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Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution Special Jutsu FAQ


Welcome to this Naruto: CON Revolution FAQ on the various special in-game 
jutsus. In this FAQ I will tell you about all the special jutsus used in this 
game and how to initiate them and possibly power them up.

2) Controls

On the Wiimote: Activation of Jutsu: Right on the D-Pad 
Power-up motions: Move the Wiimote/nunchuck as specified on screen
On the GCN Controller: Activation of Jutsu: X Button

3)Jutsu (by character)

3.1) Naruto Uzumaki

Regular special: Uzumaki Barrage: Naruto makes Shadow Clones that 
launch the opponent upwards with a series of kicks and then another 
clones leaps up and slams the opponent into the ground with a final 
kick. A fairly powerful special. This is a strike-based special, meaning 
that once you hit either right or X, depending on your controller, 
you must connect with an initial strike before the attack will activate. 
This is the case in most specials.

Crisis Special: Rasengan: Naruto makes one clone who helps him
 charge the chakra around him into a very destructive ball. One of 
the more powerful specials. Strike-based.

Crisis Alternate: Nine-Tailed Berserker: After activating the chakra 
of the Nine-tailed Fox by pressing down on the analog stick while 
pressing the jutsu activation button wait for your chakra bar to fill 
again before tapping the jutsu button and going nuts on your 
opponent. Strike-based.

3.2) Sakura Haruno

Regular Special: Inner Sakura: Sakura summons her inner-self to 
pummel her opponent. Strike-based.

Crisis Special: Super Inner Sakura: As the saying goes, hell hath no fury 
like a woman scorned, and while you haven't scorned her you've really 
ticked Sakura off at this point and you better hope this doesn't connect. 

3.3) Might Guy

Regular Special: Youthful Embrace: Guy knocks you halfway across the 
arena and then hugs you and breaks your spine in the process. 

Crisis Special: Leaf Youthful Lotus: This is only useable if you've opened 
the Gate of Rest by pressing down on the analog stick as you hit the 
jutsu button. Then just hit the jutsu button again when your chakra's 
maxed out. Guy will then perform the Lotus. Strike-based.

3.4) Kakashi Hatake

Regular Special: Lightning Blade: A sick jutsu and one that you need to 
charge to have any real impact by holding down the jutsu button. The 
longer you charge the farther you go, but only in a straight line. One 
of the first non strike-based specials all you have to do here is connect.

Regular Alternate: Lightning Blade Strike: To do this truly mean special 
you must first have Kakashi's sharingan activated by pressing down and 
the jutsu button. After that just hit the regular jutsu button when you 
have max chakra and wwatch the pain unfold. Strike-based.

Counter: Copy Jutsu: First activate the Sharingan then wait for the 
opponent to attempt a jutsu. Hit Back and strong attack and if done 
properly Kakashi will take their jutsu and use it for his own. Beware that 
this only works with certain jutsus though.

3.5) Hinata Hyuga

Regular Special: 8 Trigrams Palm: Hinata unleashes a series of chakra 
fueled blows and finishes with a pummeling of chakra. Strike-based.

Crisis Counter: 8 Trigrams Spirit Palm: Hit down and the jutsu button when
Hinata has a full chakra bar to put Hinata in a counter stance. If the
opponent would connect on an attack Hinata grabs their arm flips them
into the air and then drills them with a chakra-infused palm as they
come down.

3.6) Tenten

Regular Special: Rising Twin Dragons: Tenten slams two scrolls into the
ground and then rises into the air with them and unleashes a barrage 
of various throwing weapons onto the foe. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Rising Dragon Dance: Jump into the air and hit the 
jutsu button when you have at least three circles worth of chakra or 
just the one in 3-4 player fights and Tenten will unleash a quick 
burst of throwing weapons. Just don't miss.

3.7) Sasuke Uchiha

Regular Special: Lions Barrage: Sasuke begins with an upward kick and
if it connects it launches the opponent into the air and Sasuke follows
him nailing him/her with kick after kick before slamming them into 
the ground with a heel drop. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Phoenix Flower Jutsu: Activate Sasuke's Sharingan 
the same way you do Kakashi's and jump into the air to unleash a 
burst of flame to engulf the opponent. Again you better not miss 
or you'll waste chakra.

Regular Alternate 2: Chidori: Activate Sharingan and begin to charge 
Sasuke's version of Lightning Blade. Works just like Kakashi's.

3.8) Ino Yamanaka

Regular Special: Mind Transfer Jutsu: Ino launches her soul at her opponent 
and if it hits it takes over and she calls out to Asuma while in the new body 
before transferring back to her own body as Asuma rushes in and clobbers 
the still-dazed foe. The soul burst has good range, but only goes in a straight 
line and if it's dodged Ino is very vulnerable for a good moment so be careful.

Crisis Special: Mind Transfer Jutsu-Pummel: The same as above except 
that after Asuma attacks Ino gets in a shot of her own.

