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Data_Hunter's Guide to Soulcalibur Legends for the Nintendo Wii 
Version 1.0
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I.   Contents
II.  Guide History
III. Introduction
IV.  Characters
V.   Controls
VI.  Mode Select
VII. Walkthrough
1. Prologue
2. Chapter 1
3. Chapter 2
4. Chapter 3
5. Chapter 4
6. Chapter 5
7. Chapter 6
VIII.     Credits
IX.  Legal Notice

Guide History

Due to the fact that I actually lost count of the dates, there
will be no guide history for this game
III. Introduction:

Welcome back! I take it that the last guide I posted for all of
the gamers out there for Sonic Riders Zero Gravity on the Wii was
so useful enough for you to come back to me once again. Well, this
time I'm going to dish out all info on Soulcalibur Legends, a Wii
exclusive game. This game is different and Namco Bandai was
clearly thinking outside of the box when they cooked up this game!
This game follows the story of the knight, Siegfried Schtauffen,
in his quest for power and his transformation into the dark knight
we all know to love as "Nightmare". 
For those who are not familiar to the series, I will be glad to
give you a history lesson on this popular series.

The following information that you are about to read are from
these sources from these internet websites:

Namco Bandai Games

"Transcending the history and the world, a tale of souls and
swords eternally retold." 
In the late 16th century and into the 17th century, man has heard
rumors of a powerful sword known many have
come to call it as the "Sword of Salvation","the Sword of Heroes",
and "The Ultimate Sword". However,
this powerful sword has only come to one name, Soul Edge. After
hearing about its incredible abilities, warriors
from near and wide had fought with brutal force to stake their
claim on this "wondrous blade". Many people have
their reasons for obtaining the blade; power, revenge, unknowing
to them that this blade will only bring destruction
and hatred. Alas, everything must be balanced in the nature of the
universe, the polar opposite of the accursed blade
known as SoulCalibur. This sword was forged to combat evil
incarnate known as Soul Edge and time and time again they 
disappeared and reappeared in the pages of history.

It's not much of a good description on the story of the two swords
goes along, but it better to seek the knowledge out 

Any way, this game take place in the year 1587, when the game,
Soul Edge, ended and the game, Soul Calibur began.
It revolves around 3 people, the leader of the Ottoman Empire,
Sultan Barboros, the Masked Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, 
and Siegfried Schtauffen, a knight who's search for power will
make a mark in history. 
IV. Characters

The following characters will appear as you progress into the
story: Siegfried
Astaroth (Alpha)
Lloyd Irving

V. Controls

This is a game where you can only play by using the Wii Remote and
Nunchuk. But the controls are very simple to use. Once you get the
hang  of it, you can swing and slash like a true warrior in
battle! Just make  sure you don't bop someone by accident!

From the SoulCalibur Legends Game Manual:

Analog Stick: Move the character or select items.
Z Button: Guard
C Button: Spirit Charge
(It wouldn't be any fun if the game didn't have this feature! With
the  Soul Charge, your attacks are much more powerful and can deal
more damage to your enemies. However, you have a Soul Gauge bar
underneath your health  bar which depletes itself every time you
use it. You can fill it back up by finding spirit stones on the
stage, taking damage, defeating enemies, or after the mission  is
Nunchuck: You can move it left and right to sidestep and dodge a
enemy's  attack.

Wii Remote: Attack
D Pad: Select Menu Item
A Button: Switch Targets/Confirm Selection/Disable & Enable Lock
On Plus button: Pause game/Skip Cutscene
B Button: Jump/Cancel

VII. Walkthrough

1. Prologue 
Location: Kingdom of Spain, Valencia

On a star lit night, near the harbor, a young man, by using the
rumors  that he heard, finds himself on a ship. As he finds a
sword plunged into  the floor, a voice from the blade calls out to
him as it senses Siegfried's  thirst for power. Tempted by the
promise of power, he grabs the sword  by the hilt as he finds his
way out.

All right, let's get down to business. This part of the game is a
training  course where you can test out your abilities before
stepping foot into "real"  battle situations. Follow the
directions on the screen and you'll be laying  down everyone who
stands in your way! Go ahead and smash the vases for a warm  up
exercise before moving on.

In the next room, skeletal remains will appear armed with swords!
Ooooh, scary!  Although, they are undead, they are not immortal.
Smash your way through and  barrier will be lifted. You noticed in
battle that a indicator tells you how  many combos you performed
so far. There's a purpose to that and I'll tell you  about it at
the end of the stage. Break the barrels in front of you and gather 
the healing potions. They will heal you if you are hurt in battle. 
After you walk into the next room, another wave of undead warriors
pops up. They kind of remind me of that Yugioh Card, but any way
defeat them and proceed forward and you will be outside of the
ship. As you look over to your left, guess who's in charge of the
welcoming committee? If it isn't our "friendly" pirate Cervantes!
Here's a little info about him. That sword you have in your hands, 
that's his sword and with it, he went totally nuts and killed off
his entire crew! And as a added bonus the sword ate his soul! Now,
he's not going to let you off  the ship with it in your
possession. Battling Cervantes is really a simple task  to
perform. You can keep attacking him but when he performs his Soul
Charge,  don't try to block it! Instead, step to the side and hack
away at him until he is defeated.

After Cervantes' defeat, Soul Edge claims Siegfried as his host
and an event called "The Evil Seed" sends out a wave of evil bring
fourth monsters all over the world. He has to clean up the mess he
made. I guess his mother didn't tell him about  playing with sharp
objects huh? (Alright, yeah that was bad joke!) Moving on,  the
Masked Emperor of the Roman Empire has summoned Siegfried to help
the empire to  defeat the Ottoman Empire. Easier said than done
since that kingdom is now a nation  full of "Evils"! Even Barboros
is stomping around the Roman Empire like he owns the  place! The
Masked Emperor has given Siegfried 2 months to revive Soul Edge
and defeat Barboros. 

(Tsk, tsk, tsk. If the poor guy only knew what fate awaits for him
in the end...) 

Chapter 1: The New World

After the cut scene, Iska, the court's only dual eye colored
jester will be the one who will inform you on where to go next.
Siegfried doesn't seem to pleased. He will just have to deal  with
Iska for now. For your first mission, Evils have been attacking
the army's supply units. All you have to do is simply eradicate

Once the mission starts go up the hill and defeat the Golems
standing guard.  They be slow in speed, but they make up in power
if they land a blow to you. Smash them into rubble and move on
ahead through the door. Into the next area, a pack of wolves will
appear and preventing you passing through. Put those canines to
sleep and continue ahead. Up ahead is a waterfall and if you move
to your left  there are two barrels. Break them for a health
bottle and continue to move along the side and knock off any
Golems along the way. Up ahead are the Spirit Stones I mentioned
earlier. Smash them and collect the goodies inside to replenish
your Soul Gauge. Prepare your self of a battle of epic proportions
because now you have to face a dragon! After you get some damage
off of it, Ivy comes in to scare off the monster! A short battle
isn't it?  
With the quest completed, you now have Ivy on your team. On the
next screen will show your results. No one's here to judge you
here but you might want to pay attention to the green bar on the
screen. This normally effects how many combos you performed, how
much damage you dished out, and how fast you beat it in. The
better you perform, the bigger the bonuses, and the faster you
level up!

