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######                                #######               
#     # #   #  ####    ##   #####        #    #    # ###### 
#     #  # #  #    #  #  #  #    #       #    #    # #      
######    #   #      #    # #    #       #    ###### #####  
#   #     #   #  ### ###### #####        #    #    # #      
#    #    #   #    # #    # #   #        #    #    # #      
#     #   #    ####  #    # #    #       #    #    # ###### 
#     #   ##   ##### ##### #      ######     ####  ###### 
#     #  #  #    #     #   #      #         #    # #      
######  #    #   #     #   #      #####     #    # #####  
#     # ######   #     #   #      #         #    # #      
#     # #    #   #     #   #      #         #    # #      
######  #    #   #     #   ###### ######     ####  #      
  # #   #####   ####  #    #  ####  
 #   #  #    # #    # #    # #      
#     # #    # #      #    #  ####  
####### #####  #  ### #    #      # 
#     # #   #  #    # #    # #    # 
#     # #    #  ####   ####   #### 

For the WII.

Version History
  Finished guide.
  Had a strategical 'second opinion' if you will. Switched some things, and
  emphasized others
  Worked out the chinks. Finished guide.
















Hey, thanks for stopping by to read my guide (only to be displayed on
Gamefaqs.com). I hope it helps you in your

quest to Ry-the Gar....whatever that means. Throughout the guide, I will add
little tidbits of either helpful

advice, reminders, or just plain comic relief. (Warning sarcasm used). I placed
some notes to help with the guide

in general, and I also recommend using the search function (Ctrl +F) to find a
specific section of the guide with

the contents as reference. Well, I hope you enjoy the guide. Thanks again.




Here are some general notes to keep in mind while playing the game.

Refer to your map

Sometimes, you may not know where exactly to go, even though you know where to
go. Referring to your map solves

the majority of these problems.

Break everything

You wanna beat the game? Break whatever you can find. Since you can upgrade and
customize your weapons, you'll

want opportunities to do so. Also, with the strategies I may provide, I take
into account that you may not be as

adept at a certain part, or might have needed to try more that one time. With
enough goodies picked up, this

shouldn't be a recurring problem.

Save when possible

Do it. You never can be too careful. Maybe you're just moving a long the path,
maybe there's a boss behind the


Be patient on the more powerful enemies

Some enemies can hit hard, or get you in a less than wanted spot health wise.
Know that when you can block an

enemy's attack, you should, and you can retaliate when you find an opening.
Sometimes, if you haven't got your

items up to snuff, or if the enemies you're facing are just plain strong, this
may take a while. Yeah, you might

not be too keen on patience, but think about it: Starting over always takes

Practice makes perfect

Though you might know what to do in certain points, you may need to get your
feet wet before you feel a costumed.

In this case, don't fret too much. Open up your move pool by breaking
everything you can find that can be broken.

Don't be careless just cause you've faced an enemy before

Yeah....what I said. Sometimes, you may need your health up to even the odds of
success, but being careless,

though you can still beat the enemy without dying, is not recommended, as you
may not have healing items at the









Alright, the start of the game. Walk around and get your bearings. There are a
lot of destructible objects, so try

breaking whatever's possible. The chink sound indicates that something can't be
broken, but most of the stuff here

can be. Break open the barrels, and what ever you come across so that  you'll
be well stocked on goodies, and have

enough Sfaira. Move to the right after the two barrels, and you'll get into
your first battle. There are some

roller enemies that need to be taught a lesson.

Attack them as they come close to you, or run on over to them, either way, the
effect is the same: dead rollers.

After felling the insect foes, head past the newly opened path, breaking
whatever destructibles come your way.

Keep running down the hall till you come up to a save spot. Save and then jump
up the block platforms to proceed.

You're trying to head up the stairs. Now, as you continue on your destructible
object and enemy rampage, head on

over to the far end where you'll notice a conspicuous golden statue. After
breaking it, you'll learn how to slide.

There are ghost foes who aren't entirely happy with your discovery, so take
them out to make yourself feel better.

Refer to your map. Notice the middle area, and the square sticking out of it.
Breaking the wall there reveals a

secret. There'll be a silver statue waiting for you to break it. Doing so will
bring a stat upgrade your way.

Take out any enemies in your path, and don't miss out on the destructibles.
Keep heading down the pathway, and

through the opening in the wall. Sliding is necessary. Keep moving and head on
up the stairs.

Though this next part may seem intimidating, you can simply walk around the
spike traps, since there is walking

space between them. Break all the barrels you come across. There's a switch-a
statue switch, that you'll have to

move. It's down the hall, and after doing so, move back from where you came.

Cyclops bashin': Aw, heck no, Cyclops, where you been, man?

For some reason, the middle walls here like to be broken, so do that to pick up
a stat upgrade by breaking the

silver statue. You'll eventually come across a cyclops. What Greek mythological
game would be complete without

them? Hit him quickly, and stay away from his hammer attacks to make him go
down efficiently.

Head out the door near the statue, and once outside, destroy the statues. Your
reward for doing so will be a Stone

Tablet hidden in a silver statue. There is also a stat upgrade in another
statue that's left of the one with the

tablet. Move along and get ready for some butt whoopin'.

When the foe is formidable, block their attacks, and parry with your own.

Yeah, I know you like smashing, slaughtering, and bashing, but in this battle,
it's best to block your enemy's

attacks, and then unload when he's done. With patience bears success, and so
doing this will ease the battle for

you. There's a small gap for you to enter that will lead you to where you have
to go next.

Save your Ambrosias, my son

Look around for a silver statue. It's in a cell. Inside it you can get some
health from the Ambrosia. Save it for

later, in a more pressing time, not while you are on your statue massacre.

