1
Can you eat elegant mushrooms? 2
Can you find a friends money rock in their town? 1
Can You Fish With The Net? 3
Can You get Animal pictures in this game? 3
Can you get animals pics? 4
Can you get designs off of the ground??? 1
Can you get duplicate gyroids? 7
Can you get the Windmill AND the Lighthouse? 1
Can you go inside the lighthouse/windmill? 4
Can you hold onto Wisp lamp after he's in it to use on another day? 2
Can you lose the Golden Watering Can? 3
Can you please trade me a cherry for an orange? 1
Can you sell Tools at the Flea Market? 7
Can you send money from your DS game character account to your Wii character account? 1
Cant catch this fish??? 13
Catalog? 1
Catching Bees? 3
Coconut and time traveling help? 5
Coconut help? 3
Coconut help???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
Coconuts? 4
Coelecanth? 1
Coelicanth help? 3
Coffee? 4
Could someone show me a picture of this items plz? 3
Counterfeit paintings? 1
Cross-bred flowers? 1
Cursed items?! 1
Do floating Balloon items appear at certain times? 7
Do flowers disappear? 1
Do fossils decrease as you collect more? 1
Do I Choose Point Items? 1
Do mosquitoes make noise? 4
Do red sabers break? 1
DO tools show up in the catalog? 5
Do turnips..? 4
Do white turnips spoil outside? 4
Do you actually "spend" Nook points, or do they stack? 3
Do you get HRA points for the same lucky items on different floors? 6
Do you have to look up to see a shooting star? 7
Does a Halloween carpet/wallpaper exist in this one? 2
Does aim matter when watering flowers? 2
Does anyone got a Jingle Bed or Jingle Dresser? 7
Does anyone want to add me? 2
Does candy spoil and how long can it go before spoiling? 1
Does fruit stop growing in the fall/winter? 2
Does it make a difference or something? 10
Does Museum give you anything? 6
Does Phineas really come completely randomly? 3
Does that kart you can get from tom nook have any use? 2
Does the holiday sets sell well? 14
Does Time Traveling backwards spoil Turnips? 1
does Tom Nook give/say/tell you anything if u complete your catalog? 2
Does watering sprouts help the tree grow? 6
Donating to the town? 4
DS Suitcase? 5
Easy way to find X5 point days at Nookington's? 1
Empty genie lamp? 7
Empty Lamp? 2
Feathers? 2
Feng Shui and Fish/Bugs? 1
Festivale questions? 5
Fireworks? 2
Flea Market Items? 1
Flowers and Resseting brothers? 1
foreign friend Codes? 1
Foreign Fruit and Letters? 4
Forgery at Redd's? 11
Fossils help? 5
Fossils/trees? 2
Four Leaf Clover? 1
Four Leaf Clover? I want to be sure about its luck 5
Four leaf clovers? What do they do and how do i get them? 1
Golden Axe Question? 2
Golden Axe? 3
Golden Flowers? 2
Golden shovel produce double bells from magic rocks? 7
Golden Shovel? 5
Gracie Grace Sales? 2
GracieGrace items on your Catalog? 4
Growing Grass? 10
Guitar Axe? 1
Has anyone seen or caught a centipede? 3
Has Nintendo gotten smarter and done away with ordering paintings? 1
HELP ME!!! I NEED bells! but.... how do you get over 50,000 bells WITHOUT changing dates? 6
help on the DSi? 4
Help with Foreign fruit? 3
Help with the lamp? 1
Hero's Costume? 4
Hero's Queston? 2
Highest Prices on Turnips? 6
hmmmm Snowman 2
How big do seabass get? 8
How big is a giant petaltail? 2
How can I drop items in the fountain? 2
How can i find missing items? 2
How can I find the rare mushroom? 1
How can i get a mole cricket? 2
How can I get songs for the tape deck? 1
How can i get the golden axe i know how but i dont know where the foutin? is someone PLEASE HELP ME 1
How can i get the master sword? 2
How can I get the Pikmin hat? 1
How can I make hacked money? 4
How can i merge the two snowballs? 2
How can i put items in letters? 3
How can I transfer items? 4
How can you get chocolates without Gulliver? 1
How can you make more silver tools appear at Nook's? 5
How do get my own lightsaber. And I don't want to buy 1? 3
How do I attach gifts to letters? 3
How do I bury shovel? 11
How do I catch a dung beetle? 5
How do I catch a fish? 2
How do i catch a lobster?? 9
How do I catch a popeyed goldfish? 8
How do I catch a Ray? 1
How do I catch a tuna? 7
How do I Cross Breed Roses? 3
How do I find my FC? 1
How do I get a lightsaber?? 3
How do I get an ABD in my house? 1
How do I get an invitation to Red's shop in the City without going on wifi? 7
How do I get carpets from Sahara? 4
How do I get compensenated for a forged painting? 3
How do I get DLC items? 5
How do I get Mario fruniture? 1
How do i get music for my radio? 2
How do I get the "Snowman" furniture item? And I do NOT mean the snowman furniture set. 9
How do i get the blue falcon? 4
How do I get the golden tools? 2
How do I get the Japenese apple? 2
How do I get the Museum Model? 3
How do I get the new years shirt from tortimer? 2
How do I get the Pikmin hats? 3
How do i get the present that floats on a ballon??? 1
How do I get the Shopping Card? 2
How do I plant fruit? 1
How do I recieve mail from other players they said it was sent but I still have not gotten it? 2
How do I sneak up on bugs using a net? 1
How do I take sunglasses off? 6
How do I throw the axe in the fountain? 2
How do I toss something in the well? 1
How do I use a credit card? 1
How do I use the DS suitcase? 3
How do I use the shopping card? 3
How do I used the Shopping card? 3
How do you catch the giant water bug? 1
How do you combine candy? 3
How Do you Get a coconut? 2
How do you get a metroid? 2
How do you get high turnips prices? Whats the trick? 6
How do you get orange,coconut and apple trees? 4
How do you get red's membership card? 1
How do you get the Zap clothes? 1
How do you sell items online? 3
How do YOu sell Stuff? 5
How do you use this tool? 5
How does thash come? 2
How does the catalog work? 2
How does tom nook's store get bigger? 1
How dose the money tree work? 2
how I get the Varia Suit? 2
How long does a planted fruit take to grow into a tree? 1
How long does it take for mail to be delivered between two players in the same town? 5
How long does it take for the fountain to be built? 3
How many bells are needed to get a money Tree? 12
How many days for Golden Shovel? 1
How many fossils per day? 1
How many Gyriods can I deposit with Brewster in one day? 2
How many gyroids total? 1
How many Gyroids will work at once? 7
How many trees? 5
How may items can a dresser hold? 4
How much from Money Trees? 1
How Often Should I Water Flowers? 3
Huh? You can have a nintendog?!?!?!(how do you get one?!) 1
I a silver axe exactly like a regular axe? 4
I don't get the turnip market? 4
I don't understand that of crossing flowers? 3
I have a question about cocounts? 6
i have benn waiting 6 Months to see wisp but... he doesn't appear why? 2
I have extra Jingle Furniture, I would like the Jingle Lamp, any takers? 5
I have have a question about the Tom Nooks Points? 1
I need help asap? 1
I need HELP!!! I can't find any fossils!!! HELP?!?!?! 2
I need to know the colors of items for Fung Shui? 9
I wode like to make a pro dessine? 3
I've heard rumors about bananas...? 3
If I buy items on the catalog, do I get Points? 1
If someone else gets your shopping card, can they use the money from your account? 1
Interest? 9
Inventory Background? 2
Is any one giving out, trading or selling a Cat Cap, Bunny Hood, Halo, or midna mask? 3
Is it possible to cataloge exclusive DS stationary like insurance paper?: 2
Is it possible to get a golden tree? 2
Is it possible to get items like Metroids and Arwings without hacking? 4
Is it possible to get more design spaces? 1
Is it possible to get more than 1 birthday cake? 1
Is the Banana like normal fruits? 3
Is the crown worth it? 2
Is the silver shovel really this useless? 14
Is there ? 3
Is there a glowy spot? 7
Is there a way to get missed Down-Loadable Content? 3
Is there a way to make the GracieGrace store have lower prices??? 1
Is there an complete list of All normal,un hacked Downloadable content? 2
Is there anyway I can find some Oolong Tea? 6
Is there money cheat code or something? 1
Is there some trick to getting the Gracie's furniture, wallpaper + carpet? 7
Is there something special about balloons/prizes? 4
Is there still Harvest furniture? 2