On the next screen, you can see that Ivy wanted Soul Edge as much
as everyone else in Europe. Iska explains that the dragon was a
"Guardian". (How typical!) The dragon, now goes by the name of
Fafnir, was guarding a piece of Soul Edge. But now you have a
choice of two locations, the Zenon Mansion in London, England and
the Cyprus Arena in the Saudi Arabian peninsula. It's your choice
of which one you want to pick, but I'll tell you about each place
every step of the way! 
Zenon Mansion/ London, England:
Mission Name: Timeless Leonardo

In this mission you have to find the inventor who claims that he
has created a weapon to kill a dragon. However the house is over
run by the Evils. Clear them out and bring the inventor back

When the mission starts and you make the second left turn there's
a skeletal warrior waiting for you. Take it out and keep going.
Despite the place being booby trapped, they aren't doing their job
with the Evils running amok. If you see the blade sticking out of
the ground to impale you, you can run over them or move the
Nunchuck up and down to side step in a slower motion. Pay
attention to the hints on the screen and smash every vase in
sight. Inside is a item called a Blade Heart. It powers up your
weapon as you proceed through the stage. If you come across a
second Blade Heart watch out for the boulder that's coming down
the stairs! You can try to smash it but I wouldn't advise it. If
you are running down a hallway, prepare to guard. Arrows will be
flying in your direction! If your are lucky you can also deflect
the arrow coming your way with your weapon. 
Location: Cyprus/Saudi Arabian peninsula
Mission Name: Tournament in Cyprus

In a part of the Ottoman Empire, a key is there to unlock a
cathedral that has been sealed by Sweden 300 years ago, but the
king lost it in a bet. (Way to go...) Now in the possessions of
the Evils, you have to get it back from them.

This mission is pretty much straight forward. Eliminate all of the
enemies in the arena and survive all under 5 minutes, If
successful, you get a extra 300 bonus points. 
Next Stop on our tour is:

Old City Cathedral/ Sweden

Iska explains that a man by the name of Sigurd was a warrior that
fought against the Swedish army until the bitter end. He must have
been one hard man to kill! After the battle they sealed it in fear
of a curse upon the castle. Now the dragon Fafnir has taken
residence there and the time has come to take him down for good!

As the mission begins, start swing the columns for a Blade Heart
and finish off the monsters. In the next room, there's more
skeletal warriors and a Lizardman! Take them out and the three
torches light up. Swing your weapon against it to put them out but
be quick about it, if you don't they will light back up and you
have to start over again. In the next room, pillars will start
falling by themselves. Watch out and try not to be crushed to
death! At the end of the room, there are two statues. Have them
face each other to continue by swinging your sword ad the blue
orbs resting on the pedestals. In the next room there are three
Lizardmen and one statute. After turning them into gator skin
boots. Turn the statue in the facing its left and move into the
next room. Once you are there, hit the torch on the right to
release the barrier, go around the corner and watch out for a set
of falling pillars! Hit the switch near by and turn the statute
the same way. Destroy the vase near by, grab the Blade Heart and
return to the previous room. Go through the doors. As of this
moment don't worry about the sword in the pedestal. Ascend the
stair case and knock off all of the female soldiers along the way.
At the second case of stairs there's 2 Lizardmen and 2 Beserkers.
Take them down and when reach the top, hit the statute until it
faces forward. Keep moving until you reach the top of the tower.

Boss: The Guardian, Fafnir
Now that you are properly armed to take down the overgrown lizard,
use your Soul charge and start smashing him! Watch out because he
has two new attacks that he uses in the air. One, it starts
shooting fireballs at you and the second one is when he fires a
steady beam of fire at you. When the dragon is in the air, go to
the nearest Dragon Slayer and swing the weapon at the cross bow to
fire. Keep in mind that he must be in front of you in order for it
to do damage. Once he's back on the ground hack away like crazy
until he's slain!

Our next stop is the imperial city of Vienna and things over there
doesn't look good for the city. Ottoman forces has gained strength
in numbers and forced the Masked Emperor to go into battle to
protect the city's defenses!

As you start the mission, you have a time clock at the top of the
screen. 600 seconds is exactly ten minutes and it's plenty of time
for you to help clean house! However, you don't have to worry
about a damage indicator gauging how much of the enemies forces
are coming in. Rush and attack the first group of Evils.

Don't pay too much attention to the soldiers taking about you
along the way just make sure you clear the enemies in each area.
As you make it into the third area, there are Lizardmen and un
manned crossbows. (Don't ask!) Take out the cross bows first
before you move on to the Lizardmen and continue down the path.

Make sure that you use the map so you won't get lost and continue
down the path destroying all of the enemies in your path. There
are also a Blade Heart inside one of the barrels so make use you
destroy every single one. Be fore you know it you make it to the
end of the stage. 
After giving it your all, you should be a Garnet fighter by now.
If not, you still have plenty of time to get there. After the cut
scene you get a new mode called Showdown in Fuma Village.  Onward
to the next mission!

Chapter 2 
Okay, so now we can confirm that there are exactly four shards of
Soul Edge which means it won't be long before we reach the half
way point of our game. Two missions for you to explore this time
around. To the north, the Old City Cathedral where it says that
there's an alter fo an evil god. To the south, in the Ottoman
Empire, Egypt where inside the Temple of Ammon lies a shard of
Soul Edge and where's a shard of Soul Edge there's bound to be a
guardian! (Is it me or does this feel like you're in a InuYasha
episode?) Once again you have a choice of choosing either one but
let's go north and check out the alter.

Once again your back inside the same cathedral from Chapter1.
Let's just hope that it doesn't repeat itself. Defeat the Evils in
this room and continue to the right. Take out the Lizardmen in
this room and continue to the next room by putting out the fires
just like in the last chapter. Soon you will come across more
Lizardmen and more un manned cross bows. Again take out the
crossbows first then the Lizardmen. Don't worry about finding
anything in the pillars. Just move on to the next room. 

Once you're there, defeat the Evils and the female warriors in
this room and two doors will open head to the one on the right and
make the statue face the door. Go to the left room, take out the
Lizardmen and the crossbows and make the statue in this room face
the blue orb pillar. Heading back towards the statue you just move
from, make the statue, in the next room, face the wall in front of
you to put out a torch. Then move it again to make it face the
wall towards your right. Go through and move the statue again to
your right to open a path in front of you. Move the statue in
front of you to open a door to two vases containing a Soul Charge
and a Blade Heart. Another statue needs to be moved to face the
wall to your left. Finally, move the last statue to face the orb
pedestal again to open the door leading underground. (So many
statutes... I'm glad that's over!) 
Go to the newly unlocked door and proceed down stairs. A door will
drop down to block your path, but beware! This isn't your ordinary
door! It shoots energy beams and spins a long tongue of flames to
protect itself. Hit when ever you can with your Soul Charge and
soon the door will crumble and the path is opened once again.

However this isn't the end. Astaroth awakens and he doesn't seem
too happy! Now normally you would expect a full bar of health in
this battle, if you didn't take any hits along the way, instead
this health bar is 50 percent full which make things easier. You
know how this living golem fights. So all you have to do is to
avoid the swing of his axe! He does have a longer reach after all.
Just side step and attack and it will be finished before you know
All right, so let's see what we learned so far. This "Astaroth" is
only a prototype from the cult who was researching on Evils. Soon
they were able to create the golem, Astaroth and abandoned it
since the seal was broken. However, they left behind a book on the
Guardians. (Oh, Happy Day!) Their current location is over in
Tibet in the Himalayas, but we still have a shard in Egypt! So
let's take that out of the way first.

A "Damsel" in Distress

Uh-oh! Looks like one of our Grecian Female warriors is in
trouble! Let's go into the root of the matter and try to save her
from her demise. However, Ivy doesn't want any involvement in the
rescue mission. Oh well, more goodies for Siegfried! This time is
a solo effort so let's start things off with a bang!

The Evils here to greet you are reanimated mummies. Send them back
to the afterlife and smash one of the sarcophagus to get a orb for
your soul charge. Onward we move to the top of the stairs. Cut the
rope attached to the weight to open the door and defeat the Evils
inside. While descending down stairs, watch out fo the green fumes
bursting out from the walls. You can break the vases and get the
healing potion inside. A wall of flames block your path and it's
too risky to jump over it. Use your Soul Charge and swing your
sword to out the flames. 

