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1.0 Started my rough draft. Tested some theories
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2.About me
5.Power Calculations
 5a.-Difficulty Bonus
 5b.-Ground placement Bonus
 5c.-Level Power Ups
 5c-Leveling requirments
6.Ancient Wonders
7.Victory Styles
9.Economic Milestones
10.Great people
11.Tech Trees
14.Credits and Thanks

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2.-About me
I am from Minnesota and was born in North Carolina (Like you care), I got
married on June 2nd 2003 (I think this is in here so I remember). I have
been gaming since I was 8 years old and have never found a game I could not
master. So I spend all my time constantly gaming and looking for that one
challenge, including someone to play against. I am still surprised that my wife
puts up with this, probably because I moved to another state for her. Any ways,
I have created many faqs and only posted a few. I also created a lot of
reviews. I tend to always try to help people with their problems and teach
people how to be the best at what they do. Mainly because I am trying to find
someone who will Finally beat me (I think This_25 will be the one).  I like to
game against others. Well now that Im done with this part (and that is if you
read it) here is the faq, use it for good only...  unless you want to use it
for evil. I don't care just have fun with the game.

(This is staying in the faq because no one complains about it)

This faq will cover many things some useful and some... well not so useful, it
is designed for the gamer who wants to get the most out of their Cities. I
Suggest that you play through the game first as you think best, don't follow
this guide until after you beat the game at least once, even if its only on
Chieftain. This guide will give away a lot of spoilers or parts of the game
that would normally be hidden unless you had some kind of insider tip. So don't
get mad if I spoil something for you. First, All techs can be reseached in the
Civlopedia and you can find these on your own. But in the Civlopedia it only
tells you what Techs are needed to get it at the time. It does not tell you what
techs are needed to get the techs needed. Thats what Im for. It also does
not give you some of the little Tid bits Im putting in to help advance your
strategys. So, onward to the faq!

Civilizations have been around for a long time. Not only in real life but in
Games as well. This version is for the ps3 and Xbox 360 and is just one of
 many along this line. There has been 4 main versions on the PC with many
Expansions. Im not going to go into full detail on those, just wanted to let
you know that I am Experienced with the Civ game styles. I would Say I know
what Im doing but most of the time its all just made up as I go along. Yay

So, ever find your self being pwned by Rifle men when your running around with
tanks? Ever find your self 5-8 Techs ahead of some one only to find in 4 turns
they are suddenly 12 ahead of you. WTF? How does that happen? Why does their
Riflemen army Kick so much ass? Well here is some things that can help you out.

Lets start out with how to Calculate attack and defence.

5.Power calculations
Ever get a team that for some reason only has a defence of 20 when your being
attacked but 120 when you attack? Or has a low attack but can stop anything
that comes its way. Well there is usually a reason for that.

Each Unit has a Base attack and defence stat. For instance. Warriors are
1 and 1. Now when you get 3 together and combine them into an Army you will
find they are 3x stronger. Warrior army is 3 attack and 3 defence. Thats cool.
But they can still lose to a well placed lone warrior. Why is that? Well its
all dependent on the bonus and penaltys. It also depends on the level of that
unit, More on leveling up later. Also one thing to be wary of is if they are
hurt, Injurys make you weaker so its always good to heal your self. An injured
Warrior army can still lose to that .05 attack Barbarian, Its rare but I have
seen it happen.

Here is the Calculation to determine power, Use it well.

Base attack/ Base Defence
Wonder/Government bonus # (Add this to the base before multipliers)
Difficulty +% 
Bonus/Penalty for placment (Land) +/- %
Multiplyers (Generals, power ups) +%
Support unit Bonus # (Added in to total as solid #, not times %)
Total Attack/Defence =

Now what does that all meen?
The difficulty is one big factor, placment is the second and the level power
ups is the third. Here is how you can figure out the best spots to place your
team or what to give them when they level up. Also the goverment type and the
Himeji Wonder give you a bonus. To make it easy to understand you take the Base

# multiply it by the 50% or the 100% then add that to the base. 50% is the base
# x .5 and 100 % is the base # x 1. Making it the same #. So with a score of 1
and a 50% you get 1.5 and with 100% you get 2. See? I hope you do I can't make
it any easier to understand. Read down a little and I will try to show a better

Here is the list of Bonus %'s 

Government - Fundamentalism
+1 attack for each unit

Wonder - Himeji Samurai Castle
+1 attack for each unit

Chieftan +100

Warlord +50 

King 0 (Multiplayer games are default King Diff.)

