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How do I level up Pokemon?

I already beaten the game and I still didn't have any pokemon leveled up.

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Alkalineazel answered:

You don't. There are three rules that are in effect throughout:

There's the "LV. 30 Open Rule" : If the highest level of your own Pokemon is below Lv. 30, the opponent's Pokemon will all be Lv. 30. If your own Pokemon are Lv. 30 or above, the opponent's Pokemon will match your highest-level Pokemon.
Second rule is "LV. 50 All" : All Pokemon, regardless of actual level, are set to Lv. 50. You may use moves and evolutions that may be achieved after Lv. 50
Thirdly, there's the "Anything Goes" rule: Only available in Free Battle or DS Battle Mode, which allows you to use Pokemon at the level they're transfered to the Wii at.
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Pokemaster728 answered:

Um... to make a long story short,you CAN NOT level up pokemon.[I think that is stupid.]
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mikesimarta answered:

There is no experience gained since you can't move it back to D/P
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tensemasterhalo answered:

It's just a game to try different styles of battling. No experince gain allowed.
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