In the next room more Evils rises from the grave to finish you
unless you finish then off first! Afterwards four doors will open.
In each room there's a torch and more Evils inside. You can't
proceed into the next rooms unless you put out the flames. Make
sure you smash the sarcophagus for more Blade Hearts. After you
put out all of the flames and the main door opens, Sophitia is
trapped inside a column of energy. As soon as you free her, you
get a chance to use her after she blocks and repels the Evil on
the attack.

Sophitia is by far one of the fastest characters in the game so
you might want to use her more often than any other character. She
also one of the characters that can build up a high combo if you
stay on the offensive!

That ends the mission and you should be on the Ruby Fighter level
and you get a new weapon,(Hooray!) a Kogarashi for Ivy. Then it's
back to London we go! 
This mission is simple as we go back down Memory Lane! Destroy all
Evils, watch out for the traps, and smash all available vases for
Blade Hearts, Healing Potions, and orbs for the Soul Gauge. 
However, if you get to the last room and the table and chairs
start to float around, don't attack it! Instead guard and hit the
switches at opposite sides of the room.  Once you destroy the
Evils in this room the mission is complete. NOW we can go to Asia
since the mission of the evil altar and the last mission that we
completed are connected!

Yodel-ye-we-hoooo! Off to the mountains we go like mountain goats! 
In this next mission, Pursue the cult, as always we take out the
Evils. As you pass through each room, rock golems and scythe
wielding fighters will cross your path. After you defeat them, the
door doesn't seem to open! (Shock!) You're stuck...Not really. The
walls can be broken down and all you have to do is break each one
down until you find the one that has the torch. I don't have to
tell you what to do once you find it.  Watch out for the steam as
you travel in between rooms. 
Once you reach the ice glazed room defeat the pack of wolves and
knock down all of the stalagmites and three more enemies will
fall. Take them out so you can move on. 
As you head to the fourth room, watch out for the steam and break
through to find crystals to find the Blade Heart. In the fourth
room, before you cut of the ropes, break the wall to your right to
find another Blade Heart Break down the walls on the opposite side
of the room to find the torches. Put them out and move on to the
large door ahead. In the next room, more scythe wielding warriors
are waiting for you, before you finish them off, break down the
walls and get the goodies inside. THEN finish them all off!
Afterwards, mission accomplished!

If you used Sophitia all the way through, you should have gotten
10 hit combos and that should help give you a S ranking to help
you level up. Back to Vienna once again because Barboros has
called out for an all out attack! (Someone doesn't know the
meaning of the word "quit"!) 
The conditions are the same as always defeat the Evils in the time
limit! Also destroy the Ottoman Empire's weapons too. That's part
of the conditions. Use the barriers to shield yourself from the
arrows coming your way.

Once you complete the mission, and move up in the ranking, you get
the Fire Sword! For Sophitia! I forgot to mention that if you
press the C button twice, while using an elemental weapon, you can
use its full power! 

Now let's go "Walk like a Egyptian" to defeat the next Guardian on
our hit list, Ammon! 

As you enter the temple again watch out for the boulders rolling
down. At the top, defeat the mummies and proceed to the next room.
Another boulder roll down the stairs and green mist are being
sprayed. Just make sure that you stay in between the spaces in the
mist as the rock rolls down stairs. In the room ahead, break the
pots, grab the items and jump down to get rid of another set of
mummies! Afterwards, run up the stairs destroy the weapons and cut
the rope attached to the weight. A hidden door will open for you
to gain access to. Proceed with caution! At the top of the stairs
will be a room with a lot of pots, for each set of post you break
more Evils will appear. Take them down and step as close the fore
as possible. Whatever you do, don't step in the middle of the wall
of fire when you put it out! A boulder will smash into you! To the
left wall or right wall is fine. 

In the next room, more Lizard men appear, take them out and make
sure that you smash the coffins for a Blade Heart and a healing
potion. Once the door opens put out the flames. Just in case,
stand to the side and put out the flames. Watch out as you turn
the corner for another boulder! As to each the top, there are
three more crossbows ahead of you and two pots to your left and
right of each other. Smash them and grab the items. As you move
towards the weapons, weave left and right and destroy the weapons
at the end.  Next cut the rope to your right. As you enter the
room, a huge coffin stand before you and the mummies will keep on
attacking you! As a added bonus to your situation, the coffin is
shooting a beam light that burns you on contact! However, it may
have a long range, there's one flaw to its attack pattern. It can
move in one direction as it sweeps across the floor. Continue to
defeat the enemies and then the real battle begins!

Boss: Guardian Ammon

Powered by a shard of Soul Edge, the coffin comes alive to bury
you in the sands of time! It has three attack patterns. One is a
three way beat attack, two, the coffin spins a sweep of fire
around itself and three it creates a seismic shock wave to knock
you off of their feet. 
The method of destroying it is simple, Soul Charge and smash the
blasted thing!  Rinse and repeat and it should be all over with in
moments. A job well done! For your efforts, you get Showdown in
Zenon Mansion.

Chapter Three: Desire for Power

The Masked Emperor was a woman?! Could've fooled me! Never less,
it seems like the gang is well on their way of completing the
mission. Now two more locations pops up for you to explore!
There's one in Spain where you find and hunt down Leone D'Oro and
one in Japan where you enter Fu-Ma Village and join up with the
resident ninja, Taki. As much as I would love to go back east
again, let's see what's up over in Spain.

There are thieves among the trade routes heading east and they are
attacking the empire's supply ships. Like ants heading towards a
sweet piece of candy, if you get rid of the source, you get rid of
the problem. Well, you know what you have to do! Select your
characters and we can get this mission started!

The mission starts with an uphill climb to the top. Watch out for
the boulders coming this way. There are two barrels among the
paths, destroy them both for a Blade Heart and Healing Potion. The
first area you come across are filled with thieves, who are very
skilled. Don't let them gang up on you! There's also a knight in
the area. Makes sure to take him out as well. As we continue along
into the next area, a trio of wolves comes out to play strike them
down and soon you will come across the same type of enemies in the
last room. Lay them to waste and move on ahead. 
On the path into the next room a group of female warriors crosses
your path. Watch out for there attacks and get rid of them. Inside
the next room are more Knights and Thieves, but one of them has a
Blade Heart! Keep you eyes peeled and grab it before moving
forward to the next room. As you enter the path ahead, a pack of
wolves and one knight stands in front of the door. Eradicate them
and on. As you continue to press onward into the next room, a pack
of wolves and a trio of female warriors are behind the gates.
Smash through the gates with your Soul Charge and finish them all
off. Put out the flames with a Soul Charge wing of your weapon and

As you reach the final room, there are 5 vases around the battle
area, one containing a healing potion and the other has a Blade
Heart. Grab them after you disabled the lock on, then finish the
rest of the group off. In a short cut scene someone comes in to
battle you and it's no other than Mitsurugi, the samurai! If you
beat him, I'm sure that he will join up with you! 
After the results you should be on the Crystal Warrior status. 
Okay, so he wasn't REALLY there. But at least Mitsurugi knows
where the base is located... it's all  the way back to the
Himalayas...(Oh, Joy...) Let's storm the place already and get
this over with! 

As you start the stage off, move forward for a bit and stop as you
see the boulders roll down the hill. Make sure you are standing to
the right of the path and don't move until the third one rolls
down the hill. A pack of wolves will greet you at the top of the
hill. Put them to sleep and continue through the blizzard. Watch
out for the boulders as you head up to the next room. This room
seems interesting with the cracks on the ground like this and
there's no one to attack yet. Be cautious in this area because
once you move in a little further, more of the thieves show up.
Send them away and destroy the crystals to refresh your team
before moving on.