Emperor/Diety You do not get a bonus or Minus thats visable but enemys are more
aggresive and they spread out faster. So its always suggested that you use
armys when attacking instead of one unit. Mainly due to the fact that if your
near a city they will come after you. I also think they get a Handicap like you
can choose on Multi player. Some where around a 20-40% production bonus
depending on the difficulty. Don't quote me on that though.

5b.Ground placement
Rivers -50% to attacker unless they are Artillary Types

Land fall -50% Attacking from a boat

Hills +/-50% Hills are double sided. If you attack some one on a Hill you lose

Forrest +50% if you are the defender. Nothing for attacking

Fortified +100% If your defending, this works from Citys or in the open
(Square), sit there for a bit and a wall will show. Keep a unit there to keep
the wall for future attacks.

Palace +50% this is for any Capital city, even captured ones.

Walls +100% its always good to build a wall around your city. It also stops
them from being converted until the Hollywood Wonder.

5c.Level power ups (See level up section for more on this)
Infiltration (Ninja) +50% to city attack

Veteran +50% for attack and Defence

Engineer +100% For city Defence

Leadership +100% if you have a support unit 
(Ships, or a General I think, Confirm?)

General +50% the general is good because it will support ANY unit on the same
square as him. Even if its not the same army.

So, now that you have this formula. here is an Example of how it works.

Say you have A warrior. Hes 1 attack 1 defence. You go around fight with him a
little bit and he becomes a Veteran. Now he has 1 attack and 1 defence. He
also has the +50% Vet Bonus. Now say you are playing Chieftan thats +100% and
you decide to stop him on a Hill thats +50% if you attack from there or Defend
from there. Now one thing you should know about Solo units and Army units is
this, When you add a unit to another to make it to an Army unit the Entire Army
unit gets all the same power ups. So if you have a Ninja unit they all become
Ninjas. Yay! So say you add 2 other Warriors to your little guy standing there.
They suddenly become a Warrior Army 3 to attack and 3 to defence. Now say one
of those guys had Infiltration, +50% to City attack. So you attack some guy who
happens to be dumb enough to walk right below you with his settlers and set up
a city. So this is what you will see when you attack.

Ninja Warrior Army
3 attack 3 Defence
+50% Veteran 
+100% Chieftan 
+50% Hill
+50% City attack

So using the formula from above you get 3+(1.5+3+1.5+1.5) giving you a total
of 10.5 so thats like having two Armys at once. Now you see how you can Pwn..
Unless the guy inside has a Stronger unit using the Above formulas and maybe a
palace or a support ship.. Oops.. Thats why scout is a good Perk upon level up.
If you see that the guy defending has Archers with 25 defence you MIGHT want to
rethink your strategy. If your defending I always suggest a Hill, or a river
for placement of your city, also those little one square islands out in the
water. Those can be godly citys if done right.

Here is one more Example just to point it out. I have a knight unit at 4 Attack
I build 2 more and make him an Army with 12 attack (4x3=12). I win a few fights
and make him a Vet with +50% and place him on a hill with +50% and pull a
Galleon up next to him. So now that will show as 

Knight Army
12 attack
+50% Vet  (12x.5=6)
+50% Hill (12x.5=6)
Support ship +1
With the support ship it makes it 25

So you see. Proper placement and with Support you can have a REALLY powerful
unit. So can your Enemys. So don't place your city in a spot that has a hill
next to it. Thats like asking to have your self slapped, Unless you have lots
of defence and a wall and you are using it as a choke point or decoy city.

Now, With that taken care of lets talk about leveling. 
When you Gain 3 XP you gain a level and Veteran status (+50%) then an Upgrade
(there are 6 upgrades total)

You can gain xp using these methods.
-If you build a troop in a city with a Barracks or a Great leader that unit
will begin with 3 XP. That means if you have both you start out with an
upgrade right away. How sweet is that?
-If your unit wins a Battle it will gain 1 Xp, Double if its a Stronger unit
(Confirm if its double or triple?)
-If the attacker runs away the defender gets 3 Xp points.

