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"NiGHTS! A game that will keep players coming back for more!"

Ahh, where to start....well, as most of you may already know, this game is a sequel to the game released on Sega Saturn over 11 years ago entitled "Nights into Dreams". Well, I've decided to break down the review into different sections to make it easier to read and this way, you can just go to the section you feel you need to read up on to make a decision on whether to get this game or not.

Story 10/10
I really don't want to ruin too much of it but all I'll say is that playing this game makes you feel like you're watching (and controlling) a Disney movie. This game concentrates on 2 characters - Will, whom is a young boy and Helen, a young girl. When you start the game you get to select between the 2 characters and follow them throughout their individual stories. Each character has their own individual levels but one level, which is the same. The story in this game is very lighthearted and also, really touching. Again, I'd rather you play and find out exactly what the story is about because I really don't want to ruin it for anybody.

Sound 9/10
The music in this game is really good and something I would consider "dream-like" (if that makes any sense to you). The music matches each level perfectly, as well as the gameplay through the levels (including boss battles as well). I hear people complain about the voice overs, but in my opinion, the voice acting is quite well done. Sure they could've picked better voices, but I'm very satisfied with what we were given. The sound effects in this game are pretty well done as well (the sound you hear while flying, going through rings, defeating enemies, etc) and does not sound like something that they rushed. On the Wii, NiGHTS in my opinion has the best musical track second to Super Mario Galaxy at the moment.

Visuals 9/10
In my opinion, this is one of the better looking Wii games, The character models for the children during gameplay could use a bit of work though (Will, the boy in the game, appearers to have no eye lids during gameplay lol....good thing you don't seem him TOO much). The environment is one of the most colorful ones I've experienced and the graphics during gameplay seem to fit very well with the game. The colors are vibrant, which makes the environment stand out and give it a feeling of liveliness.

Gameplay 10/10
For those of you who never played the original and know little or nothing about the gameplay, I'll break it down to you. You basically control nights with the control stick (I never tried the wii remote solo controls) and control NiGHTS by pressing up, down, left, or right. You have to go through a series of rings, collect orbs and destroy monsters throughout a level to bring up your overall rank (as well as beat the level as quickly as you can). To destroy enemies, you simply fly into them or preform a Drill Dash which sends NiGHTS drilling through the air at a faster than normal speed piercing into enemies. NiGHTS can also perform a special move called a Paraloop by connecting the glimmering light that trials off of NiGHTS while flying. The Paraloop will distort the space, causing a vacuum of suction (looks like a 3 dimensional black hole) to capture enemies, blue orbs, as well as rescue Nightopians. Bosses on the other hand, have a certain requirement to defeat them. For instance, the first boss requires you to throw him through a series of crystals (don't want to spoil too much but yeah).

Length 8/10
Seeing how I recently bought the game, I can't say how long it'll last in general, but from what I see on the internet, it should last about 10 hours or so. This, of course only means the main game, but replay value is high. I found myself replaying the first level more than 3 times before I moved on to the next. Why replay a level so many times? Well it's addicting for one, and also you're going to want to bring your overall rank up.

Online/ My Dream10/10

This game features an online mode which allows you to visit your friend's "My Dream" world.My Dream is similar to Sonic's "Chao Garden". As you progress through the game, it changes and no 2 My Dream are the same. My World changes depending on the treasures you collect and the flight ability of the A-Life (small creatures in My Dream). You can collect items in levels such as water fountains, TVs, etc. If there are too many Nightmarens (bad guys) in My Dream....they can destroy your property and your My Dream will look more like a nightmare rather than Nightopia. The weather that comes up in your Weather Channel also plays a huge role in your My Dream. For instance, if you live in New York City and the Weather Channel on the Wii menu says that it's snowing in New York City, then it will be snowing in your My Dream world as well (of course this requires an internet connection).

Well, I hope this review helps. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 12/21/07

Game Release: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (US, 12/18/07)

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