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Can you play as the other characters in single player?

is there any way to play as Meta Knight, Kind Dedede, or Waddle Dee without playing with other people?

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SkySaber answered:

Only in the Arena after you defeat it with Kirby.
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MugenHadesXIII answered:

No you cannot sadly
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CheatFreak47 answered:

No. But Through hacking it will be possible. So, yeah. You can in the arenas though by beating them once.
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NintendoDudeGuy answered:

I saw someone in a topic say the closest thing would be to play as Player 2 and have Player 1 ride on Player 2, which they said doesn't affect their movement capabilities or anything. You'd need a second wiimote to do this, of course. And you must put P1 on P2 whenever you start a stage or go to another area in the stage.
I don't know how the carrying works, I haven't played yet. I don't know if P1 needs to get on P2 or if P2 can pick up P1.
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unsquadronmaste answered:

You can with two Wii Remotes. Have kirby hop onto your character and get going. But be careful! If you get hit both players will be hurt. In the dark part of each Super Stage, you must play as Kirby or see if you can get through without getting killed.

Good luck!
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