So a good Idea is to always build Barracks if that city will make troops.
And get a great leader if possable (Use a spy to steal one if need be)

One thing to know is the strengths of each unit as well. If you have a high
attack unit but low defence do not use them to defend your citys. That does
not work unless it has a lot of upgrades. Archers, Riflemen, Modern infantry
are the best bet for defence. Warriors and Legionaires are better used for 
attacking. If early game use warriors for defence. Before we get to the techs
needed for each lets talk about Ancient wonders.

6.Ancient Wonders
So if you have played this yet, I bet you have seen a shiny golden looking
thing sitting off on a little island some where and wondered. WTH is that?
As you build your boat go to it you suddenly lose it to another player who
was also rushing towards it. Now You see the name and wonder what they got
(And probably smash another hole in your wall). So here is the list. I'm
putting this in so you get a general idea of what to go for first and whats
needed to get them (most of the time its just luck on who finds them first).
There are 6 of them and they will not always be all on the same map. It's
usually a good idea to start exploring right away just in case. I think most of
the time only 3-4 will be on each map. Confirm?

1. Seven Cities of Gold- It looks like a Vine covered Myan temple. Whats a
Myan Temple you ask? Well it looks like the seven cities of gold, there hope
that helped. This usually gives you 250 Gold. It might be between 200 and 400
Im still running some tests on that. Let me know if you get a different ammount
so I can edit this. You can almost always find this one on the edge of small
islands. It helps alot early game but late game the most it will do is let you
build a shiny new road or half a tank. Get it fast and go for the mile stone.

2. School of Confuscious- It looks like one of those ancient 3 story Japanese
towers. With the red roof and paper lamps. This one gives you a small group of
Famous people (2). When you get the famous people stratagize where to put them.
This can mean the difference between early victory or horrable defeat. Proper
use of a super power can get you the shiny new wonder of your dreams in one
turn, or help you research those riflemen faster. THINK FIRST, I have seen
people waste a good great person ability because they did not think and they
always regretted it later. Like putting the great leader in a city that has
production of 2 and you don't build troops with it. Why do that when your city
with production of 150 is making 3 tanks a turn? Why not make them stronger
right away?

3. Lost city of Atlantis- Its obvious if you see this one. Its a Temple dome
sitting in the middle of the deep water.This is probably the best one in my
opinion. When you find it it gives you 3 of the Technologies that you can 
esearch at the time (Usually the fastest ones). If you can manage to get it
mid to late game it can be godly. But people tend to look for it right away
to rush them selfs to the Modern age and get the jump on every one else. This
is one you should probably start looking for just to stop the other Civs from
getting it. You need a Galleon to reach this one, most of the time its towards
the edges of the map. Researching Navigation is a must (Unless your spanish
then you start with Navigation and can get it in the first few turns).

4. Ark of the Covenant- The Ark is where the Ten commandsments sit, So its
either a shiny golden box (That what it looks like) or its a squarish looking
castle. I think its a Box, I can never really tell what it is. This one will
 give you a temple in each city, if you already have a temple it will give you
a cathedral. This can really help rush to a Culture victory.

5. knights Templar- Its a Castle. YAY its so easy to reconize. It will give you
a free high tech unit. Early game its usually a Cannon or knights. I never got
it late game because all the islands are taken at that point but I assume you
will get a tank, It should be a powerful unit compaired to anything you
currently got. If any one has more information on this let me know.

6. Angkor Wat- Its another temple that looks like stairs. Only its not run
down. Looks just like the real one. There is even a video in the Civlopedia.
Pretty cool if you ask me. You didn't ask me? Well fine then Skip this part.
This one will give you a Wonder in your Capital city. Its usually the Pyramids
but can be any that is not currently made, I have gotten the great wall with
it as well and my friend ended up with shakespears theatre. 

So now that you know the Ancient wonders lets talk a little about buidlings and
Victory styles.

7.Victory Styles
You can win 1 of 4 ways.

Domination -Capture all enemy Capitals. They can still have citys, so don't
worry if they have half the map.

