Question from Joeamazon

Asked: 6 years ago

Why won't my wii see files downloaded from gamefaqs??

I have no problem copying my game save files from my wii system memory to sd card. I can see them on the card just fine. But this my problem when I download a game save from my pc see's them on the sd card but my wii system does not so I can not copy them to the wii system memory.

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From: eggy32 6 years ago

Be sure to download the right ones, they are region locked just like the games. An NTSC Wii can't read a PAL save file. That might be the problem. Otherwise I can't help.

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Yea, are you in America or Europe/Aus

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In order to be recognised, the save files have to be:

- For the right region
- In the correct folder for the game to which the save files belong

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ok you need to copy the original save file on to the sd card put the save file you downloaded into the Re4B file on your sd card get rid of the file called Data and rename the save file Data and it should show up

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I have a simple answer - don't cheat in the first place. Cheating gives novelty for about 10 minutes, then the game gets boring. Play through it normally, you get a lot more satisfaction is you beat it honestly :)

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