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Asked: 6 years ago

Is there a way of setting it to 4:3 screen??

I just bought the game and it plays on 16:9 as default. The problem is that my TV is a regular one, it does not support wide screen. Is there any way to set the screen to 4:3? I've looked for it but still haven't found!
Thanks in advance.

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From: Chino_sacto88 6 years ago

I think you should check what greatanubis said and make sure the Wii's setting is in 4:3. Also this resident evil is the first one to use the black areas on the bottom and top of the screen, giving it a "widescreen" effect. You should recheck the TV too. I could be some sort of setting or hardware compability.

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Is the Wii's system setting set to be 4:3? I haven't trying playing on a normal television, but all of my Wii games pick up the video setting from the Wii's system menu. Resident Evil 4 is not quite 16:9 though, so it may be different.

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There is no way to change RE4 to 4:3. Yes, it does suck. I have the same issue. My settings are on 4:3, but unless you have a crappy tv, it'll be fine.

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Why would you even want to change it to 4:3? It's better in widescreen and it doesn't matter whether your TV is widescreen or not.

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It's letter boxed, so even though you have the two black bars across the top and bottom of the screen, its still in 4:3 format. I think that may be what you're seeing.

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Change your settings on the wii.

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Change the screen on the wii options menu, for some reason, some games (RE: Archives, UC, RE4) i have to change the the configuration, or else those black bars appear..hope that helps.

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