Technology -Win the space race. You only need 1 fuel pod, 1 Habitation, 1
Propulsion unit and 1 life support to launch. You get a higher score if you
launch more. More information on technology later. You basically just need to
get the space age tech. Look below to get the details on that.

Culture -All you need to build is the United Nations wonder. To get that you
need a combined total of 20 from the following; Great people, Wonders and or
Culterally flipped cities (Citys that join you by being close to your borders,
they can be IDed by the BIG civelization flag flashing over it before it
flips). Most of the time you will get it from Great people and wonders. Culture
is great though because as it gets higher you find you get more great people in
turn getting you closer to the victory. More on this later.

Economic -When you reach a total of 20,000 gold you can build the world bank.
When its done victory is yours. This is can be one of the harder victory styles
mainly due to the fact that you might end up spending a lot of gold to create
troops or rush buildings. It's easy to get the gold though if you plan
properly. But watch out for spys. They hurt when they get into a city and steal
gold from you when you have 18k. Boom 4-5k gold gone just like that. Of course,
thats a double edged sword too. Since you can do that to other players.

With that said its good to know a little about what buildings can help you
advance for a certain victory style.

Each building has a certain thing it does to help you win. Depending on what
you want from your city you might not need to make them all (Of course it does
help for end game points).

I will list them each based on what they do for you. There are 6 types of
buildings. War, Production, Science, Culture, Economy and population.

-Barracks, cost 40, Creates Veterain units (3xp right away) this is great for
rushing early game too since all you need is bronze working to make it.

-Walls, cost 100, gives +100% defence to any unit in the city. If the city is
captured the wall is destroyed. Masonry is needed for this one and thats a tier
2 technology. Pottery-Masonry.

-SDI, cost 200, Will stop a Nuclear Missle from destroying the city. This one
is pointless to make if you create the Manhatten project wonder first. Of
course it does help for points at the end game. The only problem with this
building is its available late game and the Nuke will have been made long
before then. So the only way you can make it and have it be of use is if the
other civs have pitty on you and save it. Its risky if your the one with the
nuke to save it. Some one could stop it with this. Also here is a big tip. If
you lose the city that has the Nuke in it the nuke is gone for good. The other
civ who took it will not be able to use the nuke and you cant either. So if you
feel you can't get SDI fast enough rush the Wonder and take it.

-Court house, cost 80, doubles the size of your citys reach for production


-Factory, Cost 200, gives you x2 for production. ALWAYS build this!

-Iron Mine, Cost 80, gives you x4 from mountain squares. With a Factory you can
find your self making tanks in one turn easy. Tanks cost 50 to make.

-Workshop, Cost 60, x2 from hill squares. You should really be building your
citys on hills but sometimes there is 1 or 2 in range of your city. Especially
with a court house.

Science allows you to get Techs, the key to winning Civ. So you want a lot.

-Library, Cost 40, x2 for science production, its best to build this ASAP that
way you can be the first to get certain techs for their bonus. All you need is
Alphabet to make this.

-University, Cost 160, x4 science production. With Library thats x6 for science
and that can equal a lot especially when your pulling 50 a turn already. That
pretty much allows you to get a tech every 1-3 turns. I have gotten a city with
 500+ science research each turn, it can go higher try it.

-Temple, Cost 40, 1 culture point per Citizen. Culture is great for taking over
other cities. Get it High enough you can then take over your enemys citys that
are next to your borders. Hey thanks America, I always liked new york.. Not the
smell.. or the crowds but hey that bank is pretty sweet. Its ALWAYS a good idea
to build a Temple in your citys as well, it stops them from being taken over or
at least slows it down a bit. Nothing worse then losing a defence city. Also 
the higher your cultrue the more great people you get and the bigger your city
gets.More on great people later.

-Cathedral, Cost 160, 2 culture per citizen. Aw yeah this is what Im talking
about.Just watch your citys grow and your enemys drool in aw of your shiny gold
plated streets. Then cry as they plow through your streets with their dirty
Tanks and smelly riflemen. Oh well. At least you have Maine, but who cares?

Now we are talking. I like money, Im sure you do too.. You don't? WTH? What's
wrong with you, how are you going to buy me a cheese burger if you don't have
any money? Ok then pay attention.

