Walkthrough by Tazendra

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/13/09 | Printable Version

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars Walkthrough

Written by Tazendra

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Controls
   2.1 Weapons
   2.2 Abilities
3. Walkthrough
   3.1 Round One
   3.2 Dial 'M' For Morel
       Part 1
       Part 2 Old King Mole
   3.3 Kudzu Request
       Part 1
       Part 2 Enter the Jackalope
   3.4 Morel Backyard
       Part 1
       Part 2 Scaling the Mountain
   3.5 The Mighty Morels
   3.6 Showdown in Shiitake Town
   3.7 Giants of the Inner Sanctum
   3.8 Log Village Villainy
   3.9 The Trailer
       Part 1
       Part 2 Robot Wife
4. But Wait, There's More!
5. Legal
6. Version History
7. Credits


This is the first walkthrough I have ever written so it's probably a little
rough around the edges. I would love some feedback from readers. Are there any
parts of the guide that aren't described well enough or that are confusing? Is
there too much description or not enough? Just e-mail me if you find any
spelling errors or have any other comments.
My e-mail is: sarah.darlington@rogers.com

I decided to write this guide because I really like this game. It's quirky and
innovative and has an awesome sound track. I love all the little details you
can catch if you take time to look at the backgrounds and objects in the level.
There are even some notes posted on the wall in one level that the level
designers actually bothered to write full text for. One of them I read talks
about aliens stealing our oil and selling it back to use at $150 a barrel. This
is a silly note that shows you the personality of the guys who spent hours of
their lives putting this game together. There are all sorts of these silly
little references to real world topics and brand names and I'll point these
things out from time to time in the walkthrough. Maybe it's just me but those
details really made the game for me.

2. Controls

Wii Remote
D-pad: Camera control.
A: Press and hold to jump. The longer you hold the higher you jump. Pax will
   flip at the top of his jump. Press and hold A again while in the air to cap
B: Use spore power or sticky hand when the pointer is over the appropriate
-: Centers the camera on Pax
+: Brings up the menu (pauses the game).
1: Shortcut to the Goals screen.
2: Shortcut to the Gear screen.
Motion Sensor: Shake the remote to attack. More information in abilities

Control Stick: Move.
C: Press to roll in the direction pressed on the control stick.
Z: Hold to block. You can attack while blocking.
Motion Sensor: Shaking the nunchuk switches from your current weapon to the
   previous equipped weapon.

2.1 Weapons

During the game you will pick up objects, called scav, that you will use to
build weapons. The weapons are divided into 4 categories: Slashing, Piercing,
Bashing and Radical. All of the weapon types, save Radical, have three hit
combos that will be repeated if you continuously shake the remote.

Slashing Pax will swing the blade in a horizontal arc which will hit enemies
all around him. Jumping in the air and attacking causes Pax to do a spinning
move with the blade. This weapon is good for attacking enemies that swarm
around you.

Piercing Pax jabs these spear-like weapons forward for the first two hits in
the combo. He jumps up slightly and jabs downwards for the last hit. This
weapon hits enemies standing in front of you and is really good for killing
those annoying flying enemies. Jumping in the air and attacking causes Pax to
thrust forward for some distance. This is good in some situations for killing
flying enemies but be careful if you are standing on a narrow ledge or beam and
don't want to fall.

Bashing Pax swings these weapons like hammers. They are great for taking on
enemies one on one. Jumping in the air and attacking causes Pax to slam down to
the ground for a powerful hit.

Radical These weapons are quite different from the other three types. Pax moves
more slowly when he's carrying these weapons. He can still block but he can't
roll which is a huge disadvantage. In exchange for these handicaps you get some
very powerful weapons and they are very good for certain situations. Also,
these weapons require ammo. Fortunately ammo is plentiful and easy to find. As
an added bonus these weapons just look really cool when you're using them.

Personally, I stick with either bashing or slashing weapons for most of the
game. You run faster than when carrying the radical weapons and can roll around
to dodge enemy attacks. I switch to piercing weapons only to fight flying
enemies and only when I'm not going to fall off some ledge. The only times I
ever used the radical weapons are mentioned specifically in the guide.

2.2 Abilities

Spore Power:

Sporekinesis- This power is indicated by a red brain in the center of the
pointer. It can be used on objects which have spots of glowing green mold.
Press and hold the B button to pick objects up and move them towards you. Shake
the remote while holding an object to throw it at an enemy. This is actually a
pretty powerful attack and you can do it while blocking. You don't really need
to aim. The object will automatically head towards the nearest enemy in sight
but if the enemy is far away it can miss.

Will of the Spores- This power is indicated by a bright green splotch (the
instruction manual says it's a vine) in the middle of the pointer. You can use
it on plants that have glowing green spots of mold. This causes the plants to
do a variety of things such as launch you into the air or move out of your way.

Spore Punisher- This ability is indicated by an orange symbol in the center of
the pointer. You can use this power on enemies when they start to spurt out
green liquid (after you've hit them a few times). The enemies will spin around
and explode, killing any nearby enemies. A good strategy is to use spore
punisher on an enemy then run right up and stand beside him as he explodes. The
explosion doesn't hurt you and any enemies that ran towards you will be killed.
As a bonus, enemies killed with spore punisher drop two pieces of goo (healing
item) instead of just one.

All spore powers run off a green energy bar displayed below the pointer. Using
an ability drains this meter and you will need to pick up goo to replenish it.

Sticky Hand:

This is an item you pick up early in the game that works a bit like grappling
hooks do in other games. When you use it on an object you will be drawn towards
that object very quickly and then you will stay stuck to the object for a short
time. During this time you can jump up to land on top of an object. You can use
the sticky hand on many different objects but two in particular are seen
throughout the game. If you are stuck in an area look around for a Vote button
or a quarter stuck to the wall with gum and use your sticky hand to advance.

3. Walkthrough

3.1 Round One

Items: Yellow Stone (3), Meteorite (1), Thimble, Bubble Gum, Razor Blade

This is a tutorial stage. First a message pops up and tells you to look around
using the directional pad. So look to the right and the village sage will talk
to you. He asks you to come over so walk towards him. After his speech he asks
you about your weapon. Shake the controller until he's satisfied. Hit him for
added amusement. Anyway, he says you need a better weapon and tells you to
collect scav. You are now (finally) free to explore the village.

First things first, before crossing the wooden bridge, head left into an area
with pink flowers on the ground. You should find your first YELLOW STONE here.
Next, cross the bridge and turn right. Hug the water's edge and walk as far as
you can. Now turn the camera to look out over the water. You should see a tent
with a firefly lighting the entrance. The second STONE is clearly visible in
the entrance. Jump in the water and swim towards it. You should absorb it as
you get close. If not just jump up and get it. Go back to where you first
crossed the bridge. Stay on the path and go forward and up a little hill. There
is a house on top of the hill as well as a shiny pink container. Ignore the
container for now and jump up onto the wooden roof right next to it. The last
YELLOW STONE is here. At any time you can hit + on the wiimote and select GOALS
to check how many collectibles you have and how many are in the level. These
will be shown at the bottom right of the screen.  In this level there are three
yellow stones that you should now have and one meteorite (That green stuff that
looks like tiberium crystals from Command and Conquer).

Okay now to complete your first weapon. Remember the shiny container I told you
to ignore earlier? Jump down from the roof and bust it open with your walking
stick to get the BUBBLE GUM. ***Note: If you hit the + button on the wiimote
and check your gear menu you can view the weapons menu. Move the pointer to the
first yellow circle to the left of the orange ones. This shows you a menu of
scav that you have in yellow which includes the bubble gum you just got. It
also shows you that you can get the thimble in this level. This is highlighted
in purple. In every level you can open this menu and move the pointer around to
check which items you can get in that level. Items which you can't  get in that
level will be gray.*** You can see on the left side of the screen that you
still need to get two more containers so go forward past the mushroom guy to a
ramp made out of popsicle sticks. The second container is to the right. Open it
for a THIMBLE. The iron thumb is now visible so open your gear menu and select
the iron thumb and press A. Press A again to equip it. Turn around and take the
lower path back to the bridge. You will pass the last container on the way. The
RAZOR BLADE is inside.

Cross the bridge and go back the the village sage. He'll show you how to build
the iron thumb which is weird because you already built it if you followed this
guide. The next task is to kill three flies. They don't attack you so don't
worry. Head right from the bridge (don't cross) and hug the water line. At the
end you should see a platform on the rock wall. Jump up on this platform and
jump right onto the second one and kill the first fly. The next two platforms
have the lat two flies. Kill them and wait for the sage to tell you about the
fireflies. You now need to cap glide across the gap to the next platform.
***Note: The longer you hold A the higher Pax will jump. At the top of his jump
he will flip. If you want to glide as far as you possibly can you need to hold
a until he flips, let go of A then quickly hit and hold A again to glide.***
Once on the next platform cap glide over to the caged fireflies (it looks a bit
like a lanturne). Bash that sucker open and jump down to the village sage.

Your reward for all the hard work is a battle with their strongest guy. The
most important thing to know is that you can't actually kill him until the game
finishes telling you how to fight. Also dying doesn't really do anything you
just respawn a short distance away. This is annoying in later levels but not
really a concern now. Back to the battle, follow the instructions as they come
up. First jump in the air next to him and shake the wiimote to preform a bash
attack. When you hit him the next set of instructions comes up. Block by
holding the Z button and attack by shaking the controller. you can block and
attack at the same time. Roll away using the C button. Next the game tells you
about the spore generator. You might have to get hit at least once to trigger
this instruction. Go ahead and whack the plant and collect the goo. After the
instructions about goo you can finally win the battle. One or two more bash
attacks should do it.

After the scene, run up the ramp and collect the METEORITE. You should notice
your wiimote starts shaking a lot when you get close. This is true of all
meterorites and will help you find them in later levels. After the scene head
down the tunnel and to the next level

3.2 Dial 'M' for Morel
Part 1

Items: Yellow Stone (4), Meteorite (10), Paperclip, Stick, Thread, Slot Car
Motor, Can Opener, Rubber Band

Run forward and the game will prompt you to open the snailbox. Open it and read
the note. Then head forward to rescue a Morel from a Mole. Two bash attacks
will take that mole out and earn you the gratitude of a Morel Heavy.  There is
a spore generator to the right if you need it. Following the game's prompt,
move the pointer over the doll and press B. Break open the exposed container
for a STICK. As you go down the tunnel you will see several things that glow
bright green. You can hit these and get one piece of goo. Go past the first
glowing green mushroom on your left and you will see a meteorite blocked by
some graham crackers on the left side of the tunnel. Break the cracker to get
the METEORITE. Keep going, past the baseballs to a cracker barricade. Break it
down and continue to a wooden barrier. You will need to use sporekinesis to
move the planks.