Jacob's Ladder info? 2
K.K. song with at a friends town? 2
Link Hat? 1
Lost tools! Where did it go? 5
Magic lamps? 2
Messages? 5
Missing fossils? 6
Modern furniture set...? 2
Money Rock? 1
Money tree? 1
Money trees??? 1
My friend in my town said that i had to catch a fish to talk to the king of the sea? 1
My money tree doesn't have any money, can someone help? 3
My neighbor lost her key...what do I do? 1
Need fruit, friend codes please? 1
Need help finding a certain bug? 2
Need help getting golden fishing pole/ net? 2
Neighbors want pictures mailed to them, how do i do this? 1
Next Nintendo Item? 2
Nintendog Trade? 3
Nintendogs? 3
Nook Point Items? 1
Nook's Saplings? 1
Obtaining a Four Leaf Clover? 7
Other fruits? 2
Other than red, green and yellow, what good are the other colors? 3
Painting? 4
Papa Panda? 2
Parquet Floor matches? 1
Pearl Oyster--what do you do with it? 7
Pitfall Seed? 1
Planting? 2
Point Machine? 2
Posting photo to other town message board or email addy? 2
Problem finding the silver tools? 2
Quesion about house and Gyriods? 1
Question about arranging furniture and items in house? 3
Question about replacing native trees with foreign?..... 5
Red Turnips? 4
Resetti's Place? 3
Royal stuff? 1
Scorpions? 13
Silver fishing rod? 2
Silver items? 1
Silver shovel? 1
Silver Tool Benefits? 3
Silver watering can? 1
Sold Mario Items? 6
Somebody please help!? 3
Spotlight Items? 1
The difference between normal, silver and golden items? 3
The fountain (gold/silver axe)? 7
The Moon? 3
The Net? 1
The yellow bird? 2
Transfer? 2
Tunips? 4
Turnips and Time Traveling? 2
Violin Beetle? 2
VIP status/Gold card? 5
Wearing own designs? 3
What about the Feathers?? 1
What are all the types of fruits? 1
What are gyroids and turnips? 1
What are the different colored feathers for? 1
What are the different Harvest Festival items? 1
What day exactly does Redd change his inventory? 2
What days cani get the spotlight items arwing and master sword and throne from nook? 7
What do Gyroids do? 2
What do I do with a birthday cake? 4
What do I do with candy? 2
What do i have to say to the Princess to get the Gold axe? 2
what do I type in a letter to get a rare fruit from a town member? 3
What Do the Shopping Cards Even Do? 2
What do you do with a slingshot? 5
What does a gold card do? 6
What does a Raja Brooke look like? 1
What does the "gold card" do? 1
What does the gold card do and how do I use it? 2
What does the gold card do? 19
What Does The Golden Net Do? 2
What does the Golden Watering Can do? 3
What does the HRA gives? 2
What does the wishing well do? 3
What effect does putting designs on the ground have on finding items? 2
What event days can u get items like the cool globe and stuff from tortimer? 3
What happened to the guitar playing dog? 3
What happens when you complete a charm? 1
What if you miss the Golden Slingshot? 3
What if you sell an empty lamp? 1
What is "TURNIPS"? 2
What is a good costume for halloween in accf? 4
What is a Look? 1
What is a Pink Kotatsu? 3
What is in the full mush set? 1
What is Mischief used for? 1
What is MVP status from bank and how do you reach it??? 4
What is noise that sounds like wind? 3
What is pete furniture? 1
What is so special about turnips and how much could they sell for? 1
What is the best Phineas toy? 1
What is the best time to sell turnups? 1
What is the big red jelly-like thing that showed up in my game? 2
What is the coffee for? 3
What is the conch used for? 2
What is the date when you can get the refrigerator? 1
What is the date when you can get the sleeping bag? 2
What is the deal with Bell Trees? 7
What is the deal with the DS? 1
What is the difference between Normal/ Silver/ Gold Watering Cans? 3
What is the difference between silver and gold tools? 5
What is the difference between the lighthouse and the windmill? 1
What is the gold card used for? 8
What is the japanese apple thing? 5
What is the most expensive item in Accf? 3
What is the online value of a magic lamp with whisp in it? 3
What is the point of those mushrooms? 2
What is the total cost for all the gracie grace furniture sets? 1
What is this hair? 3
What item is this and what can it do? 1
What items are considered storage items? 7
What items are in the Harvest Series? 1
What items cannot be catalogged? 6
What part of the city is Resetti in? 3
What should i write to get foreign fruit? 3
What the....? 2
What time of day can I find a longhorn beetle? 1
What was that? 1
What's the deal with pictures? 3
What's the difference between the 3 axes? 1
What's the differences between the regular, silver, and gold items? 8
What's the most amount of money Nook will pay for turnips? 3
What's with the huge flower? 1
Whats so great about coconuts? 1
Whats the difference between the two non-fruit trees? 3
Whats the gold card? 1
When and what season of 2010? 2
When can i catch a shark? 1
When can I find a barred knifejaw? 1
When can I find a ray? 7
When can I find ballons? 8
When can I find espreso maker in the united states version? 1
When can I find K.K?! 6
When can I truly find the longhorn beetle? 1
When do i get the bridge? 1
When does Nook restock his inventory? 1
When I go to reel in a big fish, it swims away...? 7
When is it coming out? 1
When is the first day when I can catch a Jellyfish? 4
When you revive Red Turnips, what happens to them? 1
Where and how can I find the zap clothes and accessories? 2
Where and how do i plant non-native fruit? 1
Where are my Fossils? 2
Where can I find (a peacock)? 4
Where can I find (a shopping card)? 2
Where can I find (Cat hat or something like that)? 5
Where can I find (Links Outfit)? 1
Where can I find (Resetii Survailence)? 3
Where can I find (the golden axe)? 2
Where can I find (the key)? 3
Where can I find a ballon? 7
Where can I find a Birdwing Butterfly? 1
Where can I find a Cherry, Cafe and Vegetarian Shirt? 1
Where can I find a koopa shell and such? 2
Where can I find a Luigi Hat and a Luigi Mustache? 1
Where can I find a moon? 2
Where can I find a Net? 6
Where can I find a silver or golden timer? 2
Where can I find a silver slingshot? 1
Where can I find a slingshot nook still hasnt sold one? 1
Where can I find a slingshot? 2
Where can I find a spider and how do I catch it? 4
Where can I find a sshovel? 5
Where can I find a Triforce? 3
Where can I find a trilobite fossil? 2
Where can I find A U.F.O.? 7
Where can I find an invatation? 2
Where can I find ants and flys? 3
Where can I find artwoork? 2
Where can I find bugs? 4
Where can I find Coconuts? 3
Where can I find coelecanth? 1
Where can I find different kind of fruits in my town? 12
Where can I find first golden series gift? 3
Where can I find foreign fruit? 3
Where can I find Foreign Fruits? 5
Where can I find Gold and Silver Axe? 5
Where can I find gold or silver watering can? 2
Where can I find Jingles on the 24th of December? 4
Where can I find limbergs house keys? 4
Where can I find Lucky Money? 1
Where can I find Musrooms? 10
Where can I find my Metroid in my catolog? 3
Where can I find nintendo stuff? 5
Where can I find other fruit? 5
Where can I find other shoes? 3
Where can I find paintings to donate to the museum? 9
Where can I find paintings? 2
Where can I find paper? 1
Where can I find Pikmin? 2
Where can I find Red Turnips ? 4
Where can I find Shoppers Card? 5
Where can I find silver fishing rod? 1
Where can I find Silver shovel? 5
where can I find the best money make way.? 7
Where can I find the bug that is buzzing? 1
Where can i find the mushrooms? 2
Where can I find the old wallpapers(Sahara item)? 3
Where can I find the SCARAB BEETLE? PLEASE HELP! 4
Where can I find the shovel? 3
Where can I find the silver and golden tools? 8
Where can I find the silver shovel? 4
Where can I find the Town Foutain? 3
Where can I find the tri-force? 5
Where can I find these clothes? 1
Where can I find Tom Nook's silver tools? 1
Where can I find turnips? 1
Where can I get another Axe? 4
Where can I get different clothes.? 1
Where can I get insurance? 1
Where can I get majora's mask? 1
Where can i get the golded sling shot? 12
where can i get the Zap collection? 1
Where can i get vip status? 1
Where do i find the pathy skull? 1