Keep it moving, people, and take out the goons that show up for the part-ay.
Doing so will make the statue switch

movable, and as you're such a kind person....move it.

The cousins of the enemies you just felled would like to have a word with you.
Respond in kind....with violence.

Take them out, and don't forget to break what can be broken. Head down the
hall. Keep moving through to the

entrance, and over to the gap. Move through to the next area, and greet the
enemies before they can greet you.

After beating the baddies up, jump up onto the boxes you'll see, and go
confront the boss. See, this is where

breaking all the breakable objects come into play. Stronger/cheaper enemies
become slightly less menacing, because

you'll be powered up a little. A simple trade off for going out of your way
breaking stuff, no?

Just make sure you save before you hop on the boxes, though.

Boss-Hekatonchieres. Heck a-what, now?

For this boss battle, you'll have a statue unicorn, and two stone giants with
weapons. The easiest way to go about

this battle is to position yourself right outside the range of the enemies'
attack. This is somewhere in the right

of the area, near the enemy's hand. You may have to do some trial and error to
locate it, exactly.

Can't touch this (na na na na)

What you do is attack the hand as it slams your way, then move a little bit
back to prevent taking damage. Simple

strategy, and after a while, you'll go on to the battle's second phase.

Move back to the same spot, and do the same thing over. Whittle away at the
boss' health, and the battle will be

over in no time.

STOP!........Hammer time!

Move over to the main field area, so that you can start breaking up
There's a lot of stuff to beak, and a lot of stuff that CAN be broken. Why miss
out on some nice goodies, when you

can mindlessly break stuff in the process, huh?
It's a win-win situation.

Jump slash to break certain objects, like the columns, if you can't reach them
otherwise. Keep wrecking the

courtyard, and then go up the stairs, of which a silver statue is nearby. It
houses a stone tablet, and is near

the stairs inside.

Save, and then go up the stairs. Drop down the hole on he left, and take out
the rollers. Apparently they just

came back from a family reunion. Show them to the exit so that they can meet up
with their family (beat the crap

out of them), and then move up the stairs. As soon as you approach the next
path, move to the side to get to an

out of the way path that leads to a Sound Chunk of the Future. It's inside a
breakable pot.

Go back and to the next area.

Geryon Hall

Do I need to tell you to mindlessly break the breakable stuff that has been
doing nothing but looking at you

pleadingly while you break it apart? Didn't think so. Do  just that, and then
jump down the stairs.

Another Sound Chunk of the Future is in this area, and there are also columns
with some goodies inside them.

There's a stat upgrade waiting for you in the columns upwards. Go down the main
path, and the move on to the next

area. You'll notice that there's an enemy attempting to pick you off from a

Killing him will bet you a stat upgrade, and after he goes down, move left to
the statue switch. This will open

the main sealed door you saw when you came in. Go through and keep an eye open
for pots, for one of them contains

a Relief of the Future. To me, that sounds like a smart way of saying you want
to let one rip, but in any case,

keep moving.

You're not paying for it, so break whatever you can find

Prancing across the main bridge will result in it collapsing, but it's supposed
to do that. Below are some

rollers. They're loosely related to the ones you took out earlier, so I think
they might have taken a wrong turn

looking for the family reunion room. Either way, the only good roller is a dead
one. So make them dead.

Take the pots out as let go gain another let-one-ripper, as it's located under
the bridge when you're going back

out. Move the statue switch to proceed to the next area.




Move on down, and commence a goody onslaught. Break whatever you can find.
There's a bunch of Wraith ghosts that

want to ask you the weather, but they won't come until you break open the
silver statue and get a Caduseus. Back

track up the stairs and save the game. Break the portion of the wall on the
lower right. That's right it's a


You'll notice some pots near the sealed door near the stairs. This is at the
top. The main goal is to move the

switch statue upstairs. Take the enemies out that hinder you in this manner.
Don't forget the pots. After

unsealing the door, you'll have a Green enemy to contend with.

Hit and run tactics

Hit the knight a couple of times, and then quickly move away when he prepares
to attack. Don't be reckless in this

fight, though if you use the hit and run tactics, you'll be all set.

Your next path is through the unsealed door. To get across the gap, you're
going to have to make a makeshift

bridge by striking the columns. Now, though this is the way to go, you might
want to fall down purposely and beat

up the enemies. The reason being that there is a silver statue and some goodies
down there.

Get past the area, go through the door at the end. There are some more knights,
but they shouldn't be too hard.

The spacing is a little limited this time, though. Move on up the stairs to
fight the red knight. He's the step

brother of the other knight , and as such, they go out the same way.

After taking care of the knights, move on to the save point. Grab the goods,
and prepare.

Boss-Icarus  This dude's a frequent flyer.

Alright, this dude wants to party, so get ready. One thing to take note of is
that when he's glowing red, he's

invincible. Take notice of his attack patterns, but more importantly, the
timing of said patterns.

I say block; you say defend

Block when he attacks, as he really doesn't have any block-piercing blows. Now,
dealing a whole lot of damage

while blocking this boss isn't going to happen. Just make sure you know how
each of his attacks end, so that when

you're done blocking you can get in a few quick hits.

Key word: Few

Don't get greedy, or this dude will punish you. Whenever you get a chance to
hit him, just give him a few quick

hits, nothing more, and then move along and wait for him to attack again. This
tactic may be slow, but he goes

down after not that much damage, so don't worry.

Beat the sucker, and you'll get a Hades Diskarmor. Pretty cool. All those
destructibles from before should at this

point, given you enough to power up your weapon level. And just in case you
haven't, or want to get some more

goodies (highly recommended) you can prance around breaking the destructibles
in the courtyard.