Past that barrier the path splits. Go left and turn right when you exit the
tunnel and come out on a walkway. Run all the way to the wall and look to the
right. You should see a YELLOW STONE in the corner next to some pipes on a
slightly raised section of the walkway your on.. Jump up and grab it. if you
stand in front of the pipes you should feel the controller vibrate indicating a
meteorite nearby. run back down the ramp you came up and return to the entrance
of the tunnel you came out of. walk towards the edge of the walkway and look
over to the right. You should be able to see the METEORITE glowing green. It is
under the ramp you just came down. To get it you must jump out to the left of
the ramp and cap glide over. You can make this asier by using sporekinesis on
the planks. Don't worry if you fall you can get back up later.

Cap glide back to the walkway and go back down the tunnel to the fork. This
time you'll take the right tunnel. First use sporekinesis on the log cart on
the tracks then follow it down the tunnel. The cart will kill some enemies on
the way down and exit into a large cavern. If you fell down from the walkway
earlier this is where you would have landed. From the mouth of the tunnel head
left and hug the wall. you should see the second YELLOW STONE on the ground
between this wall and the structure on the tracks that the cart ran into. A
mole will pop out of the ground as you approach and you will probably pick up
the stone as you fight it. (If you fell earlier and still need to get the
second meteorite then you can turn around and go up the tunnel to go back to
the fork in the road. You want the big yellowish tunnel not the blue one.)

Go to the right wall of this cavern. You should see a stack of cans, some of
them are campbell's soup cans although they say clambells on them. Anyway, jump
onto the stack and you should be on a platform with some carrots. Jump up onto
the clambells soup can now. Then jump onto the unlabeled can. Stand at the edge
of the can facing the out into the cavern, another unlabeled can will be to
Pax's right when you do this. Now, turn the camera to the right until you can
see the third meteorite. You may need to tilt the camera up a little to see it.
Cap glide over and grab that METEORITE. Now jump down and exit the cavern. You
want the exit nearest that weird structure in the tracks. The tunnel is
distinctly blue here.

A short way into the tunnel you should see a container. Open it to get a RUBBER
BAND. Continue and use sporekinesis on the barrier. Kill the bettle and keep
going. You will go through to cans and exit into a larger room. The music
changes here.  You should see a container on the left wall of the room. Jump
down and open it for a PAPER CLIP. There are two gray walls and two red walls
in this room. After you open the container you should be at a gray wall. You
want to run towards the other gray wall now. Once you reach it  turn right and
grab the METEORITE in the corner. Go back to where you got the paper clip and
start jumping up the blocks and  pistons. Some of the pistons move up and down
but they're very slow so it's easy to time your jumps. On the second moving
piston you will need to cap glide to reach the next piston. At the end of the
pistons is a platform with a container. Open it to receive a SLOT CAR MOTOR.
Then run down the tunnel made of cans.

At the end of this tunnel you will fall down onto a platform. Jump all the way
down to the ground not onto the red platform. On the ground, look around and
you should see a baseball. Run past that baseball and kill the beetles past
where the bettles were is the third YELLOW STONE in between two graham
crackers. Facing the graham crackers, turn left and run until you hit the wall.
Now, hold the joy stick on a diagonal so that you are running forward and right
at the same time. You will eventually run into a small cave and find a
METEORITE. This cave is hard to see from further away because it looks like a
dark area on the wall but it is in between the large wheel and a wooden
structure. If you run around in this area you should see some batteries.
Collect them as they are ammo for a weapon you will make shortly. Run back to
the spore generator and you should see a little sign with an arrow pointing up.
You need to jump up the little platforms on the large pole to reach the big red
platform. On the way up you should collect the fourth and final YELLOW STONE
for this level. Once on the red platform go towards the container that is
raised on some small platforms. Jump up and break it open for a CAN OPENER.
You can now build that saw staff that you have been picking up ammo for. It's
great for killing moles but you run slower and can't dodge while you are
holding it so switch back to the iron thumb weapon for now. From the platform
with the  can opener turn the camer t the left and you should see a large
silver wheel with four bolts. Cap glide over to this wheel. On the bottom of
the wheel is a METEORITE.

Jump back up the pole onto the red thing and jump up those little platforms
where you found the can opener. Keep jumping from platform to platform and you
will get to one where a mushroom guy is standing. He tells you to keep going.
Run up the license plate, jump onto the little platform and jump into the
tunnel. Use sporekinesis on the log car again and follow it down. You can ride
in the cart if you want. Where the cart crashes a mole will pop out of the
ground. Kill it with your weapon of choice. Keep going and past the baseballs
is another fork in the tunnel. Take the left fork. Be careful, a cart will come
towards you and you will need to run back out of the tunnel or jump to avoid
it. If it kills you just get back to the fork. Continue up the left tunnel
hugging the right wall. You should eventually near a  dead fly with  glowing
mold growing on it. If you are hugging the wall your controller will vibrate.
Break open the wall next to the fly to reveal a METEORITE. Keep going past the
graham cracker barrier then past a plank barrier (use sporekinesis).   You will
exit into a room. You should see a meteorite. You could get it now by cap
gliding but there is an easier way later.  Jump down to the floor you will see
an almost vertical dirt wall.  You need to jump up on rocks to get up. Jump on
the first rock on the right side. Then jump to the left. The right again. From
this rock go straight into the tunnel ahead. Kill the mouse. Keep going and a
mole will pop out of the ground. Kill the mole and you will reach the third
fork in the road. Go left. Jump into the cart and use sporekinesis on it. When
it stops there should be a METEORITE on your left. Jump out and get it.

You are back in the room with the almost vertical wall. Jump back up the rocks
and get back to the fork. Go right this time past the mushroom guy. Jump over
or sporekinesis the jug out of your way and you will reach a fourth fork. To
the right a dead end with a mole. Go left.

A bolder will roll towards you so turn around and use the C button to roll out
of the tunnel. Go back in when the bolder is gone. You will come out into a
large room where you will have to fight several moles. The game will teach you
how to use sporekinesis to throw objects at enemies. Kill the moles as you see
fit then go back to the entrance to this room. You want to be near a stack of
candles or dynamite, whatever it is, embedded in the wall. With that stack on
your left continue forward. Pass a spore generator and head towards the pile of
junk on the left. Use sporekinesis to get rid of the junk and open the
container to get THREAD. Keep following that left wall and you will get to a
log cart. Run past the cart turn around and sporekinesis it.  Follow it to the
wall it smashes open and retrieve a METEORITE. Go back to where you pushed the
cart and follow that tunnel to the end. You are now on an upper level of the
room with the fourth fork. CAp glide over to the left tunnel and head all the
way down it Kill all the mice. At the end is another wall that you can break
open to reveal another METEORITE. Return to the mouth of this tunnel and cap
glide to the left again to reach the last tunnel. As you start up this tunnel a
cart will come towards you. Avoid it and kill the mouse that comes out. Go up
this tunnel and prepare for a boss fight. ***Note: if you leave a level before
you collect all the items you can always return to the menu screen, enter your
profile and run left to the level select area to go back to previous levels.***

Part 2 Old King Mole
Items: Quarter, Sticky Hand

Start running forward and moles will come out of the ground and attack the
morels. Kill them all and the king mole pops out. See those long strings
attached to nails? You need to cut all four of them to defeat the king mole.
All he does is throw rocks at you which are pretty easy to avoid by rolling.
Roll towards the nails holding the strings and attack with any weapon to cut
them. once they are all cut run across the fallen pole and pick up the QUARTER
sitting on top of the giant pile of goo. Head into town with your prize.

Run towards the gum ball machine and a morel will use your quarter in it.
Collect the STICKY HAND and the game will show you haw to use your new
grappling hook. This level is littered with 'Vote' buttons and and coins stuck
on with bubble gum. ***Note: These two objects can be clung to with the sticky
hand and can be seen in many levels so be on the look out. However many other
objects will work this way too so sometimes it's good to  wave the pointer
around the screen and see which objects you can use the sticky hand on.*** Use
this level to practice using the sticky hand and jumping during the second or
two before you come unstuck from an object. When you are satisfied use the
sticky hand to get up to the morel who put the coin in the machine for you.
Approach him and he'll tell you to see the Engineer and then it's on to the
next level.

3.3 Kudzu Request
Part 1
Items: Rabbit's Foot (5), Meteorite (9), Pencil, Bottle Cap, Match, Bobble
Head, Glue, Dog Collar, Electrician's Tape, Aspirator, Whistle, Zip Tie,
Toothpick, Screw Driver.

This is a huge level with many items to collect and many ways to get to each
one. I will describe how I got each one which may not be the easiest way to do
it. If you have trouble getting to one item look around for another way.

First thing first, to get all the rabbit's feet you need to kill each rabbit
the way the game intended which is hinted at on the goal screen. If you screw
up you will have to kill the rabbits with your normal weapons or return to the
menu screen and restart the level. To avoid that you shouldn't use sporekinesis
on any object until you are sure it will kill a rabbit. To get the first rabbit
just turn the camera to the right and use sporekinesis on the big square fan
(it has a small red streamer on it and is rocking back and forth a bit). You
will get a RABBIT'S FOOT for your trouble.

Next run forward towards a paint can and a dead rat with glowing mld growing on
it. There are some spiders here that I like to kill with Occam's Razor. To the
left is a snailbox with some helpful information about this level. Open it and
read. Turn around and head right from the paint can towards a container. A DOG
COLLAR is inside. Ahead is a hole that takes you to a different room but don't
go in yet. Head back to the paint can and go forward this time. Kill the spider
and open the container for some GLUE. To the east is another rabbit. High up on
the wall above the rabbit is a unicorn's head. You will need to get up higher
to knock it down onto the rabbit.