Where do I get a slingshot? 1
Where do you get a Royal Crown? 1
Where do you get forgin fruits? 3
Where do you plant coconuts? 5
Where does the fountain go? 3
Where is Cube's Key in Wii Animal crossing? 4
Where is the bear that sells turnip? 8
Where is the Windmill and the Lighthouse located? 3
Where/ How can I find Fossils, pitfalls, and Gyroids? 1
Where/how can I get Candy? 1
Which Items should I mail? 4
White turnips and Tables? 2
Why can't I buy the hero's clothes and the Majora's mask in the catalog? 5
Why can't I catch a Coelacanth? 2
Why didn't I get a B-day cake? 3
Why does Joan never have Red Turnips? 2
Why havent I gotten the Box of Tissues? 1
Will going to other towns mess up turnips? 2
Will my town look different if........? 1
Will somebody please answer question......need help? 12
Yet another golden watering can question..? 1
Zap Outfits? 3
[AUCTION] please help!? 1

Level Help Answers
What can you do at the city? 3
What is the fastest way to get money? 2
When can you get the sleeping bag on animal crossing city folk? 2
When do I get the abilities to swim? 1
Bunny Day? 1
can I go to the city with a visitor in my town? 1
Can you chosse a wallpaper for your basement? 2
Debt? 2
Do i need o put paterns on the floor to have perfect town? 1
Do you know when Frillard comes? 6
Does anyone know how big a Ray's shadow is???????????? 3
Does anything else happen on Dec. 24th? 1
Donations - Full ammount or in installments? 1
Gracie Grace Stock? 4
Help with the grass and winter? 3
Holidays & events? 3
How do I change my characters face? 3
How do I find out how much I have donated to the town fund? 11
How do I get shop back? 2
How do I get the person's house key? 4
How many days does it take for my roses to become golden when i have watered them with a golden water can? 1
I donated 500,000 bells but i still dont have the fountain? 2
I want a perfect town...HELP?! 1
Is there something i can do to not win the HRA award and still have a great room? ( details inside) 1
Level 2 tanning time? 1
On halloween? 2
Questions about wisp? 1
SHARK? What? 1
Shovel And Axe?? 3
The city reset? 1
Town Names? 7
What do the feathers do and the cursed item? 1
What is with the spaceship? 3
What places accept the shopping card? 1
What time does the bus to the city come? 4
When can you get the delux washer on animal crossing city folk? 1
When can you get the refrigerator on animal crossing city folk? 6
When can you get the safe on animal crossing city folk? 3
When does summer happen? 3
When does the Cherry Blossom Festivale occur??? 3
When you get a delux washer what do you do with it? 4
Who is Franklin??? 1

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
But I have talked to everyone!!! what's up with this? 3
Can someone answer this strange question? 2
Download Moving van? 5
Harvest Festival??? 3
Katrina knows my boyfriend's name? 11
Questions about feng shui? 1
Thanksgiving Question!!!!!!?????? 4
All my normal trees 1
Are fishing and bug-catching tournaments random?? 10
Are the people who made those designs at Ables real? 2
Bridge/fountain help!? 1
Can the animals understand? 1
Can your neighbors hate you? 2
Do animals give you their pics? 3
Do you actually get something for paying for the basement? 2
Does anything happen if I actually deliver the knives and forks to who Tortimer instructs? 4
Does Kicks the Shoe Shine Guy Move Into the Vacant Building Behind Him? 1
Does opening the gate affect the animals? 4
Fourteen teller? 1
Friends? 1
Going to the city.....with friend...? 1
House Parties? 2
How can i insert music in the stereo? 4
How do I make my neighbor stay? 4
How do I put things in the lost and found? 1
How do you crossbreed flowers? 1
How do you die? 5
How do you have flea markets? 4
How do you send the qeustions? 1
How long does it take to build the third bridge? 2
How to get my own friend code? 2
I can't upgrade my house? 2
I dont know? 4
If I water my dead grass will it grow back? 2
Is it possible to reunite the three Able Sisters? 6
Is there a circus in this game? 6
Is there a purpose? 1
Is there an insurance company in the city folk version of animal crossing? 1
Is there any more expansion on the backstories? 6
Is there villagers' portraits (photos) to collect in the wii version? 5
just curious: Does anyone know how many possible town(map) actually in ac? 1
Lets go to the city? 2
Meteorshower Question!!!!!???? 3
My marque won't change emotions? 2
Neighbor's 5
Nickname Changes? 1
Rain help? 4
Spotlight? (not items) 1
The Auction Room? 1
The city? 3
The turnip lady didn't come on Sunday and the auction house. What gives? 2
What about the gyroid storage? 1
what do I do at the auction house? 4
What do i do with a geine lamp? 2
What does a shopping card do? If you put money on it how do you do that 3
What does gyroid storage do? 2
What happens if you don't find a neighbor's house key for them? 1
What happens if you don't give Jack some candy on Halloween? 3
what happens when I pay of Nooks debt? 3
What is so special about...? 3
What kind of holidays are in CF? 1
What's the point of the Harvest Festival? 1
Whats up with the owl in the obsevatory??? 3
When and how often does Redd change his merchandise? 1
When does it rain or snow? 3
When the winter will end? 1
When you die, do you lose anything in your pocket? 1
Where is Gracie? 2
Who is that weird dude? 2
Who is Wishy? 1
Who's Pascal? 1
Why can't I get out the gate? 1
Why can't travel to 2036? 2
Why did some of my trees turn pink? 3
Why did the blue sky happen? 1
Why is all the snow in my town disappearing? 3
Will K.K. Slider Still Come If Katie Is With Me? 2
Yellow PikminHat? WTH?? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
ACCF what are the complete clothing,accessories, and umbrellas combos? 0
Can you use ABD when you travel via DS suitcase? 1
Changing Dates to get Gifts? 1
Do the animals you talk to in the city affect who moves into your town? 1
Feng shui: Am I supposed to be blocking the door with green furniture? 2
Gracie Store and TTing? 6
How big is a rays shadow in the water? 7
How can you make residents more interesting? 1
How do I keep my coconut tree from dying?! 3
How do you get 18,000 bells? 5
How do you use the auction house? 3
How to change time? 3
HRA points for furniture? 4
I need help on getting a perfect town, Ideas??? 6
If u time travel and theres a nook 5x nook point sale? 2
Many Bells for Skipping Forward?? 2
Need tables to max out feng shui? 1
New neighbor question? 4
Perfect Town? 6
Rain and dying flowers? 4
The Fountain? 7
Time travel to extend a day with good turnip price? 5
Two questions about the golden watering can? 5
What does the lighthouse & the windmill do for your town? 3
What is feng shui??? 5
What is the best pattern for hybrids? 4
What is the best strategy for (coconut tree)? 10
What is the best strategy for (creating acres)? 1
What is the best strategy for (getting an unwanted villager out)? 9
What is the best strategy for (getting new villagers)? 1
What is the best strategy for (hacking)? 3
Why does that big spider kill me? 1
Wilting Rafflesia? 2
Would this pass Gracies fashion check? 5
After i plant acres should i place a pattern in every empty square in my town so that weeds wont grow? 5
Am I acting stupid? 9
As a new land, is there a way to adjust features? 1
Ax help? 2
Can I still put Sign Boards in my town like in the Gamecube version? 2
Can you catch a bagworm when your at someone else's town? 4
Can your house get any bigger? 1
Do foreign trees regrow fruit like native trees? 2
Do I have to actually play the game everyday for the grass to grow back? 2
Do lucky items actually make you luckier? 1
Do turnips spoil if you warp forward or backward? 9
Do u need hearts 2 go 2 ur friends town? 1
Does getting stung by a bee hurt you? 19
Does increasing feng shui in all 4 houses add to your feng shui luck? 2
Does rain affect Scorpions and Tarantulas spawning? 2
Does the basement count for feng shui ? 12
Does the basement count for HRA points? 5
Does Wisp kill the Raffelsia?????? 1
Donations to town fund? 3
Easy line to have animals to understand you? 3
FC help? 3
Fishing better at night? 7