-Market, Cost 60, Produce 2x gold in your city, Build it right away and watch
the money roll in.. then right back out. Good god tanks cost a lot.

-Trading post, Cost 60, 2 extra trade from desert squares. This one is not
really that important unless you happen to find your self in a desert area. I
have found some REALLY nice city locations to make this thing a god send. but
its all about preplanning.

-Bank, cost 120, x4 gold production... Drools... Don't argue just make one. You
better offer free checking though.

-Caravan, Cost 30, Ok so this is not a building its actually a unit. Thing is
no one really pays attention to it or uses it to its full potential. The
farther you send one of these the more money it gets. It gives a small tax to
who evers city it goes to and can go to friendly Civs and enemys. Now the thing
is, that's money in your pocket and they build fast. So plop out 2-3 of these
bad boys right away and send them to that guy who's down the road and get a few
hundred gold right away. Then take that spy who just happens to be sitting
there go in the city and steal some gold. WHOA imagine that. Free money all
around. You can then rush another spy and repeat the process. I made 500 in 2
turns early game with this style and thats the difference between winning and
losing that city being attacked. Just don't try it against me. I'm not smart
enough to stop my own plans for world domination.

One thing I want to say about Population. The larger your city, the more people
you get, that means you get more production, Science, gold and you can spread
out were you want your workers to go. The biggest your city can get is 31.

-Aqueduct, Cost 120, Population growth 50%. Obviously thats double your
production so its always good to make them. It does not give you extra Apples
for each square just doubles what it currenty makes total. Just so you know
when you reach a certain wealth mile stone it will build Aqueducts in each
city. So that can save you some time.

-Granary, Cost 40, x2 food production from plains squares. Of course this is
only useful if your near one so the game will not allow you to build them if
there is no grasslands. This can be a lifesaver if you find a spot surrounded
by trees, mountains and water and only have one food square. Be warned though
if some one thinks its funny they might just set a horse on your only food spot
and laugh at you as you are forced to eat fish.

-Harbor, cost 100, +1 food from sea squares. Now this is cool. Those little
islands that are all by them selfs out in the ocean with no food squares or
production.They are not useless. With Harbor you get 1 apple from each square
plus the 2 science beakers... unless you have more buldings that increase other
things. These can be huge citys and with the -50% to attack from ships they are
really easy to defend. 

There done with buildings. NEXT!

9.Economic milestones
This is the last thing I will cover before we get to the tech tree stuff or
the great people. I basically just want to cover all kinds of stuff, so when
you get to this point you can say "Finally! WTH is wrong with this guy?"

Ok when your sitting there gathering all this gold and suddenly think,

'Hey I got loads I might as well rush stuff". I suggest you think twice, When
you hit certain ammounts your get a Bonus. When you reach 20k you get to build
a wonder that lets you win the game. Here is the milestones then we are done
with this part.

MILESTONES! *Que holy music*
100- Free settlers (This should always be the first settlers you make anyways)
250- Currency or Banking Technology for FREE! OMG ROX TA SOXRZ! <-- What?
500- Great person, helps especially if its a good one Like the builders
1000- Granaries in each city. Make sure to build lots of citys before this.
2000- +1 population to all citys. This goes well with the 1k bonus
5000- Aquaducts in each city... Wait a minute. Hint hint.. (Population Growth)
10000- Great person, Again. It's always good to have friends.
20000- World Bank wonder unlocked. MAKE IT MAKE IT! YOU WIN!

10.Great People
There are 6 types of great people. just like buildings. I am NOT going to list
all their names. Thats crazy there is 46 of them.. Was it 46? 42..41? Umm..

ANYWays.. Lets start. This will be brief because this can mostly be found in
the manual and Civlopedia. Im just going to give some suggestions on how to
use them best.

Great Artists/Thinkers

-Settle them to get a 50% Cultural boost. This can lead to more Great people.
-Special Ability gets you the lowest culture city that you can see from a
Random Civ. If your attacking a City I suggest taking it by force first, then
use this special Ability to take a 2nd. Or use it right away early game for a
lead on the others. Can really be annoying to other players.