Keep heading north from the paint can. you will reach a dead end. To the east
is a cloud of condensation coming from the blocked entrance to the freezer. We
will com back here later. Go west and enter the broken shelving unit to start a
mini game. The goal is to reach the top while jumping over a many eggs as
possible. Each jumped egg gives you 1 point. Breaking an egg subtracts one
point. When you reach the top the game ends and you get a METEORITE. I don't
think it matters how many points you get or how many times you get hit. I did
it once where I only got 1 point (I was trying for 0) and still got the
meteorite so just have fun with it.

At the top turn to face the wall with the unicorn head and cap glide over to
the big gray cooler. In the corner, behind some spider webs, is a container.
You need to jump over the spider webs where the piece of wood is to get to this
container. Inside is a BOBBLE HEAD. Run up the plank to get out from the spider
webs and look up. Above the unicorn head is a bowling ball that you can push
with sporekinesis. Do so now to get the second RABBIT'S FOOT.

Cap glide back over to the shelving unit and get back on top of it. Head past
the picture frame and jump onto the shelf with the bottle of 'Unicorne Noire'
sparkling water. Tilt the camera to the left and down until you see a container
on top of a folding chair. Open it for a SCREW DRIVER. You can now build the
Terrier Terror. I find the bashing weapons don't work well against the spiders
so I stick with Occam's Razor but that's just personal preference. Jump onto
the top of the paint can and pick up some ammo for the Out-of-Bounds
Incinerator which you will build later. There is a lot more ammo scattered
around the level that I won't mention just run around if you need some later.

Jump down to the floor and head back to the shelving unit. To the left of this
unit is a cardboard box. If you approach the box you will feel the vibration
indicating a meteorite. Run behind this box and you will find a hole you can go
inside to get the METEORITE. Run back to the beginning of the level. To the
right of the entrance is a filing cabinet with a TV to the right of it. Use the
sticky hand on the top of the cabinet and jump at the end to get on top of it.
A Kudzu will ask if you need a lift. Ignore it for now and jump on top of the
TV. Open the container here for a PENCIL. Go back to the Kudzu and jump on the
the basket made by it's vines. Use will of the spores on it to ride it up.

When you step off this elevator onto the rafters a message pops up telling you
a shortcut is now open. If you fall to the floor from here you can get up using
this short cut which is on the same wall as the entrance to the level. Anyway,
run forward and turn left onto a leaf. You now need to jump across using three
more leaves to get to the next beam but these will drop you if you stand on
them for too long so jump quickly. On this next rafter head left until you
reach the wall. ***Note: You can head right into a pipe which would take you to
the other room. This can be a shortcut if you do things in a different order
then the one I have written in this guide.*** To the right is a leaf. Jump to
it. Use will of the spores on the leaf ahead of you to lift it and then jump
onto it. Now jump to the third beam. Jump onto another leaf just ahead of you
and then cap glide over to the METEORITE.

Run along this beam until you get to the little square metal piece. look to the
right. You can use the sticky hand on that bottle lying on it's side. Do so and
jump onto the beam it's lying on. Run along the beam until you hit the wall.
Look to the right and down a bit and you should see another METEORITE on top of
some exercise equipment. Cap glide over to it. You may have to let go of A to
drop down to it mid glide. If you fall you can try using the sticky hand on the
exercise equipment or you can just climb back up to the rafters and try again.

Remember that big hole in the floor to the right of the paint can? Go through
that now. Keep heading forward when you exit the hole. Across the room in that
direction is a container under a boiler. Kill any spiders that get in your way
and open the container for a MATCH. Turn around and face back towards that hole
you just came through. Use the sticky hand to get to the top of the stool with
the container on it. Open the container to get a BOTTLE CAP. You can now build
the cap cutter which will be useful later in this level. From on top of the
stool look around and find the red toolbox. Use the sticky hand to get on top
of it. Open the container for some ELECTRICIAN'S TAPE.

Sticky hand over to the motorcycle and then cap glide onto the wooden chest.
Open the container near the hole in the corner to get a TOOTHPICk then jump in
the hole. Under this platform you are standing on is a meteorite so drop off
the edge of the platform onto the floor of the box. The box is rectangular with
two long walls and two short walls. Turn around so that you face the short wall
closest to you. head right until you hit the long wall. Turn left, jump over
the root and run up the little plank. Turn left and run along the root over to
the METEORITE. Run back down the root and the plank. At the bottom of the plank
keep heading forward and you will eventually enter an opening in a tangle of
vines. Jump over the large root in front of you and open the container for a
WHISTLE. Exit this tangle of vins the same way you came in and run back to the
plank. Instead of running up the plank run left along the root and onto a
different plank. Look around and find a platform about mid way up the box. Cap
glide over to it. Jump up to a second platform and run along the large vine to
a third platform. From here climb the plank and exit the box.

Head to the opposite end of the cabinet (A bottle is there). If you look down
there is a rabbit. Look up and use sporekinesis on the little moving piece on
the bottom of the box of wood. You made need to wave the pointer around until
you find the right spot. You automatically claim the third RABBIT'S FOOT and
two more rabbit's pop out of the level. Sticky hand back over to the
motorcycle. Use spore kinesis on the shovel hanging from the rafters to get the

Cap glide back to the cabinet and head back to the hole in the corner. This
time, jump up to the leaf on the wall. Use will of the spores on it then don't
touch the controls. You will automatically land on the next leaf. Repeat this
process twice more and you will land on a normal leaf. Turn the camera to look
around the corner and jump to the normal leaf you see there. Use will of the
spores on the hanging leaf then jump to it. Jump to the next leaf and use will
of the spores. From the normal leaf you landed on jump to another normal leaf
and then onto the beam. Another short cut will open up now. If you fall you can
go to the area where you dropped the wood on the rabbit and enter a hole in the
wall to get back up.

If you are not already using the Bottle Cutter I suggest you do so now. It is
really good for killing those annoying respawning wasps without throwing you
onto the floor. Run across the beams until you get to the vertical beam. Jump
onto the beam to the left of it and run towards the wall for a METEORITE. Look
to the right. You should see another meteorite in the distance behind a wheel.
You can sticky hand to the wheel, jump up and land on the beam to the side and
then drop down to the METEORITE. If you fall you can use the sticky hand on the
motorcycle and then on the wheel again. Get back on the beam beside the wheel.
Run towards another vertical beam. Jump onto the short beam to the left of it
then jump down to the container on top of the boiler. The ZIP TIE is inside.
You can now build the Gore D'Oeuvre Staff but don't use it now. Run around this
part of the boiler, jump up the two leaves you find and onto the beam. Run to
the right to get a METEORITE.

Cap glide back over to the beam you were on before you jumped to the boiler.
You want to go on the other side of the vertical beam this time. Run along this
beam to the wall and enter the pipe here. You will wind up back in the other
room. ***Note: if you fall down after getting that last meteorite it may be
easier just to go back through to hole in the floor to get back to the other
room.*** Cap glide off the beam and land on the floor beside the shelf with the
egg jump mini game. Remember that hole that was blocked and had the cloudy
condensation coming out? Use spore kinesis on the jugs now and enter the
freezer. Take a right at the frozen peas and a left when you exit that tunnel.
You will see a block of ice and feel the vibration of a meteorite. We'll come
back later. Turn around and follow this tunnel to it's end. Open the container
for the final piece of the Out-of-Bounds Incinerator, the ASPIRATOR. Build that
weapon and use it on the ice block in front of you. You will free Brian who
promises to help you fight. Although, if you've followed this guide you won't
need his help at this point and he doesn't follow you to the next level so you
could always leave him to freeze if you want. Run back to that other block of
ice and flame it to get the last METEORITE. Exit the freezer and take a left
around the  corner of the freezer box. To the right of the unicorn head you
dropped is the last rabbit. Use sporekinesis on the hanging pin to squash the
cuddly creature and get the last RABBIT'S FOOT.

Head back through the hole in the floor. The exit to the level is in this room
on the floor in between the boiler and the motorcycle. It has light streaming
out of it so it's hard to miss.

Part 2 Enter The Jackalope
Items: Meteorite (1)

This battle is easy once you know what to do. If you look you will see that
there are four big rocks surrounding the jackalope that you can hide behind.
Stand behind one and wait for the jackalope to spit out an apple core. The hard
part is catching the apple core and throwing it back at him. I find it a little
easier to pick it up in mid air but if you miss you have to move out of the way
or ele it will hit you. If you find that hard you can try picking it up once
it's on the ground. To do this you must avoid it so that it doesn't burst when
it hits you. Also if you want to get it off the ground you probably can't be
behind a rock because it will be hard to see. Just remember to get behind a
rock after you hit the jackalope. He will charge into the rock and be stunned.
Run up and hit him with your weapon of choice. Wash; Rinse; Repeat for the
three remaining rocks and you're done. Grab the METEORITE that pops out of his
corpse and enter the shiny portal he was guarding

3.4 The Morel Backyard
Part 1
Items: Opossum Tooth (3), Meteorite (6), Jack, Can Opener Handle, Rabbit's
Foot, Rubber Cement, Safety Pin

Open the snailbox for some helpful info on weapon types. Since you will be
fighting flying enemies in this mini boss battle you should equip the Gore
D'Oeuvre. From the snailbox, run to the right around the large bolder to pick
up your first OPOSSUM TOOTH. You should also see a container. It has a RABBIT'S
FOOT inside which is scav now instead of a collectible. There is some ammo for
the incinerator beside this container. Pick it up and head over to where the
flying enemies are. You can kill the with a jumping attack or by throwing the
broken bottles at them with sporekinesis. Once the big one is injured enough
the game will prompt you to kill it with spore punisher. Go ahead and try it
out. ***Note: This move is very useful in the next battle with the Anmanita's.
THey tend to crowd together and they explode when you use spore punisher on
them so killing one this way can take out a whole group. The explosion won't
hurt you either. Also killing enemies this way makes them drop two pieces of
goo instead of just one.*** The big fly will drop a METEORITE when he dies.
Pick it up and head up the ramp.

