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Asked: 5 years ago

Experts!!! Please help!!! Can anyone help me???

Does any one know if in either mlb power pros or 2008 if you can unlock the Tulips (College team in success mode) as a team in exhibition mode??? I love playing as the Tulips.

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You cant get Tulips in Exhibition. but you can make a team of success mode players and make them a arrange team named tulips.
Thats what i did but named them Wings
Star Players -
Ace [P] Stam[A] Crlt[B] 2-seamer Fastball[2], Slider[4] Curveball[6] Orginal[5] Screwball[4] 23W - 2 L - 0 T
Alex [3B] Tjr 4 Con[A] Pwr[A] Arm Str[A] Run Spd[A] Fld[A] ER[A] 72 Hrs 201 RBI

Season Mode Wings 72W 13L

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