Forcing mail? 2
Formulas for hybrid flowers? 2
Fountain? 1
Fruit trees growing? 2
Getting animal neighbors to leave town? 3
Gracie Grace furniture purchases? 2
Grass? 2
Help on Tom Nooks 5x Point Day? 1
HELP! I time travelled back, can I get my flowers back? 2
How can I build more than 1 village?? 4
How Can i get more fruit? 3
How can I get my neighbors not to move? 2
How can you get the villagers to be your friends? 2
How can you tell when construction will be done? 2
How close together should I put my flowers for cross breed? 1
How come whenever I plant trees, they always disappear. Why? 2
How do I avoid counterfit paintings? 8
How do i change fruit on te trees?? 5
How do I get in/out of towns? 1
How do I know where to dig? 1
How do i use the realization botton? 4
How do I wave at people? 2
How do you catch a flea? 1
How do you catch a mole cricket? 1
How do you catch a Ray? 1
How do you catch bees? 3
How do you fly a flag at your house? 1
How do you get Anicro Desapro? 1
How do you get the pikmin hat? 1
How do you plant successfully? 5
How do you put your own design into a shirt to give to other villagers? 6
How long do i have to wait for cross breeds to grow? 1
How much fruit? 2
How often does the triforce appear at crazy Redds? 1
How to catch dung bettles? 9
How to Upgrade? 1
How would a chinese room look? 2
HRA scoring? 2
Hybrids?? 3
I am trying to find out how to find the invite for redd's shop, please help? 4
I dont like my town layout,is there a way to change it without losing all my stuff? 6
I have been playing the game for about 2 weeks and i have 2,000 bells how do i make money and lots of it ?(i have a job) 7
If I pick up a Jacob's Ladder, will it stay in my inventory? 2
If it snows do i still have to water my flowers? 4
Intrest Percentage? 3
Is the fountain worth all the money? 1
Is the money tree infinite? 2
Is there a way to get a lot of easy money on a day? detail inside 1
Is there any point to paying off the final house debt? 2
Is there any reason I don't get my money rock every day? 5
Is there any way to tell the dates of special events? 1
Is there any way to up the appearences of pascal or gulliver ? 3
Joan and her red turnips? 4
Kart? 1
Lighthouse or Windmill? 2
Magic lamp? 1
Meteor Showers? 2
Multiple Local Players - questions and possible pointers? 2
My invitation to Redd's doesn't work, what's wrong? 1
Mysteriously Elusive Moray Eel? 2
Napoleon fish? 2
Next question? 1
Nintendo Item? 2
On of the people in the city said that there was a waiting room above the Marque can you get there? 7
Shopping/ Gold Cards? 3
Silver Rose? 1
Storage Space? 3
The bridge? 1
Time Travel - Will Nook have the same items on the same days? 4
Time Travel and Animals moving out? 2
Time Traveling Question? 1
Time Traveling? 2
Time travelling? 4
Tripping? 1
Turnips and time travelling, can it be fixed when you match the clocks back? 1
Upgrading to Nookingtons? 2
Usefull coconut trees? 2
What are all the daily things that happen? 2
What are all the type of fish and when do they come? 1
What are the pros and cons of time traveling? 5
What does antonio want??????? 1
What does the golden shopping card do? 3
What does this mean? 2
What happens when you sell the magic lamp before wisp comes to town? 5
What is the best get rich quick scheme in Animal Crossing? 5
What is the best strategy for 99.999.999 bells? 3
What is the best strategy for earning lots of Tom Nook store points? 4
What is the best strategy for frog catching? 10
What is the best strategy for getting a golden or silver axe from Serena? 1
What is the best strategy for getting money without time traveling or hacking? 3
What is the best strategy for getting rid of bugs in your home? 2
What is the best way to make a snowman? 1
What is the best way to make bells? 1
What is the best way to make money in this game? 2
What is the best way to move up on answer level on the gamefaqs site? 2
What is the quickest way to get money??? 30
What went wrong? :( 1
What's a good way to plant my trees? 2
When will I get my bridge from donating? 4
Where do you put your items? 1
Which distance to plant trees from signs? 3
Which way is faster? 1
Why are my trees dieing? 3
Wierd sounds?? 1
Wild world city folk help? 1
Will the exterior of the house change with further expansions? 4
Wording in letters? 5

Technical Help Answers
About how long does the transfer from the ds to the wii take? 3
Animal crossing City Folk error 80430 help? 1
Anyone Got A Step-By-Step Tutorial For PattView? 3
DS suitcase HELP? 2
DS Suitcase Problems? 1
How do I unlock my SD card? 2
How do i visit a friends town? 2
How do you work the Ds Suit Case? 1
I can't display anything at the auction house; what's the problem? 3
Locked nieghbour house? 3
My Animal Crossing City Folk Game won't work? 1
No more dig spots? 5
Separte Towns? 2
The game freezes when I enter my house. HACKER QUESTION? 3
Weird time travel glitch? 3
When ever someone tries to come to my town it freezes? 1
Where is my stuff? 2
Why can't I play the game? 2
Why can't I visit my sister's town? 2
Why does Nintendo WFC bump me off sometimes within 15 minutes of getting to another town? 3
Why does Resetti glitch like this!? 5
Why does the game keep telling me 84620? 4
Why does the game keep telling me that i have the wrong game in? 3
Why won't Joan sell me Red Turnips??? 4
00 What does it mean when ONLY the OUTLINE of a heart is colored in on your friends list? 1
Can I have my DS character visit my Wii character? 1
Can I make another town on my SD card? 8
Can you transfer Wild World data more than once? 1
Can you use a gamecube controller? 3
Can't seem to go to other friends towns/No one visits when I leave gate open? 1
Connection Problems? 1
Do old questions ever go away? 2
Do patterns hide the buried item brown stars? 3
Do the shapes in the grass ever change? 2
Do you actually NEED wifi? 1
Euro Version of Animal Crossing on American Wii? 1
Friend Codes? 2
Having problems going from DS to WII and vice versa? 1
How can I make my character look like Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4? 3
How come i am having such awful wifi connectivity? 1
How do I change the time? 2
How do I fix my game from the "unfathomable" thing preventing me from using wifi? 1
How do i set up an entry fee to go to my town? 2
How do I set up what the animals sound like when they speak? 1
How do you get the WiiSpeak to work? 1
How do you make everyone go home on Wifi when they're visiting your town? 3
How do you play two players on animal crossing city folk, on the same console? 2
How do you send mail ? 1
How do you timetravel? 1
How does the DS suitcase work? 3
How does the game know if you don't save? 1
How many blocks does this game take? 1
If I lose power to the Wii ? 2
Is it possible to get any kind of communication or correspondence whatsoever without friend codes? 2
Keep getting error message when trying to visit a town please help? 5
Keyboard Help? 1
Leave the game on? or turn off and on? 2
Memory?? 1
Multiple transfer of data from Wild World? 1
Radio glitch? 3
Shopping Card Not Working? 2
Time travel recovery? 2
Weird black message box? 1
What happens pwhen the time reaches 12/31/99 11:59 pm? 2
What is an AC Toolkit? 4
What is the time difference between England and Southern California? 1
Whats the best day and month 2 catch a Giant petaltail? 1
Where Can I Download AC Toolkit? 1
Why aren't any gates open? 1
Why can't anyone come over? 3
Why cant I meet all the neighbors? 1
Why cant I upload game saves? 1
Why does Hairiett keep giving me the same hair color!!!? 2
Why does this happen to me? 2
Why won't my game save? 7
Wifi downloadable content? 4
Wii speak feedback? 2
Will the rockband mic work with this game? 2

Other Help Answers
Animaniacs town tune? 0
Brown trees? 0
Can someone add me in animal crossing city folk 2015? 0
Does anyone know the dates for the flea market for this year? 0
FC's any1? 0
Friends? 0
Resetti screen? 0
What are the U.S. special days for the years 2012-2016? 0
What is a fast and easy way to make money? 0
Will this kind of time travel affect villagers? 0
(How do I get thru the town gate? 2
Accf codes ? 2