The caged Morels ask for help and warn you of the Amanitas approach. Wipe out
the Amanitas, the Terrier Terror works well, and the Morels are set free. Run
into the now open cage to get the second OPOSSUM TOOTH. Head up a second ramp
and you should see a METEORITE straight ahead. Pick it up then head up the
third ramp. A container with the JACK inside is to the right of the fourth
ramp. Get the jack, climb the ramp and enter a large room with an Opossum
sitting on a chair throwing stuff at you. (I guess it's his teeth we keep

Keep on the move to avoid the projectiles. Run over the hose towards the cinder
block. Inside the left hole of the cinder block is the last OPOSSUM TOOTH. To
the left of the cinder block is a container with a CAN OPENER HANDLE. You can
now build the lucky harm. I use it because it's fun to beat enemies to death
with a rabbit's foot. To the right of the cinder block is a platform. Jump on
it and then onto the cinder block. Follow the trail of platforms until the end.
You will see a handle you can turn with sporekinesis to turn on the hose. The
opossum loses some dignity and runs away.

Cap glide on over to the chair and pick up the METEORITE he leaves behind. Jump
to the floor, kill the cockroaches and run under the chair. There is a box with
a glowing tunnel in the floor but don't go in yet. Run around the box first to
get another METEORITE. If you've collected all the meteorites so far you will
now get an upgrade that turns your cap a nice shade of blue with pink accents.
Now go back and drop down that tunnel. You come out near a red gasoline jug.
There is a meteorite inside that we will get later. Head left from the jug then
left from the corner. Follow the wall to a container with a SAFETY PIN inside.
Go back to the jug. With the jug on your left, run forward. Instead of going up
the ramp you encounter head just to the right of it until you hit the dirt
wall. Turn right and run past the spore generator to get another METEORITE.

Head back to the ramp and climb up it. Follow this metal path to the end, fall
onto the dirt, then keep going forward into the corner. Turn right and open the
container for some RUBBER CEMENT. Go back to the metal path and jump into the
bowl. There is a switch you can turn inside by running into the tab. It rings a
cow bell and all the Morels go running. Jump back to the metal path and follow
it back towards the ramp. Stop when you reach the yellow TV to the left and
jump to it. Cap glide over to one of the two platforms with glowing green
lights. One platform has a switch you can move by running into it just like the
one you jut used. I'll call these tabs from now on. The other has a switch you
move up and down with sporekinesis. I'll call these switches. Use sporekinesis
the glowing switch all the way down then run down the remote that just moved.
Flip the switch ahead of you down as well. Cross the remote bridge and rotate
the tab one quarter turn clockwise (the remote should only move once). Cross
the remote and flip the switch up. Cross the remote again and flip the switch
up again. Cross the remote and rotate the tab until the remote faces the TV.
PAx should mention something about the button popping up. Run across the remote
and you will depress this button. Use sporekinesis on the glowing object inside
the exploded TV. Go back to the platform and rotate the tab counter clockwise
so that the remote moves once. Cross and flip the switch. Run down and flip the
switch. Cross and turn the tab clockwise once. Cross and flip the switch. Run
up and flip the switch. Cross and rotate the tab clockwise twice. Cross and
rotate the tab counter clockwise once. The remote should now face the last TV.
Run across to push the button and sporekinesis that thing inside the TV.

The gas jug will explode revealing the last meteorite. and the exit to the
level. The fire will prevent the approaching Amanitas from entering the Morel's
hideout. Hooray! Get the METEORITE but be careful because the fire will kill
you if you touch it (not that that does much in this game). The meteorite will
come towards you when you get close enough. Once you have it go through the

Part 2 Scaling the Mountain
Items: Opossum Tooth (1), Meteorite (4), Tooth Brush, Screw, Jig Saw Blade, Bike
Clamp, Cotton Swab

Kill all the Amanitas and then head back to the toilet. With the toilet in
front of you there is a snailbox to the right. Head right from the snail box
and jump up onto the ledge when you hit the wall. There is a tone of ammo here
for the new weapon you will be making in this level. Head back to the toilet.
Behind and to the left of the toilet you should see a METEORITE in a cavity in
the wall. Use the sticky hand to get on top of the toilet's reservoir and then
cap glide down to this wall cavity. It's tricky and might take a few tries.
Once you've got in jump back down to the floor.

Run towards the spore generator and head up the ramp to your right. At the top
of the ramp you will be facing a sink with a medicine cabinet above it. Open
the cabinet with sporekinesis and retrieve the METEORITE inside. Get back on
the ramp and run under the pulsing lights. Il Capitano will came down and offer
you a ride in his balloon. Use sporekinesis on the up arrow and float across to
the next platform. Jump out of the balloon and look back at where you just came
from. You will see the lights with the sink to the right. To the left of the
lights, inside a wooden cabinet is a coin stuck with gum. From where you are
standing it looks like a pink splotch. It should be roughly in the middle of
the screen, slightly under the bottom of the balloon. Tilt the camera up a
little if you can't see it. Sticky hand over to it when you find it. Open the
container to grab a BIKE CLAMP.

Jump back down to the ramp and run under the lights again and the balloon will
come again. Walk in and hit the up button again. Cap glide over to the platform
Il Capitano points out to you and touch the spout of the teapot to unplug it.
Cap glide back over towards the balloon and you should land on the platform
underneath it. Jump onto the teapot on the wall to your right and back up to
the balloon. Hit the up arrow and jump out of the balloon at the next ramp.
***Note: If you ever need to go back down to a previous balloon stop just
sporekinesis the down arrow.*** Jump up to the higher catwalk to get to the
next clogged teapot. Kill the Amanita and unplug it then back in the balloon
and up once more.

Jump out at the next stop. Run ahead and jump to the wooden platform. Open the
container for the COTTON SWAB. Kill the Amanita and uncork the teapot. Now, cap
glide over to the cabinet above the toilet and open the container with the
TOOTH BRUSH inside. Get back to the balloon and ride it up once more. Jump out,
run along the catwalk and cap glide to the METEORITE. Look towards the
container on the wall and run forward to the edge of the cabinet you are
standing on. There should be a pipe in front of you. Stand to the right of that
pipe, still on the edge of the cabinet and look down. You should see a small
white OPOSSUM TOOTH on another wooden ledge in the corner of the room. Glide
down and get it. Ride the Balloon back up again. Get back on top of the cabinet
that held the meteorite and tis time glide over to the platform just below the
container. Jump up and open it to get the SCREW. Continue following the
platform trail to the next corked teapot. Kill the Amanita, uncork the teapot
and then flip the switch on the wall with sporekinesis to open the door down

Ignore the door for now and jump up to the platform to the right of the switch.
Il Capitano will bring the balloon here now so you could instead ride the
balloon here. In any case, Run under the lights and turn left. From this area
look up and around until you see a 'Vote' button. Sticky hand to it and uncork
the teapot. Ride the balloon up again. Jump off at the last stop and open the
container to get the last piece of the Kavity Kreaper the JIG SAW BLADE.

Jump down and go through the door. This brings us to the side scrolling portion
of our game. Just follow the path. There's only one way to go. Jump over the
segment of ground that fall and kill any Amanitas in your way. You will
eventually reach the boss. Use sporekinesis on the acorns at the top of the
screen and hit him with those. If he throws projectiles you can block them.
Stay in the middle on the screen because he will drop from the top sometimes to
either side an may jump from one side of the screen to the other but if you
stay in the middle he can't hit you. Just keep blocking and pelting him with
acorns until he dies and the level is over. If you kill him without dying then
you will receive the last METEORITE.

3.5 The Mighty Morels
Items: Graduation Cap (5), Meteorite (10), Exact-ow Blade, Pickle Fork.

Head left from the Engineer and pick up the EXACT-OW BLADE from the container.
You can now build the Hades Hatchet. Turn around and head toward the dead rat.
There are some boxes behind it. Run around to the right and go behind the boxes
for a GRADUATION CAP. Approach the sliding tile puzzle and the camera angle
will change. All the tiles are clustered in the middle 4x4 square. There are 3
empty slots around the puzzle: to the left, the right and at the top. Solve the
slide puzzle by getting the matching dominoes in to these slots. You move the
tiles by using sporekinesis first to high light one tile then press B on an
empty space beside it and the tile will move to that empty space. This means a
tile must be next to an empty space for you to move it. Climb the ramp once
you're done.

Jump into the newly opened doorway (the Engineer will tell you to get up there
when you reach the right spot). Run to the bottom of the ramp and then run past
all the toy cars to the other side of this room. Turn right and pick up the
METEORITE between the wall and the large wooden box with the clamps. Now go
back to those clamps. Stand under one of them as close to the wood box as
possible then rotate the camera and use sporekinesis on the toy car in front of
that clamp. It should click into the clamp when it comes towards you. If not
just find a good angle and use sporekinesis until it is in place. Do the same
for the other two cars.

Run around the wooden box thing and climb the ramp behind it. Once at the top
use sporekinesis on the straight key (That thing used to tap out Morse code).
The engine will start but the Amanitas will attack. Defeat all the Amanitas and
the Engineer will unlock the doors for you. Get back on ground level if you
aren't already and go through the door behind the wooden box thing (it's across
the room from the dead rat).  Follow the corridor and you will come into a
large space. A door to the Engineer's room is on the right but we don't need to
go back there yet. You should see a METEORITE in the open on the left on top of
some boxes. climb the boxes and get it.

Jump back down and use sporekinesis on the tab. Go through the door you just
opened and drop tot he ground. Head right killing any Amanitas in your way. Go
behind the fallen chunk of metal and you will see a closed door. Jump over the
pipe to the left of that door to get a METEORITE. Head back around that metal
thing. Face away from it and you will see two ramps heading up. Go towards the
left ramp but don't climb it. Pass to the right of it and go around the boxes
that are underneath it to pick up a GRADUATION CAP. See that blue area on the
wall with the spark moving along the coil? Run a few feet out and look back at
it. Just above it are two spoons, one vertical and one horizontal. Use
sporekinesis on the horizontal one.

