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Manhunt 2 (PSP 2007); Rockstar North, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar London/Rockstar
This guide copyright 2008, Levi van Tine - levi(dot)vantine(at)cmich(dot)edu
General Walkthrough version 1.0 (Spoiler-Free Walkthrough, originally submitted
on 10-03-08)

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- Introduction..........................................................{intro}

- Manhunt Basics........................................................{basic}

- Walkthrough

	Episode 1: Awakening............................................{awake}

	Episode 2: Ghosts...............................................{ghost}

	Episode 3: Sexual Deviants........................................{sex}

	Episode 4: Red Light..............................................{red}

	Episode 5: Best Friends..........................................{best}

	Episode 6: Safe House............................................{safe}

	Episode 7: Bees' Honey Pot.......................................{bees}

	Episode 8: Assassination..........................................{ass}

	Episode 9: Most Wanted...........................................{most}

	Episode 10: Ritual Cleansing...................................{ritual}

	Episode 11: Origins............................................{origin}

	Episode 12: Broadcast Interrupted...............................{broad}

	Episode 13: Altered State.......................................{alter}

	Episode 14: Domestic Disturbance.................................{dome}

	Episode 15: Personality Clash..................................{person}

	Bonus Episode: Release Therapy..................................{bonus}

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|INTRODUCTION|								{intro}

This is a complete beginning-to-end walkthrough for the PSP version of Manhunt
2 (as well as the bonus episode, "Release Therapy").  The PSP level layout is
identical to the PS2 and Wii versions so this guide could be used for those
platforms as well (although the control scheme will differ).

This guide was written while playing on the "Insane" difficulty level.  It
assumes you're playing through the game as intended, with a stealth approach
(although in some levels you don't have much choice).  Note that while each
level has set objectives, there are occasionally multiple ways to accomplish a
particular objective, and of course there are many ways to kill the hunters in
your path.  This guide generally offers the path of least resistance (by that I
mean I've made an effort to offer a path that will keep you out of harm's way
whenever possible), but sometimes you'll have no choice but to stand and fight.
Most (if not all) of the environmental kills are detailed for each level, which
is important if you're playing on Insane.  Also, for some of the trickier or
difficult-to-explain areas, I've presented some rather rudimentary ASCII
diagrams - this is my first time creating diagrams this way, so I hope they

This guide is presented completely spoiler-free - nothing in it will give away
any of the story (besides what's presented on the box or in the manual).

If you'd like to make any  comments or suggestions, shoot me an e-mail at

|MANHUNT BASICS|							{basic}

Manhunt 2 is a third-person action/stealth game with an emphasis on gruesome,
brutal violence and a gritty, paranoid mood.  You control Daniel Lamb, a
recently escaped mental patient who is trying to piece his fragmented memories
together while avoiding employees of the facility that held him.  During most
of the game you'll be in dark, claustrophobic locations, hiding from and
stalking enemies until such time that you can dispatch them in a horrifically
graphic manner.

In each level are pockets of shadow that you can use to hide in and stalk
enemies from.  While in the shadows, your health bar (in the bottom right of
the screen) turns blue and you are effectively invisible to enemies.  While in
active combat or when you're spotted, your health bar will flash red and will
continue to do so until you can successfully hide again or you've killed all
the enemies that can see you.  Note that simply running into the shadows when
spotted may not be enough to throw a hunter off your scent - they may continue
to follow and attack you.  A good strategy when spotted is to backtrack while
sprinting (hold X) and jump into some shadows before a hunter can turn the
corner and see you.  You can also lure enemies to a position by throwing an
item like a glass bottle, or by hitting a wall, or by firing a gun.  There are
four types of weapon and you can hold 1 of each type at a time (although I
guess one type isn't strictly a weapon).  Access your weapons by pressing
Select.  The top weapon is a large, two-handed, permanent weapon like axes and
baseball bats.  The right weapon is a tool or other smaller, permanent weapon.
The left slot is for single-serving weapons like glass shards and plastic bags.
The bottom slot is for throwable items like bricks and glass bottles.  On your
travels you will also find health bonuses in the form of bottles of painkillers
(successfully executing an enemy will also restore a portion of your health),
a few different types of firearms, and ammo for the firearms.  Note that you
can use heavy throwable items like bricks and rocks to hit hunters for mild
damage and knock them down (doing so will generally not alert them to your
exact location, although they will investigate the area the item was thrown

When you sneak up on an enemy with a melee weapon equipped, you'll have the
option of 3 different types of kill - Hasty, Violent, and Gruesome.  Holding
down the attack button will change the color of the reticles around the enemy -
Hasty (gray) you can do immediately, Violent (yellow) takes about 3 seconds,
and Gruesome (red) takes around 6.  Release the button to kill.  If the enemy
moves too far away from you during this time, the reticles will revert back to
targeting (green) and you'll have to step closer and start over.  You can also
do environmental kills (with anything or nothing equipped) by tapping Square
near a suitable object like a manhole or toilet.  If you have a firearm
equipped, you can use it to do an execution as well (there is only one variety
for each firearm, though - it doesn't matter how long you press the attack

While playing the game on the "Sane" difficulty level, you have access to a
radar feature, located in the bottom left corner of the screen.  You are
represented on the radar by a dot in the middle.  Objectives are in blue, and
enemies are an arrow with a color corresponding to their current status: white
is normal patrol, orange is when they are responding to a suspicious noise or
they have spotted you and are actively hunting you, and red is when they are
actively fighting you.  Blue means that they are in an area with loud noises
and may not hear lures or other sounds.  Weapons and items are represented on
the radar with small white blips, and environmental kill locations are
represented by a skull.  If you're playing on "Insane," you don't have access
to the radar.


EPISODE 1: AWAKENING							{awake}

The first level of the game is something of a tutorial and there's a moderate
amount of handholding, although you can really complete the level however you'd

You start just outside of your cell.  Move forward into the shadows in front of
you, and then left into the shadows along the wall.  Move along the wall to the
end of the corridor (you can also go through the middle of the corridor and
go only when the inmates' backs are turned) and turn left.  Go straight through
this corridor - there are no (live) inmates here to bother you.  Turn left
again into another hallway and grab the syringe lying on the floor (simply walk
over it to pick it up).

Now it's time for your first kill.  Approach the orderly at the end of the hall
while targeting him (L+R or just L depending on which control scheme you've
selected).  When you get close enough, Danny will raise the syringe and the
reticles around the orderly will change.  It's up to you what level of kill you
want - the orderly will not turn around unless you punch him or make a loud

After you kill the orderly, go through the door, turn right, and head up the
stairs.  At the top will be a prone guard who will reach for you, but he's
harmless.  Turn left into another corridor and this time you'll be jumped by
another inmate with a fun mask.  Target him and step closer to fight.  You can
wind up an attack for extra damage by holding the attack button.  You can also
press Triangle to block; but this is less useful because blocking an attack
will still make you take damage from it.  Just go all-out with brute force and
beat the inmate to the ground.  Don't forget to stomp him out when he's lying
down; continue to press Square until the targeting reticles disappear.

After you defeat the inmate, go to the end of the hall and turn left into the
last door.  There's a syringe in this room and some painkillers on the right
wall (take these to restore your health).  Leave this room and turn left to
leave the hallway.  After the cutscene turn right and move into the shadows.
Face a wall and punch it - the noise will lure the guard out of the control
room and he'll come to investigate.  He may do one of several things: he could
see the body of the inmate that you killed in the previous hall and go to
investigate, he could come straight to your corner and look around (he won't
see you as long as you stay in the shadows), or he could walk around the
corridor around the control room.  Regardless, when his back is to you, walk up
and kill him with your syringe.

Now go into the control room.  Grab the pen to the left and then hit the switch
on the right wall.  The door in front of you will open.  Exit the control room
and go through the door.  You'll see two elevators - take the right one and
press the switch inside.  When the elevator stops, exit it with O and head
straight through the door in front of you.  Hug the wall to the left (Triangle)
and move to the far right side of it.  Peek around the corner (peeking doesn't
expose you) and you should see an inmate walking around the corridor.  Wait
until his back is turned, then dash up to the next culvert in the right wall.
Hug the wall again until the crazy walks by, then execute him with your pen.

Down the hallway on the left there's a room with another pen and some
painkillers.  When you're finished with the items, go to the end of the hallway
and turn right, then right again.  You'll see a switch on the wall, hit it.  Go
through the door and hug the left wall.  This time you'll see an orderly
walking around the next corridor.  While hugging (but not peeking) the wall,
tap Square to knock the wall with your fist.  If the inmate is close enough,
he will come investigate the sound.  Move left (Danny's right if you're
hugging) into the shadows and wait for the orderly to finish investigating.
When he does, stalk behind him and kill him.  Alternately, when the orderly is
farther down the corridor, you can move into the second room on the left (#206)
which is full of shadows.  The fourth room on the left has another syringe and
some painkillers.

Go to the end of the corridor and then turn right.  Walk down the stairs and
you'll more than likely be ambushed by an inmate.  Fight him or try to hide in
one of the cells along the right wall (may be challenging because the inmate
has a short patrol route).  When you've killed him, close all the doors along
the right wall to open the main door (the switches need to all be red).  The
3rd cell from the stairs has a shard of glass inside, and there's a syringe on
the floor near the stairs.  When you're ready, go through the now-unlocked door
to the left of the cells.  Turn left and through the green double doors.

This next area is a bit tricky (see diagram below).  When you go through the
double doors, move immediately into the small control room to your left.