Three boulders and a Berserker (that man with the mace in his
hand) shows up. Dodge the falling rocks and defeat the man before
you go on to the next path. Break the crystal and grab the Blade
Heart before the jets kick in again. Defeat the trio of wolves up
ahead, cut the rope, and cross the bridge. On the other side, a
trio of wolves and a Berserker are waiting. Give them a taste of
cold steel and continue forward! Inside the cave, break the
crystals to get a orb for your soul gauge and a healing potion.
You are going to need them because in the next room are 2, count
them, 2 mace wielding Berserkers! (Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Get it?
The Count form Sesame Street would say something like that!) Ahem!
Anyway, take them down and destroy the tents! However, one of them
has a Blade Heart, you only have to dealt with five and the
mission is complete. 

Again you get a promotion (So soon?! Wow!) to Garnet Warrior, a
new weapon for Astaroth, the Nanbanfu. Now that we have the
leader, who turns out to be a woman, she suddenly decides to help
after Barboros was mentioned. A secret perhaps? Who knows! And
away we go to the "Land of the Rising Sun", Japan!

As you ascend the slope you come across a stone lantern. Smash it
to get through the barrier. Now you come across five lanterns;
four orange and one blue. Don't do the obvious and hit the blue
one first. Hit the orange lanterns and ninjas pop up out of
nowhere! Surprise, surprise! Grab the goodies inside, send the
ninjas packing, and up the hill you go! There are two ninjas in
front of you and one behind you as you approach the barrier. Take
them out and the barrier will be lifted. Soon, female ninjas will
try to take you out. Smash the bamboo walls and defeat the ninjas.
Make sure you get the Blade Heart before you smash the blue lit
lanterns before you move on. As you make your way into the temple,
samurai in full body armor and two female ninjas are in the way.
Take them out before you move on.

More samurai await you and there's one Blade Heart in the room.
Get the Blade Heart first and then move on to the next room. It
seems like a demon is blocking your path. Well, I think that a
good thrashing is in order, don't you think? However, it's not as
easy as you think.  

Boss: Geki, the Thunder Demon.

I would call him a Oni but he just doesn't qualify for that. His
attacks are easy to avoid once I tell you what they are. He can
throw small projectiles of lighting, create a barrier of lighting
to protect itself and uses it to roll into a ball just so he can
flatten you, and he can summon lighting from the sky to strike
you. Don't get discouraged because you don't even have to beat him
all the way. Attack him when ever you can and soon a cut scene
will show him and a female warrior take off as Taki arrives on the
scene. With the mission complete, we head off to London, England,
hopefully for the last time!

This place has more secrets than anything in this game! You have
to retrieve the sacred beads from the mansion so you can break the
seal at the temple in Japan. 
As soon as the mission starts, take the left door. There are more
traps than before to watch where you step. As you enter the next
room, there are more Evils running around and flying furniture
aiming right at you. Knock them out and move on into the next
room. You will come across five vases and one of them has a Blade
Heart inside. Just watch out for the boulders rolling down the
stairs. The next room are more of the Evils hanging around. Once
you get rid of them, break the pots in the corner to get a healing
potion. Further ahead are more floor traps and a swinging rock
pendulum. Time your moves very carefully like the last time you
visited here. 
In the room up ahead, more of the thieves begin their assault and
you have the knights' armor whizzing past your head. Take them
down and break through the wall up ahead. In fact in this room,
you have to break down the wall to find three switches to open the
door. Erase any enemies you come across. This is the final room
and the thieves are here to take you out! If you watch out for the
flying objects and defeat the enemy, the mission is finished. You
should be able to move up to ruby Warrior by now.

For the third time, Vienna is under attack and the Roman Empire 
need your help! (What would they do with out you?) Maybe the third
time is charm! But this time around, they are armed themselves
with a dragon! It's time to show them who's boss!

Now as the battle starts, stone golems are in the way. Take down
all five and proceed. They mean business! They upgraded to cannons
now! Take out more of the golems and the cannons to move on! At
the bottom of the hill, smash the barrels for a Blade Heart. Now
as you reach the top, take out the thieves, then the female
warriors, and the Lizardmen so you can move on! Heading down the
hill, smash the barrels again so you can get another Blade Heart
and at the bottom more cannons and Lizardmen! Go ahead and clear
the field to continue. In the next room down the hill are thieves
and more cannons! (Enough with the cannons already!) After you
defeat the thieves destroy the cannons and move down the hill and
give that dragon all you got! It has the same moves as Fefair
minus the  crossbow and the flight attacks. Once it's slain,
again, the mission is complete! 

Back to Japan and into the temple at Fu-Ma Village! Remember those
two you met the first time you arrived here? Well, this time you
get to face them again at the end of the mission. So let's get to

As you start the mission, round boulders roll down the steps and
flying blades are awaiting for you at the top. Watch yourself here
on this path. It won't be easy getting to the temple. After you
avoid the flying blades, move to the left to get a Blade Heart and
then move to the right to continue. This path is booby trapped. So
be on your guard. Soon, you'll come across a small bamboo forest,
for each group you cut down, red ninjas will appear. Cut them down
and the lanterns for a healing potion and continue on ahead. Once
you walk on the next path move to the left and let the boulders
past you. This path is also booby trapped so watch out step or the
bamboo will stab you! When you come across the bamboo fences be
quick to cut them down, especially if there's a trap underneath
your feet. 

Soon, you will be reach a room inside the temple again as more
samurai will appear. Cut them and the lanterns down for healing
potions and green orbs for the Soul Gauge. Another warrior will
appear and he has a Blade Heart! Cut him down too and move on
ahead! It's time to take down this dangerous duo. Nothing has
changed against Geki except for that overhead smash attack!
However once you get him down to 50 percent, he switches out

Boss: Maki

Her attack patterns can be avoided, but she very easy to beat. She
can summon up energy cyclones, and throw knifes at you. After she
attacks, there a brief moment where she stands still. You can zip
pass her attacks and when she stops and you are close enough for
your blade to reach, let her have it! Rinse and repeat on Geki and
Maki and their hearts beat no more! 
Now you should be up at Diamond Warrior status and you should get
a new weapon for Taki, the Kirs Naga. You also get the Defend the
Imperial Capital party game! 
Chapter 4: Hopes and Desires

As we head back to Cyprus, a man has entered the tournament who
may have some valuable info about the last shard of Soul Edge.
Let's go take a look.

Well, slap me senseless! If it isn't Lloyd Irving from Tales of
Symphonia! He's the guy you have to beat the info out of?! Well as
much as I love this character, you got to beat him senseless.
That's all you have to do.

Boss: Lloyd Irving (Let's just hope he doesn't have any of the
same moves as the series...) 

This guy does have some of the same moves! I was afraid of that.
You can try to get close but not too close for he will execute his
three hit combo. Not too much to worry about, but as soon as you
get his health at 50 percent, a dragon comes in and interrupts the
fight! Well, that was short lived! 

Boss: Dragon
As Lloyd Irving, try to perform the three hit combo as he when you
are fighting him! This dragon is nothing more but a carbon copy of
the last 2 dragons you faced. You can make quick work of the
dragon and before long it's all over and the mission is complete. 

Now with Lloyd on your team, you have the locations of Spain and
the Himalayas again... (AGAIN!?) Alright now it's just repeating
itself like a broken jukebox! Both locations has a map on each end
to find Cervantes and extract a piece of Soul Edge from his body.
So as of right now it doesn't matter which one you go to. For now
head back to Spain, for the last and final time... I hope...

As you enter this stage, break the spirit crystal to charge your
Soul Gauge. In the next room are two colored doors , a stone
tablet, and a door that's already opened. For now let's go to the
door that's opened and continue. More female warriors await you so
take them down and continue. Moving into the next room are more
male soldiers this time around. When you take them out continue
down the path and smash the red tablet to open the red door. Go
back and enter the newly opened door after you get rid of the pack
in the previous room. As you pass through the red door and into
the next area, more soldiers pop up. Take them to the cleaners and
move to the next area. 