Accidentally Threw Away Invitation to Redds!? 3
ACToolkit - items not appearing in my town?? 6
Add Friend Codes Here? 10
Alternate K.K. song in Japanese release? 1
Alternate K.K. song in Japanese release? (question fixed) 1
Animal Crossing Character!? please help. 6
Animal crossing city folk friend code 2013? 7
Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Code? 1
Animal crossing friend codes?? 23
Any way to keep my items and delete my town? 1
Anyone mind being my friend? 8
Anyone wanna be friends with me and also perfect town help?? 1
Anyone want to trade friend codes? 8
Are murals made through hacking? 4
Best time travel date? 1
Bridge Question? 3
Can anyone let me go to their town? 3
Can i av peoples frend codes plz? mine is 1719-6935-5074 7
Can I go back in time to get the DSI and othe items from Nintendo? 2
Can I have Nook change the store again? 1
Can I have some friend codes??? 11
Can I reset the town tune? 2
Can I save and leave the game with the genie lamp? 1
Can I sell clothes at the flea market? 8
Can I travel to the City with friends? 3
Can I upgrade Nook's Cranny like in Animal Crossing: Wild World? 5
Can I use dial-up? 2
Can someone add me as a friend for animal crossing: city folk? 9
Can someone give me friend codes? Because i dont have any? 26
Can someone please add my friend code so I can go to someone else's town? 5
Can two people play per 1 game? 1
Can u auction bugs and fish? 1
Can u g et models? 4
Can you change your town's name?? 1
Can you edit pallets with something other than using a wiimote? 4
Can you find wisp again if you already used his wish? 3
Can you have the same friends as another character on the friend roster? 1
Can you trade stuff online? 1
Can you use a wireless keybored or a laptop? 1
Cedar saplings? 1
Changing countries? 3
Cheats? 1
Could somebody add me plz? 1
Deep sea fishing? 1
Destroying my town? 2
Do neighbors have birthday parties like on DS? 5
Do they animals In your town visit other animals houses? 5
Do you guys have friendcodes for Animal Crossing:City Folk for Nintendo WiI? 2
Do you need high-speed? 2
Do you NEED the wii mic to play the game? 4
Does anyone else only dig up pitfall seeds and never a fossil? 5
Does anyone have a Gold Axe I could buy? 1
Does creating a new town change the friend code? 2
Does Katrina really do anything at all that benifits you? 3
Does mortgage cout torward upgrading nook's shop? 4
Does nook's cranny close the day before it upgrades to nook 'n go? 3
Donated to much money and its gone? 4
Dr.Shrunk has a secret backstage area? 3
dumb question about DS friends? 1
Favorites? 1
Flower help? 3
Flying Gifts? 4
Franklin? 1
Freinds? 2
Frend codes????????? 3
Friend code help? 2
Friend Code? 2
Friend code? come and play 1
Friend code? I can't find anyone who has the game. 7
Friend codes plz? 5
Friend codes??? 7
Friends anyone? 10
Friends needed??? 3
Friends?Have all information? 5
Furniture ? 3
Gold Screen Wall? 1
Gorgeous Set? 4
Gowing other places? 2
Gracie Discounts? 1
Gracie grace sold out items? 3
Headphones question? 1
Headphones with mic? 2
House Help? 2
How big is an acre in ACCF? 4
how can I buy red turnip after I change the time? 3
How can I communicate with my friend to come to my town? 2
How can I do my designs, clothes in my pocket? 2
how can I enter a bug contest? 4
How can I find Grizzley? 1
How can I grow grass back? 1
How can I make it more likely that new neighbors will come? 4
How can uk people get labour day and thanksgiving? 1
How do I check my karma? 4
How do i delete screenshots? 1
How do I get a tuna? 2
How do I get lots of money? I don't want to work at it though. 6
How do I make my Character from the ACCF go visit the town on the DS? 1
How do i move towns? 2
How do i sell desgins to other people? 3
How do I send a "personal message" on GameFAQs? 1
How do you catalog someone else's items? 2
How do you chage towns? 5
How do you download the Game Saves for this game? 3
How do you find international players to exchange codes with? 1
How do you get a town fountin? 1
How do you get brown shoes on animal crossing? 3
How do you get hybrid flowers? 4
How do you pop the Balloons? 3
How do you send a letter with a gift to a villager and who is a villager? 3
How do you transfer or delete a person from one Wii to a different Wii? 2
How do you use saves? 1
how do you use the DS suit case do you need Nintendo WI-FI? 2
How do you use the saves here on gamefaqs? 1
How is Wii Speak incorporated in this game? 2
How long do I have to wait for my character to get bedhead? 3
How long does it take for a store to restock? 1
How long does it take for Scorpions and Tarantulas to spawn? 4
How many friends can you have on your friends list??? 3
How much do modern sets sell for, and what do they have in them? 1
How much is a silver axe worth? 2
How to get silver/golden axe? 3
How to go in to lighthhouse? 3
How to make bells fast? 5
How to perfect my town? 5
How to update Wild World catalog with items obtained in City Folk not yet obtained in Wild World? 1
Hybrid help? 1
I also do not have friends and no one one ever has their gate open can someone help me please? 4
I am selling all hybrids if you want s some you can take? 3
I can not visit my wii town from my wild world town or vice versa? 2
I cant add anyone on my list? 2
I don't have wifi connection....? 1
I have Kaitlyn in my town but why isn't Katie in the other town? 2
I have No Friends!!!!! Can somenbody be my friend?? 3
I keep getting the same do I get new ones? 4
I need a Blue lightsaber? 2
I need bells quick: Any Tips???? 13
I need freind codes? 1
I need friend codes? 7
I Need Friend Codes? Plz 1
I need friend let trade friend code plz? 3
I need friends anybody is wellcome? 1
I need friends anyone post? 5
I need friends? 5
I need help going to other towns? 2
I need help on this site.Will you help me? 2
I need help!? 2
I need more people. Can i get ur FC? :D 4
I need some online friends!!!!! ? :P 12
I tried using the ds suitcase but it didnt work...Can you help? 3
I want a friend code but i dont have internet how much is internet??? 3
I want to go to a town?! 1
I was just wondering how many different town layouts there are? 4
I would very much enjoy some friends, if I may? 1
If I see an Animal Neighbors in the city can i still get them as a Neighbors in my town? 3
If your friends town is full, wait or refreash? 1
In need of friends?................. 1
Initial houses' walls and floors? 1
Is Hacking Required..? 1
Is it possible to bring Gracie Grace's pices down? 4
Is it possible to give people fish over wifi? 5
Is the arwing rare, if not can someone give me a list of rare items? 5
Is the fortune lady just a wast of money? 2
Is the star shades from GracieGrace CURSED? 2
Is there a ghost on halloween? 1
Is there a way to keep the museum things if I rebuild my town? 1
Is there an acorn fest in animal crossing for the wii? 1
Is there any secret town you can visit without a friend code? 3
Is there more than one way to make a money tree? 2
Is there somewhere I can connect to via friend code to see if my connection is working properly? 1
Is this game worth buying? 2
Keyboards? 1
Like ACWW? 1
List of Animal Crossing Guilds? 2
Money tree type? 1
Money? 3
Moving friend? 1
My constellations dissapeared? 1
My question is about kk slider? 3
Need a little more understanding? 1
Need Friend code? 1
Need friend codes quick!!? 1
Need Friend codes? 3
Need to find something? 2
No mail from villagers? 1
No more house payment? 2
Nook's Store Questions? (Details inside) 2
Nookingtons items? 1
Only one Golden Axe per town? 2
Original Town Tune? 2
Perfect town acres? 1
Phineas? 4
Play with me plz? 2
Playing on ds? 1
Please add me i have 0 friends and im very nice and i will share my things?? 2
Please help me!!!!!? 2
Please help? 1
Please help???no one else knows the answer!! 1
Powersaves? 1
Problem with Franklins Harvest furnuteres?? 2
RAining cherry blossom petals? 2
Ratio of Bells to Wii points? 1
Ratio of Bells to Wii Shop Points? 2
Red or blue pikmin hat? 2
Shopping Points? 2
Sorry and here is a question? 1
Symbols above friends head? 1
The Phone in the attic? 3