___________     ______________	
|||||||||		     |		Or = Orderly
|||||||||   /\		     |		S = Shadows
|   Or	|   Or		     |		P = Pen
|	|   \/		     |
|      P|		     |
|	|		     |
|SSSSS			     |

You'll see some shadows to the left; hide in them.  In the control room is an
orderly who's watching the security monitors, his back is to you.  Don't kill
him just yet - wait until the second orderly walks into the main room and then
turns back around.  Kill the first guard and take the pen on the table next to
him, then move back into the shadows.  The second guard may or may not notice
the body of the first; if he does he'll move into the control room to
investigate, conveniently turning his back to you in the process.  Kill him.
If he doesn't notice the body, he'll continue his patrol circuit, so it will be
easy for you to sneak out of the control room and execute him on the way to the
stairs.  If you screw up at any point during this part you can feel free to
restart, you activated a checkpoint at the green double doors.

Go up the stairs and turn left at the top.  To your left is a shelf with
painkillers on it; to your right is another room.  Go into the room and move
into the shadows to your right.  Grab the syringe on the floor.  There's an
orderly agitating two inmates in a cell to the right - move around behind the
orderly and execute him (the inmates will not warn him, bless their hearts).
Now turn around and on the far wall you'll see several windows.  Run up to the
far left one and strike it.  The window will break and you can crawl out and
jump to the ground.  On the way you'll automatically pick up a shard of broken
glass that you can use as a single-serving weapon.

You'll find yourself in some shadows next to a large truck.  To the right side
of the truck will probably be an orderly on the tail end of his patrol route -
there are two in this area.  You can either sneak up on the inmate and execute
him (recommended) or lure him into the shadows and do it (not recommended - the
second orderly may also hear the noise you use to lure him).  When the first
one is dead, stand over his body and press O to pick it up.  Carry it into the
shadows and press O again to drop it.  Grab another glass shard from underneath
the broken window and move to the left side of the truck this time.  Peek
around the corner (you can also peek while not hugging - just press left or
right on the D-pad) and wait until the orderly is in your line of view and
facing away from you.  Move forward and waste him, then drag his body into
shadows.  Now find the dump truck in the courtyard and move to the back of it.
That's the end of the first episode.

EPISODE 2: GHOSTS							{ghost}

The stakes have been raised (slightly) for this mission.  Hunters can now spot
you in shadows if you screw up a relatively simple button press (if you get the
first press right, you're safe, and the hunter will wander away to his
regularly scheduled patrol route).

After the first hunter walks away from you, leave the shadows and get the
plastic bag to the right.  Go straight into the next area and punch the left
wall.  Move to the shadows along the right wall and wait for the hunter to come
near.  Strangle him when his back is to you, and hide his body.  Now move into
the alley and grab another plastic bag from the shadows.  Turn right and head
down the next alley, then left.  You'll see a cutscene and you'll find yourself
standing next to a low wall.  Quickly hop over the wall with O and hide in the
shadows on the other side.  There is a garrote here if you'd like to switch to
it instead of your plastic bag.  A hunter may come to investigate (jumping over
walls makes a noise); if he does then you might have to succeed on a button
press to avoid him.  Strangle him when he turns back around.  If he doesn't
investigate, he will go back down the alley you started from.  Jump back over
the wall and kill him - be sure to grab the crowbar he drops.

Those are the only two hunters in this area so you can now move freely to the
safehouse.  Head down to the end of the alley and turn right.  Duck under the
hanging boards with O and then climb up the dumpster behind them.  Go over the
wall and you'll find yourself in a creepy playground outside of a house.  The
house is the place you're looking for.  There are no hunters in the playground
so head up to the front door of the house and force the door open with your
crowbar (O).

Go inside the house and head straight into the hallway, then turn left.
There's a cutscene and you're instructed to check all of the cabinets and
trunks in the house for your drugs.  There are no enemies in the house at this
time so just run willy-nilly through the house and kick open every container
you find.  When you've got them all (8 or so), you're instructed to go
downstairs to the basement and search.  There are also no enemies down here
(and, unfortunately, no drugs) so kick open everything again.  Don't forget to
check under the stairs; there's a passage you can duck through to get to
another room.  Once you've opened everything in the basement, you're instructed
to try the bedrooms (go to the second floor).

Halfway up the steps to the second floor, you'll be able to climb over the
railing into one of the bedrooms.  Do so and open the cabinet on your immediate
right - the drugs are inside.  Now you'll need to find a syringe.
Unfortunately, a clean-up crew of hunters will enter the house at this precise
moment to find out what happened to their two buddies in the alleys outside
(and, by association, you).  If you like, grab the garrote in the bedroom
you're in (you can forego the disposable weapons for the rest of the level if
you'd like to rely on your crowbar) and then move to the shadows between the
two exits.

Face the right door and wait.  Eventually a hunter will walk by (you'll
probably hear him before you see him - they tend to soliloquize a lot); move
out of the shadows and kill him before he can turn a corner.  Do not follow him
through the door directly in front of you if you can help it - if he goes in
there, wait until he leaves and walks somewhere else and then kill him.  Going
into that room will trigger a scripted hunter flying through the window and
attacking you, so you don't want to tangle with more than one at a time.  In
fact, before you go into this room (you'll have to eventually to complete the
mission) and after you've killed the first hunter, I'd recommend tapping on a
wall somewhere and luring up the second hunter from downstairs.  If you don't,
he may hear your tussle with the other hunter and then you'll also get

When you're ready, head into the aforementioned room with your crowbar
brandished and duke it out with the hunter.  You should make short work of him
with your weapon.  Go out through the window he came in through and turn left.
Go into the next window which is the bathroom.  You'll find a syringe on the
floor.  After a cutscene, go outside back onto the roof and you'll be
instructed to kill the hunter guarding the front door.  Target the hunter and
move towards the edge until your reticles turn red, then press attack and
you'll jump down and butcher the hunter.  This episode is complete.


You'll start in a back alley behind the BDSM club.  Move forward into the brick
pile and use a brick to break the window behind the pile.  Step up to the
broken window and press O to climb through it into the building.  You'll see a
cutscene and a hunter dressed in BDSM garb (nicknamed "pervs") will step up to
the toilet to your left.  Move around the stall partition and press Square
behind him to execute him with the toilet itself (it doesn't matter what weapon
you have equipped).

Grab the syringe and a can from the bathroom and head out the door.  Turn left
and get into the shadows.  Along the left wall of this corridor are two
flickering lights; along the right side are windows to the main club area where
you can see a BDSM girl dancing apparently the way BDSM people do.  

|    |
|    |
|    |______   W   _______________   W   ______________________________________
|									      |
|									      |
|									      |
|---------------   L   --------------------   L   --------------------/\------|

W = Window (to main bar area)
L = Flickering light
S = Shadows

Stay in the shadows and move to the end of the corridor - be careful to only
move when the lights are off.  When you get to the end of the hall, wait for a
second.  The music will shut off and a perv will walk up the steps toward you
and then turn right towards the bathroom.  Follow him in the shadows until he
stops moving, then quickly kill him and drag his body into the shadows.

Move back to the end of the corridor and wait for a second perv to come around.
This one won't go much further than the stairwell area (unless you didn't
properly hide the body of the other perv you just killed - he might see it and
go to investigate).  Regardless, kill him when possible, but don't follow him
into the main area - kill him in the stairwell.  Try not to kill either perv
in front of the windows to the club or the bartender might see you and
investigate your unorthodox behavior.

Tap the wall near the first light to lure the bartender up.  Hide in the corner
until you have a good opportunity to waste him, then do so.  The main bar area
is now clear.  Grab a corpse and head down to the bar.  Behind the bar is a
pressure plate; drop the body on it to open the door behind the stage.  Next to
the plate is a nail-studded bat for your blunt force pleasure.

Go through the door and turn left.  At the end of the short hallway you'll see
a perv standing guard.  He won't turn around so you can take your time with
him.  Jump over the counter and turn right and head down the hallway.  At the
end is a pair of large double doors and behind them a large dance floor.  A
perv is wandering around the dance floor - move onto the floor and stay in the
shadows (there are shadows all over the dance floor, just don't move directly
in front of the perv).  Wait until he turns his back to you and then punch his
ticket.  Don't bother going to the backstage door, you can't open it yet.

From the main entrance, go right to the table area and up the stairs there.  At
the top, go down the next hallway and punch the wall near the door at the end.
Now turn and dash back to one of the pockets of shadow in the hall.  A perv
will come to investigate the noise you just made, kill him when he turns back
around and hide his body somewhere in the shadows.  You can do the same thing
to get the second perv wandering around the next hallway, but he might not move
close enough to your hallway to hear a noise.  Grab a bottle from a table and
throw it through the door to lure him.

When you're finished with these two clowns, head through the door and turn left
down the next hallway.  Go down this hallway (there's painkillers on one of the
small balconies to the left if you need it) and turn left into another bar
area.  Behind the bar to the right is a fire axe in a glass case.  Smash the
case and take the axe.  Now turn right and hug the wall - there's another perv
coming.  You'll notice that when Danny is on the edge of the wall (but not
peeking), he'll raise the axe in anticipation of hitting an approaching enemy.
Tap the wall (Square) and move to the edge.  When the perv comes to
investigate, tap the attack button to lunge out from around the corner and chop
his head off.  Pick up the head and go back downstairs to the main dance floor.
There may be another perv wandering around here so kill him like you did the
earlier one and make your way to the backstage door.  Press O at the door with
your severed head equipped and the door will be unlocked.  Wait 2 or 3 seconds
and then go through the door with a weapon equipped.  The doorman should have
his back turned to you - kill him before he turns back around.