After putting another pack of wolves to sleep, a group of soldiers
will do battle with you. Destroy them and the door opens with a
blue tablet inside. Smash it and all of the blue doors will open.
Again, another pack of wolves show up. Thin out their numbers so
you can move on ahead. (Now I'm repeating myself!) Sooner or later
you come across a yellow dragon with the same moves... (Bor-ing!)
Destroy it and the barrier surrounding the yellow tablet fades.
Head towards the tablet and smash it to open all yellow doors.
Follow the path of the map to reach the camp and tear it to
pieces! Watch out for the men that shows up after wards. With the
mission complete you are now at the Quartz Knight rank. Now on to
the mountains for the final time I hope! 

As this mission starts, avoid the boulders again. Defeat the
golems at the top and continue. Smash through the crystals and get
the items inside. Up ahead destroy the stalagmites and watch out
for the vapors. More soldiers are waiting for you as you enter the
next room. Take them down and smash the rest of the stalagmites
and three more enemies will pop up. Take them down before you
leave this room. There's a Blade Heart hidden near a wall, hidden
underneath a crystal. Smash, grab, and move on. On you way up the
other half of the path, watch out for the vapors and the boulders.
More soldiers are on the rise in the next room so bowl them over
and continue up the mountain. In the cave are two healing potions
and one green orb for your Soul Gauge inside the crystals break
them all to get the goods. Exiting out is a lone Lizardman. Take
him down, cut the rope and cross over. Two more Lizardman awaits
your blade, so give them want they want and continue. 
Break the crystal to get the Blade Heart before the vapors kicks
in again and head down the hill. Destroy the golems and move into
the cave for more orbs and potions as you head down the hill
again. In this room, break the walls and put out the torches while
dodging the arrows. There's also a Blade Heart there as well.
Break the crystals in the next room for a orb and healing potion
and head towards the camp. Destroy the soldiers there and there
tents and the mission is finished. 

About the third time's the charm? I couldn't be SO wrong! So here
we go again, back to Vienna to defend the city... Let's get this
mission over with!

Entering the stage, a pack of wolves and a solider will appear.
Strike them down at once! As you move down the hill, destroy the
barrels to get the items inside. Down the hill, destroy the wolves
and the cannons to move on. In the next area are the same enemies.
Take are of them and keep going. We are on a time clock here. As
you reach one of the camps, the soldiers and wolves will appear as
the cannons will fire up on you. Destroy everything and move back
up the hill. Two soldiers will come down to stop you. Knock them
down and keep moving!

In the previous area, the Lizardmen will appear. Make them extinct
and press on ahead. As you make your way down break the barrels,
get the times inside and destroy the next area plaguing with
cannons, wolves and Lizardmen. Keep going down the hill and
destroy the second camp up ahead. Go back up the hill and
eliminate the wave enemies to open the path. Continue down the
hill and destroy the last two camps. Finally, we are through with
that stage. 

With that you get to level up to a Crystal Knight and a new weapon
for Mitsurugi, the Ancient. 
It's time to take out, Cervantes in Myanmar. Let's saddle up and
blaze the dusty trail out east! 
As the mission start out at sea, members of the his pirate crew
appears. Take them down and move around the corner avoiding cannon
fire. Hit the switch to open the path up awhile avoiding cannon
fire. As you turn the corner you think that there's no where else
to go. Try jumping on the crates. It should take you to another
part of the ship. Break the barrels to get the items inside and
break the mast so you can cross over. Once on the other side,
break the barrels again for more items and climb the stairs.
Defeat the Evils and the soldiers to continue down the stairs. The
same enemies are here. Take care of them and move along down the
crates. There are pair of barrels near by. Smash them and get the
items inside. Then go down stairs into the ship. Berserkers and
Evils will appear so finish them off quickly. You are going to
need all of your health to deal with the undead pirate. In the
next room are more Lizardmen. Clear them out and keep moving! 

Around the corner are more barrels with two healing potions and a
green orb for the Soul Gauge. Berserkers and more soldiers are
waiting for you so once again get them out of here and smash the
barrels in the hallway for items. As you climb the stairs and turn
to your right a cut scene will start. 

Boss: Cervantes

Looks like he's back with a vengeance! If he wants to get Soul
Edge... "He can have it!" is the phrase would like to say if I had
a choice in the matter. Never mind what I just said, Just watch
out for his powered up versions of his attacks! Especially that
rip off of M. Bison's Psycho Crusher attack! You can't attack him
when he's glowing blue , but the aura goes away when he performs
an attack. Unleash all of your furry once his defenses is down!  
With Cervantes down and Soul Edge complete, what can we do now?
Let's wait and see... 
And we go back to Vienna to get rid of the sultan of the Ottoman
This is the final battle! Defeat Barboros and the Roman Empire
will be saved or will it...( Bum, Bum, Bummmmmmmmmm......)

Boss: Barboros

The second the battle starts, RUN! He's going to slam his fists
down on you! As it lands on the ground, wait for the aura to
dissipate and then give it all you got before he raises it again.
Keep it up and soon his face will land right in front of you.
Strike the crystal on his head until he rises up again. If you see
him carve the floor with a beam of light, run in the opposite
direction of it or stand in a empty space! He can be tricky when
he slams down both fists and a sweeping energy wave comes out of
both ends or he shoots a beam and swings with the other as a
combo. Simply put any time his hands are down, swing your sword
like a mad man! If he winds back and swing his fist prepare to
jump! Time it right and you can avoid the attack.

Now wait wasn't Soul Calibur was suppose to have holy powers? How
it could do that to Barboros? To be honest with you I don't really
know, for you see, as you are reading this guide I never beaten
this game. I've been playing and typing al through this guide
helping you along the way. Now let's watch the cut scene.

Now to explain what just happened, basically Soul Calibur and Soul
Edge reacted to each other and sent the world into a alternate
dimension. What you didn't know is that Soul Calibur was once a
part of Soul Edge! Long ago, Soul Edge was once an normal sword,
but after many battles of hatred and bloodshed, it began to feed
off of it and became the sword we know now as Soul Edge. A prince
once took hold of the sword and his father, the king, had to kill
his son and shatter Soul Edge into fragments! So he went to the
most powerful mage in the land and had him to purify the
fragments. Thus Soul Calibur was born.

Chapter 5 - A Changed World

You have to go and get your allies back. They are scattered in
three locations, Spain, Vienna, and the Himalayas.
Let's go to Spain and get two of them back!

Each stage is totally opposite of the normal version of the
stages, but the terrain stays same. Blast through and get the
ladies back in one piece. Once you get to the end and you see a
dark looking sphere, smash it and you have to battle them to get
them back on your team and back to normal. You should be a Ruby
Knight after the mission is done.

Next stop, Vienna!

The same rules apply here as well. Get to the end of the stage and
get Mitsurugi and Astaroth back. Don't hold anything back!