Always try to break stuff. It's the law

It pays dividends to break whatever you can find. After you've had your fill of
destruction, you're going to have

to ignite your Diskarmor. There are purple flames from which you can do this.
Once you've done that, move to the

door to break the seal.

Boss-Sphinx  So is it a mammal...or.....

You'd be a fool to attack the Sphinx straight up. Actually, go ahead. Do
it.....did you? Well if you did, you'll

notice that it's got electricity running through its body. Yeah, that wasn't
very smart of you. What? I told you

to do it? Liar.

Move behind the ....bird, and then attack it. Yeah, it's got heaps of
electricity, but it's not the fastest things

you've ever seen, so that's not a problem. No, the problem lies with the
floating balls of lightning. You can

block them, or if that's not ideal, just avoid them.

Apparently, this Sphinx is booty-licious.
The attack pattern of the Sphinx also includes it shooting thunderbolts at your
from afar. You can slide under

them, and you can also block the next electrical attack. Wait till it comes
down, and kick its butt, quite

literally, actually.

When the Sphinx has had enough of you getting the better of it, it will call
1 800-ATTACK PATTERNS and change things up a bit. It will start to disappear
and then surround you with little

Sphinx dopplegangers. Attack them as they approach with just a couple of hits.
Block soon after.

The Sphinx strategy is the same, due to your infatuation with its booty. When
you take the...cat out, you'll get

another Diskarmor. The Heavenly Diskarmor, to be exact. But wait, theres more!
Destroy the columns, etc. for some

goodies, and prepare for another battle. Be sure to bring your self esteem.

Boss-Sphinx Mask

Apparently, the Sphinx didn't like you harassing it by attacking the posterior,
and so it called its boyfriend to

come kick your B-hind. No matter. Turns out this Sphinx is attracted to
....floating masks...

The Sphinx's mask will shoot thunderbolts at you. You can let the mask to the
destroying this time around by

letting it attack the columns with the lightning attack. For getting past the
attack in general, jump over it, but

not too early.

Attacking this boss is the way to go, but will also result in him teleporting.
You can block the lightning bolt he

sends at you. Just be prepared for its attacks. Keep on the offensive, but jump
at the right times, and the mask

will be one of those sad masks from theater plays.....cause it's dead.

Move back up to the shrine, breakin' stuff, and then move to the main field to
save your game. What to do next you

might ask? Well, now's a good time for some heavenly....some Diskarmorly, and
some upgrady.

Get all the goodies out of the way, and then head to the next area. Knock down
the columns in the next area to

proceed. If you want a stat upgrade -and who doesn't- beat up the warrior bad
guy by your block and knock tactics.

Block when he attacks; unload when he's done

You MAY want to break the pots around here. I won't tell you why, but if you
don't you're not going to be

as.....Sculpture of the Futurely as before. Move the statue switch you'll come
up across and then move on to the

next world when you're done exploring and destructible breaking.




What a beautiful water fall. Move towards it, and break apart the breakable to
retrieve a Sculpture of the Future

from the silver statue. Move underneath the falls. Climb onto the blocks. There
is a statue switch that you have

to move. This is one of the two doors needed to be opened in the room above.

Finding a room that's heavenly, it might be best to just stay there. But...

Head on over to the heaven room by going up the stairs, and then move through
to the next room: the sun room.

There are some breakables here, so get to it. After that, drop down to the
lower area. Go into the room, and move

along the watery path. Move along, and slide down the archs. Take out whatever
comes your way, and beak what ever

you couldn't care if stayed. That rhymes. Once you're done absorbing the poetic
genius of the previous sentence,

move on through to the tower of the sun.

Break the fountain. Don't be afraid to save your game while you're at it.
*Sniff* *sniff*...smell that? Smells

like a trap. In typical trap form, you've got deadly spikes to watch out for.
Now, if you want to live....and I'm

sure you do, beat the hell out of the wall on the far end. I broke it with the
Heavenly Diskarmor by attacking

wildly. Keep breaking your way through the walls. You don't really have time to
waste, but if you don't want to

heed my warnings, then wait. Go on, I dare you.

Move along to the Hall of the Sun. There are some more baddies that want to be
taught how to eat from a straw.

Take them out, and you should get a stat upgrade. Move the statue switch and
move on through the newly opened

door. Go through the heaven room to where the door is.

Keep moving, and you'll eventually be in the Moon room. Go to the level below
and then move on over to the shrine.

Over there's there's the Sea Diskarmor. Pick it up, save, and then move along,
there's nothing else to see here,


Ice ice baby.
The annoying little ice buggers annoy you to the point where you want to take
them out. This annoyance is praised,

since generally taking them out first should make the knights easier. Attack
from a distance, and then get outta


Do so by moving on to the tree platform next to the corner. They glow and lead
to the Sun Room.

In the aforementioned room, the go down to the lower level, since the aquacity
is no longer a factor. Go back to

the spike room of death and break the wall that's broken. A Chunk of the Future
rests peacefully there in a silver


Go down the hallway. Take the dude out with the method you've been using to
take out his brothers. The hit and run

tactic. Move upwards after taking the knight out, through the stairs. There's
an opening in which you can break

apart a silver statue.

Doing so will yield you a Hephaestus Stone. No, Hephaestus, not Hepatitis. It
can be used on your Diskarmors. You

must now light your Diskarmor on fire, namely the sea one. Go down the stairs.
Then avoid the enemies you come

across (confrontation doesn't go well with a lit Diskarmor). Drop the door's
seal, and then head up the stairs

behind it. You have to now go to the upper level.

Payback....it's fun

Since I couldn't fight back momentarily, I went back and beat the living crap
out of the baddies before I

continued. If you'd like to do the same, be my guest.

