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How do I get past (level 5-2)?

how do I get through the door in chapter 5-2

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KXGLSGM answered:

I'm not sure which door you're asking about, so here are the two most likely solutions to your problem:

If you're in the room with the pool of molten iron in the middle: go to the little booth in corner of the room, pull the lever to swing a wrecking ball; repeat this three times and a wall will be destroyed. The door you were trying to use is probably just an enemy spawn from.

If you're in the room with the four soldiers and a table with various papers on it: push the green button on the wall.
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krauser1989 answered:

Or if u in the room with two switches and carrying Ashley. Go near a switch then tell Ashley to wait here and u go to the other switch. Then operate it, u must wait until the red light come to the middle circle then operate. After that, Leon will say "We did it" and u can open the door.
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