Time Traveling for missed event? 2
Town Fund? 2
Town Hall Donation Help? 3
Uhm, perfect town question? 3
Upgrade Wallet? 2
Want to play? 1
Weegee picture palette? 2
What Animals Live in your town? 4
What are exact days and times that it rains? 2
What are the answers to get the different hairstyles? 3
What are the notes for the default town tune? 5
What are the rarest bugs? 3
What color + palette is, or most closely resembles, sand? 2
What do gold cards do? 3
What do i do with a snowman? 3
What do i do with the blue zap shirt? 2
What do i tell Dora about House Style? 2
What do the hearts in the friend's list represent? 1
What does telling on a resident do? 1
What happened to my post that I put on here looking for my friennds of 2010? 1
What happens if you show the Invitation to Redd's Shop to Copper? 6
What happens to the DS character and catalog when you transfer? 2
What is at ressettis place? 5
What is duplicating? 1
What is that beeping sound? 3
What is the best way to make a lot of money? 11
What is the difference between City Folk and Wild World? 1
What is the HomeBrew Channel? 1
What is the point of the museum? 1
What is the town's regular tune? 1
What is the website of the board of Animal Crossing? 2
What Should I Do??? 1
What time of day can you catch a centipede? 3
What's a mural?! :( 2
What's happening?! 1
What's the difference in a furniture set and series? 1
When can you find the stingray? 2
When do Katie and Kaitlin come to your town? 3
When does GracieGrace change its furniture??? 4
When does the ghost appear? 1
When does the post office deliver? 2
When does the UFO guy come out? 6
When Exactly does Gracie appear? 1
When exactly does phineas show up? 2
When walking by a tree in the fall, what is making the same noise as when you knock a snail off a flower? 1
Where can i find a walking stick? 3
Where Do I Get An Invitation for Redd's Store? 5
Who or what is "!!!!!"? 4
Who wants gold stuff? 1
Who wants to be my freind? 1
Why are my exhibit lights out in the Museum? 1
Why did my skin turn dark? 2
Why do I keep falling over??? 2
Why doesn't it rain in my town? 1
why should i get AC:WW? 5
Wi-Fi and FC...? 1
Will anyone add meh? 2
Will Nook ask me more than one time if I want to add to my house? 2
WIll wisp still appear if i time travelled to make it midnight? 2
Would anyone come? 5
Would anyone like to trade friend Codes? 3
Zipper T. Bunny?? 1
(create your own question)Join AC community? 3
(I donated 500k and i still havent been told about the well?) 2
(Where is the grass?) 6
1 Million bells in your pockets? 4
2010 Bunny day ? 2
About the diving beetle? 1
About the money tree? 3
About The Sending Animals letters? 7
AC Tool kit?? 3
AC:CF Friend codes? 2
Add me as your friend?...... please and thank you:) 1
After 12/31/2035? 2
After finding all the fossils? 1
After someone moves away, can they move back? 8
Alien? 2
All mailing routes out of town are at capacity!!!? 2
All the animals in town seem to have fleas jumping off of them. What's going on? 2
Animal Crossing Help? 1
Animal Crossing Help? again 1
Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes? 1
Animal Crossing:City Folk question? 1
Annyone wanna be my friend? 6
Anyone have a FREE snow pattern? 2
Anyone wanna be friends? 17
Anyone want a Grasis top? Just give me a silver or golden axe. 1
Anyone willing to sell black flowers?? 1
Are friend codes 12 numbers or 16 numbers long? 2
Are there a lot of motion - controlled actions like fishing and bug-catching? 1
Are there any new K.K. Slider songs? 6
Are there hybrids in this game too? 1
Are there U.F.O.s anymore? 3
Are there villager pics in this game like in Wild World? 1
At what times do the city/town shops close at ? 1
Attic question? 2
Back in time? 1
Be my friend?...... 1
Bird Blaster? 1
Birthdays.......? 1
Blue Lightsaber? 1
Brewster / Gyroids? 3
Brewster Gyroid storage question? 4
Bridge, Fountain, etc.? 1
Bus fare? 4
Buying Royal Crowns? 2
Can a town lose grass? 5
Can animals visit your house? 1
Can anyboady be my friend? 1
Can anyone give me some friend codes? 1
Can I get a item AFTER it has been delivered from NINTENDO? 2
Can i get rid of a nickname? 2
Can I get rid of recycle besides the recyle bin? 3
can I give money to other players? 3
Can I go to other peoples towns if...? 1
Can I go? 1
Can I have your friend code? 3
Can I see the hairstyles in advance? 2
Can i transfer a charcter from a ds chip? 1
Can I transfer my gamecube file to the wii? 1
Can more than one player in the same town possess a Silver Shovel? 1
Can my Wii character visit my DS town? 1
Can one of the villagers die? Can you help them? 9
Can someone add me as a friend for animal crossing city folk? 1
Can someone help me get friend codes? i dont know any? 4
Can someone help me with the money tree? 1
Can Someone Help with the Lighthouse? 2
Can someone tell me how to get the haircut like the boy on the cover? 3
Can the animals do this? 3
Can the DS person visit the Wii town? Or perhaps the other way around? 3
Can u do jingle stff w/ a friend over? 2
Can Wii character visit DS town? 1
Can you catch any bugs besides:cricket, fly, ant, common butterfly, yellow butterfly, a tiger butterfly in the spring? 6
Can you change your Lighthouse/Windmill with another donation? 9
Can you date /get married in this game? 1
Can you get pictures from animals in city folk? 2
Can you get the golden watering can through TT? 1
Can you give me hints about Animal Crossing please? 2
Can you give people items? 1
Can you go online on city folk? 1
Can you go out with the animals? 10
CAn you have more then one town? 5
Can you marry someone? 1
Can you mix up the furniture series? 1
Can you Time Travel in City Folk? 4
Can you trade pro designs? 1
Can you use other methods of control? 2
Can you visit a town while someone is offline? 3
Can your neighbours visit you? 3
Can't connect with a friend, help please? 3
Cat town? 2
Catalog help? 1
Catching the rare fish? 6
Church? 2
City!? 1
Coconut tree "cheat"? 3
Coconut trees? 1
Coconut trees????? 2
Codes for hacking? 2
Comment box update? 1
Completed house? 2
Creating pattern roads helps grass? 3
Creating Patterns help? 2
Dandelions? 1
Did someone catapult a rock or something? 1
Disappearing trees and flowers? 2
Do ALL items show up in Nook's catalog? 2
Do all of the players with a character live in the same house? 1
Do animals appear in stores? 5
Do animals still celebrate their own birthdays? 1
Do fish/bugs/gyroids count towards Feng Shui? 2
Do fruit trees not have anything special about them? 4
Do i get money for finding fossils? 1
Do I have to collect every Item I see and keep it? 1
Do I have to use WI-FI to upgrade stores like I had to do on ACWW? 1
Do I need the wii microphone to play this game? 3
Do I really need friends for the auction? 3
Do money tree grow when? 1
Do Nintendo wi-fi DLC items your Wii downloads while you don't play stack? 1
Do the shop owners still follow you around? 4
Do tree stumps count as trees for the environment score? 3
Do trees in your town ever die? 1
Do weeds somehow help in restoring grass? 2
Do you even beat this game?! 1
Do you ever have to do anything with/for Tortimer (the mayor)? If you do, when & what? 2
Do you get anything for letting Brewster hold on to your gyroids? 1
Do you get more valuable fish by fishing in the river, or the lake? 1
Do you get to choose between the lighthouse or windmill? Or is it random? 1
Do you get to pick where the third bridge is? 2
Do you have to be playing at the same time as your friend to visit their town? 2
Do you have to donate 500,000 bells all at once to get the fountain in your town? 3
Do you have to download every event? 2
Do you lose your character on DS if you transfer it to the Wii? 2
Do you need all of your grass to have a perfect town? 5
Do you need to have two shovels to bury one? 4
Do you still get points from Tom Nook if you order from the catalog? 1
Does closing the gate make Jack easy to find? 1
Does good feng shui better chances of catching good/rare fish? 2
Does grass grow back in the spring? 1
Does grass start to get trampled on flowers? 1
Does hacked money scre up your game? 4
Does Mr. Resetti still come if you don't save? 4