Great Builders
OMG this is My favorite. Proper use of this guy can be a HUGE advantage

-Settle cuts the cost in half of all buildings in the city. Not a big Deal if
You have a huge production city. But still good if your just starting it.
-Special Ability for this guy is the best. He can rush ANYTHING your currently
building in your city. Troop, Building, WONDER! HELLO!? did I say WONDER!?
Well yes, I did. Imagine. The Manhatten wonder 750 production.. in 1 turn!
Yes, hes that powerful. If you see some one settle this guy send a spy at him.

Great Explorer/Industrualist
-Settle them to get bonus to your city gold production. I think 50%
-Special ability gives you a large ammount of gold. To best use this look at
your status screen to see how close you are to a Milestone. If your close use
him and get it. If not maybe save it. Or if you have something you really
need rushed. There is a few of these guys so dont be afraid to settle him.

Great Humanitarian
-Settle 50% to the population growth rate. Can be good in some cities
-Special Ability gives you +1 pop in all your cities and can really help those
small island ones or ones with no food squares. Proper planning can allow you
to expand rapidly.

Great leader
-Settle This is one you MUST settle no matter what! It gives you +3 XP to each
unit that you build and with a barracks you get an upgraded unit right away
-Special ability. Turns all your units into vets. LAME!

Great Scientist
-Settle and get a science out put bonus of 50%. Thats good when you need it
-Special ability allows you to rush a the tech your making. This can help
you get the edge on the others or get to something faster... Like tanks.

Here is a little tip. With proper planning and saving of Great people, you can
actually manipulate a huge part of the game. Save a great builder and a great
scientist, rush to say the Atomic theory. When you start bulding just use
the scientist to finish it then start the wonder and build it in one turn.
Doing that you just saved your self about 20-50 turns that you can use for some
thing else. HUGE!

11.Tech trees
Finally at the last part of this faq. Besides the Game strategys section,player
Emails, Credits and contact information and the hidden joke of the day.anyways,
each technology needs other techs to get to it. The civlopedia tells you what
they are but the one thing it does not tell you is what techs are needed for
those techs. Unless you want to waste a lot of time and do a lot of work
searching. Thats why I made this FAQ, that and I talk a lot so I figured why
not do something fun with my big mouth other then eat cheesebugers (You still
owe me one by the way). I skipped the basic simple techs thats obvious. For
example, Bronze working,its a level 1 tech and gives you archers. So I did not
put in how to get archers since its right there and you will be forced to get
it before you can do anything usefull. I put in the Later techs and the ones
people rush for and what you should have along the way if you follow that tree.
Here is also a bit of wisdom for you. When your rushing along a tech tree and 
dont get the early one you will end up with them anyways. They are kind of
forced on you so you can find ways to get certain techs faster with out having
to research too much.

If your Science is high enough to get the tech in under 10 turns you can
actually get the tech for free. And if you have 2 out of 3 requirments for the
later techs you can actually skip making them with a high science and get that
tech early. Like rifle men. Again.. only if you can build those ones you are
missing in under 10 turns. I will not go into full details on this since it
involves a lot of math and stuff. But just aim for high science and follow the
tree and you will see for your self.

There are a few directions you can take to reach your goal, each Tech if
researched first will give you a special bonus. So sometimes its a matter of
deciding on your long term goal and what can help you most. That and what you
want to stop your opponents from getting, If your friend plans to kill you I
suggest rushing to the nuke or tanks and just driving over him/her. I will put
in my suggestion on what to research first to get it faster with the best
rewards but its always open for debate. If you find a better way or prefer a
different way let me know, I will edit this.This is to help every one be the
best at their level and actually be able to win on Deity.

Here is a quick list so you can just pick and choose what you want then follow
the tree. I will list the unit or building that way you can scroll down, find
it and follow the tree. Some techs might be in more than 1 tree, So chooce
carfully, you could still meet your goal while rushing for that other tech. so
why not pick whats right for you. If there is a unit or building you want me to 
add let me know. I will add more periodicly but it takes time. Requests will be
filled faster, remember any suggestion is good. I could just reformat the whole 
thing depending on what people want. 

Just a side note. Alphabet is usually the best tech to get first, since it
allows you to build a library that you can then use to speed up tech research.

Hit CRTL+F to search find these.
6t.Fighter planes
8t.Modern infantry
9t.Nuclear missle
11m.Space flight

1t Bank
To be continued...