And we are off to the mountains! The Himalayas to be exact. 
It seems like we're traveling down Memory Lane with these stages.
As usual, there's an uphill climb at the start of the stage. Take
out the wolf pack and once you get inside the cave smash one of
the blocks of ice to find a orb for your Soul Gauge. Watch out for
the pressurized water vapor shooting out. Inside of the next room,
there's a familiar room we visited before. Destroy the walls to
find another green orb for the Soul Gauge, a small bottle to
recover your health and two torches to unlock the door. After you
extinguish the flames, cut the rope holding the bridge and cross
over to the other side. The next room up head houses two
Berserkers. Take them down and destroy the walls to find a health
bottle, one Blade Heart and a lighted torch. Once you extinguish
that flame, go back to the other side you came from and make a
right turn towards the path that has opened to you. 
As you travel up the path, ice crystals and water vapors block
your path. Crush the ice and wait in between intervals to continue
safely. The ice covered room up ahead has a green orb for the Soul
Gauge and a health bottle. In order to continue, cut through the
thin columns of ice and watch out for the vapors shooting out.
Soon another room that we been through before is up ahead. Once
you destroy all of the enemies here, you can crush all of the ice
here and get rid of the remaining Scythe welding Assassin and the
two wolves. If not keep moving! As you exit out of the room, watch
out for that boulder up ahead. At the top of the incline, break
the ice and get a large health bottle. Moving right along, stay to
the right as another boulder rolls down the hill. Again watch out
for the vapor streams. Soon enough you will be out in a open area
where, yes, you fight another dragon, a ice breathing dragon I
might add. Keep a eye out for the dragon's attacks as he tries to
stomp on you, charge at you, and makes child size chunks of ice
falls from the sky. Use your Soul Gauge as much as you can to take
it down.

A path opens to the right of the door you came out of. Trek the
incline slope to the top and break the ice to get a large health
bottle and a green orb for your Soul Gauge. There's a bridge held
by rope that you need to cut but a Berserker stands in your way.
Reduce him into rubble and cross over to continue. The moment you
make it to the other side, three more Assassins are there to greet
you. Take them out and move on while you are being watch full of
the vapor shooting from the walls. Grab the Blade Heart and move
before the vapors kick in again. Down the hill, a Berserker and
two wolves are itching for a fight. Destroy them and keep on
moving. Inside the next cave are two green orbs and two health
bottles. If your fighters are running low, share between the two
and exit out of the cave. Now you have to fight two more
Berserkers. Wait for an opening and unleash your fury on them all.
Now you have to fight another dragon! Where are these things
coming from?! The same tactics hasn't changed for this dragon. So
once again unleash all of your fury against it. Once the dragon is
slain, the mission ends. Hope fully you gained a S ranking in this
mission since it's all the same. It turns out that the Omega Sword
was taken here once Greece was conquered by the Roman Empire. Now
that you got it back, it's time for our next mission! Back to "the
Land of the Rising Sun!" Save your position and take a break if
you want. I know your wrists must be tired... 

Mission Name: Return of Guardians Geki and Maki
Location: Japan

Aww, man! Looks like they're hungry for another slice of humble
pie! Forget the slice! You're going to give them the entire
pastry! As the mission starts, climb the stairs but watch out for
the boulders rolling down. On your way back up, arrows will shoot
at you. Move to the left and in the next area are lanterns. Smash
them to get a small health bottle and a green orb. Oh and kill the
ninjas along the way. As you move up the slope more ninjas will
try to kill you. Take them out and keep ascending up the slope.
You have to get through this potential death trap. After the first
set of flying arrows, move to the left and cut through the bamboo
to get to the lantern that unlocks the door ahead. Smash the
lanterns along the way to get  2 Blade Hearts, a health bottle and
green orb. Once you get to the other side, you have to travel up
another hill and take out another clan of ninjas. If you come
across the last ninja in green breathing fire, once he rolls over
and play dead, you get a large health bottle. The door opens up to
you ahead so go on through! In the area ahead, you have to defeat
all of the samurai plus one green ninja. This one won't have a
large health bottle. That's inside the orange lit lantern on the

Once you're done in this room, go ahead up the slope again. Wait
for the boulders to crash into the wall before you touch that
vase! It has a small bottle of health inside. Now, in the next
room, you have a lot of lanterns to break and samurai and one
ninja to deal with. If you smash the lanterns near the corners,
they contain a large green orb, 2 large health bottles and a Blade
Heart. Once a door opens, Geki and Maki will be waiting to fight
you at the top. 
Once again you fight Geki first. If you can remember how he
attacks from the first encounter then you have no problem taking
both of them down. Just remember that when they are at 50 percent
health, they switch out. When they are both at 50 percent, they
team up on you and now you have to deal with them both! When this
happens, focus on getting rid of Geki first! Once they are both
defeated, the mission is, once again, over!

Mission Name: Return of the Guardian Fafnir
Location: Old City Cathedral

Looks like our old buddy is back from the grave, again! This time
you have to put a end to this once and for all! The mission starts
at the Cathedral again. You have at least one knight and 6
reanimated skeletons to deal with. Don't worry about destroying
the columns, there's nothing there and there's nothing in the
pots. Once you are finished battling, keep moving by heading
through the door on the left. In the next room , you have to
navigate through the columns to put out a flame for the door to
open. There are also a green orb and a Blade Heart, so pick them
up along the way. In the next room, there are unmanned crossbows
trying to shoot you down. Destroy them and watch out for the
falling columns along the way. The room up ahead has more
skeletons and a statue near the door. Once you defeat the
skeletons, turn the statue to the left and go through the door to
the left to find another statue. Be on guard as a unmanned
crossbow will shoot you around the corner. Destroy it and hidden
door will pop up. The next corner has two of them and when you
destroy them, another hidden door opens up. Forget about the pots
ahead, there are three unmanned crossbows aimed at you! Take them
out and you will find the other statue. Turn it until the door
opens up and trek back to the previous room to continue. Keep
going pass the two doors and defeat the Berserkers that awaits
you. Break the pots to get the green orb and another Blade Heart.
As you ascend the stairs, watch out for the boulders. It's better
to stay on the left hand side as you make your way to the top.
Once you reach the final statue make it face the door and proceed
to your objective. 
It's Dejavu all over again. The strategy to beat him is pretty
much the same. Attack him until he's in the air and shot him down
with the crossbows.

When Fafnir has been slain, the mission is complete.

Mission Name: Imperial Army Headquarters
Location: Zenon Mansion - England

A army that turned into Evils again. This time it's back to a team
effort with only Lloyd and Ivy as your only selections. As soon as
the mission starts head towards the lever and hit it to the right.
Keep this in mind for every lever you hit a jewel capped pedestal
glows. That's the only way to gain access to the door on the left.
As you hear the dialog of why Ivy was looking for Soul Edge, head
to the opening door on the right. Watch out for the Blades that
stick up from the floor. In the room ahead, three Assassins will
ambush. You take them out, hit the lever and move to the next
room. A couple of columns are in the way but in this situation
it's for a good reason. Arrows are shooting at you. So hit the
next to last column and wait for your chance to move. Continue
down the hall using the columns for cover. Into the next room are
a couple of skeletons that need to be exterminated. Once you're
done, hit the lever and continue onward! This hallway has swinging
blades, so wait for your chance and move with out getting sliced.
Another room, another set of skeletons with a switch just waiting
for you to be pulled. Clear the room and flip the final lever to
open the door to the left. You are now in another hall with Blades
sticking up from the ground. Tread carefully. Oh and just to make
things worst, further down you have to deal with the arrows and
the Blades! (Joy! You may be stuck here for a little while. That
is if you don't get yourself killed in the process!)

And as soon as you think we're clear, you're back were you started
from! Now what you ask? Go back to the last room where you hit the
last switch and go through the door there. Ascend the stairs and
watch out for the boulders. At the top there's a room with 2
Berserkers and a Knight. Slay them all and hit the switch. Another
jeweled capped pedestal glows and now you have to activate another
set. Go down the hall and avoid the arrows again that are placed
on the walls. Use the Columns for cover. Before you hit the next
room, destroy the pots for a large health vial. Once in the next
room, get rid of the female warriors and continue on ahead. Soon
as you enter the other side you're trapped with a Berserker. This
is going to happen two more times so lather rinse and repeat until
you are through. In the Next room, two Assassins and a knight
shows up. Once you defeat them, flip the switch and move on! The
next wall way are full of traps so be careful and break the bars
to get through. In the room up ahead there's three Berserkers
waiting for you. Destroy them and flip the switch to open the
door. Now once you think you can move on, I need to warn you about
the extra Berserker behind you! Take him out and move! Continue
around and keep moving until you're back to the room with the
jewel capped pedestals and go through the door. 
Descend the stairs to the room below and soon you have to fight
off the Berserkers and avoid the magical projectiles shooting at
you. If you can survive it all, the mission is finished. 
Now you get Ivy's Signature weapon, Valentine! Horraaay! Save your
position and prepare for the next mission.

