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How to get 100%?

On Normal mode, I've beaten the Final Boss and gotton every energy sphere. However, it says it's only 95% completed.

How do I get the rest?

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gsk6390 answered:

You have to complete the Challenge rooms inside the Lor Starcutter
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jesus77755 answered:

You have to do the Ability Challenge rooms. I know, I had this problem too.
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btluchaos09 answered:

You have to attempt the Challenges unlocked from the Energy Spheres. You have to do these in order to get 100%. You need to get a particular score in order to get a bronze, silver or gold medal for said challenge. To get 100%, all you need is to get the bronze medal and once you complete all of them, you get the 100% Complete message after doing all of the challenges. Hope this helps.
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Amazingluigi answered:

In order to get 100% in normal mode you have to get all the energy spheres beat all the challenges such as sword challenge that kind of stuff but just bronze medal not gold you have to play the mini games at least once enter the copy ability rooms once and that's about it really and if you have the chance do arena mode if you want to also play extra mode it's difficult but the bosses look cooler and you get something special after you beat it
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