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How do you beat lego city?

I can only get to around 965,000 and I still can't kill the gonk droids! I also don't know wether or not the carosel, after I build the thing that maked it spin, gives out any studs. Does it?

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guitafreakyo answered:

You may kill gonk droids by stunning them with R2-D2. And if you see blue,bouncing lego pieces on the grass, simply press Z and build it like you would build something.
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mountindrew answered:

No you cant kill the gonk droids or get studs from the carosel. The only thing you can do is make sure you get in every vehicle, make sure you have a lot, if not all the characters, and destroy and build absolutely everything. If you do this, you should eventually beat it, just scope every last spot on the map.
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Ianvlad answered:

What I did was shoot randomly everywhere and build everything and soon i got all the studs i needed. Good Luck!!! :D
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fritz41256 answered:

Act ualy u can kill da gonk droids i did it it just takes some time
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