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Those of you looking for an enchanting single player game, stay awayA Friendly Cactus7/10
Lovely addition to the Mario Party seriesAkerin9/10
They should change the title to "DK's Xtreme Kegger". That would move product.alphablitz7/10
Could Somebody Please Get the Dice from DK. He Keeps Shoving Them Up His Nose.aubradley845/10
Wait... how did Peach win AGAIN?Bananas76/10
The Star Carinval beckons you, but will you stay?ChrissieXII6/10
Just like most parties: make sure you don't go aloneDave5218/10
It has its flaws, but ya can't hate MarioFireEmblemXD9/10
This is the best game ever!!iPodMan12310/10
Another party, another great game.JackofSpades20910/10
8th installment of MPJF7X8/10
A party for fourjoncandance7/10
A solid Mario Party debut for the Wii.KaosuRoi7/10
Mario Party Still Flamin`kickpointer10/10
Go Mario! Its your birthday! We're gonna party cuz this game rocks!NaruSwiggles9/10
It's a bigger Mario PartyPikachu3410/10
A Fun Game That Suits the WiiSamusAranNX8/10
A good game provided that you bring some friends with you.scarlet_puppy7/10
Mario Party: Carnival-style!ShadowMaster6359/10
Very Fun, Yet a letdown.shrooboid3138/10
Itís still the same old party. Does it matter?Sinister Dragon8/10
Mario Party 8: The Wii's Greatest Game Yetssj5goku200510/10
Although Fun, Some Gamecube Games need to saty Gamecube GamesSuperZambezi8/10
Mario Party 8: only slightly more appealing than eating dirt. And thatís debatable.ThePenguin562/10
Get the party started on the WiiUberpoop7/10

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