Go through the door and into the next area, which is a large hall with culverts
and arches similar to something out of a Hostel movie (the activities going on
here are also somewhat similar, now that I think about it).

		 |				  |	      |
		 |					      |
_________________|	  ________________________|_____      |________________
| |		|		   |||||||||||||		|	   P| |
| |		|		     S|||||||S			|	    | |
| |	P			     S|||||||S			    	EK  | |
| |		|           	   |||||||||||||		|	    | |
| |		|		   |||||||||||||		|	    | |
-----------------		   |||||||||||||		---------------
| |		|	P	     S|||||||S			|	    | |
| |		|	|	     S|||||||S			|	    | |
|PW->		       \/	   |||||||||||||		L    P	    W |
| |		|		   |||||||||||||		|	    | |
| |		|		   |||||||||||||		|  EK	    |C|
-----------------		   |||||||||||||		------------- -
| |		|		     S|||||||S	       		|	    | |
| |		|		     S|||||||S			|	    | |
| |				   |||||||||||||	P-->		    W |
| |		|		   	 |			|	    | |
| |		|			 L			|	    | |
|_|_____________|______ /\ ______________|______________________|_____EK____|_|

P = Perv
W = Window (breakable)
EK = Environmental kill
L = Locked door
S = Shadows (if you break the light)
C = Switch

Quickly go straight ahead through the first arch and move immediately right.
You'll see a counter with a light above it (there's also a crowbar and a power
saw).  Jump onto the counter and break the light.  The perv nearby will come
check it out, stay in the shadows for a second (you may have to do a button
press to avoid getting pulled out of the shadows).  When he turns back around,
waste him.

Now head down the main hall and open all three of the doors on the left.  If
you go into the second door, a lunatic will jump through the one-way glass and
attack you.  The third door on the left has a perv in it who may see you when
you walk by - if you like you can lure him outside and saw him.  At the end of
the hall turn right and go through the gate.  Turn right again and there'll be
another large hallway with three more doors, all on the left.  The first door
on the left offers you a sweet environmental kill so feel free to indulge
yourself.  The second door is locked, go through the third door and kill the
perv in there (there's an iron maiden on the right wall you can kill him with).
Go through the one-way glass and turn left.  You'll see a switch on the left
wall, hit it.  You can either break the glass here and go toe-to-toe with the
perv in this room, or you can go back into the hallway and sneak up on him for
another environmental kill.  Either way, when all 6 hallway doors are open, the
main door in the breezeway between the two halls will open.  Go through it to
complete the episode.

EPISODE 4: RED LIGHT							  {red}

Run straight down to the end of the street and hop over the barricades.  Grab
the bottle near the cement mixer (I think that's what it is - some kind of
machinery at any rate) and the shovel nearby, and be sure not to get near the
burn barrel, it will hurt you.

Now go left up the next alley, in the shadows alongside the truck.  When you
get near the cab of the truck, two Red Kings will emerge from the building to
the right with what looks like a new friend in tow.  Get into the shadows
behind the truck.  One of the Red Kings will move towards the fire & barricades
(probably complaining about his marriage along the way) and will turn left down
the large street.  Stalk and kill him with your shovel and take the pliers he's
carrying.  Now go back up to the truck and kill the other King - you can either
wait for him to walk down towards the barricades, or you can make a noise and
lure him.  Alternatively you can leave his buddy's body in view near the
barricades and he'll come to investigate.

Go to the end of the alley and you'll see a section of chain-link fence set
into the cement wall.  Equip your pliers and use them to peel back an opening
in the fence.  Crawl through and into the next area.  You'll be in a basketball
court with a tall fence behind the hoop, and immediately to your left is a low
stone wall.  Go to the fence behind the hoop and turn the corner - this will
trigger two Red Kings entering the court from the steps behind the fence.  Dash
back to the shadows in front of the low stone wall at the entrance to the
basketball court.  The two goons will make their way around the court, one on
each side.  Facing the hoop, throw a can or something to the left.  One of the
Kings will walk over to investigate, and you can use the manhole cover he's
standing on to execute him, and conveniently hide his body!  His buddy might
see you kill him and subsequently start vomiting, so either blitz him or hide
in some shadows and wait for him to turn around.

Go down the steps at the far end of the basketball court and hug the wall to
the left.  You'll see another Red King creeping around the rooms.  Wait for him
to go into the room to the right, then follow and execute him.  Now leave this
room, go right, and up the steps.  In the upstairs room jump onto the cabinet
and then up onto the balcony.  You'll see a cutscene - after it, quickly jump
down from the balcony and get into the shadows immediately in front of you and
turn around.  Two cops will approach from the left, stay as far back as you can
or they may notice you when they walk by.  Try to kill the rear one with the
manhole cover to the left - his buddy may notice but you can just kill him
outright.  Alternatively you can wait for both to pass you on the right, move
forward and kill the rear one, then move forward and kill the other one before
he turns back around.

Now go towards the large building across the street, the one with the gaudy
neon sign that says "Velvet Glove."  Don't go in the front door - a watchdog is
waiting for you to enter.  Go in the alley to the right and into the door
there.  Neither enemy inside will see you.  Move slightly forward into the
shadows (watch out for the two flickering neon lights on the right wall) and
throw a can into the far right corner ahead of you.  The watchdog will go to
investigate - move forward and kill him.  Now move along the wall to the
counter where the "clerk" is waiting, facing the other side of the room.  He
won't turn around so you can take your time with him.

After you waste the clerk, head through the door behind the counter and go up
the steps.  Three watchdogs will materialize out of nowhere and run up the
steps behind you - don't bother fighting them, just run.  At the top of the
stairs, go out the door and turn left.  Run across the planks connecting the
fire escapes, the planks will fall after you cross and the watchdogs won't be
able to chase you.  You're not out of the woods yet, however - several more
watchdogs are on the ground with firearms.  They spot you and open fire.  Run
up the fire escape you're on until you get to the top.  You'll see a big hole
in the ground, jump in.  Go through the door in the room you fall in and the
episode is complete.

EPISODE 5: BEST FRIENDS							 {best}

There's a lot of running & gunning in this mission and not as much sneaking.
It also features the debut of the Project militiamen, which are my personal
favorite because they say things like "The mongoose is in the cookie jar!" and
"Aaarghh!"  You'll be playing as Leo for this mission.

Your first priority is to escape the chopper - run up the steps that Michael
did, at the top turn right into the hallway.  Go through the door on the left
and down the chain-link hallway.  Turn left at the end and go down the next
hallway, then left and down another hallway to a small command room.  Go
through the door to the left and into a large machine room.  There are pockets
of shadow all over this room; you have a few seconds to hide before the Project
militia enters.

In this room you'll notice two large pieces of grinding machinery.  Yep, it's
true - you can kill people by pushing them into the machines.  When you enter
the room, only one of the machines will be running (the one to your right as
you enter), so get in the shadows near that machine and wait for the first
militiaman to enter.  He'll walk around in front of the machine and when he
does so, run up and push him into the grinder.  After you "use" a grinder, it
will shut off, so switch it back on with the button on the left side of the
machine (don't stand in front of an activated machine for too long).  Take this
opportunity to turn the other machine on as well and then get into the shadows.

Two more militiamen will enter and you can subsequently push them into the
grinders.  Grab a can lying around and move towards the chain link fence behind
the machines.  Go through the door and wait in the shadows to the right.  Throw
your can at the silver box on the wall - a guard will come investigate.  When
he gets near the silver box and his back is to you, move up to him for an
environmental kill.  You'll get a checkpoint here, and take the pistol that he

Go back out through the door in the chain-link fence and through the door to
your left.  There are some lockers along the walls with ammo and painkillers
inside.  Go straight through the doors in front of you and a militiaman will
attack you (you can't surprise him, just shoot him).  Go left and then right
into the next area.  Don't bother going up the steps in front of you; the door
at the top of them is locked.  Instead move to the left of the steps and hug
the wall.  Move to the edge and attack the two militiamen down the way with
your pistol.  The game will walk you through the mechanics of firing from
cover; these two are a push-over.

Move forward to where the dead guards are (there's a plastic bag here on the
right if you like) and wait for another guard in front of you to walk right.
Now move left along the wall, behind the truck, to the big line of shadow along
the back wall.  You might get spotted along the way but if you're quick you
should be able to get to the shadows before they find you.  There's a garrote
here you can pick up when you're done with your plastic bag.  Punch the wall in
the corner and move back some; kill the guard when he walks over.

Go left in the shadows and lure over the other 3 guards and kill them one at a
time.  When you make a noise more than one may investigate, just wait until no
one's looking and kill the closest one, then melt back into the shadows until
you have an opportunity to kill again.  Don't use your gun to execute if you
can help it; the others will hear. When you've killed all the guards out here,
another will rush out of the building ahead.  If he spots you just gun him
down, if not you can lure and kill him like the rest (he may also see the
bodies of his comrades and investigate).

Go through the door that the last guy came out of (the service door next to the
large garage door at the end of this area).  Immediately duck behind the low
wall in front of you and blow away the two militiamen that come in - you won't
be able to stealth them.  The first one will approach you so shoot him before
he gets around your wall or you'll get flanked.  After these two, go through
the door on the right.  You'll have to shoot it out with this guy too,
probably.  Grab his body and drop it on the conveyor in the middle of the room,
then hit the switch to the right of it.  The dead guard will kindly open the
conveyor belt door for you, follow him up and out on the belt.  After the belt
turn right (you don't need to crawl through the fence in front of you) and go
down the hall.  Turn right and go all the way to the other side of the next
room on the catwalks.  Go through the door, down the hall and up the steps.  At
the top Michael is waiting for you and promptly opens fire with what appears to
be a flare gun.  Duck behind a bale of hay (what are hay bales doing here?) and
return fire.  After a few shots Michael will run ahead to the next area; follow
him.  Be careful with the hay, it will burn when a flare hits it, revealing you
to Michael (the flare gun hurts so I'd highly recommend taking cover).

Follow Michael to another hay-laden area and exchange fire.  Again he'll run,
this time he'll be standing in the open, just strafe and keep firing until he
goes down.  Remember that when you get close, you'll automatically aim at his
head - of course, this will give him an excellent chance to roast you with his
flares.  When he's down, you'll take his keys and you have only a few seconds
to get off the roof before a Project helicopter arrives.  Backtrack off the
roof (there are painkillers along the way, stock up) - you now have to make
your way all the way back to the boat where you started the level.  There are
new guards along the second half of the way; it's up to you if you want to
stand and fight, stalk, or just sprint out - sprinting works well as long as
you have even a decent recollection of your previous route.