2t Catapults Unit/ Mathmatics Tech (free catapult if made first)
Writing* (Free Spy)
Masonry* (Will gain walls)

3t Cannons Unit/ Mettalurgy Tech
University *
Engineering *
Iron working*

To be continued...

To be continued...

6t.Fighter planes
To be continued...

To be continued...

8t.Modern infantry
To be continued...

9t.Nuclear missle
To be continued...

To be continued...

11m.Space flight
To be continued...

Alphabet, Bronze Working, Pottery

Iron Working, Masonry, Writing
Bronze Working -> Iron Working
Pottery -> Masonry
Alphabet -> Writing

Code of Laws, Construction, Literacy, Mathematics
Alphabet + Writing -> Code of Laws
Iron Working + Masonry -> Construction
Alphabet + Writing -> Literacy
Masonry + Writing -> Mathematics

Engineering, Democracy
Construction + Mathematics -> Engineering
Code of Laws + Literacy -> Democracy

Invention, University
Engineering + Literacy -> Invention
Democracy + Literacy + Mathematics -> University

Metallurgy, Steam Power
Engineering + Iron Working + University -> Metallurgy
Engineering + Invention + Iron Working -> Steam Power

Invention + Metallurgy + Steam Power -> Combustion 

To be continued...

*I will be updating this very soon. I plan to have it done fully after some
testing to get the fastest way possable*

I will post some of my own but these are a few I got from the GAMEFAQ forums.
Since they are so great I figured I would post them and the poster so they can
stay with us forever or until some one makes me delete them.

Posted 7/27/2008 6:12:31 AM GAMEFAQ forum Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
for playstation 3 Okay, I finally beat Winston Churchill. I won in Deity mode
with the Aztecs, after playing a game easier than difficulty 1. (I think he got
the jump on the computer so they did not try to rip him apart right away)

What is the key then ?

When you start, focus on science. Don't worry about production, that's
useless.Here is what you should do, in order :
- Build warrior
- Focus on food & science (more science)
- Research the tech that allows you to build libraries (Alphabet)
- Have your warrior get money from exploration and barbarians (I remind you
here that if an enemy finds your base undefended you could lose)
- Reach 100 gold ASAP (Usually 2-3 Barbarian villages does it)
- When you get your free settler, build your city at an interesting spot
- Rush the library in your capital, using your 100+ gold
- If you have enough gold, also rush in your second city
- Focus on science !
- The techs you should focus on are the ones which give you an interesting
bonus, like monarchy. Leave iron working and such to the AI.
- Switch your government to Republic, build-rush two settlers, then go back to
whatever  governement your like.
- With 4 cities built, switch to Democracy (+50% gold or science ^^)
- Have one of your cities produce gold, and the three other produce maximum
science (while having them grow fast)
- Focus on very advanced techs, like riflemen and such

The keys are :
- Building your second city FAST. If you wait too much (like 20 turns) then it
won't work.(Also if you are seen by the enemy techs they will attack you and
keep you bottled up)
- Sending a boat to look for the artifcats. (see every one agrees)
- Making sure you are more advanced technologically than the AI. If one of them
- has more techs than you do then you're screwed. Try again. (This is because
they will always rush for the space age tech and fly to Alpha Centuri)

Aztecs are SO great :
- More science
- Instant healing for units, making barbarian-hunt flawless.
- 25 starting gold for building your warrior in your very first turn, not
having to spend 5 turns producing it.

Hope it helps :)  

Thanks ZAFT_no_Phy Im sure it will.
On to the next strategy.

Here is a strategy for getting all 46 Great people unlocked and also a good way
to win on any difficulty with rome or the greeks it works with the other
civilizations but goes slower. I managed to get 3 of the 4 wins on Diety with
rome using this. Tech victory is out of the question for this situation though
due to the fact that every one starts with them all.

1. Go to scenarios. Pick Alpha Centuri. This scenario lasts for a long time and
you start with all techs. 

2. Build your city right away. You will start with a Modern infantry. Dont do
anything with him just defend the base. Do not adjust the auto settings for the
Production squares. You will be attacked by barbarians but the lone troop can
defend the base easy. He will also get upgrades and when you make 2 others will
have an army with 100-120 defence easy. If you want to adjust the settings for
workers I suggest food squares.

