Question from shaggy1fan

How do you know what's a expert ghost and whats not?

I've got all the charaters apart from MII outfit B
I could probally get it
apart from I can't tell whats a normal staff ghost and whats an expert ghost!


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---Nintendo--- answered:

The only way to know if is a normal or expert ghost is by the time, other than that, there's no way to know. You can check the times here:
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ToonLink64 answered:

once you unlock a ghost, on the results screen, it should say "Fast Staff Ghost Unlocked!"

otherwise the only way to tell is the time.
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shaggy1fan answered:

ToonLink64 I know what happens when one is unlocked but I need to know how to tell normal ghosts and expert ghosts apart
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SheikMaster_1 answered:

you could check by the mario kart channel or if the time is A LOT shorter than yours than it is a fast ghost
ex. you get a 1:20:650 on Mario Circut
and the ghost would be like
1:15:100 or something
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mario-nin-freak answered:

I had the same problem, the answer is very simple(but not 100% accurate). The expert ones use manuel and one of the better vehicles, but the first one uses a bad vehicle and automatic ;) I wen't by this and it worked perfect.
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aRobloxian answered:

Check your times against the times in the stickied thread in the Forums.
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