When you hop onto the boat at the harbor, the episode is complete.

EPISODE 6: SAFE HOUSE							 {safe}

You're playing as Danny again, and now you have a revolver (more powerful than
the pistol Leo was using in the previous level).  Open the chest to your left
to find a crowbar.  Use the crowbar to open the door in front of you, then pick
up your revolver again (they occupy the same slot so you can take one or the
other).  Go through the door and up the steps.  At the top turn right and
through the doorway, then left into an area with a burn barrel.  Go right and
across the bridge, then take another right.  Two watchdogs will enter at this
point - you'll probably just have to shoot them.  Two more will flank you when
these two are dead - move into the shadows to the right and wait for one of
them to walk by you.  You can execute him with your revolver.  His buddy to the
left may or may not see this happen, if he does just turn around and blow him
away.  If not get back into the shadows and wait for him to spot the corpse,
then you can give him the same treatment (fool me once...).  It may be
difficult to lure the second guard, if so just move to the next wall, hug it,
and blast him.

Go forward into the next area and turn left.  There are two open doorways - the
left one has a normal cement floor but is visible to the entering watchdogs,
and the right one isn't visible but has a crunchy gravel floor.  Hug the wall
near the left door and attack the two watchdogs behind it.  They may move
towards you; if they do you can hop over the low wall to the right, sneak up on
them from behind, and execute them.  Grab one of their shotguns and blast the
next two watchdogs that come in.

Go straight and turn left.  You'll see a burn barrel and some stairs.  A
watchdog will come up the stairs as you approach; hide in the shadows to your
right and execute him as he goes past.  Go down the stairs and turn right,
quickly hug the wall to the left of the large hole.  Kill the three watchdogs
here (might want to use the revolver instead of the shotty, it has better
range).  Now go to the end of this next room and turn right to find a narrow
hall with a hole in the floor.  Drop down into the hole and go down the set of
stairs there - there's a watchdog at the bottom you can execute, take your
time if you like.

Now go into the porn theater and quickly duck behind one of the rows of seats.
Several watchdogs will enter through the main door, kill them to trigger more.
All told you'll have to kill 6 of them before you can safely leave the theater
and complete the episode.

EPISODE 7: BEES' HONEY POT						 {bees}

This mission is more my style, constant sneaking and executing, with the
exception of the final part.

Hop over the counter and move into the office where the receptionist is talking
on the phone.  Press Square near him to execute him with his own phone, and
pick up the baseball bat and pen nearby.  There's also a can inside the cabinet
in front of you if you like.  Turn around and exit the office through the side
door.  Go left into the alcove and smash out the light, then turn around.  The
noise should attract a goon from upstairs - if not, throw your can at the fuse
box on the wall across from you.  He'll investigate the fuse box and will
probably have his poor face smashed into it by you.

Go into the main hall (there are no more enemies on this floor) and up the
steps to the second floor.  Turn around (to the right) and walk to the wall,
then turn left (at room 201) and enter room 202.  Go right into the bathroom
and out through the window in the back.  Turn right and go to the first
breakable window on the right (don't mind the noises - they're oblivious to
you).  Smash open the window and climb in.  Open the locker straight ahead and
take the wire cutters inside.

Go back out the way you came and backtrack to the entrance of room 202.  Turn
left and enter the first door on the right, room 203.  To the left is a goon
trying unsuccessfully to open a wire barricade with a sledgehammer.  Kill him
with the weapon of your choice and take his sledge if you like.  Equip your
wire cutters and use them to peel back the wire.  Crawl through the opening and
make your way to the end of the air duct.  Just before the end is a spot of
shadow; wait there until the goon patrolling this hallway walks to the right.
Quickly exit the duct and kill him before he turns back around, then move into
the shadows at the end of the hall, directly in front of you.  There are two
other guards in this area: one is downstairs, the other is in the room across
from the tunnel you crawled through (he's the one enjoying the company of that
rather vocal young lady).  Either or both of them may have heard your scuffle
with the guard in the hall and come to investigate.  If they didn't, the
downstairs one will eventually patrol upstairs anyways so be ready to execute
him when he stands over the first corpse.  The other guy will stay in his room
unless provoked, so don't worry about him unless you're interested in killing
him.  Head downstairs but don't forget to pick up a shotgun from one of these
jokers before you go.

Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and hit the switch on the wall.  Quickly
run through the now open door and immediately go into the small room on your
left.  There's a pocket of shadow in an alcove here, get in it.  A guard will
walk past the door on your left and into the next room and he'll probably stay
there unless you lure him out.  Throw a can at the floor in front of you (near
the wall) and he'll come investigate, execute him.  Now exit this room and turn
right and then left.  You'll see a hallway, at the end is a door on the right
with a watchdog creeping around inside (you can probably hear him talking).  As
you approach the room, he'll enter into the hallway and look around.  You can
either hug the wall at the door and blast him when he comes into view, or go
and hide somewhere and wait for an opportunity to execute him.  When you're
finished with him, enter the room (102).

Go right into the bathroom and jump out the window.  You'll find yourself in a
courtyard with several low walls scattered about.  Duck against a nearby one
and shoot the 3 hunters approaching you.  Move further into the courtyard and
three more hunters will enter from the right - they may not see you (when I was
playing, one came to within a few feet of me, apparently oblivious, and I
executed him on the spot).  If they do, shoot them down quickly and another
watchdog will enter from the far side of the courtyard.  Shoot him and then go
inside the door on the far wall (left side).

Once inside, go left into the next room and wait near the door (there are no
shadows here, be careful).  A watchdog may enter from behind; execute him when
he walks in.  Go through the large doors and you'll find yourself once again in
the "hotel."  There's a watchdog in the hallway to your right on patrol,
execute him when his back is to you.  Go down the hall and you'll see a couch
slide into view from around the corner - two watchdogs will use it as cover.
Exchange fire with them quickly, there's really no cover for you so use your
shotgun at close range.

Go up the stairs and down the next hall you'll see three more watchdogs, all
ready and waiting for you.  Kill the first one from around the corner and move
up the hallway - from here you can either exchange fire with the two remaining
watchdogs, or flank them through the door on your left and possibly execute
them.  Go into the next area and you'll see Judy enter a door with a woman
crudely painted on it.  Kill the three watchdogs in this area (once you kill
the first two, the last one will resume his regular patrol, so you can execute
him if you like) and go through the door.

Inside the room, turn right and smash the glass.  Jump through and then crawl
through the air vent in the wall across from the window.  On the other side,
turn right and jump up onto the crate, then up and over onto the elevator roof.
There'll be a cutscene; after it jump into the elevator and then walk out into
the hallway.  Hug the wall to the left and kill the two watchdogs down the hall
(alternatively, you can wait for the first one to patrol near the elevator and
execute him).  Go down the hall, up the steps, then turn right and then left
and go through the door to complete the episode.


Immediately exit the room through the door behind you; a chopper is coming.  Go
down the hall and blast the two militiamen with your pistol.  Hug the wall next
to the doorframe and take out 6 more.  Run through the lobby (be sure to grab
an SMG) to the door on the opposite wall.  You'll find yourself in an office;
smash the window on the far wall, jump through, and hit the switch on the
window-cleaner elevator.  Now turn around and hug the wall facing the building
(the one you just jumped through).  When the elevator stops moving, you'll duck
down and two militiamen will enter the office behind you.  You can try jumping
through the windows to execute them, but this will involve breaking the
windows, which will alert them to your presence.  You can also stand up for a
second and then duck back down and they will shoot out the windows for you.  If
you get impatient just shoot them.  If you're low on ammo or health, go into
the hallway behind the office and you can find supplies in the lockers there.

When you're ready, hit the switch on the elevator and get back into position on
the wall.  You'll go up again and face another two militiamen.  When they're
down, hit the switch again.  This time jump through the window, duck behind the
wall facing the elevator, and equip your sniper rifle.  There are three
shooters on the roof of the opposite building, relatively equidistant from one
another from left to right.  Take your time with the sniper rifle; these guys
are horrible shots.  When you're finished with them, go to their roof and up
the steps to the right.  Get in the nearby shadows and wait for the nearby
militiaman to wander around; you can execute him when he turns his back.  His
buddy to the left will probably see you and start vomiting, so shoot him or get
back into the shadows and try to lure him over.

Leave the shadows and go left towards the next rooftop.  Several of the militia
may come up the steps here, you can either fight them straight up or duck in
the shadows behind the chimney to your left (they might see you anyways, might
as well fight).  When you're finished with them, walk to the top of the steps
and get your sniper rifle out.  Use it to kill a militia sniper almost directly
across from you.  Now go down the steps and into the door marked "Authorized
Personnel Only".  Jump out the window in front of you and turn right; walk
along the catwalks to the next roof.  There are 6 or so militiamen coming - get
your sniper rifle out and kill as many of them as you can with it, then switch
to the SMG when they close with you.

Go up the steps in front of you and then go into the next "Personnel" door on
the right.  Go up the steps and through the window.  You can snipe the next 3
militiamen from here - two are more or less in front of you, and one is to the
lower left.  Once they're gone, go across to the next roof and snipe 2 more.
There's a chopper coming so quickly run across to the next roof and run down
one of the girders to a construction area.  Hug the wall to the right and move
the the left edge.  Shoot the 4 militiamen down the way and then head down the
area and down the steps to your right.  Drop down the hole in the floor and
then again down the next one.  You'll have a firefight with 6 bad guys, 2 of
them will flank you so be ready to turn around and blast them.

