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Carnival cards?

Is there any quick way to get carnival cards?

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Olafur999 answered:

there are several ways to get carnival cards

1. you get 1 card for each minigame. (in minigame tent after you leave)
2. play test for the best for 10 plus 10 more each time you play.
3. from the party tent you get carvinal cards double of the turns it was. EXAMPLE: 10 turns: 20 cards. 15 turns: 30 cards. 20 turns: 40 carvinal cards and so on.
4. you get 200 carvinal cards for beating the star battle area.

NOTE: beating star battle area unlocks either blooper or hammer bro. beat it again for the other one.
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easyname343 answered:

Buy power saves or whatever and it gives ya 999 of em
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