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Exit pool????

I have the required points but can't figure out where the exit pool is or how to open it?

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tmntman answered:

I'm guessing that you are talking about the exit to the Hanging Gardens level since it is the only one where the exit isn't located in an obvious spot at the end of the stage. In that stage, you have to climb to the top of the tower using the Z jumps and roll down the tube to a fenced in area which contains the exit.

Other Exit locations
Chroma City Fun Park- Jutting out into the pool below the centrifuge at the end of the level
Chroma Dam- Jutting out into the center of the reservoir at the top of the dam
Ministry of Ink- in the courtyard behind the Ministry of Ink building.
The Docklands- on top of the cliff in the center of the level, go up the highway to reach the upper level
Hanging Gardens-in a fenced in area accessible only via a tube at the top of the tower found at the end of the level
Lake Raydia- No real exit point. Finish the level by hitting the transform egg after beating the final boss.
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15GallonsOfMilk answered:

Do some missions. The blue ones usually advance you into the level, and you'll find it from there usually. if not, do some landmarks.
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