Go right up the next area and down the steps.  Hug the nearby stack of boxes
and exchange fire with the 4 militiamen here.  Go down the steps to the next
area where there are two militia, hug the wall to your left and jump out from
around the corner to surprise them.  An additional 2 militia will flank you.

Now go onto the catwalk to your left and you'll see a lone militiaman dash out
from the "Personnel" door beneath you; waste the poor unsuspecting sucker.  Go
through the door he just came out of and make your way down the steps inside.
Near some broken elevators will be three militiamen; you may be able to execute
at least 1 of them if you wait a little bit up from the elevators.  Blast the
rest and keep heading down.  At the bottom floor, hop over the low wall and
take cover on the wall to the left.  There are 5 militia here; use your SMG to
take out as many as you can and then switch to your sniper rifle.  When you're
finished with them, move up the alley and drop down into the hole halfway up on
the left to finish the episode.

EPISODE 9: MOST WANTED							 {most}

Sprint willy-nilly down the alley you start in and across the street to the
adjacent alley (pay no attention to the bounty hunters).  Climb up the dumpster
in front of you, then the stack of crates next to it, then in through the
window (the chopper chasing you will probably blow out the glass for you).
Grab the crowbar from the table to the right and head left to a grate in the
floor.  Use your crowbar to open it and quickly crawl in before the hunters
enter this building.

You emerge from the tunnels in shadow, but things just went from bad to worse.
Not only is the chopper patrolling this area from above, but some of the
hunters now have flashlights.  Also, the button press to avoid being spotted in
the shadows has doubled - you now have to press two buttons simultaneously (one
of the directional buttons and one of the action buttons) to remain hidden.

Move immediately to the right; stay in the shadows.  Turn the corner and wait
for a single hunter to approach your position.  When he stops at the end of the
alley, execute him before he turns around.  Now get back into the shadows near
the corner of the building and wait for the chopper to spot the corpse.  When
it does, all hunters in the immediate vicinity will run over to investigate
(flashlights and all).  Take this opportunity to dash past them down the
building.  Turn right and climb up onto the dumpster, then over the low wall
behind it.  There will be another hunter on patrol here; ignore him and dash
right down a narrow alley.  Use your crowbar on the gate to the left and run

You'll get a checkpoint and start in a new area.  You have some breathing room
now, but not a whole lot.  Jump down from your position and run into the storm
drain to your left.  There's a small room here with an exit opposite from you
and 4 spots of shadow.  Pick a spot (to the right of the entrance is best in my
opinion) and wait for two hunters to come hurtling down the storm drain.

|			|
|S		       S|
|||		      |||
|||		      |||
|||		      |||
|S		       S|
|			|
	 Entry (storm drain)

When they get inside your room they'll stop and walk calmly towards the exit.
Emerge from the shadows and execute the rear one, then melt back into the
shadows and wait for his buddy to investigate his body.  Kill him too and move
back into the shadows.

Another pair of hunters will come down the storm drain and behave in a manner
similar to their deceased predecessors.  Kill them quickly; don't worry about
the bodies.  A third pair of hunters will enter the drain; these two have
flashlights attached to their shotguns.  I'd recommend throwing an object at
the wall across from you, waiting until their back is to you, then moving
forward and killing them.  Don't go forward into the shadows after this - go
back instead (if you go forward, you'll be exposed when the body is
investigated and the flashlight shines on you).  Move forward again to kill the
second hunter.  Some of these hunters may leave the room completely and patrol
the area ahead; lure them back with a conspicuously placed corpse or with a
thrown object.  Make sure you grab an SMG from someone (the shotgun is less
useful in this level, up to you).

When you're done with these 6 rednecks, move into the next area and quickly get
into the shadows along the left.  Move up to the wall in front of you and hug
it.  There will be a couple of hunters patrolling this area; one will have a
shotgun/flashlight (do not use the shotgun yourself at this point - the light
turns on when you aim it, giving your position away).  Wait until one of them
gets in the middle of the area, near the barrels.  The barrels are an
environmental kill so you don't need a weapon equipped to waste him.  Get in
the shadows against the wall to your right and wait for the other hunter to
present an opportunity to kill him.  He may investigate his dead buddy so you
can just execute him when he turns his back, or you can throw an object at them
to get his attention.

Now go in the door to the left and up the ramps.  Go across the catwalk and
turn left; you'll see a wheel.  Walk up to it and press O (be careful, don't
accidentally jump over the railing) to turn it; you'll need to turn it twice to
lower the drainage door in front of you all the way down.  At this point the
chopper will find you and drop several hunters in the area behind the drainage
door.  Now jump over the railing and dash up to the drainage door.  Duck behind
it and open fire on the hunters taking cover.  There are 5 of them - rely on
your SMG to take them down.  If you run out of ammo, switch to the pistol
lying on the ground near the car in front of the drainage door.  During your
firefight with these clowns, another one will attempt to flank you - try to
kill at least 3 of the hunters behind the door before you stand up to target
the flanker, or they'll mow you down when you stand.

When you're finished with all 6 of them, hop over the drainage door and up the
steps in front of you.  Go left and back around at the top.  Turn right and
you'll see a hole in the wall you can crawl through; do so.  In this next area,
run down the alley and across the porch to your right (you can ignore the
hunters - you're just passing through).  Run up the steps and go through the
last window on the balcony at the top.  Go straight through the hallway (there
are painkillers in an alcove to yuor right) and through the window at the end.
To the front and slightly right you'll see a broken section of the fence; get
over it quickly (hunters will open fire).  On the other side of the fence, drop
down through the large hole to your left and crawl into the sewer drain.

Crawl until you can stand up, then turn left and head down the sewers (you can
sprint, there are no hunters here, despite the voices you hear).  Turn right
near the end of this first tunnel and go down the next one.  Turn right again
near the end and go up the steps.  You'll emerge in some shadows in a
maintenance garage.  There's one hunter in here and you can get creative while
hunting him.  You can either do a garden-variety lure and kill (or just shoot
him I suppose, but that's no fun), or wait until he patrols down into the
vehicle service pit and you can do a jump-kill on him if you have a melee
weapon equipped.  There's also an environmental kill in the garage; just throw
something near the hood of the car and sneak up on him when he goes to
investigate the noise (you can go through the service pit if you like).

After you kill him, head out of this room into the next area and get some ammo
from the lockers (for this next fight, the SMG and shotgun are both useful).
Leave through the service door and turn left; hug the wall to your immediate
left.  There are 6 hunters you'll have to kill.  you can really only execute
one of them, by luring him with a sound and sneaking up on him.  Shoot the rest
and make sure they don't try to flank you by creeping behind the cars along the
adjacent wall.

When you're finished with all of the hunters, walk towards the large door at
the far end of the area to finish the episode.

EPISODE 10: RITUAL CLEANSING					       {ritual}

Go straight ahead and turn right after the gas pumps; you'll see a gas can on
the ground.  Pick it up and start walking straight ahead into the next area.
If the thug guarding the gas pumps sees you, drop the gas can and duke it out
with him - there are no other weapons available right now and this is a
difficult area to use the gas can.  Before you leave this area, grab a
throwable item; there are several of them lying around.

With the gas can in hand, turn left in the next alley and walk to the end.
To the right is a doorway; there is a security guard on patrol around here so
make sure he doesn't see you.  Get into the shadows to the left of the doorway.
When the guard's back is turned, walk forward and press Square to pour some gas
onto the ground just in front of the door.  Now get back into the shadows and
drop the gas can.  Equip your throwable item and toss it somewhere ahead of
you.  When the guard comes to investigate, press Square again when he walks
over the puddle of gas and you'll light him up.  Unfortunately, he's unarmed.

Get your gas can and throwable item and walk through the doorway to the next
alley and turn right. Another guard is on patrol down the way; quickly get into
the shadows on your left and set a similar booby trap for this guard (there is
also a garrote in this alley if you'd like to use it instead).  When you kill
the guard, be sure to take his nightstick.  Get your gas can and continue on
your merry way.  Turn left into the next alley and you'll come into a big open
area.  You'll see a stack of paper-filled boxes on your left - use your gas can
to set them on fire.  Dash into the shadows to the right of the boxes (near the
parked truck) and wait for a guard to leave the control room and investigate
the fire.  He'll patrol around the other side of the truck so simply follow and
execute him.  Be extra careful not to let this guard spot you - if he does,
he'll attempt to run inside and activate the alarm and this will make you very

Head inside the building the guard exited from earlier and hit the switch on
the right wall (do not hit the switch across from the entrance - this is the
aforementioned alarm).  Doing so will open the gate in the chain link fence
outside of the control room.  Go through the door into a large container yard.
Go forward a little bit and to the left, you'll see two guards between several
of the containers.  The far one is on patrol and the near one is standing
still, conveniently facing away from you.  Execute the closer one and wait for
the second cop to come into your field of view and turn to his left (he
shouldn't notice you or his buddy's body).  Follow and execute him before he
turns back around.  Leave his body where it is and quickly duck into the
shadows to your left.

Two guards in the next area will probably see the second dead guard and come to
investigate.  One will check out this area closely; the other will return to
his normal patrol.  Kill the one who stays (he may investigate your pocket of
shadows first - be ready for a button press) and quickly move up the alley to
waste his buddy.

The next area is a loading dock with a semi parked in it.  Climb up onto the
right side of the loading dock and then climb up and over the boxes stacked
next to the wall.  You'll see a door to your left (locked), a gas can, and a
semi blocking the street.  Forget about the door and the gas can for now.
Climb up onto the cab of the semi and then up and over and jump down to the
other side.  There are two doors here; one to your left and one in front of
you.  Go through the door in front and you'll see a large room with several
storage units, all of them shut.  Move next to the unit to your right and throw
an item into the shadows in the corner.  The nearby guard will come into the
shadows to investigate; kill him and make sure his body is concealed.  Climb
the stack of boxes next to the nearby storage unit and drop down into the unit
from its roof.  Grab the crowbar on the floor - you'll need it to open the
storage shutters; as well as that locked door you saw next to the semi earlier.

