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Asked: 3 years ago

Does this game have anything in common with that cancelled kirby game for gamecube?

What i just said

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From: Sparky_Person 3 years ago

No. It really isn't that cancelled game.

If anything, the GCN cancelled project was one of three separate working concepts for what would become Kirby's Return to Dream Land, according to the official Hoshi no Kirby Wii interview.

They aren't the same thing, one just partially influenced the other.

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This is that cancelled Kirby game for Gamecube.

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I'm not sure if it is, but this game shares too many similarities with it to not be.

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The only things I've noticed are 4 player co-op, stacking players, mini bosses, multiple abilities, ability move lists, Whispy Woods. And I think a few others...

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It uses the music from the GCN game's trailer, and the Bomb hat in this game was inspired by the Bomb hat in the trailer. I think Mecha Dedede also makes an appearance

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