Now climb one of the ramps in the room. It doesn't matter which one. Climb a
second ramp in the middle of the walkway you wind up on and turn left. Run all
the way to the window. Turn left again and jump onto the pipe on the wall. Run
all the way along the pipe t pick up the METEORITE at the end. Cap glide back
to the walkway and climb that second ramp again. Turn right and jump across the
gap. Go through the door back into the room with the tab and turn left to go
through the door you opened when you turned the spoon. Flip the switch in this
room using sporekinesis. Go through the door you open and flip the switch in
this room. Go through this door and look around. You will see a shut door and a
spoon up on the wall. Use spore kinesis on the spoon. It opens a door beside
the first one you came through in the room with the tab. Go back through the
door you just came in and flip the switch on the wall again. Go through the
door and turn left. Go through this open door and you will be back in the room
with the tab. Turn left and head through that door you just opened with the

Flip the switch and the game will show you an open door through a window.
Remember the shut door in the room with the spoon you just turned? Thats the
one you just opened so head back to that room and through that newly opened
door. You should immediately see a METEORITE in a corner on the right and a
container in the corner on the left. Get the meteorite and pen the container
for a PICKLE FORK. You can now build the Pickled Pricker. Look up and use
sporekinesis on the two spoons to turn them vertical. The game only lets you
turn one at a time so if you can't turn one just do the other one first.

Head back to the room with the tab. Turn right when you get there and head
through the door. You will be back in the room you where in after you turned
the tab. Turn the last horizontal spoon in this room and it will open the door
behind that fallen piece of metal. Go through that door and the Amanitas will
attack again. Destroy them. Once they are dead make sure you get back to the
ground floor of the room if you aren't already. Head back to the door you just
came in which is now closed (it's the door furthest from the ramp). Facing the
closed door head left. You will enter a nook which has a GRADUATION CAP in it.
Exit this nook and look at the wall with the 4 windows. There is one walkway
just above the windows and a second one higher up with a gap in the middle.
There is a Vote button above the left portion of the higher walkway (a light
will shine near it if you stand still long enough). Sticky hand up to that
higher walkway using the Vote button. jump across the gap to your right and run
to the end to pick up a METEORITE. Run back and jump across that gap again.
Keep going and jump across another gap. Flip the switch in this small area you
just jumped to. Drop to the ground and head through the door you opened (close
to the ramp).

Jump up onto the box you see and drop into the area behind it. Flip the switch.
Use the sticky hand on the quarter on the wall to get to the door you just
opened with the switch. Go through this door and jump over the box to the
right. Flip the switch in this area and jump onto the box near it. Jump onto
the higher box and then jump across a small gap to a platform. Drop down into
the small boxed off area to get a METEORITE and a GRADUATION CAP. The box you
are now in has three metal walls and one wall made of wood boxes. Face the wood
box wall standing as far away from it as possible and look up. Use the sticky
hand on the quarter on the ceiling (it will shine after  while) to get out of
this box. You should land near an open door.

Go through the door and get behind the alphabet block. Push it by running into
the side with the B until it hits the wall. Jump on top of the box and onto the
platform. Flip the switch up here that's behind all those blocks then drop dow
to the other side and head through the door. The Engineer will tell you to
activate the mechanism. Run towards the trumpet until you are touching it then
run left to get the last GRADUATION CAP. Stand away from the trumpet and look
up. Use sporekinesis on the keys to push them down. Some will pop back up after
you move the others but just keep pushing them down until the Engineer tells
you to come back.

Go back through the door and use the quarter on the wall to sticky hand up to
the platform. Flip the switch again and drop down on the other side. Kill the
Amanita and head through the door. Run along the ground until you get to a
closed door. Jump onto the box near it an flip the switch on the other side. Go
through the door (Kill the Amanita that comes after you if it's in the way).
Use the quarter on the wall to sticky hand to the platform. Drop down on the
other side. Flip the switch and kill the Amanita. Jump over the box and go
through the door. The Engineer will tell you you are almost there. Use that
vote button again to get to the high walkway and head left. Jump over the gap
and flip the switch. Kill the Amanitas that fall to the floor and head through
the door.

Climb the ramps in this room and jump over the gap to get to the room with the
tab. Turn right and go straight past the tab. There will be an opening on the
left to take you to the Engineer's room. He seals you in and gives you a piece
of the crossbow. Climb up the ramp and man the crossbow for a fun mini game.
When the mini game is over you will be moved automatically to another section
of ramp. Jump across the gap in front of you and use the sticky hand on the
quarter to get on top of the metal box. Glide over to the next platform and
from there glide to the platform with the METEORITE. From here there are two
methods to get the last two meteorites.

Method 1: Look to the right and all the way up that wall (The wall with the one
big brick sticking out from the others). Just where the wall ends at the top
and opens to the night sky is a quarter. Sticky hand all the way up there. Jump
onto the top of the wall and run to the end where you see a METEORITE on a
platform that is slightly below the level you are standing on. Jump down to get
it then jump back up to the top of the wall. Run to the middle of the ledge and
look out into the room. You should see the last METEORITE on top of a pipe.
Glide over to get it.

Method 2: Jump and glide to the broken walkway in the corner. Look up and left
a little and sticky hand to the quarter on the stack of boxes. Jump on top of
the stack (if you jump over you can climb them from the other side but it's a
bit tricky). Jump onto the large piece of machinery in the middle of the room.
Run to the top of it and jump onto the pipe coming out. Run a long the pipe and
pick up the METEORITE. Turn around to face the opposite wall and use the sticky
hand on the quarter just below the dark area. You will probably have to run
back along the pipe to the top of the machine before you can reach the quarter
with the sticky hand. Jump onto the ledge at the top and turn left. Get the
METEORITE on the platform.

After either method make your way back t the top of the wall. If you used
method 1 you will have to use the sticky hand on the quarter. If you used
method two you can just jump up to it. Stand in the middle of this ledge and
look across to the opposite wall. Glide over to the small section of walkway
coming out from the box in the right corner. Run into this box from the walkway
and look at the wall with the green light on it. Just t the right of the light
is a switch you can use sporekinesis on even though it doesn't have any glowing
green stuff on it. Just wave the pointer around until you see the brain symbol
or feel the remote vibrate if you can't see it. Flip the switch to finish the

3.6 Showdown in Shiitake Town
Items: Shiitake Armband (5), Meteorite (10), Sardine Can Key (2), Corn Cob
Holder (2), Glass Shard, Corkscrew, Thermometer

There is a snailbox just to your left but it doesn't really say anything
useful. Step forward an face your first opponent. The Rookie Shiitake will come
flying down on a fish (Not the sign 'Miyamoto Musushi'). Just run up to him and
keep slashing (I was using the Hades Hatchet). He should stay stunned and never
get a hit on you. If he gets away just roll around until you find him and shake
that remote again. Alternatively you can pick up the bear shaped honey jar with
sporekinesis and whack him with it repeatedly. Either way he will eventually
admit defeat and hand over a SHIITAKE ARMBAND. Try running into the dandelion
stalks and watch those seeds fly off. It's not important to the game but it
looks cool.

Go straight ahead from where you started the level. Stick to the left side of
the area and you will pass over a broken grate into a narrow area. To the left
is a box with several coloured compartments. To the right is the entrance to
the sewer. Jump onto the box to the left and in the dark blue compartment you
will find a container. Open it for a GLASS SHARD. You can now build the Glass
Club. Ignore the entrance to the sewer for now and run back to the start of the
level. Just outside the wire cage to the left is an obvious entranceway flanked
by two urns. Go down this passage.

When you exit into the next large area you will fight the Earth Shiitake (Is it
just me or do these guys seem very Naruto-esque?). Same strategy as last time.
Stick close to him and keep slashing. If you are using the Glass club it should
only take about a dozen hits. He surrenders, gives over his SHIITAKE ARMBAND
and leaves you with a mysterious message about bamboo. Three shriveled plants
then sprout out of the ground. Head over to the one nearest the spore generator
(It's the one by itself). Use will of the spores on that shoot and jump up the
leaves when it's finished growing. Jump onto the wooden beam at the top.

Now, run up the wooden plank to the right and jump onto a higher wooden beam.
Run to the end to pick up a METEORITE. Look over to the giant lucky cat. There
are two planks, one on each side of its head. Glide over to the left-most one.
If you fall you can just use will of the spores on one of the two shoots near
it and climb up that way. At the end of the plank is an object that you can use
sporekinesis on. Do so and it will start shaking. Walk behind the cat's head
and over to the other plank. Use sporekinesis on the object there too. Just
above that object you should see a container. Jump over to it and get a SARDINE
CAN KEY. Take a left and enter the house like structure. Run a long the path to
the end. You will feel the vibration of a near by meteorite but we can't get it
yet. At the end of this path is the last object you need to manipulate. Use
sporekinesis on it to open a new doorway.

Run all the way back along the path and drop down off the end. Go into the
opening with the container (if you are looking at the cat from the front than
this opening is to the right of the cat in the middle of some rocks you have to
jump on top of). Open the container and get a CORN COB HOLDER. You can now
build Malice on the Cob. Run along this passage into another large area. There
are 5 meteorites in this area, includng the one we felt earlier, so let's get
collecting. Take a right and jump up onto a ledge. You want to be on the other
side of a wire fence from the dead rat. Run along this ledge and pick up a
METEORITE wedged between two boulders. Stand so the two boulders are on the
left and look at the wall ahead of you. Look up a bit and see the next
meteorite under some lanterns. Hug the left wall and jump over the beam with
the broken urn (it is bright red on the inside). You will land on another
ledge. Jump up onto the slanted concrete block just ahead of you. Run up the
slant and glide over to the METEORITE.

Jump back down to the ground. With the wall that held that last meteorite to
your left run ahead and jump up onto another ledge when you can't go any
further. Beside you is another one of those boxes with the coloured
compartments. Jump over it and get the METEORITE between it and the rock wall.
Now head over to the other side of this area, towards where there is some
yellow light shining behind some bars. THere are some cockroaches and flies
that will harass you and unfortunately they respawn infinitely. Do your best to
avoid them.

Run under that archway with the urns and climb up the bricks to the right of
the bear-shaped honey jar. Jump into the milk crate and open the container
behind another bear-shape honey jar. There is a CORKSCREW inside. Use the
sticky hand on the quarter in the corner to get up onto the milk crate. There
should be two quarters that you can see now. One on the wall to the right and
one on the ceiling inside a small gray opening. Use the one in the small
opening and run inside to get a METEORITE. Turn around and drop back down to
the ground. Jump up those bricks again but this time jump into an area to the
right. There is a metal garbage can that you can use the sticky hand on or you
can just run to the end of the path, jump on an overturned can and then jump
onto the garbage can. You should feel the vibration of a near-by meteorite.
Jump across onto a white box with some blue writing on it (it says crunchy
puffs). Jump onto the gray block and then onto a white block in a somewhat
closed off area. There is a bridge to the right but pass the bridge and fall
into a hole. You will be under the bridge now. Pick up the METEORITE and jump
out the small opening.