Mission Name: Defense line in the Wilderness.
Location: Pyrenees Trail - Spain

Now I know that you are kinda curious about the Pirate Ship Symbol
east of India but we'll get to that later. As the mission starts
stop to the right side of the hill and let the boulders roll down.
At the top of the hill, defeat the Assassins that are waiting for
you. As you go up another hill, watch out for the boulders. At the
top of that hill, rock Golems are ready to grind you into powder!
Turn them into rubble and move on. At the waterfall, there's a
green Soul orb and a large health vial inside the barrels.
Break'em, collect'em, and keep moving. You will be forced to turn
tail as more boulders will be rolling down to crush you. You may
end up losing a character or both if you are not careful. At the
top of the water fall, there's another pair of barrels with the
same items you collected just minutes ago. A trio of Golems will
be waiting for you through the passage. (Maybe they were the ones
that were throwing the rocks...) Take them down again and move
into the next area. Move to the left for a Blade Heart, a small
health vial, and a green Soul Orb in the barrels and continue.
Soon a gang of Assassins will show up to eliminate you. Slay them
all and in the next passage destroy the crystals for a green orb,
health and a Blade Heart. Now you have a situation dealing fire
and Berserkers. Don't wait for them to come to you because it
won't hurt them. Put out the flames with a swing of your sword and
defeat the Berserkers to continue. 
A pack of wolves will be waiting around the corner. Put them to
sleep and break the barrels for more items inside. In the room
ahead, there will be cannons firing at you and Beserkers waiting
to smash their mace into your face! Ignore them and take out the
cannons first. THEN go back and take down the Berserkers. In the
next room is that same dragon that we faced before. (Doesn't it
know when it's licked?!) Take him down and the mission is over!

As a bonus, Mitsurugi gets a new sword, the Shishi-Oh!

Once again save your position and onward to the next mission. 
Now that sands of Egypt has once again revealed themselves again,
let's check this place out before we head to India.

Mission Name: Return Of Guardian Ammon
Location: Egypt

As the mission starts, you will come across the same four jeweled
pedestals in the last mission. Be careful when you step in the
middle of the room. The Un dead seems a little restless these
days. Send the back into the after life and four walls will open
up new paths to you. In each room there's a small torch and when
you extinguish it, Berserkers will appear in two of the rooms. So
be on your guard. Soon after the fourth torch is out the door in
the main hall opens up. Continue on your trek and a huge door will
slam down blocking your path. Destroy it with Astaroth's Soul
Charge and move on ahead. There's a large health bottle inside one
of the pots at the foot of the stairs ahead. Watch out for the
boulders coming down before you get that bottle! Once they're gone
head up stairs.

Two pairs of knights and a Berserker is waiting for you at the
top. Get rid of the knights first and then the behemoth to
continue. After the battle two doors will open up. Head through
the door on the left first. Another set of pedestals are there
along with 4 coffins. Three of them has Berserkers and the fourth
one has a Blade Heart. Before you swing any thing, move to the top
left coffin and smash it to get the Blade Heart. NOW you can smash
the other coffins, but don't smash them all at once! For each
Berserker that falls to your blade, one of them lights up. Once
all four are lit, head back up stairs and move to the next door.
There's a small health bottle inside the pot to your left and
ascend the stairs. When you get to the top, watch out for the
cannon fire. Smash the pots to get a green orb, a health bottle,
and a Blade Heart. Next jump down to the floor below and destroy
the mummies. Take a quick step up the stairs and move back down
when you see the boulders coming before they turn you into
flapjacks. (Mmmmmm, flapjacks.....)

Once you get to the other side of the room, destroy the cannons
and the pots to get a large health bottle. Next, cut the rope to
open the next door. As the door closes behind you in the next
room, you have a torch with 6 coffins. Blow the torch out and two
armored knights show up. Perform this pattern 2 more times and the
door opens for you. Blow out the flames with your blade and you
will come across a room with bubbling green liquid. Although, it
won't hurt you if you walk on it, be cautious just in case. By
destroying 2 of the coffins will make the Berserkers appear.
Defeat them and make sure that you get the health bottle and green
orb when you get the chance.  There's another large health bottle
at the bottom of this staircase. Again, watch out for the incoming
boulder. As you reach the top there are 2 more health bottles. You
are going to need it because you have to avoid both cannon fire
and the swinging pendulums! Once you make it to the other side.
Get your revenge and smash them to bits! Now smash the vases to
get a Blade Heart and cut the rope to open the door.

As Mitsrugi just said the leader is up ahead! But before to charge
into battle smash the coffins for health bottles and green orbs.
The boss' attack pattern seems the same. Defeat the mummies and
when you see the lasers coming your way, hold the A button and run
to a safe area. Keep it up until it's the boss' turn to play! When
he comes out, unleash your fury and take him out! Once again watch
out for his attacks and you can only attack him when his pieces
are floating away from his body. When the mummy gets into his
second form, it will keep moving around the room attacking you
with energy beams, energy balls, blowing fire and smashing the
ground. Keep up the attacks and it's down for good!

As your reward, Astaroth gets a new weapon, the Terror Moon! Save
your position and it's time to go to India.

Mission Name: Guardian Cervantes' Revenge
Location: Indian Ocean

The undead pirate seeks his revenge on the one who struck him down
from the last battle. As you start the mission, the lay out is the
same as the last time to set foot on this ship. The first room you
step in, the Lizard men will show up as they will replace the
skeletons of this ship. Looks like they are not going to make it
easy on you. After you clear them out, smash the barrels for a
Blade Heart and jump on the boxes as you get to the next level.
When you get to the top a pair of Berserkers are there to welcome
you. Take them down a notch and walk up stairs. A pair of
Assassins and a Berserker are waiting for you too, but take out
the Berserker first. The other two can wait. Once you're finished
there, head down stairs and fire the cannon to break the mast on
the other side. Walk to the other side to get a green orb and
health bottle inside the barrels. 
Next, head down stairs and quickly hit the lever and the barrel
for a Blade Heart before they start to shoot at you. Continue on
ahead and hit the lever again. Don't worry about the barrel since
there's nothing inside. Avoid the cannon fire as you move along
and once you turn the corner, another set of Berserkers are
waiting to clobber you! Destroy them first and get the large
health bottle in the barrel. Back track and hit the lever on the
right. As you go back to down the ship, destroy the barrel for
another large health bottle. At the bottom of the stairs, break
the barrels for another health bottle and a green orb. In the next
room, there are more Lizardmen to battle you. Take them out and
destroy the barrels to get the health bottles and the green orb.
After you smash through the plank, maneuver around the room and
avoid arrows shooting at you.

Once you get pass that, in the room up ahead are 2 Berserkers, 2
Assassins and 1 Mage. As always get rid of the Berserkers first
and pick your targets for you to get rid of next. Up head is four
barrels with health bottles and green orbs. Gather them while you
still can because Cervantes is just up ahead. This time around
Cervantes has become more powerful than last time! Watch out for
his tidal wave attack if you get to close and for a mid range
attack, he can send waves of energy flowing through the ground. He
also has a long range attack where he can shoot you with his gun!
As always you can only shoot him when the blue aura dissipates.
Once he's down for the count, the mission is complete! 

As your reward, you get the Shiden for Lloyd! Save you position
and continue.