3.9) Rock Lee

Regular Special: Primary Lotus: Lee uses a kick to launch the foe into 
the air he then unleashes a bunch of tape to trap the foe and then he 
grabs him and drives him head first into the ground. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Hidden Lotus: Activate the Gate of Life by hitting 
down and Jutsu twice when you have the necessary chakra to activate 
the Gate of Rest followed by the Gate of Life. Afterwards your Chakra 
will quickly rise and your health will quickly drop to the point where 
you can only take one more hit. Once your chakra is maxed you can 
teleport in and nail the foe unexpectedly with a kick to begin this 
different lotus which sees you bounce the opponent around the 
screen like a pinball before using the tape to throw him down 
before reeling back him again hitting him with one final strike. 
Very powerful special that usually only needs to connect once.

3.10) Neji Hyuga

Regular Special: 8 Trigrams 64 Palms: Neji unleashes a series of 
blows to drain your chakra and it starts at 2 hits and doubles till 
it reaches 64. Strike-based and actually not that powerful.

Regular Alternate: 8 Trigrams Palm Rotation: Down and jutsu will 
unleash a bigger than normal field of rotation defense this one 
orange colored. This forcefully repels the foe if it hits.

3.11) Shikamaru Nara

Regular Special: Shadow Possession Jutsu: One of the funnier jutsus to 
watch Shikamaru uses his shadow to force the foe to pull out a big 
shurikan and throw it whereupon Shikamaru does a matrix dodge 
and so does the foe...promptly smacking their head into the 
concrete wall that magically appears behind them. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Shadow Drop Jutsu: Press down and jutsu and Shikamaru 
extends his shadow and if the foe gets caught they get sucked into the 
ground and then fall from the sky onto the ground again. Works on all 
opponents at once in 4 player fights.

3.12) Shino Aburame

Regular Special: Parasitic Insects Justu: Shino transforms into a bunch 
of bugs before reforming behind the opponent and then knocking them 
to the ground where another swarm of bugs attacks. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Insect Pillar: Down and jutsu sees Shino become 
a bug swarm again and move towards the opponent where he unleases 
a literal bug pillar from underneath them.

3.13) Tsunade

Regular Special: Legendary Heel Drop: Tsunade hits you, you double 
over in pain, she then slams her heel into you and the ground breaking 
the ground underneath. Ouch. Strike-based.

Crisis Special: Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration: Down and jutsu and a 
connecting initital strike will allow Tsunade to slowly regain health! 

3.14) Jiraiya

Regular Special: Summoning Jutsu-Fire Style: Toad Flame Bombs: Jiraiya jumps 
onto a kind of big toad and they unleash a fireblast on you. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Summoning Jutsu-Bring Down the House the Jutsu: A giant 
toad with a house on its back erupts from the ground to hit you. Good range.

3.15) Itachi Uchiha

Regular Special: Tsukuyomi: Itachi uses his Mangekyo Sharingan to 
put you into a different dimension and stab you. Strike-based.

Counter: Clone Explosion: Down and jutsu button as a counter to an 
enemy's attack will see Itachi quickly summon a clone that blows up 
for good damage. Try to avoid getting hit with this as best you can.

3.16) Gaara

Regular Special: Sand Coffin/Sand Burial: Gaara extends a set of sand 
hands which if they catch you wrap you up in the Sand Coffin. The 
Sand Burial comes when Gaara commands the sand to crush your body. 
The range of the hands is okay, but they do have to connect to do 
anything. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Shukaku, the Sand Spirit: Down and jutsu button will
envelope Gaara in a sand sphere for a moment protecting him from
attacks before launching out an arm of Shukaku to attack the foe.

3.17) Temari

Regular Special: Wind Scythe Jutsu: Temari unleashes a whirlwind with
good range and if you get hit there's nothing you can do. It picks you
up into the air and the wind rapidly and repeaedly slices you before you
fall spine first onto Temari's metal fan. An amazing special that's hard
not to hit with. Strike-based though because the wind must hit and it
can miss on occasion.

Regular Alternate: Ninja Art: Hurricane: Jump into the air and hit the
jutsu button and Temari will unleash a series of tornados and if the
first one hits they all do.

3.18) Orochimaru

Regular Special: Five-Pronged Seal: Orochimaru uses his nasty snake
tongue to choke you, slam you into the ground, and then hold you
still while he applies the seal which drains and seals off your chakra
for a bit. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Snake Sword: Down and jutsu makes Orochimaru
open his mouth from which protrudes a sword. He then leaps into
the air and dashes for you trying to stab you with the mouth-sword.

3.19) Kisame Hoshigaki

Regular Special: Shark Skin: Kisame uses the unwrapped part of his sword
to dig into you and lift you up and slam you into the ground. Drains chakra.

Regular Alternate: Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu: Down and jutsu sends
a water form shark across the screen in a medium arc. Good for driving the
opponent back for a moment.

3.20) Kankuro

Regular Special: Puppet Master Jutsu: Kankuro commands his puppet to hug
you Might Guy style and then snap you in half. Strike-based.

Regular Alternate: Puppet Scatter Shot: Down and jutsu allows Crow,
Kankuro's puppet, to unleash a bunch of kunai on the foe. Good as a
surprise attack.

Regular Alternate 2: Puppet Smokescreen: This one isn't in the instruction book,
but it does exist so I gave it a name and put it in here. Jump up and the puppet
follows suit and as you hit the justu button the puppet unleashes a barrage of
smoke balls.   

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