When you get to the top level, take out the Wraiths and then jump on the stone
platforms. Your destination is the

torch. It's up-away. Use it to light your sea Diskarmor, and then drop the
room's door seal. In order to continue,

you have to break the gold statue, and learn how to grapple. Each time you see
a purple grapple point, you can now

get across thanks to your new move

When you've got enough Sfaira, upgrade your Heavenly Diskarmor.

'Now that I've *grabbed* your attention'. Audience: Augh.

Use your new found glory to get to the silver statue. Don't listen to its
pleads of sparing it. Break it apart!

Inside you'll find a letter. Head back the way you came and then grapple to get
to the other silver statue. Inside

is a Vellum Scroll.

Back in the Moon room, you can now grapple to get to the other side. It's on
the upper floor, and once you get

there, you'll see a lot of ice losers. Sounds *familiar* any one? (Summon a
familiar here, and in other situations

like these)

When everyone's dead, go upside the rocks and save. There's a silver statue
near, beak it for a Vellum Scroll.

You'll now have to go back and light your Sea Diskarmor to get past the door's
seal. Break open the silver statue

and save your game.

Move past to the floating water platforms. Keep moving to the portal, cause
that's where the next boss resides.


Use your ranged attacks on this boss. Impale it with your ranged attacks,
preferably with your Heavenly Diskarmor.

Now this boss uses ice breath attacks, and you should flee whenever you see him
preparing his head for a skull


Make sure your Diskarmor's real strong, cause you need it here, son.

His attacks can go on for a while, so don't be caught moving in at the wrong
time. Quickly attack with ranged

attacks to cut him off from using his ice breath. He can also fire projectiles,
so watch out for them as you

attack him. See, you've got like a timer here, the Cestus will break the ice if
you don't take him out fast


Keep attacking him till he's dead. Be quick about it, but be careful.




You'll have to move to the temple. Save the game and then break down the oblong
columns. There's a Sculpture of

the Future there, and you can also break down the wall to the right. There's
some A-to the brosia there.

Make sure you upgrade your Diskarmors all the way, if you wanna roll with the
big dogs

Now you'll have to move on to the temple. Take out the idiotic foes that come
your way, and the obnoxious knights.

Break down the statue later on to get an Athena Stone. Break down the wall and
get to the Silver Statue. There's

an Ares Stone there.

Move on, and then head up the stairs. You'll have do some gap jumping action by
means of your grapple ability. Do

so, and then break open the Gold Statue. You'll be pleased to find a Hades
Diskarmor move there. Now you can take

out imps in style. Blood shed has never been so stylish. Near the statues,
break the wall to get to the silver


Inside it is a Nemesis Stone. Put it into your Heavenly Diskarmor, and then
move along, breaking the columns you

come across. There is a statue switch there. Save and then move on to the next
area. As you move downwards, break

up all the destructibles, and keep moving to the next room. There is a gold
statue there.

As with all Gold Statues, breaking this one will yield you a new set of moves.
You'll have to get up the stairs

using the new move you obtained: the lift move. Then to get to the silver
statue, use your swing move. Head down

now. To get to the stairs, you'll have to use the life Orb, and then swing onto
the platforms using the swing

orbs. Then get to the statue switch.

Drop the seal on the door, and then take out the knights. Move through when
done, and then move on into the tower.

Break all the destructibles as you move by, and you should get a Sound Chunk of
the Future.

Make sure you're sea Diskarmor's up to snuff.

There's a statue switch that you have to turn. It's located at the end of the
walkway. Jump into the hole and then

move down the tunnel. There are walls that can be broken through as you do
this. This method yields a Sculpture of

the Future and a Stone Tablet.

Grapple your way through the gap, and then break the walls as you move. Keep a
watch, for there'll be a cyclops.

Keep moving while breaking through the walls, and you'll have to move into the
tower. Move through breaking the

destructibles and take out the ghost enemies, along with the cyclops.

Eye for an eye

If you haven't been upgrading your Diskarmors, you may start to have trouble
when taking out multiple enemies with

varied attack patterns. So don't be neglectful in your busting. Head down after
beating them to the far wall, and

then break through whatever can be broken. Move into the other room and turn
the statue switch to proceed. Leave

and head into the other room, the second one. Separate the enemies that you'll
come across.

Make sure the knight isn't too close to you, and when he's not, take the
wraiths out. Then you can take your time

with the knight. Use the usual strategy as opposed to the vortex move you'll
need to use on the wraiths. When

you're done, move on through and you'll come across a letter if you've been
mindful of your mindless wrecking. to

get to the statue switch, you'll have to beak the wall in the out of sight

There are platforms you need to move up to, and then you'll have to swing
across up in the second room to reach

the statue switch. Move into the center of the tower, using the lifts to get up
the gears. You'll now have to move

into the next tower. Move across and destroy some conspicuous barrels. There is
a Tanatos Stone there. Lift up off

to get through the lasers after saving the game, and then hop on from and to
the platforms to get to the next


Use the lift orbs to get past the lasers. Take the cyclops out and get the
Chunk of the Future from the

breakables. Use your sea Diskarmor on the cyclops. Move the statue switch. You
now be in the open. Swing your way

through and then break up whatever you come across. You'll have to light your
Sea Diskarmor and then move to the

next room.

Slip Sliding Away

Jump over the laser, make sure not to slide under them like a rowdy teenager.
There are some enemies you'll have

to take out, so take them out and then turn the switch. Move through to the
center part of the tower and use the

lifts. Save and grapple your way to head around the tower.

Don't move when the blades are still out. Move through past the door and go to
your destination. The statue

switch. Wait for the spinning blade here; take some time to see the pattern.
Then turn the switch and move back

through the previously blocked door. Head out and ka-swing to the other tower.
Break the barrels and the Gold

statue for a new attack.

