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Mini game?

Can anyone please tell me the differance between re4 on ps2,And on wii ? Dose it include the mini games ?And after what levels do i get to unlock differance weapons.Ive played re4 on ps2.But don't know anything about it on wii. Thanks .

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The Wii version is basically the PS2 version with GC graphics, plus the new Wii controls. If you mean for minigames the Mercenaries, Separate Ways and Assignment Ada, yes, they are all in the Wii version. About the weapons, they are the same as the PS2 version. You can unlock the Matilda and the Infinite Rocket Launcher by beating the game, the P.R.L. 412 by beating Pro mode, the Chicago Typewriter by beating Separate Ways and the Handcannon by obtaining 5 stars with all the characters in all the stages in the Mercenaries.
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