Clim back up to the area with the bridge and cross it this time. All goes quiet
as you run along this passage and you enter into a very green area. You must
now face the Forest Shiitake. First off you need to cut down all those tall
stalks that the Shiitake keep teleporting to. Run around and slash them all
down. The two Shiitake will be forced to the ground but they will keep
teleporting around. Roll around until you meet one and slash him for all you're
worth. Every now and again the stalks will grow and you'll have to cut them
down again. Don't let up in your attack. They insulted your Bolete style and
for that they must pay. When you win you get SHIITAKE ARMBAND x2 for your

Look around. To the left of an archway is a container on top of a large rock.
Jump up there and get the THERMOMETER. You can now build the Mercury Mincer.
Now pass under that archway and run down the root. There is a container here
with a corn cob holder inside but you should already have one so you don't have
to open it. Stand where the container is and look down the cavern and to the
right. Glide over to that METEORITE. Jump down to the ground. Head over towards
the rocks lit with a purple glow. Jump over a few pebbles and climb up a short
root path. Get onto the longer root attached to the right wall of the cave.
Look up to the ceiling and you should see a meteorite sitting on another root.
Use will of the spores on that root and the METEORITE will fall. Drop to the
ground and get it.

Now you have two options. You can continue down this cave and get to the Water
Shiitake from the back entrance. This makes the fight much easier but you miss
a somewhat cool introduction scene. You can instead choose to climb back up
this cave (a bit tricky but you can do it) and head all the way back to the
beginning of the level. Then you can drop into the sewer through the entrance I
mentioned much earlier and experience the Water Shiitake introduction.
Personally I would just continue down this cave and replay the level once it's
over if you really want to see the introduction.

So, continue down the cave. Take a left when you enter the area where you can
hear rushing water. Turn right at the end of the path and head towards the
water fall. There are three chutes here that you can use will of the spores on.
Start with the top right one, then the left one, then the bottom right one.
Once you move all three the water should drain so you can pass. Walk into the
newly opened area and the Water Shiitake appears. He asks where his water is
and runs off. ***Note:If you had entered through the sewer he would have skated
around on the water and sent waves at you which is really annoying. It's hard
to hit him when he skates on the water. You can do the trick with the chutes
even if you came that way to make the fight easier but you have to do it while
he's throwing waves at you.***

Follow the Water Shiitake to the left and find him near a puddle. Now it is
important to get the last two meteorites before you defeat him because the
level ends when you do. So just ignore him for now and follow the puddle to the
end. Jump over the root to get a METEORITE. If you've been following this guide
you should get your second upgrade now. Turn around and jump onto the pillar
with the container. There is a sardine can key inside but you already have one.
Jump onto the short root growing out of the wall and then jump to the longer
one. Follow this one to the end being careful not to fall off the edge. At the
end pick up the last METEORITE. Drop down and defeat the Water Shiitake now.
He's pretty weak when the room is drained of water so just keep hitting him
until he gives up. You get the last SHIITAKE ARMBAND and a free ride to the end
of the level. As a bonus the Shiitake bow down in respect of your skill and

3.7 Giants of the Inner Sanctum
Items: Cactus Flower (3), Meteorite (10), Broken Scissor, Wall Hook, Dart, Pipe,
Boardgame Figurine

You know, it would have been nice for those guys to teach you that smoke bomb
trick before they left. Oh, well. You start out on a hill with bones sticking
out all around. Before you run down the hill, turn around and run behind the
wooden structure to get a METEORITE. Follow the gray path down to the end and
you will be overlooking a red pit. Before you jump in look to the side of the
pit with a gray wall. There is a METEORITE on a ledge on that wall. Glide over
and get it. If you're not confident in your gliding skill you can also just run
all the way around the top of the pit and get it that way. Once you've got it
drop into the pit.

Kill the Amanita here. There are several pathways here but only one is
currently open to you. Run into the opening created by the missing bones in the
gate. Once you exit this tunnel the road forks. The right tunnel here, the one
with the human jawbone arch, leads to the Amanita General. He's huge. You can
go visit him if you want but don't piss him off or he'll kill you. Actually you
should run up to him and try it once just for fun. Anyway, take the left
tunnel, the one with what looks like rib bones holding it up. Run down and the
alarm sounds. Also, the doors in the pit open. Kill the amanitas here and the
Cactos tells you to find both his arms. Climb the hill leading up to him. Jump
up to the statue of the woman with cupped hands. Under her chin is a tunnel
with a METEORITE at the end. Glide over the hot coals to get it. Backtrack to
red pit.

Kill the Amanitas here and run straight ahead. Run down the tunnel, kill the
Amanitas and reach a fork in the road. Go right and pick up the BROKEN SCISSOR
from the container and the METEORITE in another human jawbone. Backtrack and
take the other fork. You should absorb a METEORITE when you exit this tunnel
but if not drop down and run underneath the bones tied with string to get it.
Get back on that bone and string platform and jump up the other platforms.
You'll eventually reach another tunnel. Go down the tunnel and you'll pass some
tall mushrooms with blue smoke coming out of them. Look closely, they have
eyes. Creepy. Anyway, keep going and exit out into a large cavern. The game
will show you the area presumably to help you see how to get to the top.

Turn right and head into a tunnel with lots of those blue smoking mushrooms.
Kill the Amanitas here and head to the end. Pick up the DART from the
container. you can now build the Bull's Eye. Run back to the beginning of the
tunnel and on your left you'll see a bone and string platform you can jump on.
It's right where the blue smoking mushrooms end. Jump up and keep jumping
across all the platforms to the end. You'll see a mushroom cap you can use will
of the spores on on the opposite wall. Do that and jump to it. Now face the end
of the tunnel where you picked up the dart. Glide over to the platform there.
Jump to the right to pick up a METEORITE.

Get back up to that mushroom cap you were just on.This time ump to the platform
on the left. Follow the path and keep platform hopping, using will of the
spores as necessary. When you get to the top the game shows you another puzzle
you have to solve. There is a lever you must pull to free the left Cactos arm
but to get to it you need to raise two pillars. You should see that there are
two uncovered pillars and two covers lying on the ground that you can move with
sporekinesis. Getting the lids on the pillars is not as easy as it seems
especially if you flip on over by accident. Just remember that sporekinesis
pulls objects towards you so the pillars need to be in between you and the lid
you are moving. It doesn't matter which lid goes on which pillar even though
they are different colours so don't worry about that. If you have a lid almost
but not quite on a pillar try jumping on top of it to move the high side down.
Once they are mostly on they will automatically screw on tight and the
corresponding pillar at the end of the platform will raise. Once both pillars
are raised you can jump onto the platforms on the wall, onto the pillars and
into the cave that leads to the lever. Kill the Amanitas and pull the lever to
free the left arm. It walks away on its own in a rather creepy fashion. Walk
over to the now open cage. The door is actually a human hand. Pick up the
CACTUS FLOWER under the fingers of the hand near a bit of bike chain.

Jump down and backtrack to the red pit. Take the only passageway you haven't
been down yet. It should be on your left when you enter the pit. You'll have to
jump over a back bone with some ribs sticking out of it shortly after you enter
this tunnel so you know you have the right one. This tunnel will exit into a
cavern full of human spinal columns. Kill the Amanitas and start climbing the
platforms on the wall. Use will of the spores as needed. You will reach a leaf
that starts moving when you use will of the spores on it. Stay on it until you
reach the first spine that will knock you off if you stand still jump to the
column on the right and wait for the leaf to pass underneath. Jump back to the
leaf when it's safe. jump to another column on the right when you reach the
second spine that would knock you off. Don't jump back to the leaf this time.
Instead look up and around until you find a Vote button on the wall between two
spines. Sticky hand to it and jump into the hole above it. Open the containers
for a BOARDGAME FIGURINE and a PIPE. You can now build the Beat 'Em Down
Scottie (Star Trek reference in case you were wondering). Don't forget to pick
up the METEORITE in this space too.

Now walk to the edge of the round portal that leads out of this small cave
you're in. Your goal now is to glide around the column to your right and land
on a ledge with a METEORITE. Yu can't see the ledge from where you are standing
but it's not hard to glide to so just make that leap of faith. From this ledge
glide over to the top of a spinal column covered in green leaves. If you miss
just get back up to the area that had the pipe and the figurine in it and glide
from there. Stand on top of this leafy column so that the cage with the right
Cactos hand in it is to you left. Jump to the skinny path you can see in front
of you and run along it. over the tops of some tombstones. Glide across a gap
into a small area full of vines. Use will of the spores on the eyeball thing at
the end to open up that leaf thing you were standing on earlier. Backtrack a
little and jump into the contraption you just uncovered. You will start a
little catapult minigame. At the end of the game a METEORITE will appear. Glide
over and get it.

Run to the left and enter then little cave here. Run to the end and pull the
lever with sporekinesis. A bunch of traps will fall in place and a plate will
lift revealing a screw you can move with sporekinesis. You need to move quickly
now. Time your roll to get under the heavy block that keeps falling. Run along
the path and use sticky hand on the Vote buttons when you get close enough to
make it through this area faster. When you get out onto the ledge with the cage
use sporekinesis on that screw at the top of the cage. Run across, past the
cage and enter into the little cave on this side. Pull the lever at the end of
the cave. Use will of the spores on all the platforms here and jump and glide
across them to reach the exit. Use sporekinesis on the screw at the top of the
cage to free Mr. Right. Pick up the CACTUS FLOWER under the fingers of the

Now you just need to make your way all the way back to that imprisoned Cactos.
When you reach the red pit some Amanitas accompanied by a scorpion will attack
you. I like to take out the scorpion by throwing baseballs at it and just kill
the Amanitas with regular weapons. When they are dead go down the path they
busted open for you. At the end of this side scrolling section is the last
METEORITE but be careful. Once you get it the room starts to fill with lava.
Climb up the ledges using will of the spores as you go. You will enter a tunnel
at the top. Open the container along the way in this tunnel to get the WALL
HOOK. You can now build the Hokey Pokey. This tunnel leads back to the read
pit. There is now only one path to take other than the one you jest came from
because the other two are blocked by bones. Head down the unblocked tunnel to
free the Cactos. Remember to take a left at the fork. The Catos will bust out
of his cage in an impressive show of strength and vow revenge upon the General.
Climb the hill to where the cage once was to get the last CACTUS FLOWER.