Open the shutters of the unit you're in and head back to the semi you jumped
over earlier.  Turn right and head into the office.  There's a guard wandering
around in here, but there's plenty of shadows for you to hide in.  There's also
a fuse box in the large room to the left if you'd like to lure him in there for
an environmental kill.  When you're done with him, go into the room next to the
storage room and break the lock on the door with your crowbar.  Go through the
door and you'll see the gas can you ignored earlier.  Grab the gas can and head
back to the storage unit where you found your crowbar.  Use the gas to torch
the files inside.

Burning the files will trigger the entry of several watchdogs into the storage
area.  Quickly exit the unit you're in and get into the shadows nearby, where
you killed the guard earlier.  A watchdog will patrol from the right; kill him
when he turns down the corridor and starts walking away from you.  Hide his
body in the shadows with the guard and grab his cattle prod (note: the cattle
prod is a very powerful melee weapon, but using it to tap a wall and lure a
guard is not advised - it makes a loud noise and will alert nearby guards to
your exact location, just like firing a gun from the shadows).  Now leave the
shadows and head right, then left between the first two storage units.  Another
watchdog will walk by; kill him when you get the opportunity.  New watchdogs
may also enter the area periodically; you'll know when they do because they'll
set off the metal detector at the entrance (if carrying a metal object like the
cattle prod or crowbar, you'll similarly set off the detector and alert nearby
hunters if you walk throught it).

Go to the far right corner of the storage area (from the entrance, that is) and
open the shutter there, along the right wall.  Go left and crawl through the
hole in the wall.  Quickly open the front shutter on the first storage unit to
your right and duck into the shadows inside (opening shutters is loud).  Wait
for any passing watchdogs to leave/be killed by you (also note another
environmental kill - this one is on the far side of the second storage unit, a
rope attached to a pulley) and exit the storage unit the way you came in.  Turn
right and open the front shutter on the second storage unit, then the one at
the end of the room (directly across from the hole you crawled through).  Go
forward and open another shutter and then go through to the next area (keep an
eye out for the watchdogs).  You'll see a fenced area to your left; walk around
it and grab the gas can.  Now walk back to the second storage unit you opened
after you crawled through the hole (the one with the rope and pulley on the
outside) and light up the files inside to finish the episode.

EPISODE 11: ORIGINS						       {origin}

Pick up the watchdog body in the starting area and position it near the corner
of the corrugated roof in front of you (slightly away from the corner, near the
opposite wall).  Now grab a brick from beside the dumpster, climb up the
dumpster to the right and onto the roof itself.  Grab the shard of glass and
move to the corner of the roof, above the corpse you just moved (see where this
is going yet?).  Throw your brick at the body and equip your glass shard.  A
watchdog will come outside, see the body, and predictably walk up to it to
lament his friend's untimely demise.  Take this opportunity to put him out of
his misery with a jump-kill.

Unfortunately, both of these watchdogs are unarmed so you'll have to get
yourself a proper weapon.  Go up the steps and inside the building.  Open the
lockers to your left and you'll find a cattle prod.  Now approach the door on
the opposite wall.  Wait a few seconds before you go through it.  When you do,
quickly step forward into the shadows of the pillar there.  Hopefully no
hunters see you enter - if they do, you may have to sprint back outside and try
to hide, there are 3 watchdogs in the grand hall here so straight-up fighting
may not be wise.  Around the hall you'll notice several other pillars like the
one you're hiding behind.  You can move quickly from shadow to shadow but be
careful that you're not spotted.  You can throw an item into the right corner
and lure a hunter over (then you can use this this guy's corpse as another
lure); there are also two fire extinguishers on the bottom floor (one on each
long wall) that you can use for environmental kills.  One of the hunters is
carrying a crowbar, be sure to grab it.

On the bottom level, go behind the stairs to one of the doors and turn right.
Go down the hallway and down the stairs to the veterinary lab.  Unfortunately,
the doors are locked and you'll have to find another way in.  On top of the
steps, jump over the balcony and onto the vent.  Use your crowbar to open the
grate on top and crawl in.  Now crawl through the vents until you get to the
exit (there's really only one way to go) and drop down into a small room filled
with cages.  There's some shadows to your left you can get in if you like, but
you're probably going to have to do some dashing.  There's a dog in a carrying
case in the middle of the room and the slightest step anywhere will set him off
barking, alerting the two guards in this area.  There really isn't any way I
could find to get by the case without alerting the dog - you're going to have
to either stand and fight the guards (not recommended) or sprint past them and
hide.  One of them is carrying a handsaw and the other has a tranq gun, so
fighting them will be tough.

If you decide to run and hide, leave the dog room through the right doorway and
immediately turn left.  Go through two sets of double doors and get into the
shadows to your right.  If you were quick about it, you should have been able
to give the guards the slip.  They may come investigate the shadows you're in
and you'll have to do a button press.  Right in front of you you'll notice a
tank with vapor coming out of it - it's an environmental kill.  Use it when an
investigating guard turns around.  Kill his buddy when you get the chance
(these are the only two bad guys in this area so you can take your time
stalking) and take the saw from the one dressed in green.  Use his saw to cut
off his head, and use the head to open the locked door in the main hallway.

In the next area, go through the doorway to your right and hide in the shadows
under the stairs.  A watchdog will come downstairs; kill him as he walks by
(alternatively, you can hug the wall near the doorway and use your saw to slice
his head off when he comes through).  Take his shotgun and go upstairs.  Turn
right and duck behind the low refrigerator in front of you.  Blast the three
watchdogs that come and continue down the hallway to the left (there are pills
in the lockers to your left if you need them).  Go down the next hallway and
turn right - there are two hunters here, shoot them.  Go to the left door at
the end of the hall and up the steps.  Turn left at the top and go through the
door.  You'll find yourself in a large room with steps down both sides - go
down and head through the door on the right.  Go down the halls and up the
steps and there'll be a cutscene.

You'll find yourself in another room, weaponless, with a watchdog standing
guard over you.  After a few seconds he'll be called over to the doorway on the
right.  Now's your chance!  Move forward and grab the pen beside the bed to the
right, then execute the guard.  Take his shotty and head forward through the
next door.  Quickly turn right and blast the speaker on the wall in the upper
left corner - if you don't shoot it quickly enough, it's game over.

Break the glass on the other side of the room (you can shoot it out, or walk up
and hit it a few times).  Turn right and walk through the door into the
hallway.  Hit the switch on the wall to your right to open the next door, but
don't go through it yet - stand just before the doorway and look for the next
speaker on the next room's far wall.  Shoot it out and then go into the room.
Move to the right and a watchdog will come in - if you're far enough to the
right, he may not notice you and you can execute him.  Another watchdog will
enter this room from the next area.  Quickly dash down the hall, turn left, and
then right into a dead end.  Hug the wall to the right and you'll see the
watchdog come in.  Blast him from around the corner or, if he moves down the
hallway to mourn over the body of his dead colleague, you can serve him a
similar fate.

Go through the door at the end of the room and turn left into the hallway.  Get
down to the end and a watchdog will approach from the right - quickly kill him
and turn left to blast the speaker before it can end your game.  Now go down
the right hallway and make your way back to the projector room.  When you
enter, you only have a few seconds to get this right.  First of all, don't
shoot the doctor or otherwise harm him.  Ignore him and dash up the steps to
the left.  Kill the orderly on the steps (be quick about it so he doesn't shoot
you with his tranq gun) and grab his tranq gun.  From where you're standing you
should be able to target and hit the doctor down on the ground - do it quickly
before he finishes his catchphrase.  One shot and the episode's over.


You start the level in the shadows, facing a window.  Move to the left and bust
out a pane of glass with your hand, then grab the glass shard that falls.  The
noise will lure over a hunter (at least one, actually) who will enter your
sound booth to investigate.  Wait in the shadows near the door for him to enter
and execute him with your shard.  Take his weapon and continue this cycle
(there are 4 watchdogs total, you can kill all of them in this sound booth if
you don't want to stalk around the studio looking for them).  There's also a
fire extinguisher on the far back wall if you're in the mood for an
environmental kill.

When you're finished with these 4, jump through the window in the sound booth
and head straight up to the steps (make sure you grab a throwable item before
you leave the studio - there are several scattered around).  Go up and turn
left at the top, then through the door on the right.  Go right and down the
steps and quickly get into the shadows to the right.  In front of you you'll
see a fuse box - throw something at it and wait for an unsuspecting hunter to
check it out, then fry him.  Get back into the shadows and wait for his buddies
to investigate his smoking corpse, then waste them too (there are 3 total

Now go straight towards the (rather strangely-placed) chain-link fence and go
around it to the left.  Head through the door into the next area and get into
the shadows to the right.  You're in an L-shaped hallway around another studio.
Tap the wall near you and wait for a hunter to come around - the pathfinding is
a little wonky in this area so you may notice the hunter "acting" strangely as
he moves around, just take the first chance you get to kill him.  If you have a
throwable item, toss it down the steps to your left and wait for another hunter
to come around - you can jump-kill him from the top of the steps.

There are two other hunters in the studio who you probably won't be able to
lure into the outer hallway - they're also standing at attention so you might
not be able to surprise/execute them either.  By now you've hopefully picked up
a gun from one of your dead adversaries; blitz the two hunters in the studio
with it.  Grab the crowbar behind the stage and use it to open the padlocked
double doors on the right side of the studio.  Quickly get into the shadows to
the left and turn around.  You'll see a hunter on patrol in the hallway up
ahead - you can either stalk and kill him from these shadows, or move up to the
next pocket of shadows when he turns around and wait for him there.  Either
way, when you're done there'll be another two hunters in the area ahead.  These
two are uncooperative and may not respond to your lures or even have patrol
routes appropriate for a stealth kill, so you may have to just shoot them.

