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What is the best Team?

What is the best team for Road to the Strikers Cup

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Pumyralee answered:

Batman's response is not a good team, just a stupid-spam-win team. Also, that's not even the best stupid-spam-win team. Diddy (or some fast captain), Boo, Boo, Boo is the bast spam team because Boo can teleport past the goalie without charging the ball AND without rolling before the teleport when opponents can hit you.

Anyways, for the 'best' normal team, it'll probably be whichever captain you love the special of most, and Hammer Bros, Hammer Bros, Boo. If you pick a heavy captain, one of those Hammer Bros could be another Boo or a Dry Bones instead. You need at least one Boo for really good speed and pass ability. Hammer Bros have great shooting and pass ability. In my opinion, all members of your team, including the captain, should have at least balanced-level passing, or you'll get a ton of passes intercepted in the Striker Cup with them (or more than usual anyways) =P.
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batmanxxxxxxxxx answered:

Waluigi 3 dry bones just spam teleports with drybones deke and his electrical shot.
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blue4avenger answered:

Not sure, but Birdo is my favourite striker.
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Blazekick2 answered:

Any team with dry bones is the best.
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Alexgalley answered:

Waluigi with one dry bones one koopa and one Boo
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seeknayr answered:

Use powerful DK then speedy, tricky boo, all around koopa and shy guy for his special. Alwasys charge up.
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Emi3280 answered:

Look,this is the one I use to pass all the cups in the game:

Why did I choose Yoshi? Because his lick thingy can reach long places and can recover the ball easily and he is fast.

Dry Bones-Because he is fast,and he can do an electric ball to the opponent and score easy goals,also can teleport.

Hammer Bros.-Look,he is SLOW but his hammer attack thingy works a lot,works when you are alone and want to score some goals.

Toad-Look,maybe he can only burn the goalkeepers hands,but he is incredibly fast.
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AndrewD581 answered:

Captain Daisy-for easy teleport goals and great defence / speed.Her captain move can be used for instant goals.(shoot at the keeper he catches it you run up to him and use your captain move he drops ball you shoot you score!)

Dry bones: he is a must.(he single-handedly won me the Striker Cup!)He can teleport and like daisy is a speedy defender.hes shocker is almost never blocked!

Mounty Mole:this mole is slow but has great attack and he is a great defender of the ball.If you use his skillshot from the right angle its a instant goal!

Koopa:he is a well balanced player who can shoot,tackle,pass,and is quite fast.His metal shell will shatter the goalie and everone in the way leaving the goals open all you have to do is SHOOT!

/\ if you don't like team above try this one!

Captain Mario/Luigi-they are well balanced players they both have the same captain power with 2 possiblities.1. You can run up to the goalie and shoot,shoot,shoot (which can be a waste) the other (better) second way is to stamp all the players on the field and go for a clean MEGASTRIKE!

Dry bones: he is a must.(he single-handedly won me the Striker Cup!)He can teleport and like daisy is a speedy defender.hes shocker is almost never blocked!

Hammer Bros: He is slow but can chip pass(Z and A) the ball to mario or someone for lovely,clean shots and his not a bad shooter himself who can use his fake out to take any one down then to go for a skillshot that never misses!

Toad:last but not least is the humble,little enchilda himself toad.Hes is fast who is great pass the ball around and his flame powers up more quickly than everone else which leaves the goalie Unconcios/hands on fire or has often gone into the back of the net.Lastly he can jump the keeper and score a goal! (at the edge of the box use his fakeout)!

Right there you go Wolflink246 a great team and a back-up team sure to work and if you need more please just ask I would be happy to tell you another great team but for now see ya!!!!!!
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