Sea-D Drive

After getting the Sea Diskarmor attack move to the next room. There are lasers
you'll have to jump past, and

before you start to question how they can be there given the time period, break
down the columns.

Take the stupid imps out, and head on to the next room. There's a Relief of the
Future that you can pick up by

breaking the barrels and then then take out the wraiths. There's also a Black
knight to take out. Take him out,

and turn the statue switch. Head out through the door you now opened and then
run across the bridge

Should the Knight Prove to be a hassle, familiars are at your aid


I love Minotaurs. However, this one, I don't really much care for. Use your Sea
Diskarmor and slide under his

swipe attacks if you move up close and personal to him. Block his attacks, as
most of them can be. Hit the hand

with the sword a couple of times, and then block.

Keep moving to the arm with the sword if you get moved away. Block block block.
Now once you've done enough damage

to this guy, he'll ram you, but the move it predictable. It's not, however,
blockable. Slide out of harms way, as

you'll be able to see the attack coming. Take the Minotaur out, and then head
up the steps. There will be

platforms to move up to, but most of all, you'll be done with the level.




Break up the rocks you come to. Then move on up to the stairs. Save, and then
do the destructibles some justice.

Move along, and then take out the guys that come to you as you fall down. They
shouldn't impede you too much, so

when you're done, head  to the right area, for through the wreckage, you'll
find a Relief of the Future. Keep it

moving, ain't much to see, so then head to the cave. There will be some baddies
to take care of. Obviously, you

shouldn't go near the lava. Don't let them land too many hits on you now, but
when you finish with them, move up

the stairs to though to the mountain. If I have to remind you to break the
breakables, then you've failed me, my


This ain't Goron mountain. This be bustin' country.

The rocks that block your way can be broken, so do just that. But move away
from it to avoid taking damage from

the falling debris. Move along into the next section, and lay waste to the
enemies there. There's a Gold Statue to

get to in there, and destroying it will yield you a new attack. Break apart the
next over sized rocks and then

make your way though. Swing the oncoming roller with the Hades Diskarmor to the
column to get to that side and get

the goodies.

Go back to the right path, and you should break the rocky breakables to get a
Sculpture of the Future. Head down

to where the orange orbs are when you're done, and then knock down the next
column to make a bridge. This should

be done when you're done getting all the goodies in the area. Move into the
blue thingy to continue.

Why won't 'warp' and 'wrap' settle their differences?

Move around to get to the pot. Break it, and head onwards towards the bridge.
Don't forget to beak the breakables.

Move along and as you climb the wall, break the Silver Statue for the Vellum
Scroll. Move along to the top, and

then head along to the lower level. Pick up the upgrade, and then light the
fire on your Sea Diskarmor. Proceed as

usual, and take out the pathetic excuse for an ambush. You can also just rush
past them if you've got the skills.

Head up the stairs to the door. Get through, and then break the pots.

It's a marshmallow pot of destruction.

After than, move along to where the door was blocked, and then keep moving.
You'll know you're getting somewhere

when you get to the lift orb. Head up via it. There will be enemies to take
out, but you should be more than able

to handle them at this point. There's another lift orb that's purpose is to get
you outta there.

Move over to get to the next orbs. Move to the end and then get to the next
orbs. Take out the pre-metamorphosis

bound enemies and ten move through to use the next lift orbs. Don't miss the
pot with the Sound Chunk of the

future, and then move over to the silver statue a few ways away. Get the
upgrade and then get to the top by using

the lift orb. Over there will be a Gold Statue.

Stomping, it's the law

You'll learn a new move that will now make it possible to deal with the stomp
switches. Now move along down and so

just that to get to the next obstacle. Zip line though to the next area and
then move through the stairs. They are

behind the palace. Move through both of them and break the stones for el-

Move to get to the bridge that has a grapple orb. The area should be familiar.
Head through the warp and then

notice the pot. Break it and continue through the main path. Take care of the
switch near the warp and then move

back up to get to the silver statue. There's a Persephone stone there. Go back
to the warp again and then use the

switch. Head along to the orb.

Move along the column and then stomp on the switch. Break open the statue to
obtain the stone that resembles the

name of a sneaker company. To head up through the mountain, use the lift orbs
and then rush past the roller to the

next switch. If you must, you can fight the baddy. Head through the opening you
revealed and get ready for a boss


Boss-Red Boa

Now, I'd say that the Hades Diskarmor is the best choice for this bout. It
should be upgraded at this point, along

with the Aqua. Head into the middle land mass fragment and then the big bad
boss man will pop out to say hello. We

don't take too kindly to salutations, so you'll have to beat him to death.

When the boss comes up from the lava, move under him and unleash a few good
hits. If you are positioned directly

under him, you shouldn't be hit, but do watch not to slip into the molten lava.
Damn, that dragon must have one

helluva tan. That's pretty much all you gotta do here to slay this dragon, but
try your best not to take too much

damage; you'll need all the health you can salvage.

Pick up or beak up whatever you can, and then head up the rock you were
standing next to before. You'll get

outside eventually, but first keep an eye out for the columns, and break them.
Take out the path impeders and then

break the columns you see here as well. Save the game, and proceed into the
dark, dank, ominous cave.

Your level of ominousness may vary


Yeah, you probably could have guessed that there was another boss to battle.
He's half horse, you know. Let's hope

that the horse aspect also includes his brain, since animals are easy to
swindle and overcome....

Except spider monkeys. They're devils.