When you're finished with them, head to the end of the room and head down the
steps.  There are three hunters here more or less ready for you, so I'd
recommend just dashing into the room and shooting the first 2.  You can execute
the third one by jumping over the low wall in the middle of the room and then
moving right through the doorway; you may be able to stealth him.  Go back and
grab the crowbar near the lockers and use it to open the next door, down the
hallway to the left.  The next area is a kids' show studio.  In front of you
you'll see what looks like a large transformer, hide behind it (on the right
side) until a hunter moves into your line of sight, then move forward and
execute him when he turns around.  Don't worry about the other hunters in the
studio - they'll stand stock still and probably won't notice you kill their
buddy.  To take care of them, move to the right and up the hallway.  Go down to
the end and turn left through the doorway, sneak up and kill the hunter waiting
there.  Now go back into the hall and turn right, then right again and crawl
through the hole near the floor.  Go down the end of the walkway and execute
the oblivious hunter waiting there.

Go forward a few steps after this hunter and crawl through the hole in the
wall.  Move forward quickly and take cover behind the low wall in front of you.
Two rednecks will enter and open fire; shoot them all and move into the
hallway to the left to get their friend too.  Grab the crowbar in the small
storeroom on the left and use it to open the door at the end of the hallway
here.  Go through and get into the shadows behind the stack of crates to the
right.  Kill the hunter patrolling in the corridor and take his SMG.  Now move
up the corridor until you see some large recording equipment - there's a hunter
"hiding" between two of them (if you just move right, you can see and then
execute the poorly hidden hunter).

After you waste this guy, another hunter may jump you from the corridor to the
right.  If he does, take cover against the recording equipment and wait for him
to wander into your line of fire.  You can also dash back to the shadows behind
the crates and make him follow you if you'd like to execute him.  When you're
ready, head into the next area, which is a large Western-themed studio.  Open
fire as soon as you see bad guys - there's no sense creeping around in here
because there's too many hunters, not enough places to hide, and the studio
itself is working against you (lights will fall from the ceiling when you walk
in certain places, alerting the hunters to your position).  Stay at a distance
from the hunters if you can, they're packing powerful assault rifles which hurt
but thankfully these rednecks are terrible shots.  There are 5 of them
scattered around the studio, as soon as you kill one with an assault rifle,
grab the rifle and use it on his friends.  When you're finished with them,
double back and grab your crowbar from the corridor with the recording
equipment; you'll need it to open the door behind the sound booth and get into
the next area.

The next area is a parking garage and there are 6 or 7 hunters here waiting for
you to enter.  Don't bother sneaking, just open up with your assault rifle.  If
you find yourself running low on ammo, move forward and collect some from your
slain opponents.  After you kill all of them, the episode is over.

EPISODE 13: ALTERED STATE						{alter}

In this level you start with an assault rifle and a clip's worth of ammo (30
bullets).  Go straight up the path and get into the shadows to the left when
you see them.  Continue up the path until you see a large spotlight assembly
next to a hut on the right.  A hunter will be walking around this area - when
he turns around to walk behind the hut, sidle over and kill him (you can
execute him with your assault rifle or pick up the garrote near the light if
you want to do it quietly).  Quickly get into the shadows in front of you,
don't worry about the body.  If anyone spots it, you'll be able to quickly
dispatch them from the shadows.  The rest of the hunters in this area are
carrying crossbows, which are great weapons.  They have high damage and a
scope, and are much quieter than conventional firearms.

When you get your hands on a crossbow, you can use it to quickly wreak havoc on
the rest of the hunters in the area.  Get into the church across the path from
the spotlight where you killed the first hunter.  Inside is the crowbar you'll
need to get into the next area.  As soon as you grab it, several more hunters
will enter the area and actively hunt you.  Dash outside through one of the
windows and get into some shadows (the pocket near the spotlight is a good
choice).  From here, move forward and to the right in the shadows and you'll
see a large pipe ahead.  Snipe out all the hunters nearby and make your way to
the pipe.  Run up onto it and use your crowbar to open the grate.  Get inside
and make your way to the end of the tunnel - there's a pocket of shadows near
the end.  Snipe the hunter patrolling near you and then scope out the path he
was walking on.  There are several hunters at the far end waiting for you - you
can kill them with your crossbow or dash up the path and into some shadows near
the barn if you'd like to do your killing up close and personal.

There are several hay bales scattered around in this area, giving you ample
darkness to work from.  Pick off your opponents one by one by following them
around the maze of hay.  There's an environmental kill on the right wall you
can use, although luring an enemy to it may be difficult (they don't seem to
want to pathfind properly around here).  When you're finished with everyone,
get your crossbow out and use to shoot down the large crate on the left wall of
the barn (target the rope).  Use the crate to climb up into the barn.

Once inside, climb up into the culvert in front of you and wait for a hunter to
patrol nearby; you can jump-kill him from this vantage point.  Tap on the wall
near you to lure a few more hunters nearby.  Now jump down and head left around
the corner; you'll see some more shadows near a fence that you can hide in.
Continue to stalk the remaining hunters in this room (there are 4 total); you
can also use the barrel nearby for an environmental kill.  When you're
finished, go up the steps in the back of the barn.

There are three more hunters here.  If you're quick, you can move forward and
execute the first one before he turns around (his buddy might catch you in the
act though, so you might want to lure him back toward the steps).  You can also
climb up and over the crates to the left and use them to get the jump on the
remaining hunters (there's another one walking to the left from the top of the
crates - throw something to lure him over).  When you're done, jump down from
the crates and go through the door to your left.  Go down the steps and into
the next area.  Run up the path and duck behind the low wall around the corner
to the right.  Up at the top of the incline are several hunters waiting for
you; quickly snipe them before they snipe you.  Run up to the top of the hill
and get next to the hut on your right for cover.  There are several hunters on
patrol, including a couple in the house, one on each floor (the one on the
second floor is particularly conspicuous).  Now go inside the house and make
your way to the back, through the room to the right - keep your eyes peeled for
hunters as you go, there may be one or two you haven't shot.

In the back room of the house, jump out of the window and go into the shack
ahead.  Jump through the window here as well and run quickly into the shadows
in the shack ahead.  A hunter will enter and take a look around - execute him
when he turns his back.  Exit the shack through the door he came in and turn
right.  You'll see another shack with a hunter in it.  Wait until he turns
around to go further into the shack, then move forward and waste him.  Go
forward into the next area, a big outdoor area with several small buildings and
hay bales.  Go around the left side of the house in front of you and kill the
guy standing guard at the back, then get your crossbow out and snipe the guy on
the second floor of the large, open-air building at the other end of the area.
Move towards the building and a scripted invasion will take place - six hunters
will enter the area and the gate you entered through will shut.  Run back to
the small house and get into the shadows.  Use the house to snipe enemies from,
and when they get nearby, you can exit the shadows and execute them.  You can
also run to the big building and snipe out the hunters from the top (don't
worry, you're a much better shot than they are) - you can get up there by
climbing the hay bales or by running up the covered ramp to the right.  After
you've wasted these 6, another 4 will enter - rely on your crossbow to quickly
take them all out (don't let them gang up on you, keep them at range).

When you're finished with all the hunters, get to the top of the big building
and turn the crank on the wall near the large window.  It will open the door to
the right; go through it to complete the episode.


Move forward down the alley, make sure you grab a can along the way.  Climb
over the wall and get into the shadows to the right (don't worry about the
voices inside the house).  Up ahead you'll see a cop walking around with a
flashlight in a backyard - don't worry about him for now; instead go down the
alley to your right to this house's front yard.  You'll see a street and
several more police officers wandering around, as well as a chopper above.
This is where it gets tricky - you need to get into the garage to your left to
get a weapon, but you can't be spotted by any cops.  Watch them in their patrol
routes and dash over when you see an opening.  You can also throw your can
across the street and a few of the cops may investigate.  Don't worry about the
chopper - it's focusing its attention on the street itself, everything else is
out of its line of sight.

Once you get to the garage, open it with the switch on the wall and quickly get
inside.  On the back wall is a chest - open it to get some hedge trimmers.
Now that you're armed, you can take the fight to your enemies.  When the coast
is clear, leave the garage and turn left.  Go down the alley and get into the
shadows to the left, along the house.  There's a cop around here, follow and
kill him when you get the chance.  Go down the alley and turn left and you'll
see the first cop, the one with the flashlight.  It's much more difficult to
execute him because of his flashlight - I'd recommend luring him to the far
right corner, and you'll have plenty of time to get into position behind him
for the kill.

Head back into the main street and start picking off the cops one by one.  You
can use the manhole behind the large delivery truck for an environmental kill/
easily hidden body, but be careful not to get spotted by the chopper.  All of
the houses have shadows around and it shouldn't be too difficult to execute the
3 or 4 cops wandering around.  Be careful not to get too close to any cars,
however - some of them have alarms that will go off and alert nearby cops to
your presence.  When you're done with the cops, go in the garage across from
the alley you came to the street on.  The wire cutters you're looking for are
in the chest inside.  When you've got them, leave the garage and turn left.  Go
down the street (to the left) one house and turn left into the alleys.  You'll
see a chain-link fence; cut through it with your tool and go through.

The cops are on to you now.  Sprint left to the end of the alley and then turn
right.  Climb over the wall and onto the street.  Sprint left down the street
and keep your eyes peeled for a dumpster against a wall; jump over it.  On the
other side, run to the next fence and jump over, and then one more time.