Now lead the Catos over to the general. You want to take the other path at the
fork. The tunnel with the jawbone arch is the one you want. The Cactos will
attack the General. All you need to do is keep the grunts off his back. Once
the grunts are dead the General comes after you. Just roll around the room and
you should stay safely away from him. After a short time another wave of grunts
comes. Take care of them and the General runs away in an impressive display of
cowardice. Start platform hoping around the edge of the room he reveals. Enter
the first side tunnel you find and defeat the scorpions in your way. Use the
Vote button to cross the pit of hot coals and use will of the spores on the
eyeball thing at the end. Backtrack to the room with the General and continue
platform hopping up the room. You will need to use the sticky hand on some Vote
buttons to continue upwards. Don't jump at the end of the sticky hand though.
Just fall down to the platform under the button. There are three buttons in
total. The last one will bring you to another cave with scorpions. Go all the
way to the end and break down the wall of blocks with sporekinesis. Use will of
the spores on the eyeball thing and then backtrack to the room with the
General. Go back down the platforms and use sporekinesis on the hand in the
ceiling that you just uncovered. The hand drops and the General is stunned just
long enough for the Cactos to take him out, bravely sacrificing himself at the
same time.

3.8 Log Village Villainy
Items: Turtle Egg (4), Meteorite (10), Rotary Blade, Sparkler, Soda Can Tab,
Tweezers, Engagement Ring

Use will of the spores on the leaves blocking your way and open the container
for a SPARKLER. Climb the popsicle stick ramp at the end of this tunnel. Run
straight ahead at the top, climb some boxes and get the METEORITE. Cross the
plank and get the TURTLE EGG on the other side. It's to the right of the match
box and the peppermint gum. Drop to the ground. Enter the cave to the right
side of this tunnel. However, don't drop to the floor of the tunnel. If you do,
just climb the leaves back to the top. You need to glide across the tunnel to
reach the ledge on the other side, but if you hit one of the hanging leaves
you'll fall. So glide around the leaves and land next to the container. Open it
to get the ENGAGEMENT RING. Jump down and use will of the spores on the eyeball

Backtrack to where those leaves just opened. Bust open the pods with your
weapon and head down that tunnel. Equip your best piercing weapon and kill the
wasps. Run around the area hugging the right wall. You'll reach an area where
the ground turns rocky. Climb the rocky ramp to the top and open the container
at the end for a SODA CAN TAB. You can now build the Sparklin Pop-a-Top. Head
about halfway down the ramp and jump onto a leaf sticking out from the grass.
Hop up the leaves to the METEORITE. Drop to the ground and open the container
for some TWEEZERS. You can now build the Engagement Zinger.

Climb back up the rocky ramp and glide over to the watering can in the middle
of the pond. Drop down into the hole in the watering can near the handle.
Inside the can is a TURTLE EGG. Jump back on top of the can. Walk to the edge
of the spout and glide over t the leaf sticking out of one of the walls (there
are a bunch of the strange blue vines on the wall). You can only reach the
lowest leaf. Facing the wall, turn to the right. Use will of the spores on a
leaf here and it will begin moving along the vine. Jump on it when it gets
close to you. Ride it until it brings you level with a  hanging leaf that you
have to use will of the spores on. Jump to that leaf once it's raised. Jump to
the next leaf and use will of the spores on it so that it catapults you to
another leaf. Glide over to the orange leaf. Now you can stand on an orange
leaf as long as you'd like but as soon as you jump off it you have to get to
another leaf because it drops and you can't land on it. So carefully jump to
the next orange leaf. Jump as high as you can and get into the hole in the
wall. From the hole jump to a green leaf (on the left if you face out from the
hole) then another catapult leaf. Use that leaf and cross another few orange
leaves to a METEORITE. The wall that all these leaves are attached to looks
like the face of a log on its side. It has a bit of a spiral pattern. If you
look there is another similar looking wall just beside this one. There are two
holes in that log face. The one you came through at the bottom to enter this
area and one green hole higher up near the center of the spiral. You can glide
to this hole from where you are or from a lower leaf on this wall. You may need
to drop a bit during your glide by letting go of A and then pressing A again
when you've fallen a bit to start gliding again. You can fall during a glide
this way as many times as you' like and continue the glide after. Once you land
in the hole you should run down the tunnel and collect the METEORITE. Jump back
down to the ground and make your way back to the hole halfway up the other log.
Follow this tunnel and watch the scene at the end.

Kill the enemies here and then, facing the turtle, run to the left wall and
follow it around. Kill any enemies in the way. If you hug the wall you'll pick
up a TURTLE EGG. Keep following the wall and killing the enemies. Eventually
you'll come to a small entrance to another tunnel. Drop down for another seen
with Pester. Ignore the side tunnel t the left for now and just run straight
ahead. There is a METEORITE at the end of the tunnel. Run back and enter that
side tunnel with all the bracket fungus in it. Jump up onto the platform on the
left. Be carful as there is a worm that pops out of a tunnel here. You can kill
it if you hit it when it pops out. Jump to the next platform, avoiding the worm
here too. Try to kill all the worms along the way so that it is easier to try
again if you fall. Glide across the room to another platform. Jump across a
small divider to another platform. Drop down to the left and pick up a
METEORITE. Backtrack to the first platform and jump back again to the one where
you dropped off. run along the platform this time and drop off at the end.
Weave through the bracket fungus here avoiding one last worm and watch another
scene with Pester.

Swim over to some bracket fungus on the wall and jump up on it. Glide across
the water to the other side of the room. You should be on a dirt area with an
overturned toy house of some sort. Walk behind it and open the container for a
ROTARY BLADE. You can now build the Saw-Dine Slicer. Get back over to the
bracket fungus on the wall and this time jump into a near-by small hole in the
wall. Go to the right to get a METEORITE. Go back a little and climb a dirt
mound. Some stuff will fall from the ceiling in a regular pattern and hit the
top of the mound. Avoid it and jump over to the next box. Wait for the stuff to
fall again. Jump up on the area where it fell and glide to the next box. Just
run up onto the dirt walkway from that box. And head right while hugging the
wall on your left. Go as far as you can and you'll reach an area with a lot of
broken stuff. Jump over the broken stuff  and glide a bit to reach a n area
with the last TURTLE EGG. Drop back down into the water and then get back to
that box where you run onto the dirt path. If you take a left on the dirt path
you'll notice you pass behind a large block of some kind. Turn around and head
up the dirt path again until you get high enough to glide over to that block.
From the top of that block look up and around until you find a vote button. Use
that to get up higher and watch another scene with Pester.

Don't follow Pester just yet. Turn around and jump out onto those big orangish
brown things connected by the green webbing or goo. You can actually stand on
the goo too. Walk up the goo and stand o the rim of the second orangy-brown
thing. look out over the area you just climbed up and find the crumpled license
plate with the letters XYZ visible. To the right of that on a wooden popsicle
structure is a vote button turned to the side a little. It's difficult to see
so you may need to wave the pointer around to find it. Use the sticky hand to
get over there and jump onto that structure. Walk forward a little bit onto a
more brightly lit area. You should be standing so that you are facing the end
of the license plate that is sticking up. A little bit of the number 9 turned
sideways is visible. Now the structure you are standing on is like a small
doll's house or something. It has a door on the right side that you can't quite
see from here. So jump off to the right and glide back towards the house thing
and land in the door. Pick up the METEORITE inside. It might actually be easier
to glide to this door if you jump off a few steps back from the end of that
license plate o the darker part of the house. Once you've got the meteorite
drop down and make your way back up to where you last saw Pester.

This time take that tunnel that he ran towards. The one with all the bracket
fungus sticking up in it. A METEORITE is in plain sight as you make your way
through the tunnel. At the end of this tunnel you'll meet Pester again and
he'll rotate the level. Climb back up the tunnel and Pester will sick his pet
turtle on you. Run past the turtle on the left and keep following the left
wall. There is a little bit of an opening between the junk with a METEORITE

Okay, the goal in this battle is to use will of the spores on all of the mold
growing on the turtle. At any point in the fight if you are low on health or
spore power you can just kill some wasps to collect some goo. Start with the
stuff on his legs. The front legs are easy but he turns around when you run
around him so it's harder to get the back legs. Roll around him so that you
move fast enough to get to the back legs. Once you clear the legs some stuff
will sprout out of his head. Clear his head and more sprouts on his legs. This
time he spins around faster, stomps his legs more and snaps at you just after
you clear the stuff off a leg. The trick is to always be rolling whenever you
can. Stop only long enough to fire off will of the spores and don't wait for it
to hit before you start rolling again. Also, since he spins faster now, it is a
good idea to roll around him to the right to get the two right legs then move
back to his head and roll left to get the two left legs. Once cleared, more
stuff sprouts on his head. He tends to stand still at this point so just clear
his head and the level is over.

3.9 The Trailer
Items: Strange Skull (5), Meteorite (10), Laser Pointer, Marble, Doorstopper,
Pewter Figurine, Electrical Wire, 9-Volt Battery, Egg Holder, Rocket Duct Tape,
Rocket Engines, Rocket Wing, Rocket Nozzles, Rocket Chassis

***IMPORTANT NOTE: In this level there are two unlabeled cans behind a stack of
magazines next to the TV. If you jump on this cans Pax will often slip and look
like he is constantly falling in the middle of the cans. You can usually escape
from this by mashing the jump button but be careful. This is especially
annoying since there is a can of high fructose corn syrup right next to these
cans that is useful for sticky handing up to the table.***

At the beginning of the level hoards of cockroaches attack. Destroy them and
take out the boxes of noodles and other objects to stop the cockroaches from
respawning. Use the vote button to get on top of the TV. Open the container
here for a PEWTER FIGURINE. It is also possible to destroy the hives you see
all around the walls to stop those wasps fro pestering you. Drop back down in
front of the TV and stand near the soda cup just in front of the TV. Look out
over the edge of the table you're standing on. You should see a METEORITE in
the corner of the room in a pink and purple area behind a gray stack of some
kind. Glide over and get it. Run all the way around this pink seat cushion area
destroying the food containers as you go. When you reach the end nearest the
table you can drop off onto an old pizza box and get the ELECTRICAL WIRE from
the container. Drop down to the blue-spotted green floor. Destroy all the food
containers here too.