Does opening your gate make your villagers stay inside? 1
Does Rafflesia still appear if your town has too many weeds? 2
Does redd EVER sell any thing new? 1
Does someone know for fact about the Windmill rumor? 2
Does that bus driver capp"n" have a secret cave ? 2
Does the Brownish-Yellow grass mean it's dead? 4
Does the city get bigger? 3
Does the empty lamp do anything, and does red show up on random days in this game two? 3
Does the game ever end? 3
Does the green Wi-Fi screen that tells you who's gates are open get updated or do you have to reconnect to see? 2
Does the spaceship still come through your town if your gate is open? 1
Does the town differ from each character you make or does it differ from game to game? 2
does Time Travel have any negative affects on the game? 9
Does time-traveling forward one day cause white turnips to spoil? 3
Doesn't coffee heal you if you get stung by bees? 2
Dogs? 2
Donating a fish or bug? 1
Downloadable Content? 2
DS transfer? 2
Dumb ray! where do i find it? 4
Emotion choices not changing? 2
Emotions? 2
Favorite Holiday Song? 2
Feng Shui? 5
Fins? 1
Fish months: When do certain fish types start appearing as the months change? 1
Fishing Tourney Help?? (*help me please*) 2
Flea Market help? 5
Flea market reject? 2
Flea Market? 4
Floating Presents?!? 3
Flowers at beaches ? 1
Fooling Jingle? 1
For Wii Animal Crossing City Folk, how do you actually transact a sale with someone who does not live in your town? 4
Foreign fruit? 1
Fossil take or return? 3
Friend code exchange? 1
Friend codes viewable in game? 1
Friend Codes?!?! 1
Friendcodes? 1
Golden shovel / Bell Trees? 4
Gracie Grace? 3
Grass problem? 3
Gulliver dissapeared? 1
Guy floating on three balloons? 3
Gyroid Storage/Brewster? 2
Gyroids? 2
Hair color by hacking? 2
Hair problem?!????!!! 3
Hair Styles? 3
Hair...? 4
Half of my trees are dying today on Animal Crossing City Folk. Does anyone know why?? 1
Has anyone seen Phineas? 2
Haven't seen Gulliver? 1
Help me, plese? 1
Help!!? 1
Hey anyone wanna be my friend please? 2
Hidden room above the theater? 2
House storage??????? 4
House? 1
How and Can I get an afro from shompuddle? 3
How big can your house get? 6
How can i go to the city? 7
How can i grow grass back? 3
How can I turn off town music? 3
How can u get better fish in your town? 4
How can you get high turnip prices? 2
How can you make Blanca appear? 3
How come i dont have the fountain? 2
How come my character's skin tone got really really dark? How can i fix it back to normal? 2
How do I ask for friend codes? 1
How do I catch scorpions and tarantulas? 2
How do I change my face? 2
How do I find friends? 1
How do i find/catch a peacock bug? 3
How do I get in to the Surveillance Center? 2
How do I get into Resseti's Surveillance Center? 1
How do I get more fruit for my town when I dont have AC:WW and I don't have WiFi? 2
How do I get music so I can listen to it on my stereo? 4
How do I get my face Back??? 1
How do i get my freind code? 1
How do i get my friend code it says i dont have one yet? 2
How do I get my level up for this website? 1
How do I get purple shoes from kicks (a skunk)? 2
How do i get rid of my Derwin he is weird i want him out? 5
How do I get Rid of My Tan? 3
How do i get rid of weeds in ACCF? 7
How do I give a design to another player? 1
How do I hack/cheat on this game? 4
How do I know if my friends added my friend code? 5
How do I make an faq on 1
How do i make some easy money? 3
How do I mix flowers? 2
How do I open my gate? 2
How do I plant a Bell tree? 1
How do i plant hybrid plants? 1
How do I send mail to another town? 1
How do i send mail to other people? 3
How do I tell another villager about a topic? 1
How do I upgrade Nook's store? 4
How do i visit other towns? 8
How do we get such high prices on our Nook's store? 1
How do you do Wifi on Animal Crossing? Do you need to hook up the Internet on the Wii to do it? 2
How do you download photos to your Wii Message Board to send to friends? 7
How do you enter a FC in city folk? 1
How do you get a friend code? 2
How do you get a mii mask? 4
How do you get an item from an animals house? 4
How do you get brown shoes from Kicks? 7
How do you get in Resetti's cave? 1
How do you get in the "members only club" in The City? 1
How do you get kicks to change your shoe color? 1
how do you get Lucky in your town? 3
How do you get more people in your town? 2
How do you get the "bed hair"? 10
How do you get the Golden/Silver Timer? 6
How do you go in peoples citys? 1
How do you hit a rock to get money? 1
How do you I get the homebrew channel? 3
How do you know if your friends are online? 3
How do you know you have a perfect town? 2
How do you plant a money tree? 1
How do you reach "VIP" status? 4
How do you set up a flea market? 2
How do you throw items into the fountain? 2
How do you unlock the shoe-shine guy? 3
How do you use a shopping card?!?!?! 3
How do you use the shopping card? 1
How do you visit your DS town from your wii and how do you visit the wii town from the DS? 3
How does the wifi work in this game? 4
how i get Nook's cranny to become Nooks'n'go? 1
How in the world do you milk a pigeon? 4
How is town visiting handled? 2
How long does it take for the bridge to build? 2
How long exactly does it take for grass to grow back? 3
How many bells does it take to get Nook to upgrade? 3
How many days do you have to buy coffee from Brewster until he opens his storage place? 2
How many houses? 1
How many items are there when you shake trees??? 9
How many snowmen can you make? 1
How Many times does Nook Upgrade? 3
How many versions of nook's store are there? 1
How many villagers can there be? 2
How many...? 1
How much can AC WW affect my game? 1
How much coffee do you need to buy from Brewster to unlock Gyroid Storage? 2
How much will your wallet hold? 4
How often do you get interest from the bank? 2
How to change into Mii? 3
How to close gates? 1
How to make hybrids?? 3
How to see a shoting star? 1
I am bord so can you come to my town basicly i am just asking for a friend code? 1
I can never find a lamp for the wisp? 4
I can't get tans by standing still? 4
I deleted Redd's invite....will I get another? 2
I don' t like WENDY, HOW DO I GET RID OF HER? 2
I go to town hall, click environment and it says i need more greenery?? 1
I have a few questions about this game. Can you answer them? 3
I have a few questions? 1
I have a lot of questions about the Friends roster. ? 3
I have a question about the 'bug off'? 1
I have a question.. bus? 1
I have aquestion about the ponds? 2
I lost my Crazy Redds invatation? 2
I need a question about the city? 1
I Need Friend Codes,?.- 2
I need friends?..................... 4
I really need friend codes? 3
I was attacked by a bug what do I do? 1
I would really enjoy some friends, Please? 4
I'm not getting a birthday cake. ? 4
I've donated 1 million bells but still have no fountain? 1
I've heard rumors about pet bats on this game is it true? 1
If I delete a player from my town, will their museum donations be deleted? 1
If I don't have a modem for my Wii is it still posibel to go to the city? 3
If I payed Nook enough, can his store expand from Nook's Cranny to Nookingtons all in one go? 3
If I pick all the fruit in my town will it come back again? 2
If more than one Player in your town, is the donations the same? 2
Internet? 2
Intrest? 1
Is animal crossing a unisex game? 3
Is it 2 player if not on wi-fi? 6
Is it posible to be "seeded" like in ACWW? 1
Is it possible to have a cheat to get more money? 3
Is it possible to prevent Nook from upgrading further? 2
Is it true that if you plant a money tree where a regular tree has been cut down , it will have 100% chance of growing? 6
Is it true that you can catch the bird? 2
Is it worth it? 2
Is jingle all over the place like joan or hiding like franklin? 2
Is Jingle tricked by your own designs? 1
Is Rover in this game? 1
Is the wii speak any good? 1
Is there a journal? 1
Is there a specific way to make neighbors leave town? 5
Is there a town fund balance? 3
Is there a town that is giving out rare stuff that is for free? 3