You have some breathing room now.  Get into the shadows to the right and you'll
watch several cops run by.  Stalk and execute the rear one, then make a noise
in the area to lure the next cop over.  Hide in the shadows and execute him
first chance you get.  Grab one of their shotguns, and head to the next area.
You'll come out onto another street, this time with cops all over the left end
in a large barricaded area.  You have no choice but to run the blockade - if
you try to fight, more cops will replace the ones you kill.  Get to the right
side of the street and dash past the blockade.  You'll see a fence in front of
you, jump over it to safety.

Get in the shadows and wait for two cops to approach your position.  Toss an
item to the left to waste the first one; then wait for his friend to spot the
body and kill him too.  Head right around the corner and go to the next area;
a kind of stone patio.  Hop over the fence to the left to another backyard,
this one with a pool in it and 4 cops wandering around.  Get in the shadows to
your right and plot your next move.  The cops are moving in overlapping patrol
routes so it will be difficult to sneak up on any one of them individually
without the others seeing.  You could go in guns blazing, but they all carry
shotguns and you'd be grotesquely outnumbered.  I'd recommend making a noise
near the shadows and luring the closest cop over.  Execute or simply blast him
and wait for his buddies to run over (you can hop back over the fence to the
previous area if you need to - the cops won't follow, and will eventually
return to their patrol routes).  After you've killed one or two, you can go
into the shadows to the right (near the tree, around the back of the house) or
even into the pool itself, which has lots of shadows (be careful, the cops
sometimes go into the pool).

When you've killed all the cops, hop up onto the dumpster near the pool and
climb over the fence.  Go up to the next fence and climb over it, then into the
house in front of you to complete the episode.

EPISODE 15: PERSONALITY CLASH					       {person}

You start out in a large, labryinthine cemetery.  Your goal is to kill your
enemy, who is wandering around the cemetery trying to kill you.  Run forward
into the small archway and look for a syringe on the other side.  When you've
got it, get into some shadows anywhere and wait for you-know-who to walk by.
He talks a lot so you should hear him before you see him; when he walks by jump
out and execute him.  You'll have to do this three times total, there are other
syringes scattered around the cemetery.  Just move from shadow to shadow until
you have a good position.  If he spots you, sprint around the graveyard from
shadow to shadow until you lose him.

When's dead for the third time, take the crowbar he drops and head to the far
left corner of the maze (from the entrance).  There's a door here with a
padlock on it, use your crowbar to open it.  Go inside the crypt and into the
second alcove in front of you, from the right.  There's a watchdog on patrol
around here; he'll move to just in front of your alcove and then turn around
and walk back down the right hallway.  Execute him when he turns around.  His
buddy down the hallway may see you, but if he does just turn and dash back into
your alcove and wait for him to walk back down the hallway.  Here's a little
diagram of the crypt interior:

	|	|
	|	> Exit
	|   WD	|
	|   \/	|
	|	|
  ______|	|	
  |		|
  |		|
  |______	|
	|	|
	|	|________________
	|   /\	|  	|	|
	|   WD	|  HS	|	|
	|			|
	|		 	|
	|			|
	|			|
	|	|		|
	|_______|_______ /\ ____|

WD = Watchdog
HS = Hiding spot

When you're done with these two, go down the hallway and turn right through the
door at the end.  You'll find yourself in another cemetery maze, this one with
two watchdogs wandering around.  Move up a little bit and to the right; the
nearest watchdog will walk to the left away from you, quickly stalk and execute
him.  The other one is more to the left and may not see his partner's body, so
just get into some shadows and wait for him to walk by.  When you're ready, go
straight across from the entrance and you'll see a large hole in the far wall.
Go through it into the next area and you'll have 2 more hunters to kill, in
another maze-like area.  Move left into the shadows before you get spotted and
wait for one of them to approach you.  One of them is carrying a flare gun and
another is carrying a tranq gun, so it's imperative that you don't get ambushed
(one of the benefits of the flare gun is that the guy carrying it can burn
himself if he fires it too close to a wall - if he spots you, turn a corner
near him and he may just kill himself).

When you kill the first one, take his gun if you want and move up to the small
archway in the middle of the cemetery.  Get into the shadows and wait - the
other one will patrol around the archway eventually.  When you're done with
these two, go to the far right corner (from the entrance) and you'll see a
doorway emanating light in a big patch of shadow.  Go through the doorway and
pry open the grate inside (there's a crowbar behind this small building if you
need one).  Go down and through the door, then get into the shadows to your
left.  There are two hallways in this area, one stretching out in front of you
and the other to the right, running parallel to it.  The exit is at the end of
the right hall, but it's locked - you'll need to kill 6 (of the 9) watchdogs
patrolling the hallways.  Here's an incredibly simplified diagram:

|	|||||||||	> Exit
|	|||||||||	|
|	|||||||||	|
|	|||||||||	|
|	||SSSSS||	|
|	||     ||	|
|			|
|	|||||||||	|
|	|||||||||	|
|	|||||||||	|
|S     S|||||||||	|
|S     S|||||||||SSSSSSS|

S = Shadows

Notice the alcove in the middle of the wall between the two long hallways - it
has some shadows in it and is a good spot to work from.  From the entrance, tap
the wall near you and wait for a hunter to approach.  Kill him and do the same
thing again (the bodies will disappear, so you can't use them as bait).  The
second or third watchdog you kill should be carrying an assault rifle - you can
go Rambo on the rest of the hunters with it if you like, otherwise just keep
luring enemies over one at a time.  Be careful not to move forward out of the
shadows too much or a hunter in the right hall may notice you.  When you've
killed 6, the exit will open, you can just dash out if you don't want to tangle
with the other 3 hunters.  Try to get as much assault rifle ammo as you can
before you leave this area, it will make the next area considerably easier.

Once outside, you're instructed to pick up a corpse and carry it to a grave.
The corpse in question is ahead of you and a little bit to the left.  There
will be several enemies patrolling the area.  Don't bother trying to clear them
out before you start corpse-hauling; they will continuously respawn.  Grab the
corpse and walk straight and a little bit to the right until you get to a large
gate.  Drop the corpse in front of the gate.  If you get spotted and
subsequently attacked by any of the enemies in the area, drop the corpse and
open fire with your assault rifle, then pick up the corpse again and continue
on your merry way.  Once you drop it off at the gate (grab the crowbar to the
left of the gate if you don't have one on you), turn right and go down the
path, then turn left at the end.  Go down this path and over the low wall to
your left.  Move forward and left to the gate and open it with your crowbar.
Grab the corpse you left on the other side and carry through the gate to the
far wall.  Go through the gate (you don't need your crowbar for this one, just
walk through), turn left, and deposit your cargo in the open grave in front of
the large statue.  When you do, the episode is complete.


You start in a small cell.  Walk forward and hug the small wall to your right.
Tap on the wall and a goon will enter.  He'll walk by you and stand near the
water barrel, use it to kill him with.  Take his pistol and tap on the nearby
wall again to lure another goon.  Execute him with your pistol and head through
the (now open) gate into the next area.  Go under the arches to your right and
walk forward until you get to a large cask.  Tap on it and move backwards into
the patch of shadows.  Wait for a hunter to investigate, then execute him.  You
can do this again to kill the second hunter wandering around this area
(although it might get complicated he sees his buddy's body, you may want to
move it first).

There are two ways to get into the next area: go forward (from the cell gate),
turn right, then left, then left again, then turn right and hug the doorframe;
or turn right after the cask and down the wide hallways.  I'd recommend the
first method.  Tap the doorframe you're hugging and blast the hunter when he
comes near.  There are two more hunters in this room, they're staionary so you
will have to just run-and-gun.  At the end of the room go up the steps and
through the door, then turn left.  Go down the hall and an inmate will jump you
from the next room (scripted encounter, be ready).  Shoot him and turn left and
go into the next room.  Duck behind the pool table and open fire on the 4
inmates in this room.  When you're finished, be sure to grab their SMGs and go
to the end of the room and turn right.  In this small room there is a locked
door on the left side; the crowbar you need to open it is in a chest to the
right (make sure you get your gun before you leave).

Move forward quickly into the room and blast the guy in front of you, behind
the cabinets.  Hop over the cabinets and take cover on the other side of them
to exchange fire with the two goons in the room to your left who have probably
flanked you.  When they're dead, grab their assault rifles and go through the
door opposite the one you came in (there's pills in the room to the left if you
need them, inside the armoire) and take cover behind the cabinet in front of
you.  Five inmates will dash in through the door on the right; shoot them all.
Go through the door and take cover on the cabinet in front of you.  Tap the
cabinet and two goons will enter through the door in front of you; kill them
both and go into the next area.  Take cover on the doorway and lean into the
room; you should be able to kill one of the three inmates inside from here.
After you shoot him, quickly run in and take cover on the first pillar, then
lean out and shoot the other two inmates.

The next area is a little trickier because it's kind of maze-like and you won't
be able to get good cover for more than a few seconds.  It's a library with
several freestanding bookcases.  I'd recommend just running in willy-nilly and
blasting the 4 inmates inside with your assault rifle, although if you like you
can move to the left, take cover behind a bookcase, and exchange fire (just
make sure you don't get flanked by inmates coming around the other side of
the bookcase).  When you're done with all 4 inmates, head through the far door
and go down the hall to your final fight.

Your enemy is partially invisible and tends to appear and disappear around the
room in puffs of flying leaflets.  When you spot him, move around the round
room until you're opposite from him, then take cover on one of the cabinets and
open fire.  You can't target him so you'll have to free-target (press Up on the
D-Pad).  Whenever you hit him, the display will glow brightly, which can be
disorienting, but continue firing until he disappears.  In between skirmishes
you can grab pills from the center of the room (your enemy drops them too),
but there isn't any ammo - if you run out, you'll have to rely on your bare
fists so try to conserve it if you can.  For his part, the enemy has a gun and
will shoot you but he also likes to get up close and personal and duke it out -
if he does so, just step back and open fire.

This guy has quite a bit of health, but continue to shoot/hit him and
eventually he will go down.  Congratulations!

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