Question from ClaudeJohnClay

Where can I find the (treasure chest)?

Please help me find the treasure chest? Where can it be - Ive been looking for three days.....


rollingdice007 answered:

You need all the map pieces and it will show you -_-
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ikitiki answered:

rollingdice, he obviously had all the pieces or wouldn't know about it. I don't entirely know myself, but try comparing the treasure map with the map of the third island...that is, once you have explored the whole island first...but I have to warn you, the treasure doesn't sound like a treasure from what I've heard...but it is a goal, so yeah...hope this is an explicit enough answer for you, if not, I'll come back once I fouund it myself.
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ikitiki answered:

Ok, I figured it out now. just know this is a bit of a spoiler anyone who reads this, anyway, once you have the map pieces, go to the first beach of the second island. Once there, go to the little secluded area that is to the left of the beach, just keep looking around till you find it, it has a large boulder there. Once there, bby now you should have a high enough strength level, and you will be able to "inspect" the boulder, do this with required strength, and voila, it's open. to find the chest, go around the ship there from the side you start on, and board it using the plank,go left upon boarding the ship, and over there is the chest. I ain't telling you what's inside though, figure that bit out for yourself. ^_~
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Pigpen29 answered:

if you have all the peices, go to the rock on the second island on west beach. look on the deck of the ship and you will see the treasuer chest. It contains a pirate uniform *SPOILER*
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Evaaa answered:

No,no,no! That is not the treasure! If u have all the pieces of the map, u can see that the treasure is at an other place where a kelpy is in the water. I cant find that place...I dont think that the REAL treasure, is that one on the boat.
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