Is there a way to prevent a villager from leaving town once their boxes are packed? 3
Is there an option to move to another town in AC:CF like there was in AC:WW? 1
Is There Another part Of The City??? 1
Is there any point in paying off the last mortgage? 2
Is there any way to log into the game in 2-player mode? 1
Is there any way to pick your neighbors? 2
Is there anything after Nookingtons? 2
Is there Wi-Fi in this game? 3
Is This Game Fun To Play? 1
Is wii speak necessary? 1
Ive finished my part time job how do i go to town ? 5
Just out of intrest...? 4
Just wondering? 1
K.K. song names ? 1
Love? 2
Mad Scientist Sceme? 1
Mario outfits? 3
Maximum amount of friend codes? 3
Messaging Cell Phones. How? 6
Model Room? 1
Money rock problem? 2
Money tree help? 2
Money Tree Question? 3
Money trees? 1
Monkey Neighbours? 1
More than 1 town Per Wii? 1
More than 99,999 free bells? 1
Moving? 1
Multiple files? 1
Music stuff? 1
My girl is sad when in the "pockets" screen? 3
My Money Tree? 2
My neighbor wont come out of his house? 7
Name changing and problem with villager? 1
Names? 1
Need friends for online play ? 1
NES games???? 4
New neighbor help? 2
New Nighbors? 1
New player, help? 4
New Town Name? 1
No more neighbors moving to your friend's town? 1
No moveing? 1
Nook downgradeing? 2
Nook n go? 1
Nook Points levels? 1
Nook points? 2
Nookington's?? 1
Nookington? 2
Nookingtons downgrade? 3
Normal shovels break in this game? 1
Opposite Gender Styles? 1
Painting glitch? 1
Palm tree bug? 1
Pass a message? 1
Perfect environment? 1
Phineas and the clocks? 1
Phineas does not appear? 1
Pink hair...? 3
Point Specials? 2
Ppl are sad lately? 1
Problems With Picture Saving??? 3
Question About AC-CF "Comment Bubble"? 1
Question about houses? 1
Question on the environment? 7
Questions about visting other towns? 1
Questions on Festivale'? 1
Random four leaf clovers? 1
Rare fish help? 2
Red Pikmin hat?? 1
Relax'n & Chillin' w/ a Million? 4
Resseti help? 1
Retrieving Friend Codes? 1
Ringing sound? 2
Sad Bunny? 1
Scorpions and tarantulas? 1
Sending Messages to mobile? 1
Sending pictures through the post office? 3
Side Effects for TTing 24 hours each time? 3
Silly Question But Help? 5
Size of fully upgraded house? 4
Snowman furniture? 2
Snowman question? 2
Snowman? 2
Snowmen Furniture? 2
So will the Rock Band USB Microphone work? 1
someone HELP ME PLEASE? 2
Special painting? 1
Stringfish Questions...? 3
Tarantulas and scorpions? 2
Tarantulas? 3
The money tree doesn;t grew money again? 3
The Roost Gyroid Storage? 2
The year 2035? 3
Theres garbage in the town? not enough trees? 1
This animal...??? 1
This guy appears and says somethin about salt in water and pepper? 1
Three questions for everyone? 7
Time traveling Cure? 6
Time traveling help when you go to other peoples towns? 1
Time traveling side effects? 4
Tom Nook's Point system????? 2
Tools ? 1
Town Donation Bridge? 1
Town Donation Trouble? 4
Town fund: bridge then fountain? 9
Town Funds? 2
Town is getting new bridge how long does it take? 2
Towns? 1
Trantulas help? 1
Turnips? 2
UFO question? 2
Um...Shopping Card Questions? 2
Want to be friends? 2
Ware to find lamp? 1
Wasn't there supposed to be downloable content? 5
Watering trees? 1
Wee Hours? 2
Weird (Zipper T. Bunny question)? 1
What are tge hours for stores in the city? 1
What are the "TABLEH TRICKESSSES!!!" and time travelling that are mentioned in the money making guide? 1
What are the online capabilities? 1
What Day is Bunny day in 2009? 2
What difference is there between a shovel and a golden one? 2
What do i do with the empty genie lamp i found? 2
What do the birds do? 2
What do you get on naughty or nice day? 2
What does it mean to be locked out of your own house? 4
What does the golden fishing rod do? 1
What does the silver watering can do? 1
What does the speech bubble mean in ur friend roster? 1
What does the whole set of mush items include? 4
What emotion is clapping? 3
What happens if I give the fork and knives to the villagers???:( 2
What happens when u complete the fossil section of the museam? 1
What holidays are in here? 2
What is a Pro Design? 1
What is considered "running" through your town? 2
What is it? 5
What is Joan's average turnip price? 1
What is Joan? 1
What is really behind that door in the city? (NEEDS HELP BADLY!) 2
What is the difference between black & wilted flowers? 2
What is the fastest way to get bells? 1
What is the heart/outline on the friend roster? (next to the Name) 2
What is the lamp that keeps coming up in my town? 5
What is the rarest Bug on the game to find?. 3
What is the rarest fish in the game? 7
What is the table trick or walrus-beating? 2
What is the toilet for? 2
What is the wiki website for Animal Crossing? 2
What is your house key and how do you lose it? 4
What membership level is after gold member? 1
What palette does Wendell`s Ground pattern use? 1
What secret characters are there? 4
What time does each of Tom Nook's stores open and close? 2
What time does the "day" begin? 3
What will my golden statue look like? 1
What's the point of the problem with neighbors thing? 1
Whats more rarer to catch a dorado fish or golden stag beetle? 2
Whats new? 1
Whats the best way to get a tan? 2
Whats the point of pitfall seeds? 3
Whats the timeframe for this game? 1
When a animal lose it key to it house and may be in the river how can i find it? 3
When and Where do i catch an ant? 2
When are the northen lights appear? 3
When can I find a Ray? Not a stringfish a ray!!! 3
When do new neighbors move in? 7
When does a meteor shower occur??? 9
When Does Gracie Grace Refresh Her Stuff? 2
When does Kicks and/or the balloon guy appear? 4
When does Kicks the Shoe-shine guy get a store in the City? 3
When does Nook upgrade? 4
When does Phineas, the balloon man, come to town and where? 3
When does Redd restock? 8
When does the festival occur??? 1
When does the fire work show occur?? 1
When does Tom Nook ask the question that changes your store? 3
When does Wisp apper in your town? 2
When donating to Town Fund, do you have to donate the 200k at once? 2
When dose GracieGrace change the furniture? 6
When I use D.S. suitcase can my City Folk Character explore my D.S. town? 1
When you go to the city turn left and go down that little walk way to the end the last door how do you get in there? 8
When you pay off your entire loan do you get a trophy erected in the town? 2
When you transfer a charcter from the Wii to the DS, does it still have all of ther money and furniture? 2
Where are the cones at? 1
Where can I find Redd's Password? 3
Where can I get the hero's hat and the master sword? 1
Where do they go when it is not their time to work? 1
Where do u get a windmill or a lighthouse? 12
Where does Kapp'n come from? 2
Where is Resetii? 2
Where is the auction? 1
Where is the turnip lady? 7
Where Resetti's Surveillance Center in the city? 3
Where to be when inviting someone over? 2
Where to get the silver net and fishing rod? 5
Who can get involved in auctions? 1
Who is frillard !?!?!?! :O 1
Who throws away money? 2
Why are rays impossible to find? 2
Why can't I eat fish? 1
Why can't I write on the gamefaqs board??? 1
Why cant i throw my axe in the city fountain? 1
Why do i feel I got ripped off? 1
why do I keep triping? 2
Why do people keep saying that you battle tom nook? 2
Why does everyone want to move from my town? 2
Why does the prima guide have so many errors? 1
Why doesn't Jingle mistake me for someone else? 2
Why have I stopped getting mail? 1
Why is this red huge flower thingy? 2
Why won't brewster take my gyroids? 1
Why won't my money tree bare fruit??? 4
Why wont any city folk give me an invitation to redd's store? 1
Why wont bugs go on my coconut trees?. 1
Wi-fi Bees? 1
Wii Speak? 1
Wiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssp!!!!!!?!!! 2
Will nookington's switch back? 2
Will Villagers Buy Georgus Furniture? 3
Will villagers wear Gracie stuff? 1
Will you have to share a house like on wild world? 7
Windmill or lighthouse? 2
Wisp Help? 3
Would this game still be fun without wifi? 8
[DISCOVERED?] 100.000 bells in 5 min : LEGAL beetle trick 2

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