.......Any way, chase after the boss, and I mean really chase after him-quickly
like. Get to the side and then

attack him from a distance (preferably with eh Disk-to the armor of the
Heavens) and then he'll flee to the other

side. Do the same thing until he's had enough of that, or at least until you
trigger the input command the

developers have instilled in his AI.

I'm a Sagittarius, if that's any concession....no. No I'm not

Now he's going to start running in circles towards the center. Follow him. You
should know how to cut him off in

his route. (circle in closer that he is). He's kind of an archer, so watch out
for his fire arrows. After they've

dropped, and missed you, jump and attack. Time the attack so that he runs right
into it.

Block his attacks when he gets a little more direct in his approach, and just
repeat what you did to deal damage

again. Keep doing this, and my little pony will now go by the name, 'my little

Leave this vile cave and then move down into the hole. Keep it moving, people.
Break the destructibles and you

should pick up a Vellum Scroll on your way. Watch and when you regain control,
brake the column, and then move

into the next cave, situated on the left.

Ugh. I hate caves. Except the bat cave. That cave's awesome.

Move up climbing and head out. Move into the next space and you should get to
the silver statue. Break it will ya?

Off the ledge now, son. Then move along, hopping from the platforms and break
the rock you'll come across. There

should be a Gold Statue waiting for you. Break it, and your Sea Diskarmor will
feel neglected no more.

Now move back up and head through the platforms. Jump to the space on the
right; don't go round the ledge, as it

appears should be the thing to do. Move up the steps into the temple. Warp to

DISCLAIMER- I know where.




Jump from platform to platform. Move over to the zip line and then head down to
the other platforms.    Move

through and break the stone for a Sound Chunk of the Future. The rock at the
end will bring you to a kinda merry-

go-round. Move to the right and break up the rocks, as they seem to be getting
too cocky, sitting there all rocky

and what not... Head out the top of the spinner to get to the next section.
Break the columns.

Round and round and round we go....where we stop? Hell if I know.

Move to the next moving rock, and then swing across when you get to the orb.
Take the zip and then move on the

moving stone to get you to the next section. Move to the right area and then
use the orb to get to the breakable

statue. Break it, get the Ancient Tablet, and then move to the next rock. It'll
come to you.

"Rygar Rygar Rygar, can't you see? Sometimes the rocks just hypnotize me"

Move along the rocky floaters, and then move to the island with oblong columns
sticking out. There will be a cut

scene, and then you'll have to swing to get to the next section. Move along the
top of the stones, and head to the

next moving rocks. Head on the moving rock wheel to get to the next floating
rock, and then it should launch you

to the orb, and then you can move through.

Move inside, and obtain the Vellum scroll by breaking the statue, save when
you're done. Move through and take out

the ineffectual foes.

They can get a little rowdy, but that's what the save process was for

Move though to the temple area when you're done with the guys. Move to the
latch orb after obtaining any necessary

goodies, and then break apart the rocks near it to get the Sound Chunk of the

Move up via the latch, and then swing across. Move to the left before the
steps, and then head down to the area

with the rotating pyramid thingy. Take the knight out, but be careful, since
they aren't necessarily the easiest

enemies you've faced. There's also not an abundance of space.

Pick up the stat upgrade when you take out the knight, and then move to the
next room to break the Gold Statue.

Yup, new move time.

How should we...'tackle' this situation?

You'll now learn the tackle attack. You are now able to move the big heavy
boxes. Move to the water, and then use

the orb to get to another box capable of being tackled. Stand on it when you've
pushed it, and then latch onto the

inconspicuous orb to head over to the floating platform. Move along it to get
to the otehr swing orb.

The orb may be a little hard to find, so scout the area thoroughly

Move to the other orb as you jump across and then land. Move towards the back,
and drop to get the silver statue.

Save the game before you head to tackle (see what I did there?) the boss.


Yup, this dude came back for more. He loved your smart conversation last time
so much that he just had to visit

you again. Don't let him down. Now, here's the thing, you'll know what
Diskarmor to use here by paying attention

to the mist around Icarus. Whatever color it is, DON'T use that corresponding
Diskarmor (sea is blue etc.)

This is the strategy that worked best for me. Stand blocking, and then
counterattack him. When he's vulnerable,

give him a few quick cheap-err...well timed hits. Don't get too cocky; block as
soon as you've landed a small, yet

sufficient amount of hits on him.

There's some attacks that can't be blocked.

Don't get hit by the lightning attack. Move out of the way, as opposed to
blocking. Also, evade the attack he uses

when he tosses, then catches his blades. You can immediately hit him after he
comes crashing down, if you block

before though.

Hit, block, and attack, and block, and hit, and block. Yeah, feel the burn?
Repeat the pattern, and ol' party crasher should be over and out soon. For good
this time. Break up all the

destructibles and then tackle the tackle able box at the height of the stairs
to move on through. Peace.


Watch the boss' attack pattern. Take note of the glow before they spit fire.
Put on the Hades Diskarmor, will you?

Also, when the enemy sweeps at you and you are not out of reach, slide down
through and then attack as usual. Head

to either side of the playing field, and then jump attack the head that comes
down to you. When it hides its head

down after taking too many hits, move to the next one and do the same thing.
Slide away from the fireballs, and

try not to get touched by the molten not-goodness.

Two heads are better than one. But if you don't have a brain, don't expect a

Take the heads out from the ends of the field first, and then work your way
down in the middle. Why? Because I

said so.

Translation: 'I said so'= Failure to do so can result in unnecessary difficulty

Running from one end to the other, taking out the heads that are last in line
is what I did, and it proved

helpful. Since you know how to avoid taking damage, it's okay if you do, but
there's no excuse if you take too


When you dish out enough damage to the enemy, the fire balls will become more
unpredictable, as they'll split when

they hit. There's also a lot more of them being shot at you. Run back when they
lift their heads, and slide

towards the boss to avoid them. This can prove challenging, since they aren't
as easy to read, but I have

confidence in your abilities.

