Question from kvogler

Asked: 6 years ago

Is it possible to download new songs onto Guitar Hero 3 on Wii?

Is there anyway to expand the song lists on GH3 on Wii. I see other players on You Tube with songs that are not available to me.

Is there a downloadable solution and if so, how is it done>

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From: Vidy_ogamasta 6 years ago


Either they made a custom song using a PC version of the game, have a hacked playstation 2 that can play custom discs, or have a hacked Wii.

I would not recommend hacking your Wii, because if you have updated your system or ever will update it, then if your Wii is hacked, it will become a brick upon updating. Useless, won't work. Hacking a PS2 is different, but the timing window for hitting notes is smaller (due to the fact that it's a GH2 hack, I'm not sure if a GH3 is available). However, I do not know the process, and even if I did, I couldn't tell you. Explaining that stuff is against the Terms and Conditions or w/e.

GH4 will have a custon songs option, however. But it will only be able to have like 1200 notes and be 5min long 0_o

Anyways, hope I helped =P

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People are just hacking there Wii.

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Unfortunately, no unless you want to lock your Wii so there is no more warrenty and you can't play games. Those people on youtube must have the computer version or are very very good at hacks.

GH4 will have that option though.

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No. You might either be seeing GH3 for XBOX360, or PS3, or people hacking their Wii to play their own songs. You can't play other games, and no warrenty either. Most people hack on GH2, not GH3. I would suggest not doing it.
But, GH4 will have a music studio where you can create your own songs, upload other people's songs, and it will have DLC.
Just wait for GH4 to create your own songs, or get more.

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N, but in WT you can.

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No, people are hacking their discs and wii and are creating or downloading songs.

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No. DLC on the Wii is impossible. Either the other songs are hacks or something else.

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