3. Now switch to government style Monarchy. This way you get cultural bonus.

4. Switch your tech research to Furture technology (You dont need to do this
but will save you from the Science guy pop up later).

5. Go to your city screen and switch to gold production instead of Science 
(See you did not need to switch to future tech since you wont be researching
it but it does allow you to use great people when you get them to rush it).

6. Go to your city screen and build a Temple. Don't rush it. Your trying to
allow turns to rush by. this saves time.

7. When your temple is done build a Catherdral. You should have a great person
by now, go ahead and set him in the city. If you have the gold rush the
cathedral. Don't worry about defense yet. If the great person has a super power
you want to use go for it. Like the 400 gold or rush tech ability. You
will get plenty so you will end up with 1 of each kind in your city anyways.

8.Chances are you have a settler by now, if you do move him out and build him 
close to your current city but not too close. About 4 squares away. Try for
placement by water or a good defence position. This will be your army
production city for now.I say build it close to your first because you will be
sending troops to it to defend.

9. When you are done with the cathedral build the magna carta wonder. Dont rush
it. (Unless another civ is working on it, then rush it)

10. In city 2, follow steps 5-7. When your done with those build a wall. and a
road to your first city. The wall is there because the barbarians always attack
that one right away, and if the other civs find you they will probably attack
it too.(If you do it right they dont find you for a long time)

11. When the walls done (City one should still be building Magna Carta) build a

12. When the barracks is done build all the production buildings.

13. Magna Carta should be done now, go ahead and build a wall in city one
(You can rush it) or build another wonder. I suggest Hanging Gardens or
Manhatten project. I build the project first just for the nuke, would hate to
have a greedy enemy civ make it and get jelous and destroy my pretty new city.

*As long as you dont go out looking for the other civs they will leave you
alone,Fancy that. So don't go exploring unless you want a beating*

14. In city 2 when the production buildings are done you can start building
troops to defend your citys. Just plop out 5-10 Modern infantry Armys and
spread them out in both citys. 

15. In city one just continue building Wonders and City growth stuff. If you
want you can also build the Gold production buildings and the internet wonder.
I had a city making 5k gold a turn. I ended up with so much gold I could rush 
everything if I wanted. 

You will find you end up with massive ammounts or Great people and your citys
will both end up size 31 in no time. When you run out of buildings and wonders
just make massive armys and go attack other capitals. Your goal is to find
enemy citys with Great people flags and take them. When your done you should
have all the great people. Do not get the domination victory or the Economic
Victory until you have met the requirments for the Culural victory or you might
find you miss 1 or 2 great people. 


I will be putting in some questions that people send me later
But I do have some common ones.

Q. How many Nukes are in the game
A. 1, if you take the city with the nuke from some one else they can't use it.

Q. How do you stop some one who launched a space ship?
A. Take their capital. That will stop it but they can still win by taking it
back or getting a victory another way.

Q. How do you stop some one getting a victory with Economy.
A. Spys. steal their money

Q. How do you stop some one getting a Victory with Culture. 
A. Nuke their city with the most wonders or just take it by force.

14.-Credits and Thanks
  First off I would like to thank my wife. For she let me waste all kinds of
time to make this, so thanks.

  Second I would like to thank Gamefaqs for being around since 1995 and letting
me join for free in 2000, I have been coming to this sight for a long
time now and its about time I do more than just post on the message boards.

  Third off I would like to thank The good people who made Civilization
Especially Sid Meier.Since without them I would never had a reason to make this
faq and you would be stuck finding this stuff on your own.

  Also I would like to thank every one on the Civilization message boards for
your help in figuring out some stuff that I could have done on my own but did
not want too (I'm lazy sometimes).

  Mainly I would like to thank these specific Gamefaq members for responding to
my posts or giving me some kind of motivation. Either from having a faq of
their own, making me want to join their ranks, or giving me some kind of
feedback during my message board postings. I will add more people as I work
more on this. 

This_25 -for being the one I do most of my testing on
ZAFT_no_Phy -for being the one who gave me some good advice
Zar1  -for being the very first one to pound me and make me want to be better