*Sniff* I-I believe in you...

Again, avoid the lava, this time, though the enemy will try to blow you back
into it. You can hold your ground,

and hop out, should you get in a touch spot, so this isn't a major problem.
Focus on the fireballs, and dealing

damage when you can.

Now, I'm not saying this fight is necessarily easy, but knowing the strategies
involved helps, though depending on

your individual abilities, you may need some extra practice.

When you're done with all that, move out through the place I despise, usually,
and then move the box out of your

way. Rygar's a busy man, he doesn't have time for that boxy nonsense. Move up
and then push the next box away to

move through. Break up the breakables, and then move on to the main path.

If you're good, skip out on that area

Move out and then head over to the floaty rocks. Move to the left of the box
near the door, and then move on the

ledges till you exit. Head up the stairs and move along.

Keep moving to the end, and show the tackle box whose boss by pushing it away.
Jump to get to the ledge, and move

on. You now have to warp back to the main area. There, move to the beginning
and then to the right. Move down and

then move through to the gap area, and down to get to the tackle box. Push it
away, and then take out the enemies

you'll come across. Apparently they still hold true to their vendetta for
taking out their family members


There's a one eyed giant, if that's any concession

When you take the dudes out, head left. You'll now have to ignite your Hades D,
and break the seal. Move in and

break the silver statue. It's got an Artemis Stone in it, and should be
equipped to the three Diskarmors. Move out

and then head to the Shrine area.

The Elysion Shrine, if you wanna get all technical on me

See them stairs? They call out to you. They say: 'Climb me. Climb me.' Though
you're not a kind hearted mannered

individual (as I can tell from your urge to break everything you see) do as
they ask and climb them. The place

where the columns are bridges is where you want to get. Move along them and
under the door.

What do you mean I'M the one who tell you to break stuff? That's hogwash

Break some more stuf--erm, uh...I mean push the tackle box out of the way, and
then break.....uh...yeah,.....make

the destructibles shatter...some way....and then move to the main field to warp
to the mountain. Head left after

exiting to achieve this result.

Move north bound and scale the mountainous mountain.

Mountainous mountain is mountainous

Head down the hole where you performed mortal combat with the boss the other
time. Lift orb your way to the right

and head up the ledges. Move into the cave and you should view a couple of
tackle boxes. Move along on the lower

level and save. Leave the area and push the corresponding tackle box out of the
way. In there is Necromondio cave.

Here's the thing, in the cave, you'll have 30 levels of enemies to destroy with
subsequent degrees of goodies to

obtain. This is all optional, and as such I will explain it in another section
of the guide (use the search

function), so for those of you who don't feel like doing that right now, move
through the door to end the level.

Oh, when ever you select the exit option in the cave, you'll have to restart,
so that should play a part in your

decision making




Yup, you feel that? You're getting close to the end. Well, wipe the tears out
of your eyes, pull yourself

together, stop reading the autobiography of John Stamos, and let's go.

Tears of joy, or tears of 'awww'? You tell me, after the level

Trot along, like a nice little Diskarmor wielder, and confront the Knight, and
the rollers. You'd think by now the

rollers would have morphed into butterflies, and would have been shiny,
peaceful and pretty, and would shower you

with goodies right? Well, get this...they don't.

I kno rite?

Jump to the right near the door to get to the save point and a silver statue.
Move back down when you handle your

business, and then move through. The next enemies need to be taken out by way
of block,and impale. Patented by the

Twelfth Rygarian army in 1983; block their attack and then beat them up.
Simple, yet painful.

See them glowing rocks around? Good news, they count as destructibles, and as
such may hold goodies. Yeah, you

like that don't you? Who loves to mindlessly smash stuff? You do! Oh yes you
do! That's a good boy/girl.

You might want to take your bib out for the next part

There is another black knight you'll eventually come to. You know these guys
hit hard, so do what you've been

doing to get past them without them showing you what they can do with your
face. Keep it moving, and save.

Hey there, how you doin'? Good? That's great. Now.......MAKE SURE YOU'VE GOT A

Backtrack if you need to to get health, trust me on this. Yeah, I know I let
you down when I said I'd pick you up

from the game, or that time when Tommy was going to beat you up because I told
him you took the money I owed

him...but you can trust me here, pal. I would never....well sometimes not let
you down.

Boss-Minotaur [Disclaimer] He's invisible

Yeah, that's fair. Okay, sarcasm aside, he still shouldn't really be a problem
to see. He's the same old minotaur

you've fought before, so if you have problems with him


Expecting good news, were you? What kind of logic is that?

Now, you should take him out without using the health items you have. You've
got more in store for you than just

him. Block his attacks and attack back when you've got the chance. That's all
you have to do, but it takes time,

and you may be prone to carelessness. He's the same minotaur from before, so
that shouldn't be too much of a

problem. In fact, here's the strategy from before:

"I love Minotaurs. However, this one, I don't really much care for. Use your
Sea Diskarmor and slide under his

swipe attacks if you move up close and personal to him. Block his attacks, as
most of them can be. Hit the hand

with the sword a couple of times, and then block."

Simple, yes?

When you take him out, save, and get out your Hades Diskarmor. Move over to the
skull lookey-thingy.......y.


Now, here's a strategy I picked up, (thanks to Andrew E. for this one)

Summon up a level 1 familiar to keep the boss stunned. Then (by pressing A
three times and then swinging the

remote) use the execution attack. Do this five times. Though you'll now be out
of Icol. Equip the clotho stone.

