Question from jakenlucas

Asked: 3 years ago

Can I change costumes?

I am just wondering if you wear special costumes can you switch to normal costumes at will?

Accepted Answer

From: shomarrou 3 years ago

Nope, you choose at the beginning. Here are your Choices:

Special 1.) Leon's RPD outfit and Ashley's Pop star/country? outfit. (Ashley's is kinda disturbing in my opinion...but that's not the point.)

Special 2.) Leon's suit/Gansta' outfit and Ashley's Armour outfit (She is immune to anything)

Normal...well, you know.

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Submitted Answers


Nope. Once you choose your costume at the start of the game, you're stuck with it for the entire playthrough.

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Sorry but no. Only in the beginning. You must be sure when choosing the costume you want.

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