Jump into the open cabinet. Take a right and jump over the Smell-O pages. Bust
open the RPG Joe container to get the RCKET DUCT TAPE. Run to the other side of
this small area and use the catapult leaf. Pick up the METEORITE that is in
plain sight on this ledge. And jump onto the leaf just above it. Facing the
wall the leaf is attached to, look to the right. Glide over to the container
and get the MARBLE. Get back to the leaf you were just on. Jump onto the ledge
just above it. Run up the ledge and jump to the counter. Head left over the
Smell-O pages and then over the pizza box. On the counter, just between the
pizza box and the VCR is a STRANGE SKULL.

Turn around and head back to the Smell-O pages. Look out into that area with
the blue and green floor. There is a milk crate just beside a stack of
magazines. Glide over and land on the milk crate to pick up another STRANGE
SKULL. You can get back up to the table using the Vote button n the corner of
the TV or by first using the Vote button above the stack of pizza boxes to get
to the bench seat and the using the sticky hand on the orange Corn Syrup can on
the corner of the table while being careful of those other cans I mentioned in
the important note. Glide back over to the counter on top of the bench seats
and walk over to that board with all the tools that can be moved with
sporekinesis. Knock over the can first with sporekinesis (you just need to
press B the can will move into position by itself). Jump onto the can and the
camera angle will change to a side view. Using sporekinesis on the other
objects moves them between two pre-set positions so just move them around until
u can jump on them, if you need to get higher just use sporekinesis on an
object while you are standing on it and both it and you will move up. Jump onto
the ledge at the top and go through the hole. Run to the end of the box and use
the sticky hand on the bottle to get through the hole in the ceiling.

Kill the mice here and break open the RPG Joe box to get the ROCKET CHASSIS.
Look up at the ceiling in this area. There is a hole that you can use the
sticky hand to get through. Kill the mice up here and run around the crunchy
puffs boxes to get a METEORITE and a STRANGE SKULL. Drop back down to the area
where you got the rocket chassis. You may need to kill some more mice. Run
through the nearby hole in the wall and around the gray pillar to get another
METEORITE. Climb into the pillar and use will of the spores on the Kudzu
Express elevator. Destroy the pile of food here to get rid of some of the
spiders then head over to the sink. Look at the wall above the right part of
the sink and use spore kinesis on the switch. A METEORITE will pop out of the
sink so turn off the garbage disposal, jump in and get it. You can jump in the
sink without flipping the switch for a comical death and you'll just reappear
beside the sink. Continue around the counter to the toaster. Use sporekinesis
on the container beside it and hop in. Bust open that box in there for the
ROCKET ENGINE. Jump onto the toaster and stand on one of the pieces of bread.
Use sporekinesis on the handle while you are standing on the toast and it will
launch you into the air. Don't touch the controls while you are in the air. You
will land in a cupboard.

Face the wall of the cupboard with the small hole in it and look up at the hole
in the ceiling. Use the sticky hand on the bottle to get up there. Run to the
other side of the cupboard up here and break open the box for the ROCKET
NOZZLES. Stand behind the round pot (The small hole the ants come out of should
be behind you). Look up at the hole in the ceiling and use the sticky hand on
the over turned bottle. Go through the hole at the other end of this level of
the cupboard. Run behind the grey pillar, careful not to fall in the hole in
the left corner, and open the container for the EGG HOLDER. Run around to the
other side of the pillar and look out that hole in the cupboard into the
nearest corner of the room. Glide over and get that METEORITE you can see.

Glide back down to the counter with the sink. Run back over to the toaster and
drop off the end of the counter into some full garbage cans. Destroy the food
containers here. On top of the one garbage can here with a lid is a STRANGE
SKULL you will probably pick it up while you destroy the food containers.

Drop to the floor. Destroy the food containers here and run over to the pin
shaggy rug near the pair of shoes. Open the container here for a DOORSTOPPER.
You can now build the Thor Stopper. On the right side of the shoes is another
garbage can but this one has a foot pedal. Stand o the pedal for a while and it
will launch you to the top of the can. Jump onto the tank behind the can and
stand on the spout. Flip the switch on the other end with sporekinesis and
you'll be launched into the air. Don't touch the controls and you will land on
a box. Destroy the food. Use sporekinesis on the telescope and run along it.
Glide over to the Shelf on the wall to get the METEORITE. Now glide over to the
counter with all the tools. Open the container for a LASER POINTER and you can
now build the Space Gunn (A.K.A. Light Saber). Open the box here for the ROCKET
WING. The Lepiota Necromancer will attack with his army of Amanitas. The Space
Gunn will take out the grunts in one hit if they bother you but they keep
coming. Use sporekinesis on the drill to knock him off the platform. Use
sporekinesis on the open end of the glove (where you would tick your hand in)
to crush him.

Drop down onto the tank and launch yourself into the air using the spout again.
Look up and use the Vote button at the top of the box to get on top of it.
Destroy the food here and jump onto another box. Open the container for a
9-VOLT BATTERY. You can now build the PAAZaper Prod. Look over to the wall with
the vines and the two wasp hives. Walk to that edge of the box and drop onto
the catapult leaf. Use will of the spores on it. You will land on the ledge
with the hives. Destroy them and pick up the METEORITE. Glide back over to the
box you were just on and drop back into the room with the TV on the table. Go
over to the rocket launch pad (near the rocket building instructions that are
hanging on the wall). Use sporekinesis on the launch pad to build the rocket.

You'll land in a bathroom. Jump to the floor and destroy all the food piles and
containers. Get the STRANGE SKULL behind the sink. Head over to the blue shaggy
rug and jump on the leaf. Use will of the spores to catapult yourself into the
shower. Drop into the shower and use sporekinesis to move the plug from under
the leaf to block the drain. Remember that sporekinesis brings objects towards
you so stand with the drain between you and the plug. Also, once the plug is
close to the drain you can just push it on by running into it. Once the shower
fills with water you can use will of the spores on the hanging leaves and jump
on them. Jump into the elevator vine basket and go on up. Run along the towel
rack and jump into the soap dish. The camera angle changes here. Jump up to the
catapult leaf and launch away. Pick up the obvious METEORITE here and then
glide over to the top of the  toilet to get another METEORITE. Congratulations!
That's the last meteorite and you will now have unlimited ammo for the radical
weapons. Jump to the sink an take the Kudzu Express up. Run into the white
light to the end of part 1.

Part 2 Robot Wife
Items: None

You start out on a pink shaggy rug. There is a cardboard box to your left. You
need to run around the right side of it and climb the VHS tapes. You can use
the toys on the floor to distract the dog to stop him from chewing you up but
if you are fast you won't need to. Once you are on top of the cardboard box you
can use sporekinesis on the bottom of the grate on the wall to make the ironing
board drop down. Climb up it and jump onto the counter. Use sporekinesis on the
wind up robot.Climb along the fallen leg into the robot wife's lap. Give Pester
a good whack. Kill his goons and then look around. Pester will be standing on
one of the shelves on the walls. There will be a big green gas cloud around him
so he's not hard to find. He'll be tossing exploding rocks at you. What you
need to do is use sporekinesis to catch one of the rocks and then shake the
remote to throw it back at him. You don't really need to aim it will just home
in on him. Unfortunately catching the rocks can be hard. Just stand back look
at pester and try to catch them as they come. The best way I've found so far is
to keep the pointer a little bit above Pax's head (leave a space about half of
Pax's height). If you have the camera angled so that you never lose sight of
the rocks as they come then you will be able to watch and hit B just as they
enter the pointer. Remember that dying has no consequence so it's okay when you
miss and the rocks hit you.

Once you hit Pester he'll teleport to a different shelf and summon some more
minions. Kill the henchmen and look around for Pester again. This time he'll be
throwing the rocks at you two at a time but it's the same deal. Just catch them
and throw them back. Sometimes when you throw a rock it will crash into the
other rock and explode. So when you grab one you can roll to the left or right
before you throw it to hopefully avoid this problem. This time when you hit him
he teleports to another shelf but doesn't summon any minions. Hit him again.
This time more goons come. Kill them one more time. Now Pester will be throwing
rocks in groups of three. You need to hit him twice more and he'll move to
another shelf after the first hit. After the second hit he teleports down to
your level. Smack him with your weapon of choice and he'll teleport a short
distance away. When he is standing just in front of the finger of the robot
hand (it looks like a big gray tube) use sporekinesis on the hand and Pester
will be sucked in.

Pester will now be standing on top of the TV shooting at you. Your goal is to
destroy all three of those off white pillars coming out of the TV (If you run
back and forth you will pass underneath them). This sounds easy but the pillars
regenerate after a short time so you have to take them out fast. I find the
best way is to equip a piercing weapon, stand at one end of the group of three
pillars and face them, jump into the air and shake the remote to use the
thrusting attack. This should take out the pillar on whichever side you are
standing and the one in the middle. Quickly jump and shake the remote again and
you should hit the last one.

This is it. The final battle. A one on one fight between you and the enemy of
all mushroomkind. You can have a long drawn out battle with a slashing or
bashing weapon OR you can just zap him into submission with the infinite ammo
on your PAAZapper Prod. Your choice. Obviously, I go with the Zapper. Just run
close to him and keep shaking that remote. He can't get away. When he tells you
that you can keep hitting him all day and he'll never die it's time to use
spore punisher on him. Enjoy his hilarious death.

4. But Wait, There's More!

While the credits scroll you can shoot the flies and the falling meteorite by
running the pointer over them and pressing A. Some of the credits them selves
are humorous (someone is credited as the Office Monkey). After the credits you
are dropped back at the profile screen. Run back into your profile and go to
the Options section to the right. Choose to visit the Gallery. In here you can
look at all those pretty concept art pictures you spent so long unlocking by
getting all the collectibles. You can also play all your favourite Mushroom Men
tracks at the Music section and you can play a bunch of minigames that weren't
featured during the actual game. Catapult is the best in my opinion.  Anyway,
you can mess around in here until you get bored and, sadly, must shelve the
game. Fingers crossed for a sequel!

4. Legal

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6. Credits

Credit goes to Red Fly Studios, Gamecock Media Group, Gl33k and the all others
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