Now that everyone has come back, they have all decided that Soul
Edge should be sealed indefinitely! However, Iska doesn't seem to
pleased about that decision. Now Siegfried must face his past into
the Himalayas once again.

Mission Name: Battling Your Shadow
Location: Great Himalayas

Well, talk about standing beside yourself! If you have to kick you
own butt to face the music, I guess you don't have much choice in
the matter now, do you? Get your strongest weapon and soon as the
mission starts, you already have to face your opponent...YOU! Well
at least you don't have to travel far to fight him! Unfortunately,
after a little enough, he disappears and now you have to chase him
down. In the next room, break the ice to get the health bottle and
the green orb. You are going to need it! This pattern will repeat
until you get to the end of the stage. As we move along into the
next cavern, break the ice for a Blade Heart, a small health
bottle, a green orb. Watch out for the water vapor in this room.
In the next room, it's time for round three! (I hope this doesn't
keep going on like boxing match...) After the battle, break the
walls for a large health bottle and a Blade Heart. In the next
hallway, watch out for the boulder and the water vapor as you
reach the top. Once you are at the final room, take down your
shadow one last time to finish the mission. If you were paying
attention, you'll find out that it was Siegfried himself how
killed his own father. (But of course if you were a fan of the
series, you know that already don't you?) 
Feeling guilty for what he has done, it's an anonymous choice that
Soul Edge will be sealed. Once again, Iska is not too pleased.

Save your position and it's back to the Old City Cathedral once
again! But this time it's to seal Soul Edge's power! Come on!
Let's get going!

Mission Name: Sealing Soul Edge's Power
Location: Old City Cathedral

Now remember that room where the sword was stuck upside down in?
That's our objective! Reaching that room to seal the demonic power
of Soul Edge. As you move along into the first room, there are
four statues and four pedestals. Make the statues face the
pedestals and the door on the left opens. In the next room,
there's only one statue blocked by a barrier with 4 torches. You
have to take out the Lizardmen and the Berserkers in his room
before you can move on. For each torch extinguished, a monster
will popup. Clear the room and move on ahead. In the next room,
there are three crossbows and two Berserkers. Forget about the
Berserkers and destroy the crossbows first once you are done with
that, get rid of the Berserkers! As you move on into the next room
don't forget about the health bottle in one of the vases. The room
up ahead has three other rooms you must venture in order to open
that door.

The room up ahead to your right has falling columns so be careful
as you continue into this room. The second part of this room has 2
crossbows and 2 Knights. Get rid of the crossbows first and then
the Knights. Afterwards, make the statue face the pedestal and
back track to the other room. 
The room next door to it can be a bit confusing if you don't end
up running around in circles like a hamster on its wheel. Pay very
close attention to where you walk. After the second wall closes
behind you, walk halfway to the next wall and then turn around to
get to the next statue. Break the vases inside for a Blade Heart
and a Green Orb.

The room up ahead in the next room will have another statue and
another torch. The second it's out, you have a Knight and 2
Berserkers to spawn and try to kill you! Take them out and the
barrier will be lifted so you can finally open the door to the

As the CGI scene goes, Soul Edge tries to resist but Siegfried
plunges it to the ground. Now you have to face Soul Edge
incarnate, Nightmare! With the Requiem in your hands you are now
about to face your toughest opponent yet! 

This version of Nightmare will make you say since when he was able
to do that?! He can release energy balls and can temporarily float
above the ground for an aerial attack. You have to fight him like
you were fighting Cervantes, you can only hit him when the aura is
Once you land the final blow, Siegfried will attempt to seal it
again. And this time he succeeds turning it into stone!

You get to keep Requiem as your prize. Save you position and it's
time to defy the Emperor!

Chapter 6 - Battle for the Capital

Mission Name: Attack the Imperial City - West Gate
Location: Vienna

Select your characters (one of them has to be Astaroth)  and as
the mission starts, you have to kill the dragon right off the bat!
Take it down and hit the barrels up ahead for, you guessed it,
health bottles and the Blade Heart. Once you enter the next area
you have to deal with a cannon and a pack of wolves. If you hit
once of the fences, you have to deal with more Assassins. Finish
them off and continue up the hill.
It's the same type of enemies here as well, so you need to kill
them quickly here as well. 
Move to the right as you go up the slope for a large health bottle
and a Blade Heart. Head to the left and it's the same type of
enemies here. Be careful as you move along these areas. Although
they might be repetitive, always expect the unexpected. As you
reach the next area, there's a huge door you have to break down.
Break it down and the mission is complete. Go ahead and save for
now because you will have to get through the East Gate! 

Mission Name: Attack the Imperial City - East Gate
Location: Vienna

Select your characters and as the mission starts you have to
challenge the samurai warriors blocking your path. After they are
down for the count, head up the will collecting the small health
bottle and green orbs along the way. When you get to the top you
have to deal with another dragon. Slay it and keep collect the
Blade Edge, large bottle of health, and the green orb before
moving ahead. Next you have face ninjas and the samurai warriors.
Easy Pickens for your blade! Now take them out and move on! Go
down the hill and take out the all of the samurai, the cannons and
the wooden shield to move back up the hill. Back at the area again
you have to deal with female ninjas and the Samurai. Kill them all
as you continue into the next area. Once again in order for you to
finish the mission that door must be destroyed! Forget everything
else! Now save you position again. We're almost close to the final
show down!

Mission Name: Attack the Imperial City - Central Gate
Location :Vienna

The mission starts with three rock golems. Turn them into rubble
and get moving! As you continue into the next area, the area has
female Assassins and Lizardmen Take them out and go on into the
next area. The area will have more golems, female Assassins and
Berserkers with unmanned cannons. Clear the area as you move
forward. Don't forget to collect the health bottles and the Blade
Edge before moving into the next area, you have to fight another
dragon next! Next go back up the hill where you have to break that
final door!

Go ahead and save your position for it is now time for the final

Mission Name: Truth Behind the Mask
Location: Vienna

Now you have to face the Emperor once again and with Soul Calibur
in hand it is not going to be an easy battle. 

Just like Nightmare and Cervantes, you can't attack with the aura
up wait for her defenses are down and then STRIKE! Her attacks are
quite amazing to be seen but don't get distracted! She can fire
many energy type projectiles and plus her fighting skill are very
deadly. Learn when to guard and when to attack and you can beat
her with out a hitch!

As she falls and breathes her last breath she repeats her words
like a dying robot but the game isn't over yet! Iska has both
swords in his hands! Now the true battle will begin! Gee! Isn't
this nostalgic! Every time some wacko has both powers of Soul
Calibur and Soul Edge, we all wind up in some twisted dimension!
Well, it's time to send this particular one to the looney bin! 

Watch his movements as he flies around! He can fire a cluster of
energy saws where you can swing your sword and send it back at him
and combine the swords for a very powerful laser beam that you can
easily jump over. However the second he dive right into the middle
of the platform, let him have it! When he starts to split into
three people, that's where it will get confusing. However, it will
be his down fall. Pay attention to how the saws spin in this
attack form. If it spins horizontally, swing horizontally. If it
spins vertically, swing vertically. So don't despair and keep your
wits among you. You can beat him! However, if all three of them
fire that laser, there's 98 percent chance you will get hit by at
least one of them! Survive and you will see the end of the game
dealing the fall of the empire, the death of Iska and rise of

Enjoy the Credits and give yourself a pat on the back!

After you beat the game, it goes into something like a New Game
Plus mode. In this mode, you get to keep all of the weapons you
collected, get secondary costumes, and you can go into any stage
you want again. Not a bad prize despite all of the turmoil you had
to go through! 

I would like to thank the following below because with out them,
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Soulpedia: For more detail information on the Soul Series. 
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complete games in the past.
And you for taking time out to read this guide! Thanks a bunch and
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