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How do I solve the puzzle in 3-4 with Ashley were she slides the boxes around?


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FoundationFlip2 answered:

Check Berserker's FAQ. It's easily one of the best FAQs I've read and he has a great diagram and description on how to solve the puzzle. I would just tell you how he describes solving it but I'm not sure what his policy is on sharing parts of his FAQ.

Here's the link to his FAQ:

And btw, not trying to get on your case but this should go in the Quest/Puzzle Help section. No biggie though :P
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Kieron97 answered:

This should help you solve it.
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link510 answered:

Just keep trying (it could take a while though). I did it on my own in about 7 minutes. If you can't, most of the FAQ's have the solution in their guides.
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L337_Lunchy answered:

Alright, this part is very troublesome for many people (I've noticed) and I've figured it out. All you have to do is follow these directions EXACTLY and you'll be fine.

(Just select the stone that is in that space and move it once for each step.)
1.Middle row, right side
2.Top row, right side
3.Top row, middle stone
4.Center Stone
5.Middle row, left side
6.Bottom row, left side
7.Bottom row, middle stone
8.Bottom row, right side
9.Middle row, right side
10.Center stone
11.Top row, middle stone
12.Top row, left side
13.Middle row, left side
14.Bottom row, left side
15.Bottom row, middle stone
16.Center stone
17.Middle row, right side

I hope that this helps you out. =] If you have anymore questions, let me know please.
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sergemarlon answered:

Start with the box to the left of the center, [] [] [] and just go around counter clockwise till it's done This one ---> [] []
[] [] [] Cheers!
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RE4everMK answered:

Cmon, close the qstion!
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