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What do I do with the Scalise and Strong truck once I have it?

I've found the key, and stolen several trucks, but don't know where to take them.

two_pair provided additional details:

I'm talking about the banks armored trucks, not the standard delivery trucks. That said, I've never seen a single icon or note, objective or otherwise. I did drive one to a safe house, but there wasn't a marked area to park in.

two_pair provided additional details:

One thing I should have mentioned is that I've beat the game, and achieved the rank of Don of NYC. I can't imagine why that should make a difference though.


TyVulpine answered:

When you get in one, truck symbols will appear on your map (generally where safehouses or a place the Corleone Family controls). Drive to there and park where the blue rectangle flashes to earn the money.
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