Question from Dork911

How do I hunt a boar?

I got one cornered in furniture but it wont attack me... maybe i dont have the right weapon out??

natasha0911 asked for clarification:

How do I hunt a boar?

natasha0911 asked for clarification:

How do I hunt a boar? can you tell me the right weapon?


Dimon101 answered:

Use a spear and try to stand in front of the boar. He tends to run away when he see's the spear. Also, body plays a factor as this is like in regular sims games when you fight someone. The higer it is, the more likely you will kill the boar.
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VampireToast answered:

When you come from the cave on the second island into the Skull Rock Jungle, over near another enterance, there is usually a boar. When you walk up to it, itll try and attack you. Theres a giant dust cloud and then when it goes away, there's meat on the ground and your goal is complete :]
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atomicangel13 answered:

The easiest way to do this is trap it. First, cook some food on a stove, not a fire pit, because the sim will eat it. Next, place the food in an enclosed area such as a fence. Then wait for the boar. When it arrives, trap your sim in with the boar and seal off the entrance. Then fight the boar until you get ham and tusks!
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