Break open the destructibles and then take out the fire spiders that come your

Leave the nectars alone for now

Don't get hit by the lightning and bad breath. Also, don't be a sucker for the
floor attack. Pick up as much

pneuma as you can get, and when you fill up your icol meter, stun echidna with
the previous strategy. Do this

again, and don't get cocky. Refill your meter via the spiders, and make sure
there aren't any when you want to

take her out. You can now take the nectar that you left alone to fill up your

The only good Echidna is a dead one



Final Boss time.

Now, this may or may not come as a surprise to you, but this final boss can
deal a heck of a lot of damage to you

with minimal hits. This battle is really hard. And also, it's really hard.
Switch to the Hades D, ma man, and then

as soon as you come out, beat the living crap out of the living crap out of
him. He may decide that he doesn't

like that, and may push you back. Well, for that, rush back and beat the
living, or now undead crap out of him.

Now, when he stops time, you're going to have to continuously slide to avoid
taking damage. Though he may not use

this move right off the bat.

Yeah, he's kinda hard

To get past his rotisserie sword attack, I recommend stopping him by using a
level 1 familiar. This is what you

used to stop Echidna, and will work here. Then follow up with some good old
fashioned repeated beating the crap


Now if he decides that he wants some more air, and moves to the sky to get some
frequent flyer miles, he's gonna

let down a barrage of fireballs. Run all the way to the bottom of the screen
and pray-erm, dodge. Try your hardest

to dodge.

Yeah, praying works too

Your main goal is to keep attacking him before he gets a chance to attack you.
If he decides to retaliate, keep

him busy with the same thing you used to stun Echidna. Now, he can still take
chunks out of your health, and his

attacks are for the most part, unblockable, so making sure your health is up is

Keep your Clothos equipped, as this dude drops Pneumas on the ground every once
in a while. Also, remember that

the boss is hard. Unfortunately, the boss is hard. Anyway, the boss is hard.
Don't get fooled by the fact that the

boss is hard: the boss is hard.

Now if you keep this up; the added pressure, the familiars to stun, the dodging
when possible, the praying,

picking up of Pneumas, you'll eventually see this baddy go down. That signals
the end of the game.


Above statement will not pop up

Congrats, man I doubted-erm knew you could do it. I just called someone else to
do it when you lost as a-

um....test...of....something....or another. Anyway, you've unlocked a couple of
stuff, so take the time to slide

back and relax. You've earned it.





After beating the game, these are the things you will unlock.
-Hard Difficulty
A harder difficulty. Yup.

-Pizza Armor.

To access this, press the D-Pad / \ up on the Tecmo logo screen until it goes
away. You cannot eat yourself.


-One World
This is a kinda level select mode. In fact...it Is a level select mode.




You chose to do this, eh? Alright, let's go. Every 5 levels, in this 30 level
fiasco, you'll pick up a goody. Now,

let's go over what you're up against. At the end, I'll single out some levels
that may take a different style of

play, or strategy to succeed.


A bunch of rollers. Standard fare.


rollers of the iron variety.


rollers followed by imps. When imps are with other enemies besides rollers, I'd
take them out first. Here though,

anything's fine.


Ranged imps with rollers. Here, contrary to the usual, take out the bugs first.


cyclops and fire rollers. Use your Sea D (CD, get it?) here on the one-eyed-guy
first, k?




Imps and rollers of the fire variety. Take either ones out first.


Wraiths with lightning. They're a crowd here, so if ambushed, Sea D.


More wraiths (regular) with sniper imps
I'd take the imps out first, but it's not THAT big a of a deal.


Fire spiders, Ice imps, Wraiths. The whole gang's here.


Sniper Imps and cyclops. Yeah, use a familiar here to stop the eye guys in
their tracks. Sea D as well.


Relief of the Future. It's no BMW, but...


rollers alongside fire spiders. Why don't they fight each other?


Sniper imps and some ice imps. Take out Wesley Ice snipes first.


Wraiths and fire spiders


Lightning Wraiths again.


cyclops. I only write Cyclopses as cyclops because spell check threatens me
when I do. But take note, there are

two here. FAMILIARize your self with them.


Stat Upgrade


Regular rollers, fire ones, and imps.


Thunder wraiths and sniping imps


Fire spiders and sniper imps


Wraiths, fire spiders and sniper imps


cyclops and sniper imps. 4 cyclops, take them out first, then the imp. No
familiar necessary.


Relief of the Future


Lightning wraiths and fire rollers.


Spiders and rollers, both of the fiery variety, and imps


Iron rollers, and lightning wraiths


Fire rollers


Fire rollers, and an eventual SIX cyclops. Don't summon until more than one
goes wild. No, you can record the

sight and call it cyclops gone wild. Try not to use too many healing items, in
fact only use 1 if absolutely





Fire spiders, sniper imps, and finally, wraiths for good measure.


Imps, rollers, both normal and fire, and fire spiders


Iron rollers, lightning wraiths, sniper imps


Lightning wraiths, sniper imps, fire rollers.


Minotaurs and sniper imps. You're gonna wanna summon a level 3 Taros here, and
then use the same Sea D hit and

block strategy you used with other minotaurs. Make sure your health is up, and
you have items stored, because if

you needed it before, you'll definitely need it now.


You can now use a guitar diskarmor or guitarmor. Press and hold Down at the
Tecmo logo screen till it goes away to

access it. Kinda like the pizza Diskarmor.




First of all, thanks to you guys for reading this guide, I hope you enjoyed it,
and I hope it was helpful, to

Gamefaqs, for just being an awesome site, and to those who helped with the
guide/ strategies: Steven B., Andrew

E., and XxDementhenxX

This guide is copyright of iheartpancreas and is not to be displayed anywhere
other than specified in this guide.